Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 953 – Looting the Treasury

Chapter 952 – Terror of Three Essences

Translator: Xaiomoge

The space twisted, and a handsome quasi-Holy step powerhouse with a horn on his head and countless runes engraved on his body walked out.

A silver-haired, equally handsome three-eyed race quasi-Holy step powerhouse stepped out of the void.

A dragonborn-looking horror race quasi-Holy step powerhouse equipped with a black armor and a black bow emerged.

A 100-meter-tall thousand-eyed demonkin quasi-Holy step powerhouse covered with mysterious runes, with 1,000 eyes and 3,600 tentacles, appeared from the void.

The Faebright Ancestor scanned the four quasi-Holies with a glance, his eyes flashed with resentment, and he shouted: “Dark Horn Monarch, Silver Tree Eyes Monarch, Horror Monarch, Thousand Eyes Monarch, you dare to plot against this ancestor! No, just the four of you dont have that skill. Who was it? Who was it that poisoned this ancestor!”

As a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse, the Faebright Ancestor normally has nothing to fear from the four quasi-Holy step powerhouses. But now that he was poisoned, the four quasi-Holy step powerhouses emerged and besieged him.

The Dark Horn Monarch replied with a cold smile: “The person who poisoned you was already consumed by you! Faebright Old Dog!”

The Thousand Eyes Monarch barked: “Why waste time on talking with the old dog! Everyone, lets kill the Faebright Old Dog! If we give him time to recover, well be the ones to die instead!”

“Lets start!”

The four quasi-Holy step powerhouses displayed their strongest abilities and attacked the Faebright Ancestor at once.

“Lets go together and kill the Faebright Ancestor! If we let him live, we will suffer a tragic end instead!”

With a roar, the Dark Light Monarch fired a dark beam containing the essence of destruction from his hand barreling towards the Faebright Ancestor.

The other Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses also hurled attacks at the Faebright Ancestor one by one.

The Nine Heads Monarch can faintly perceive that something is amiss. But, this is really the best time to kill the Faebright Ancestor. Everything will be worthwhile if they can kill the Faebright Ancestor.

As the four quasi-Holy step powerhouses and 11 Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses besieged the Faebright Ancestor, the various attacks nearly shattered the sky of the Lightless Imperial Star.

Meanwhile, no one noticed that a strange figure disappeared from the battlefield and quietly flew towards the Sacred Spirit Place.

As if invisible, the figure flew through the holes in defenses left by the previous destruction, arrived at a lake near the Gold Hall, and jumped into the lake.


As soon as the figure came to the bottom of the lake, which is full of mud, they pointed with a finger, and dark light enveloped the bottom of the lake.

Ripples rose in the lake, and then a bronze gate appeared abruptly.

A black cloth flew out from the figures hand, landed on the bronze gate, and destroyed the defensive boundaries placed on the bronze gate.


Along with grating noise, the bronze gate with an ancient and desolate air opened slowly, and dazzling light shot out from inside.

The figure plunged into the bronze gate.

“So this is the faebright treasury! How wonderful!”

When the figure appeared on the other side of the bronze gate, they were revealed to be the Dark Light Monarch.

There are countless treasures of heaven and earth placed behind the bronze gate. Super grade and Starcraft grade source crystals are piled up in mountains, while Imperishable grade source crystals number several thousand and are placed in a crystal box.

Just an Imperishable grade source crystal is enough for Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses to fight one another and even outright declare war. But there are thousands of Imperishable grade source crystals in the treasury. This shows how deep the roots of the No. 1 race in the Lightless Starfield reach.

If it wasnt for the fact that the Faebright Ancestor has consumed a lot of Imperishable grade source crystals while practicing cultivation, the number of Imperishable grade source crystals would have been even greater.

In addition to source crystal, there are all kinds of treasures of heaven and earth, some of which can even greatly benefit Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses, in the treasury.

“So this is what the faebright race has accumulated over countless years! With these treasures, I can finally attack the quasi-Imperishable step!”

A voice rang, and a handsome, young man with long silver hair, a faebright brand on the forehead, and an extraordinary temperament, walked in unhurriedly. This young man is one of the three faebright kings, who should be outside commanding the battle, the Cloud Monarch.

The Dark Light Monarch smiled and said: “The Faebright Ancestor never expected that there would be traitors among the three kings, whom he trusts the most!”

The Cloud Monarch uttered with a cod smile: “Although the Faebright Old Dog is the ultimate guardian of the faebright race, but he is also the greatest obstacle blocking the progress of the faebright race. In the past 200,000 years, he put to death a total of 126 seedlings with the potential to attack the Imperishable step. Otherwise, with the resources and underlying strength of the faebright race, how come there isnt a single quasi-Imperishable step powerhouse!”

The Faebright Ancestor is the guardian as well as the sole Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse of the faebright race. However, since he is selfish, he wont allow anything to threaten his position. As a result, the faebright race doesnt have a single quasi-Holy step powerhouse.

Each one of the Gumana Universes three Eternal Sovereigns was born when two universes devoured one another. It was thanks to those chaotic time that new Eternal Sovereigns were able to rise.

The Cloud Monarch suddenly turned around and said coldly: “My friend, you have been following us for a long time now! Come out!”

The Dark Light Monarch frowned, turned around, and saw dark rays shoot behind him like snakes.

A finger appeared from the void. Next, tiny black holes emerged and devoured the dark rays.

The surrounding space distorted, and Yang Feng slowly emerged from the void.

The Dark Light Monarch narrowed his eyes and said: “Manke Monarch, its you! To dare follow us, it seems that you had not a small fortuitous encounter.”

Yang Feng glanced at the treasury, his eyes shimmered with enigmatic light, and he proposed with a smile: “Why dont we divide the treasures equally?”


The Cloud Monarch suddenly smiled, and runes flew out of him and condensed into three cloud giants that shot towards Yang Feng.

The the three could giants posses advanced Warlock Monarch rank battle prowess and are formed from poisonous clouds. When contaminated by the poisonous clouds, even a quasi-Holy step powerhouse will be eroded and have their power sealed.

The eyes of the Dark Light Monarch flickered coldly, and countless black runes emerged from him and formed an eyeball containing 3,000 tiny eyes.

The eyeball fired a dark beam containing a queer breath, formed from the essence of darkness. Space distorted in the wake of the dark beam.

The Cloud Monarch and the Dark Light Monarch are both pinnacle Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses, only one step away from promoting to the quasi-Holy step. When the two of them join hands, instakilling a junior Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse is a simple matter.

“You want to silence me? In that case, Ill keep everything in the treasury for myself!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed coldly, and he extracted the world force of the nine small worlds inside him via the World Ring and operated the Eternal Imperishable Body.

The essence of devour turned into a Devour Black Moon, the essence of power turned into a star, the essence of space turned into a layered gate.

Containing world force, the black moon, the star, and the gate shot towards the Cloud Monarch and the Dark Light Monarch.

Of the three cloud giants, one was crushed by the star, another one was ripped apart by the gate, and the last one was devour by the black moon.

The power of the three essences engulfed the Cloud Monarch at once. Source energy shields emerged from the Cloud Monarch, and then were turned into specks of light in an instant.


The Cloud Monarch turned into ashes while screaming and died.

After the three essences vanquished the Cloud Monarch, they proceeded towards the Dark Light Monarch.

The Dark Light Monarch gnashed his teeth, belched a large mouthful of blood essence, and burned his life origin, and a giant black shield exuding an immortal breath appeared.

The giant black shield glittered, and an archaic dragon turtle emerged. The archaic dragon turtle, which boast a strong defense, turned around and let its carapace block the three essences.


Following an earthshaking blare, the archaic dragon turtle collapsed along with the black moon, the star, and the gate formed from the three essences.

Terrifying shock waves spread in all directions.

The Dark Light Monarch stared at Yang Feng with fear in his eyes and cried out: “Who are you? You are not the Manke Monarch! Even if the Manke Monarch met many fortuitous encounters, it would be impossible for him to comprehend two essences at the same time, let alone integrate three!”

In the Gumana Universe, most freak-level geniuses only wield one essence, and there is no lack of powerhouses who wield two essences. However, when it comes to integrating several essences and releasing them at the same time, only the three Eternal Sovereigns and some rare powerhouses can accomplish this.

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