Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 958 – Terror of the Vajra Ruler

Chapter 957 – Coercion

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The Lightless Imperial Star, deep in the faebright treasury, Yang Feng is sitting in front of the seven-colored pillar of light. His eyes surged with countless runes, and he gazed at the pillar of light.

Inside the seven-colored pillar of light, there are countless flickering karma threads, which contain the mysteries of the law of karma.

As long as it is a peerless powerhouses like Yang Feng that employs an eye spell such as the Transcendent Pupils, or a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse, they can see the mysteries hidden in the seven-colored pillar of light.

Suddenly, a crystal laying in Yang Fengs hand trembled, and he looked away from the seven-colored pillar of light.

Yang Feng showed a smile: “With the help of the seven-colored pillar of light, my comprehension of the law of karma finally reached the initiate degree!”

The law of karma is not one of the three essences that you must master to advance to the Eternal Sovereign realm. But it is still a powerful tool. Without a deep enough understanding of the law of karma, some extremely powerful karma spells and karma weapons can make you incur heavy damage.

“Whats the matter?”

Yang Feng felt the change, and pressed the communications crystal and asked: “Whats the matter?”

From the communications crystal came the the Figment Monarchs voice: “Cloud Monarch, people from the bank earthen race and the galaman star sea snake race are here. They dont seem to have good intentions. If I didnt guess wrong, their target should be the Lightless Imperial Star.

After Yang Feng subdued the Figment Monarch, with his identity as the overlord of the Lightless Starfield, he proceeded to give orders to scrape sources all over for him.

Deployed by Yang Feng, the Figment Monarch is in charge of all kinds of chores. After all, as one of the three faebright kings, the Figment Monarchs prestige in the Lightless Starfield is tremendous.

“At last! Now that the Faebright Ancestor died, bad character will pop out all over the Lightless Starfield!”

With a cold smile, Yang Feng collapsed into motes of light and disappeared.

In the Faebright Hall, a mist surged, and Yang Feng appeared on the throne and looked around.

On the second seat of the Faebright Hall, there sits the Firmament Monarch.

On the left and right sides of the hall, there sit two Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses. One is a stone monkey made out of silver-colored stone, the other one is a green, 10-meter-tall powerhouse with a snake like head, three eyes on the head, and a humanoid torso.

Sitting above the throne, Yang Feng looked at the two powerhouses with the arrogance unique of a faebright king and asked coldly: “Bank Stone Monkey Monarch, Galaman Swallowing Star Monarch, what brings you two to our faebright race?”

The bank earthen race and the galaman star sea snake race are formidable races of the Lightless Starfield, second only to the faebright race. They each have two Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses.

The Bank Stone Monkey Monarch and the Galaman Swallowing Star Monarch are both pinnacle Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses. But when compared to the Cloud Monarch and the Figment Monarch, they are slightly weaker.

The Bank Stone Monkey Monarch glanced at Yang Feng, and his eyes shimmered with derision: “Cloud Monarch, the Faebright Ancestor is already dead! If you continue to occupy the Faebright Imperial Star, a calamity will befall your race. Youd better leave the Lightless Imperial Star now!”

Contempt streaked across Yang Fengs eyes, and he became hostile and said in a cold voice: “You trashes want to fight us over the Lightless Imperial Star by yourselves? Do you believe it when I say that you wont be able to leave the Lightless Imperial Star alive?”

With that, powerful Transcendent rank breaths erupted in the Sacred Spirit Palace.

Although the faebright race has experienced the death of the Faebright Ancestor and the destruction of defensive boundaries, but they still have many powerhouses.

In the Sacred Spirit Palace, besieged by countless faebright powerhouses, even if it is a quasi-Holy step powerhouse, they will die if they dont escape.

The Bank Stone Monkey Monarchs eyes flashed with derision, and he sneered: “Cloud Monarch, this is the will of the Bank Dragon Stone Quasi-Holy and the Galaman Giant Snake Quasi-Holy!”

The Figment Monarchs complexion changed dramatically, and he exclaimed: “The Bank Dragon Stone Quasi-Holy and the Galaman Giant Snake Quasi-Holy? How is that possible? Havent they died already?”

The Galaman Swallowing Star Monarch said with a cold smile: “At the time, the Faebright Ancestor hunted the talents who could promote to the quasi-Holy step all over the Lightless Starfield. The two quasi-Holies of our races were compelled to feign death and hide far away in another starfield. Finally, they had a fortuitous encounter and broke through to become quasi-Holy step powerhouses. Cloud Monarch, as thanks for assassinating the Faebright Ancestor, I can let your race leave the Lightless Imperial Star safely. But if you shed all pretenses of cordiality, you should know what will happen!”

The expression of the Firmament Monarch became unsightly.

If the Firmament Monarch, the Cloud Monarch, and their troops join forces, they can indeed contend against a quasi-Holy step powerhouse. But, it is impossible for the faebright race to be assembled at all times. Moreover, if the two powerful races, the bank earthen race and the galaman star sea snake race, join forces, they have a 70% chance of defeating the faebright race.

Since the faebright race lost the Faebright Ancestor, it has become a huge piece of meat that everyone wants to take a bite at.

Yang Feng said with a cold smile: “The Bank Dragon Stone Quasi-Holy and the Galaman Giant Snake Quasi-Holy? Since I dared to assassinate the Faebright Ancestor, I am naturally prepared. I also have the backing of a quasi-Holy step powerhouse!”

A quasi-Holy step breath came from the Sacred Spirit Palace and shrouded the hall.

“A quasi-Holy step powerhouse!”

The complexion of the Bank Stone Monkey Monarch and the Galaman Swallowing Star Monarch changed drastically, and their eyes shimmered with shock.

There is a huge difference between the faebright race having and not having a quasi-Holy step guardian. The faebright race has profound underlying strength to begin with. Now that they have a quasi-Holy step powerhouses backing them, the bank earthen race and the galaman star sea snake race dont dare to act rashly.

“I am Bank Dragon Stone Quasi-Holy. The friend in the Sacred Spirit Palace, please identify yourself.”

Two quasi-Holy step breaths came from outside, and an overbearing voice shrouded the Sacred Spirit Palace.

The Figment Monarchs countenance flickered and his eyes shimmered with anger, and he quietly looked at Yang Feng looked.

The faebright races defensive boundaries were destroyed during the Cloud Monarchs rebellion. The traitors lurking in the faebright race destroyed everything that could be destroyed, and even the Cloud Monarch could not curb them.

Now that half of the defensive boundaries of the Sacred Spirit Palace have crumbled, it will take a lot of resources and time to mend them. It is because of this that the two quasi-Holy step powerhouses are able to come and go freely in the Sacred Spirit Palace.

From the Sacred Spirit Palace came a strange voice: “You dont need to know who I am! You only need to know that with me guarding them, the faebright race will continue to be the overlord of the Lightless Starfield! You two, please get out of here. Otherwise, once we start fighting, you will learn my true strength!”

Distorted by the Phantom Ruler, even people closest to the Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy wont be able to recognize his voice.

Yang Fengs identity as a powerhouse from another universe and his relation with the Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy and the Tier III Hive is a secret. Therefore, once he takes action, Yang Feng must kill the enemy, erase their memories, or set up a soul brand to control them.

The Galaman Giant Snake Quasi-Holy uttered sternly: “We are similar in strength. If we fight here, it will only be convenience other weaker races. Lets do it like this, both sides shall send five subordinates to fight. The side that has three victories shall be the one that wins. If you win, our two races will leave the Lightless Imperial Star at once.”

Originally, with the strength of the bank earthen race and the galaman star sea snake race, they had a 70% chance of conquering the Lightless Imperial Star. But now that it became apparent that there is a mysterious quasi-Holy step powerhouse backing the Cloud Monarch, who knows how much more power the faebrights are hiding. Consequently, the Galaman Giant Snake Quasi-Holy became cautious.

In the Gumana Universe, after two powerful races have fought, it is not uncommon for them to be besieged by some weaker races and their resources divided among the weaker races.

With the fight the Faebright Ancestor had with the Anti Faebright Ligues four quasi-Holies and 11 Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses, plus the Cloud Monarchs plot, Yang Feng took this opportunity to assassinate the Faebright Ancestor.

If Yang Feng had attacked when the Faebright Ancestor was in his prime, the other party would have sensed it and squashed him.

Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy said coldly: “Fine! But the three of us cannot participate!”

Following three flashes of light, a 20-meter-tall silver stone giant, a 20-meter-tall snake giant with three snake heads, and a three-meter-tall silver blades stoneman with silver blades growing on his body and exuding a sharp breath, appeared in the hall.

When the Firmament Monarch saw the three Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses, his countenance changed dramatically, and his eyes flickered with a dignified color: “So strong! Each one of them is a pinnacle Starcraft step powerhouse. Furthermore, they seem to be stronger than the Bank Stone Monkey Monarch and the Galaman Swallowing Star Monarch!”

The three pinnacle Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses are only a step away from advancing to quasi-Holy step powerhouses. The Figment Monarch is not sure if he can defeat them.

Yang Feng extended his hand, light shone, and teleportation light enveloped the hall.

Following flashes of light, everyone in the hall was transported to a huge arena.

Yang Feng is sitting on the throne in the arena. There are two mysterious figures covered in black cloaks standing on both sides of Yang Feng.

“I am Silver Blades Monarch, who dares to fight me!”

Silver light shone, and the silver blades stoneman appeared on the arena like a ghost and stared at Yang Feng with a defiant expression on his face and a crazy killing intent in his eyes.

The silver stone giant grinned and said: “Interesting. I wonder who he will send to fight.”

The snake giant with three snake heads sneered: “The Figment Monarch? He stands no chance against the Silver Blades Monarch.”

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