Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 956 – Subduing the Figment Monarch

Chapter 955 – Great Harvest

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Yang Fengs eyes suddenly flashed with the shade of ecstasy: “This is Bajur Stone! Its a God grade treasure of heaven and earth, a primary material to refine certain Empyrean grade secret treasures, as well as the primary material necessary to refine a Vajra Ruler! He was a Holy Spirit Warlock rank old monster for a reason!”

Vajra Ruler is one of the ultimate weapons of the xizu. It is a kind of battle robot with the strongest defense among the xizu battle robots and it can evolve in battle.

After it takes a certain amount of damage, the Vajra Ruler can absorb countless materials and resources to evolve and upgrade its defense. A Vajra Ruler the xizu have nurtured to the highest grade by pouring the resources of the entire race into it could even defend against all out strikes of Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses.

Bajur Stone is a rare treasure that can be encountered only by a fluke. If Yang Feng had not assassinated the Faebright Ancestor, he might never be able to get his hands on this treasure.

“This is a Spring of Immortality, a treasure that can enhance physical strength and condense immortal property!”

Yang Feng scanned the Faebright Sacred Bead with his gaze, and his eyes brightened. Then, he focused on a gold spring that is approximately two meters in diameter and three meters in depths, and his eyes welled up with excitement.

The Spring of Immortality is a treasure that every Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses will use countless treasures of heaven and earth to refine.

For ordinary Holy Spirit Warlocks, the most crucial point is to upgrade their ordinary grade immortal body to a high grade immortal body. Once their physique evolves, their souls will also transform, and they will advance to the Great Holy step in one fell swoop.

Great Holy step powerhouses have to upgrade their high grade immortal body to a perfect grade immortal body, sublimate their soul, and elevate the essence they wild to the perfect grade, only then will they be able to advance to the Warlock Emperor realm.

The Spring of Immortality is a treasure that the Faebright Ancestor spent countless treasures of heaven and earth and hundreds and thousands of years to refine. If a pinnacle Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse fully absorbs the Spring of Immortality, they will be able to advance to a quasi-Holy step powerhouse.

Yang Feng looked at the Spring of Immortality with a scorching shade in his eyes: “If I absorb the Spring of Immortality, I will be able to advance to a pinnacle Warlock Monarch without problem. But in this way, I will have to find other treasures if I want to advance to a quasi-Holy, or attack the Holy Spirit Warlock realm.”

“Star Sea Fantasy Morning Stone! Its a rare mineral that can greatly enhance the power of the Phantom Ruler.”

“Sacred Angel Root, its a treasure that can greatly improve the cultivation base of soul weapons such as angels. What a good treasure! It looks like Michaelia will be able to upgrade her strength again.


Yang Fengs swept the treasures in the temple with his gaze, and found that every one of them is extremely precious. All of them are treasures that can be used by powerhouses above the Infinity Warlock realm. Furthermore, there are also 15,600 Imperishable grade source crystal, which is much more than what was in the faebright treasury.

Yang Feng watched the treasures in the temple with elation in his eyes: “Every Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse is a huge treasure trove! Of course, to get your hands on such a treasure trove, you must be able to kill them.”

The treasuries of the Faebright Ancestor and the faebright contain countless treasures of heaven and earth and are of astonishing value. Except for the fact that there are no Empyrean and Holy grade secret treasures here, the treasures here are even more valuable than the treasures in the treasuries of the Cangzhi Planes Western Worlds three dynasties.

The treasures accumulated in the treasuries of the Faebright Ancestor and the faebright are enough to cultivate 10 Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses.

Of course, the Faebright Ancestor left the most precious resources for his own use. He wouldnt take them out to cultivate new Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a scorching shade: “Next, I have to take care of the Purple Light Monarch and the Figment Monarch! As long as I deal with them, I will be able to take advantage of the power of the faebright race to dominate the Lightless Starfield!”

The Purple Light Monarch and the Figment Monarch are the two remaining faebright kings. As long as he kills them, then the entire faebright race will fall under Yang Fengs control.

Yang Feng smiled: “With the resources from the faebright race, I can carry on the next step of the plan!”

In the valley with the strange altar, a figure appeared. It is Yang Feng.

Yang Feng crossed countless boundaries and arrived before the altar, then waved his hand, and 500 Imperishable grade source crystals flew towards the altar.

Yang Feng extended his hand, and a dark ray entered the altar.

Countless runes emerged on the altar, and then the universe passage leading to the world of Warlocks emerged and became broader and sturdier.

Yang Fengs true body entered the universe passage and returned to the world of Warlocks.

Yang Feng willed, and the Phantom Ruler attached to him extended a transparent tentacle, drew the Star Sea Fantasy Morning Stone into its core, and began to refine it.

Wisps of phantom breath diffused inside the Phantom Ruler, making it stranger and more powerful.

As soon as he returned to the world of Warlocks, Yang Feng began to repair the Universe Stairs using the large amount of resources he prepared beforehand.

Originally, with Yang Fengs means, it was extremely difficult to repair the Universe Stairs to the degree that it can let Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses to pass through. However, after plundering the wealth of the faebright race, everything became simple.

Yang Feng has many kinds of robots, which includes numerous kinds of engineering robots, at his disposal. The only thing he lacked before were resources. Now that he has sufficient resources, it is easy for him to repair the Universe Stairs.

“Lord father, you called?”

Along with a fragrance, Michaelia walked out from a side with a smile. She is followed by Agnipes group of three Warlock Monarch rank fallen angels and the Infinity Warlock Monarch rank fallen angel Alexia.

Agnipe and them have now become Michaelias personal guards, guarding her at all times. At the same time, with the boost provided by the angel empresss breath, they are making constant progress.

Alexia has already advanced to the quasi-Warlock Monarch realm. Although Yang Feng captured her and forced her to become his subordinate, but since she has always been loyal to him, he naturally granted her a lot of resources, which is how she was able to advance to the quasi-Warlock Monarch realm.

“This is my present to you, do you like it?”

Yang Feng smiled and flicked a finger, and a palm-sized radiance exuding soul ripples flew towards Michaelia.

“This is a Sacred Angel Root!”

As soon as Agnipe saw the radiance, her complexion changed, and her eyes flashed with envy.

The eyes of the other three fallen angels burst out with a scorching shade in a flash.

The Sacred Angel Root is a treasure that serves to strengthen the origin of weapons such as angels. If Alexia is tempered by the Sacred Angel Root, she will be able to break through in a short period of time and become a Warlock Monarch rank existence. Furthermore, she wont meet any bottlenecks until she reaches the pinnacle Warlock Monarch realm.

Michaelias beautiful eyes flashed with enigmatic light, and she grabbed the Sacred Angel Root and put it in her mouth.

Countless mysterious runes appeared and circled Michaelia, making her more mysterious and beautiful. A fearsome attractive force emerged from Michaelia.

Yang Feng took out a large number of the precious Starcraft grade source crystals without hesitation, stimulated the source energy inside them, transformed the source energy into pure life magic energy, and transferred it into Michaelias body.

As Michaelia absorbed the life magic energy, her strength improved and her breath became increasingly more intense. She evolved all the way until she reached the pinnacle Warlock Monarch realm before stopping.

“Thank you, lord father! You are the best!”

As soon as Michaelia opened her eyes, her beautiful eyes flashed with joy, and she pounced into Yang Fengs arms, gave him a kiss on the cheek, and said in an intimate voice, a fragrance wafting out from her.

Yang Feng embraced Michaelia and looked at her with a peculiar expression in his eyes: “What a formidable evolution potential, thats an angel empress for you!”

In less than an hour, she evolved to the pinnacle Warlock Monarch realm from the junior Warlock Monarch realm. Only life forms such as angel emperors, true blood kindred, and Gold Holy Spirit Bodies can achieve such an evolution speed.

Of course, extraordinary life forms with great evolution potential are easily shackled by their bloodline, making it impossible for them to advance further.

The history of true blood kindred race is much longer than that of the human race, but the race only managed to produce nine Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses. Yet any given Warlock Imperial Court has produced far more than nine Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses.

“This is a gift for you guys!”

Yang Feng flicked his finger, and four beads containing the power of dark flew into the hands of Alexias group of four.

“Dark Sacred Root Bead! Thank you very much, lord!”

When the four fallen angels received the four beads, their countenance flickered with the shade of ecstasy.

Although the Dark Sacred Root Bead is far less precious than the Sacred Angel Root, but it is still one of the treasures that every dark-type extraordinary life form longs for.

Alexia is now a quasi-Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse. If she consumes the Dark Sacred Root Bead, she will be able to easily promote to the supreme Infinity Warlock realm. If she uses the Dark Sacred Root Bead in the supreme Infinity Warlock realm instead, then with the help provided by the angel empress Michaelias power, she will have a 70% chance of advancing to a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse.

After Agnipes group of three Warlock Monarch rank fallen angels uses the Dark Sacred Root Bead, they will be able to advance to the intermediate Warlock Monarch realm from the junior Warlock Monarch realm.

Yang Feng glanced at the already fully evolved Phantom Ruler, and the corners of his mouth rose into a smile: “Now, I have a 100% certainty!”

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