Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 955 – Great Harvest

Chapter 954 – Slaying a Holy

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With a flash of anger in his eyes, the Faebright Ancestor turned into a stream of light and flew towards the Sacred Spirit Palace.

The Faebright Ancestor was poisoned first, then hit by a poisoned arrow, and then besieged by four quasi-Holy step powerhouses and 11 Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses. For him to be able to persist this long is already amazing. Consequently, he has no energy left to deal with the Nine Heads Monarch.

However, with his strength, if the Faebright Ancestor is given time to recover a bit, hell be able to deal with the Nine Heads Monarch.

Whirlpools suddenly emerged around the Faebright Ancestor and frantically devoured the energy drifting in the surroundings, enabling him to recover rapidly at every moment.


Nine Heads Monarch beautiful eyes flashed fiercely. Then, the head of a ferocious giant beast with no eyes appeared behind her and opened its maw, and a gray mist covered an area 10,000 kilometers in diameter.

When the gray mist emerged, the Faebright Ancestor stopped absorbing the energy drifting in the space. He grabbed two Imperishable grade source crystals instead and proceeded to fly towards the Scared Spirit Palace.

The Faebright Ancestor, who has a rather rich fighting experience, can see at a glance that the gray mist is highly toxic. Originally, with his terrifying physique, the Faebright Ancestor would be immune to most poisons and toxins. However, since he was just poisoned, his physique declined by an astonishing degree. Naturally, he is not so foolish as to absorb the gray mist.


The Nine Heads Monarchs eyes flashed fiercely, and she barked, operated the essence of power, and unleashed an all out attack.

The halberd in her hand turned into a ray enveloped by dragon might and shot towards the Faebright Ancestor.

A source energy boundary suddenly appeared around the Faebright Ancestor.

When the halberd stabbed at the boundary, a terrifying force erupted, and the projection of a monster with nine fierce heads emerged and bit the boundary to pieces at once.

Next, the halberd stabbed into the Faebright Ancestor, and the essence of power broke out. The Faebright Ancestor belched a large amount of blood and fell to the ground.

If an ordinary Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse was stabbed by this halberd containing the essence of power, they would have been blasted into pieces. The Faebright Ancestor, however, only spewed out blood from his mouth. From this, it can be seen how fearsome the Faebright Ancestor is.

Once they have advanced to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm, most existences will have an immortal body containing all kinds of mysteries, making it extremely difficult to slay them.

Ordinary Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses have an ordinary grade immortal body, Great Holies have a high grade immortal body, and Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses have a perfect grade immortal body. Eternal Sovereigns, on the other hand, have an eternal body.

The Faebright Ancestor pointed with a finger, and light flashed. The blood he spewed out turned into runes, which enveloped the halberd and turned into rune chains that sealed the halberd.

The halberd is called the Star Sea Dragon King Halberd, and it is a treasure that the Nine Heads Monarch spent countless treasures as well as 3,000 years to refine. If she were to lose the Star Sea Dragon King Halberd, her fighting strength would be reduced by at least 20%.

“Ancestor, Ill help you!”

Covered with injuries, Yang Fengs incarnation of the Cloud Monarch erupted with a junior Warlock Monarch rank breath and flew towards the Faebright Ancestor.

When the Nine Heads Monarch saw Yang Feng, her face fell, and her eyes shimmered with hopelessness: “Cloud Monarch! Damn it, its over!”

The Cloud Monarch is a pinnacle Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse. Furthermore, as one of faebright three kings, he possesses many treasures. Even though the Cloud Monarch is currently in a weakened state, but he can tie down the Nine Heads Monarch without problem.

Given the Faebright Ancestors regeneration ability, as long as he is given 10 minutes to recover, then the Nine Heads Monarch will die if she doesnt escape.

The Faebright Ancestor yelled: “Tie her down for 10 minutes! Buy me 10 minutes!”

“Yes! Ancestor!”

Yang Fengs incarnation of the Cloud Monarch appeared next to the Faebright Ancestor and, without any forewarning, stabbed with the God Slayer Dagger at the other party.

At this time, the Faebright Ancestor is already an arrow at the end of its flight. There is only one source energy barrier around him. The God Slayer Dagger pierced through the barrier and stabbed the Faebright Ancestor, and countless runes poured out and sealed the Faebright Ancestor.

The Faebright Ancestor recovered from the shock at once, and then pointed at Yang Feng and yelled sternly: “Cloud Monarch, you, you betrayed me! Why did you betray me? Why did you betray our kind!”

With a cold look in his eyes, Yang Fengs incarnation of the Cloud Monarch uttered sharp words: “Ancestor, you are no longer suitable to be the guardian of our faebright race. The great tribulation has already arrived. Yet in order to protect your position, you are still killing our talents. Our race dominates the Lightless Starfield, yet we only have three Starcraft step powerhouses to show for. We havent even produced a single quasi-Imperishable step powerhouse. If things continue like this, we wont be able to survive the great tribulation. For the future of our race, please die!”

The Nine Heads Monarch stopped far away and watched the goings-on with a cold look in her eyes.

The Faebright Ancestors eyes flashed with resentment, and he uttered unhurriedly: “Ha-ha! In the end, you bastard want to kill me for my treasures! Without me, the faebright race can no longer dominate the Lightless Starfield! Cloud Monarch, release me. I will sweep this under the rug and help you advance to the Imperishable step!”

Yang Feng suddenly said: “Ancestor, I want to refine a treasure, and for that I need a lot of Starless Sea Gold! Do you know where I can find it?”

The eyes of the Faebright Ancestor flickered for a while, and he uttered: “Starless Sea Gold? You can find it in the Ursa Major Starfield. But, Im the only one who knows where to find it. Let me go and Ill take you there.”

“Ancestor, if I let you go, I will suffer a tragic end after you recover. Therefore, ancestor, please die!”

With a cold smile, Yang Feng spread the fingers of a hand, and countless Devourers flew out and pounced on the Faebright Ancestor.

As a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse, who know how many treasures the Faebright Ancestor has on him and how many life-saving spells he wields.

Once the Devourers devour all forces, the Faebright Ancestor will die.

“Cloud Monarch, damn it! Ling Miehong, you scoundrel! I curse you! I curse you to have a miserable death! I curse you to not be able to advance to the Imperishable step!”


Bursts of shrill screams and angry shoats came from the Faebright Ancestor, who is enveloped by Devourers.

After persevering for an hour, the Faebright Ancestor was completely devoured by the Devourers and converted into gold crystals.

When the Faebright Ancestor died, Yang Feng felt a vast universe favor shroud him. If he had not used a powerful secret method to mask himself, he would have been rejected by this universe.

In fact, since the two universes have begun to engulf and merge with one another, they have formed rifts. Via those rifts, weak beings can travel between the two universes. Similarly, the universe wills of the two universes can also pass through these rifts.

In order to reap universe favor and contribute to the strengthening of their own universe, the Gumana Universes powerhouses invaded the world of Warlocks and wantonly unleashed slaughter in their wake.

When the Gumana Universes powerhouses kill the world of Warlocks powerhouses, the world of Warlocks is weakened by a fraction and the Gumana Universe is strengthened by a fraction.

It is because of this that the powerhouses of the two universes would unscrupulously slaughter the intelligent life forms of the other universe. This is the cruelty of a universe fusion.

Compared to ordinary people, Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses are much more valuable. Therefore, when Yang Feng slayed the Faebright Ancestor, he obtained more merit points, than what he had accumulated until now.

Yang Feng ran the Fate Algorithm and the wisp of the law of karma he just comprehended, and colorless, transparent threads wound around him and sealed of all information.

In this way, the Human Merit Steles in the Cangzhi Plane wont be able to sense his information. Yang Feng doesnt want to expose the information that he slayed a Holy Spirit Warlock.

After all, every Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse is a bigwig in their respective universe. The death of a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse will cause a commotion and attract the attention of countless people.

With a wave, Yang Feng sent the Star Sea Dragon King Halberd back to the Nine Head Monarch and said: “This Star Sea Dragon King Halberd belongs to you! Nine Heads Monarch, would you be interested in joining our faebright race? In dominating the Lightless Starfield together?”

“Im not interested!”

The Nine Heads Monarch swept Yang Feng with her gaze, left a cold sentence, and turned into a stream of light and disappeared from this starry sky.

Yang Feng raised the corners of his mouth into a smile: “The faebright race has now fallen into my hands! I wonder how long the faebright race will be able to dominate the Lightless Starfield!”

“So this is the storage treasure of the Faebright Ancestor. I hope the treasures inside can give me a pleasant surprise.”

With a flick of Yang Fengs wrist, a green pearl appeared in his hand. The green pearl is called Faebright Sacred Pearl and is equivalent to a small world human Warlocks implant inside themselves. Only the most talented faebright powerhouses can form a Faebright Sacred Pearl.

Yang Feng scanned the Faebright Sacred Pearl with his soul force and sensed that there is a small world inside. The small world has a diameter of 200,000 kilometers, is inhabited by all kinds of intelligent lifeforms, holds a sun, a moon, and stars in the sky, and contains mountains and seas.

In the sky of the small world, there is a temple full of countless rare treasures.

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