Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 975 – Eye of Times Gift

Chapter 974 – Eye of Time

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If such an existence like the fiend emperor appeared in another age, they would be a terrifying existence that dominates the world. As long as the Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses who are slumbering in their territory do not appear, no one would be their opponent.

The fiend emperor quasi-Holy step powerhouse is extremely strong. Whether it is the Taboo Monarch or the Star Monarch, they are not sure if they can go against him one on one.

Using a variety of spells, gazes full of curiosity gathered on this place, waiting to see how Yang Feng deals with the fiend emperor, who is virtually invincible in the Temple of the Eye of Time.

Yang Feng glanced at the fiend emperor. All of a sudden, he suddenly smiled, then blurred and flew towards the temple.


Michaelia operated the essence of speed, turned into a green stream of light, and shot towards the temples soldiers like an arrowhead.

In the wake of the green stream of light, the temples soldiers exploded, turned into powder, and disappeared.

In a flash, a path leading to the temple was forcibly cleared by Michaelia.

Yang Feng followed Michaelia to the temple at a rapid speed.


The giant eyes of the fiend emperor formed from demonic qi shimmered with the shade of cruelty, and he roared and slammed his giant hand towards Yang Feng.

Enveloped by a copious amount of demonic qi, in the wake of the giant hand, the void collapsed and a fearsome devour force swept towards Yang Feng.

A swarm of Dazzling Light Units shot towards the giant hand like raindrops.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The moment when the Dazzling Light Units reached the giant hand, they self-exploded. Giant explosions, which could easily tear Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses to shreds, blasted the fiend emperors giant hand formed from demonic qi apart.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Yang Feng stepped into the temple.


A sinister look on his face, the fiend emperor issued a deafening roar, then his giant body collapsed and turned into a void gate.

As long as he goes through the void gate, the fiend emperor can cross the great distance that separates him from this place and appear here with his true body.

“Spatial magic! What an idiot! How can it be so easy to use spatial magic in front of me to cross the void?”

Yang Feng glanced at the void gate with ridicule in his eyes, then operated the essence of space and pointed at the void gate.

A colorless, formless spatial blade suddenly appeared and slashed at the void gate.

The countless runes on the void gate twisted and crumbled, and then the void gate itself collapsed and formed a distorted black hole.


An angry roar came from the other side of the distorted black hole. Then, a large hand enveloped by demonic qi extended from the black hole and radiated light that fought against the spatial collapse force!

“Immortal body! This freak has cultivated an immortal body! Thats the fiend emperor for you, a terrifying existence that can cause despair to countless people, a powerhouse favored by the universes dark side!”

When Yang Feng saw that hand that extended from the black hole, his eyes constricted and flickered with a dignified shade.

Immortal body is a powerful body that only Holy Spirit Warlocks can cultivate. Once they have formed an immortal body, in many universes, most attacks will have no effect against Holy Spirit Warlocks.

Yang Fengs Phantom Ruler can manipulate quasi-Holy step powerhouses. But, when it come to Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses, even those who have sunk into a deep slumber, the Phantom Ruler cannot manipulate them at all. This is the terror of an immortal body.

Without special secret treasures, the attacks of powerhouses below the Bright World Warlock rank cant break the defenses of Holy Spirit Warlocks immortal body. In addition to being immune to the attacks of powerhouses below the Bright World Warlock rank, the immortal body of Holy Spirit Warlocks has a great weakening effect against the attacks performed by Bright World Warlocks, Infinity Warlocks, and Warlock Monarchs.

Despite being just a quasi-Holy step powerhouse, the fiend emperor was able to cultivate an immortal body. This is simply heaven-defying. At this time, he is only one step away from promoting to a Holy Spirit Warlock and becoming a bigwig who can dominate a region in any universe.

“Regrettably, you didnt come with your true body! Otherwise, I may not have been your opponent. Since you want to go through the void, then let me crush it!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a defiant look, and then countless runes welled up in his eyes. He extracted world force from the nine small worlds inside him, operated the essence of space and the law of karma, and pointed at the void.

A frightening spatial destruction force enveloped a tract of the void and destroyed the order of the surrounding space, and the tract of space collapsed.

Due to the power of the law of karma, the collapse of space extended and grew larger and larger in scale, forming a spatial destruction storm that can devour anything.

Even though the hand is part of an immortal body, it was still severed by the spatial destruction storm, and fell down.

Even the immortal body of a Holy Spirit Warlock, cannot withstand the spatial destruction storm.

If the fiend emperor had come with his true body, then Yang Feng may not have been his opponent. But, the arrogant fiend emperor tried to use a spatial gate to come here. Since Yang Feng is proficient in the essence of space, it is no wonder that the other party failed.

The hand has a spirit. After it was severed, it turned into a stream of light and flew towards the distance.

By virtue of the power of their immortal body, most Holy Spirit Warlocks can achieve limb, bone, and blood regeneration.

However, when regrowing a severed limb, it takes time and a great deal of power for the limb to recover its full strength. As a result, Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses wont abandon their limbs at will.

All of a sudden, Sealers came forward and released sealing light that blasted into the hand, trying to seal it.

“Fuck off!”

The hand radiated blinding light that forcibly shattered the sealing light, showing the terror of the immortal body.

If the fiend emperor abandoned this hand on a grade 4 plane, it would be able to quickly become a frightening existence with Infinity Warlock rank battle prowess.

Yang Feng glanced at the hand, and then, without looking back, walked into the temples core.

He operated the Fate Algorithm. Guided by the invisible fate force, he relied on the Devourers to open a path in the defensive boundaries barring his way and finally came to a hall.

In the center of the hall, there is a 100-meter-tall statue forged from Sand of Time, a main material for refining Empyrean grade secret treasures.

The statue is of a tall and sturdy young man with a horn on his head and long snow-white hair, emanating endless self-confidence and a powerful domineering spirit. This young man is the Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse the Eye of Time.

The statue, which is engraved with numerous mysterious runes, emanates time fluctuations that spread in all directions.

“The Eye of Time, one of the most powerful Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses in history. An existence infinitely close to becoming an Eternal Sovereign. Yet, such a peerless entity fell in the river of time as well. If you dont become an Eternal Sovereign, you will ultimately turn into dust in the face of time all the same!”

Looking at the statue, Yang Fengs eyes shimmered with mixed feelings, and he sighed inwardly.

As a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse, the Eye of Time was an existence analogous to the materialization of the essence of time. Solely observing his statue will help you to gain enlightenment in the essence of time. Yet, such an imposing existence ultimately fell in the river of time. Consequently, Yang Feng couldnt help but sigh.

If the Eye of Time had not fallen, then the Time Lord would never have been promoted to a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse using the essence of time. Therefore, he must indeed have fallen.

“Only if he surpassed the Warlock Emperor realm and became an Eternal Sovereign, or if there are some other factors involved, may it be possible for him to live until now. But the probability of that is really low.”

Looking at the statue of the Eye of Time, Yang Feng suddenly had a strange thought.

In the world of Warlocks, there are countless strange phenomena. As for the Holy Spirit Warlocks, Warlock Emperors, and Eternal Sovereigns, they are each stranger and more powerful than the previous one.

At the thought of the Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse who died in the Dulan Sea yet has not been vanquished, Yang Feng didnt dare to hastily make a judgement about whether the Eye of Time is already dead or not.

The current knowledge Yang Feng wields is the one human Warlocks gathered during the course of the eight Warlock Imperial Courts and it can explain many phenomena in the universe. But, it is a far cry when juxtaposed with the mysteries of the entire universe. Furthermore, with the great tribulation as the background, Yang Feng doesnt dare to state that he is dead.

Yang Feng gazed at the empyrean origin force crystal in the statues hand. Then, countless runes surged in his eyes, and he looked at the empyrean origin force crystal via Transcendent Pupils.

“I am Eye of Time! Young one, when you see this image, I may already be dead. This world is one of the legacies I left you. In exchange, you will have to protect the timekin. If you agree to my final request, you can accept my final trial by fire! By relying on your own strength, get close to the statue and refine the empyrean origin crystal. If you can accomplish this, then youll be able to receive my final gift.”

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