Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 976 – Advancing to a Quasi-Holy

Chapter 975 – Eye of Times Gift

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“Of course, to be able to enter here, you must be terrifyingly strong. But, believe me when I say this, if you use other methods, theres no way youll get my empyrean origin force crystal. I will destroy everything before you succeed.”

The statue of the Eye of Time opened its eyes, smiled gently, and spoke flatly.

Yang Feng immediately frowned.

The Eye of Time was not only a Warlock Emperor rank being, but an unparalleled being in the Warlock Emperor realm. The preparations set up by such a being is not something that Yang Feng can contend against.

At this time, there is still the fiend emperor and many other expert on Yang Fengs heels. He just took the lead. If he gives up this opportunity, it will fall into the hands of another powerhouse. But, if he accepts the offer of the Eye of Time, he will have to accept a trial by fire of unknown danger. This puts him in a dilemma.

Yang Feng pondered for a while before uttering resolutely: “Fine! I agree!”

The small world formed by the Eye of Time contains endless mysteries. If Yang Feng takes control of this world, it will be of great benefit to his advancement. Naturally, he cannot give up this great opportunity.

The statue of the Eye of Time shone and pointed with a finger, and, along with flashes of white light, wisps of soul force poured out from the statue and formed a soul contract.

Yang Feng glanced at the soul contract and instantly analyzed its content. Then, following a stroke of his finger, a drop of blood essence flew out, entered the soul contract, and formed his name.

That soul contract radiated light, and then entered Yang Fengs soul. If he violates the soul contract, his soul will suffer a great backlash, or even directly extinguish.

The Eye of Time said with a smile: “Great! As long as you can come here by yourself and take the empyrean origin force crystal in my hand, you will pass my trial.”

Time ripples suddenly diffuse from the statue and shrouded Yang Feng.

“Big brother!”

Shi Yu and Michaelias startled voices came from the side.

Yang Feng frowned slightly and shouted sternly: “Fall back!”

Shi Yu and Michaelia are not proficient in time magic. In the face of the strange time ripples, they not only cannot provide Yang Feng any help, but will also distract him, who will have to protect them.

Shi Yu and Michaelias figures shook slightly, and they turned into a stream of light and flew aside.

After the two women flew out of the range covered by the time ripples, they saw that Yang Feng, under the effect of a mysterious force, appeared to become motionless.

When the strange time ripples shrouded Yang Feng, he felt that just a breath of time claimed five years from his lifespan.

In a flash, a white radiance emerged from the statues head and poured into Yang Fengs forehead, and a mysterious secret method appeared in his sea of consciousness.

“This is the Empyrean grade secret method the Eye of Time created! Its really mysterious! It is on par with the Time Lords Time Text, but it expounds the mysteries of time from another angle!”

Yang Feng took out the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Bead of Time and poured a huge amount of vitality inside.

Inside the Bead of Time, countless mysterious runes appeared at once and light roiled. The bead appears to contain an endless sea of time.

Yang Feng stared at the sea of time and sensed the passage of time inside him. The secret methods he received from the Eye of Time and the secret methods recorded in the Time Text became clear in his eyes.

His hair gradually turned white. Under the scouring of the torrent of time, every breath of time shaved off five years from Yang Fengs lifespan.

“I see. Without a special bloodline ability, you have to be scoured by a torrent of time before you can grasp the law of time and the essence of time.

“And even if you are scoured by a torrent of time, without a powerful enough secret method and a fearsome time-type secret treasure, the success rate of comprehending the law of time and the essence of time will be pitifully low. No wonder, despite how long the Time Text has been handed down, so few people comprehended it!”

At the moment when Yang Fengs hair turned grizzled, he finally snapped out of it and sighed.

Time ripples emanated from Yang Feng and allowed him to blend into the torrent of time, and his life span stopped elapsing.

Then, countless mysterious runes appeared in his eyes and formed a pair of Time Pupils, and Yang Feng strode towards the statue of the Eye of Time.

The time force from the Bead of Time resonated with the time force from Yang Fengs Time Pupils, enabling him to move in the torrent of time.

The closer it is to the statue of the Eye of Time, the faster the torrent of time flows. In the place right before the statue, one breath of time is equivalent to 10,000 years. Even if it is a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse, without a powerful defense that can counteract the torrent of time, the soul would decay and extinguish within dozens of breath of time, leaving only a perfect-grade immortal body behind.

Originally, with Yang Fengs shallow grasp of the law of time, he would not be able to resist the scour of the torrent of time. However, the soft light of time radiated by the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Bead of Time in his hand firmly guarded Yang Feng, enabling him to resist the erosion of the torrent of time.

Without the protection of the Bead of Times time force, Yang Feng would not have been able to get close to the statue of the Eye of Time. Similarly, if Yang Feng couldnt comprehend the secret method handed down by the Eye of Time and triggered time force, he would not have been able to give full play to the mysteries of the Bead of Time.

After a few breaths of time, Yang Feng appeared in front of the statue of the Eye of Time and grasped the empyrean origin force crystal in its hand.

“Congratulations, young one, you passed the trial by fire I set up. Please accept my gift!”

The statue smiled and radiated two mysterious, marvelous beams that pierced into Yang Fengs forehead.

In a flash, the Eyes of Times comprehensions and experiences regarding the mysteries of time poured into Yang Fengs sea of knowledge.

Yang Fengs understanding of the mysteries of time suddenly increased geometrically.


Following a sharp sound, the statue of the Eye of Time crumbled, revealing a transparent crystal coffin.

Inside the transparent crystal coffin, there lies a peerlessly beautiful woman with a small horn on the head, crystal clear skin, and long blue hair.

“Young one, this is my dearest daughter, Alice! According to our agreement, please protect her!”

A faint voice pervaded the space, and a tremendous time force poured into the peerlessly beautiful woman inside the crystal coffin from the statue of the Eye of Time.

The crystal coffin turned into pure soul force and mysterious power that disappeared into the peerlessly beautiful woman.

Inside the crystal coffin, Alices eyes slowly opened and flashed with confusion.

“Hello, Alice, I am Yang Feng!”

Yang Feng smiled, then operated a secret method and started refining the empyrean origin crystal in his hand.

Alice replied with a gentle smile: “Yang Feng, you should concentrate on refining the empyrean origin force crystal! I sense that youre in a lot of trouble.”

Yang Feng uttered: “Okay!”

With the temple as the core, a strange ripple swept in all direction inside the small world.

“Empyrean origin force crystal! Someone is refining the empyrean origin force crystal!”

“Its Yang Feng! Damn it, hes in control of this world!”

“So fast! The temples guardians are really trash!”


The complexion of the powerhouses who sneaked into this world change greatly, and they flashed and turned into streams of light that shot towards the outside of this world.

Once Yang Feng takes control of this world and closes the channel to the outside world, the powerhouses who sneaked into this world will become his prey.

“Curses! I was a step too slow!”

A dark ray stopped ten kilometers away from the temple, and then the fiend emperors figure was revealed. He stared at the temple with the flames of anger in his eyes and spoke in a cold voice.

As a quasi-Holy step powerhouse favored by the universes dark side, the fiend emperor is extremely strong. He has complete confidence in his ability to defeat Yang Feng and his subordinates. However, once Yang Feng masters this worlds origin force, then even if a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse fights him here, the other party will likely lose.

He who strikes first gains the advantage. Although, you will encounter more danger than others if you enter dangerous places first. But similarly, the harvest you will obtain will be far greater than that of others.

Many Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses gathered in the main hall of the Temple of the Eye of Time. Since they didnt want to be the early bird and instead wanted others to fight the temples guards, they were a step too slow, which resulted in this world falling into Yang Fengs hands.

“Yang Feng, I shall remember you!”

The fiend emperor took a deep look at the temple and left a cold threat behind, then turned into a ray of light and disappeared from this world at an incredible speed.

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