Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 957 – Coercion

Chapter 956 – Subduing the Figment Monarch

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The Gumana Universe, the Lightless Starfield, a huge faebright fleet is heading towards the Lightless Imperial Star.

“That traitor Cloud Monarch dared to betray the ancestor, to betray our faebright race! I must cut him into 10,000 pieces!”

Aboard the faebright flagship, the Purple Light Monarch sitting on a sofa gnashed his teeth, and his eyes shimmered with biting killing intent.

Sitting opposite of the Purple Light Monarch, the Figment Monarch is holding a cup of bright red wine in his hand and quietly sipping it.

The Purple Light Monarch wrinkled his eyebrows and asked: “Figment Monarch, will you help me suppress that traitorous Cloud Monarch?”

The Figment Monarch replied faintly: “I can help you, but the Sacred Spirit Palace shall belong to me, along with two-thirds of the Faebright Holy Land.”

Both surprised and angered, the Purple Light Monarch uttered: “Dont you want to avenge the ancestor?”

A sharp ray flashed past his eyes, and the Figment Monarch replied coldly: “Of course I want to avenge the ancestor. But, I think that its better to confirm some things first.”

When the Faebright Ancestor died, the faebright race lost its protector and sole ruler. The faebright race is now on the cusps of fragmenting.

The Purple Light Monarch and the Figment Monarch both want to be the ruler of the faebright race and have total control over the rice.

The Purple Light Monarch restrained his anger and uttered unhurriedly: “Then lets go with this, whoever kills that bastard Cloud Monarch shall get the Sacred Spirit Palace as well as two-thirds of the Faebright Holy Land! What do you think?”

The Figment Monarch pondered for a while, and then responded: “Okay!”

As the protector of the faebright race who has ruled the race for hundreds of thousands of years, the Faebright Ancestor has numerous supporters in the race. Furthermore, when he suppressed the talents of the race, he did it secretly. He used the Purple Light Monarch, the Figment Monarch, and the Cloud Monarch to do his dirty work. As a result, his reputation within the race is also extremely high.

Since Yang Fengs incarnation of the Cloud Monarch assassinated the Faebright Ancestor, he aroused the fury of all faebrights. As long as they kill Yang Fengs incarnation of the Cloud Monarch, whether it is the Figment Monarch or the Purple Light Monarch, their reputation will be greatly increased.

Suddenly, black rays emerge from all directions and formed a black boundary that covered the area. A Tier III Hive jumped out of nowhere and blocked in front of the faebright fleet.


When the faebright fleet collided with the black boundary, it set off ripples in the black boundary and issued deafening sounds. Many of the smaller warships exploded.

The flagship and other main warships reacted rapidly and stopped before they knocked against the black boundary.

The Purple Light Monarchs complexion changed greatly, and he cried out: “A Hive! A Tier III Hive! Whats going on? How com theres a Tier III Hive here? Has a bigwig from one of the three eternal divine domains or the 18 sacred domains arrived?”

The Figment Monarch was filled with shock: “A Hive, a Tier III Hive! Which bigwig has come!”

Hives are the exclusive weapons of the three eternal divine domains and 18 sacred domains. Apart from these 21 races, the other races havent mastered the manufacturing technology of Hives.

In the Gumana Universe, the 21 major forces take out some Tier I Hives that have their main functions removed for sale from time to time. Tier II Hives are never sold. As for Tier III Hives, even more so, only Holy Spirit Warlock rank bigwigs can deploy one.

In order to improve the survival rate of the Gumana Universes vanguard during the invasion of the world of Warlocks, they were given one Tier III Hive.

If the Tier III Hive has enough powerhouses of the Gumana Universe operating it, it can even contend against a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse.

As soon as the Purple Light Monarch and the Figment Monarch saw the Tier III Hive, their legs turned soft from fright.

A bigwig from one of the 21 major races riding a Tier III Hive can easily kill them all.

“I am faebright Purple Light Monarch. Distinguished sir, may I ask who you are?”

With two flashes of light, the Purple Light Monarch and the Figment Monarch flew out of the flagship and stopped in front of the Tier III Hive, and then the Purple Light Monarch spoke respectfully.

“It turns out that the Tier III Hive has such a great deterrence effect in this universe!”

Aboard the Tier III Hive, as Yang Feng watched the Purple Light Monarch and the Figment Monarch fly out from within the protection of their fleet, he realized the importance of the Tier III Hive.

“You two, come in! The lord wishes to talk to you!”

With the Phantom Ruler suspended above him, the Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy erupted with quasi-Holy step fluctuations of power that swept towards the Purple Light Monarch and the Figment Monarch like an avalanche.

“A shirake quasi-Imperishable! To be able to make a quasi-Imperishable step powerhouse become their servant, the master of the Tier III Hive must be an Imperishable step bigwig!”

When the Purple Light Monarch and the Figment Monarch sensed the fluctuations of power coming from the Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy, their countenance flickered. They concluded that there must be a shirake Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse aboard the Tier III Hive.

The Purple Light Monarch and the Figment Monarch exchanged a look, then gritted their teeth and flew into the Tier III Hive.

Aboard the Tier III Hive, passages opened one after another.

The Purple Light Monarch and the Figment Monarch went through the passages and arrived inside a beautiful and luxurious palace deep in the Tier III Hive.

The one sitting on the throne of the beautiful and luxurious palace is Yang Feng. There is a person standing respectfully beside him, and that person is the Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy, who was eroded by the Phantom Ruler.

“He is not an Imperishable step powerhouse, but the child of some bigwig!”

As soon as the Purple Light Monarch saw Yang Feng, his heart stirred, and he said even more respectfully: “I, Purple Light Monarch, greet you, sir!”

The Figment Monarch uttered respectfully: “I, Figment Monarch, greet you, sir!”

As a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, to have a Tier III Hive and a quasi-Holy step servant, this is a treatment that only descendants of Great Holy step powerhouses may enjoy. This kind of existence is more troublesome than a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse, since they are at least backed by a Great Holy step powerhouse.


Yang Feng swept the Purple Light Monarch and the Figment Monarch with his gaze and said flatly.

With a flash of dark light, two chairs appeared behind them.

“Yes! My Lord!”

The Purple Light Monarch and the Figment Monarch sat on the chairs.

The Purple Light Monarch and the Figment Monarch just sat on the chairs, when sharp spikes ejected from the chairs and stabbed into them.

Countless strange runes poured into the two Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses nd sealed their power.

The Purple Light Monarch exclaimed in both surprise and anger: “Sir, what are you doing?”

The Figment Monarch stared at Yang Feng, both surprised and angered.

As pinnacle Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses the faebright race has cultivated, the two powerhouses have many treasures on them. If the two join forces, they can even contend against a quasi-Holy step powerhouse. But now that they lost all ability to resist, they fell under Yang Fengs control.

Watching the two powerhouses with the shade of ridicule in his eyes, Yang Feng uttered with a smile: “I am the one backing the Cloud Monarch! I want the faebright race to serve me! Surrender to me, or die! Choose one of the two!”

The Purple Light Monarch and the Figment Monarch were shocked, a look of regret in their eyes. They fell into Yang Fengs trap.

The Figment Monarch responded decisively: “I, Figment Monarch, am willing to serve you, sir!”

The Purple Light Monarch smiled boldly, his eyes shimmered with the determination to die, and he uttered loudly: “Ha-ha, you scoundrel not only seized the foundation of the faebright race, but you still want me to serve you! Youre being delusional! I will never serve a bastard like you! Go ahead and kill me!”

The Figment Monarch looked at the Purple Light Monarch with surprise.

Among the three kings, the Purple Light Monarch was a most loyal lackey of the Faebright Ancestor. At his hands died no less than 10,000 faebright talents. He is a notorious figure in the faebright upper echelon. The Figment Monarch didnt expect him to be so principled in the face of death.

The Purple Light Monarch looked at the Figment Monarch and said calmly: “Everything I did in my life was for the sake of the faebright race! The faebright race is short on resources. Only when we gather all the resources of our race to promote the ancestor to the pinnacle Imperishable step, can we hope to vie over a more prosperous starfield. Although I have done many things that go against my conscience, but I dont regret them!”

Yang Fengs eyes flickered with admiration, and he uttered indifferently: “Purple Light Monarch, youre quite the character. In that case, go and die!”

A large maw opened underneath the Purple Light Monarch abruptly, bit down, and chewed him into pieces.

Yang Feng glanced at the Figment Monarch and asked flatly: “Figment Monarch, have you changed your mind?”

The Figment Monarch responded respectfully: “No, I havent. I am willing to serve you, lord!”

The longer you live, the more afraid you are of death. The Figment Monarch is not willing to die in vain.

Yang Feng said coldly: “Open your soul and let me set up a brand!”

The Figment Monarch smiled helplessly and opened his soul.

Yang Feng silently recited an incantation and pointed with a finger, and a True God Empyrean Imprint flew out. Countless runes flew out from the True God Empyrean Imprint, pierced into the Figment Monarchs soul, and set up a brand deep inside his soul.

Yang Feng uttered: “Go back to the fleet and have your men come in! I want to erase their memory! I dont want anyone else to know what happened today.”

The Figment Monarch replied respectfully: “Yes, lord.”

When the Purple Light Monarch died, the Firmament Monarch became the most powerful person in the fleet. He used powerful means to suppress the small-scale rebellion launched by the Purple Light Monarchs personal guards and took a firm hold of the fleet. Then, he ordered the faebright powerhouses aboard the fleet to enter Yang Fengs Tier III Hive and accept the tempering of their memories, erasing all memories about the Tier III Hive.

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