Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 977 – Body

Chapter 976 – Advancing to a Quasi-Holy

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The Taboo Monarch exclaimed in admiration: “What a terrific fellow. Worthy of a man valued by my lord!”

A hoarse voice came from beside the Taboo Monarch: “Lord, do we stay here, or leave?”

The Taboo Monarch said lightly: “Well leave! It would be foolish for our relationship to sour due to some misunderstanding.”

When a powerhouse refines an empyrean origin force crystal, they are very powerful, but they also possess some glaring weaknesses. The Taboo Monarch is not willing to stay here and serve as a threat to Yang Feng, thus causing a misunderstanding.


With flashes of light, the Taboo Monarch and company turned into streams of light and disappeared.

The Star Monarch looked at the 5th generation battle robots blanketing the sky from a distance, and her beautiful eyes shimmered with a dignified shade: “His progress is really fast! Advanced Warlock Monarch, how incredible! Besides, the experts under his command are much stronger than before.”

The Vajra Rulers tyrannical defense greatly exceeded everyones expectations. At the same time, no one expected that Yang Feng would be able to make so much progress in such a short time. He smashed the resistance of the temple, which had three quasi-Holy step guards, got the time-type Empyrean grade secret treasure the Bead of Time, and refined this worlds empyrean origin force crystal.

The Star Heavenly Maiden said: “Lets go.”

The Star Monarch nodded, then turned into a stream of light and disappeared from this world.

With the temple as the core, time ripples spread to all corners of this world.

The complexion of the temples guards fighting with Yang Fengs mechanical legion flickered, and then they prostrated themselves in the void and saluted towards the temple.

The complexion of the quasi-Holy step powerhouse flickered, his face darkened, and he thought of the ancient oath. Then, he looked at the endless swarm of 5th generation battle robots and the Vajra Ruler, which is getting harder and harder, sighed, and bowed to the temple.

The countenance of the temples guards above the Bright World Warlock realm flickered, and then they obediently saluted towards the temple.

The 5th generation battle robots blanketing the sky stopped moving and hovered in the void.

A formidable and pure force entered Yang Feng from the empyrean origin crystal, and then poured into the nine small worlds inside him.

Thanks to the formidable force, the power of the nine small worlds inside Yang Feng rose steadily.

“Nine weak worlds are a far cry from one strong world! Fuse together!”

Yang Feng operated a secret method and began to fuse the nine small worlds inside him.

The secret method created by the Nine Realms Lord can set up nine small worlds inside the body. Thanks to the world force of the nine small worlds, he was practically invincible in the same realm.

However, the secret method created by the Nine Realm Lord is rarely practiced by the later generations, because it is not easy to find nine semi-plane seeds. On the other hand, strengthening nine small worlds is harder than strengthening one small world.

The secret method created by the Nine Realms Lord requires for the nine worlds to be ultimately fused into one, establishing a complete world.

Inside Yang Feng, the nine small worlds approached one another. Inside the nine small worlds, lightning thundered and the sky and the earth cracked.

The countless factories inside the nine small worlds transformed into various bulky warships and flew to the level-5 fixed strongholds.

Powerful defensive boundaries emerged with the level-5 fixed strongholds as the center and resisted the surrounding destruction.

As the nine small worlds approached one another, four small worlds merged into the first small world that Yang Feng established and turned into wind, fire, water, and earth world cornerstones.

A small world floating in the void became the sun. Another small world floating in the void turned into the moon. The last two small worlds spread out and turned into countless tiny stars.

At once, strong winds rose, torrential rain fell, lightning thundered, the earth cracked, lava flowed, and other disastrous phenomena appeared in the first world Yang Feng established.

The worlds plane origin cheered excitedly as the power of the empyrean origin crystal nurtured the world.

A mysterious rain of light fell from the sky and scattered towards the ground.

When the mysterious light specks scattered on the ground, some stones suddenly trembled, cracked, and changed into earthen.

The earthen Yang Feng created have a human form, are good-looking, and exude a fearsome breath.

Yang Feng willed it, and the defensive boundaries of the level-5 strongholds were lifted. Then, 5th generation battle robots, the Phantom Ruler, the Dazzling Rulers suddenly flew out and started absorbing the mysterious rain of light in the sky.

Vajra Rulers figure fluttered, and it flew to in front of Yang Feng, entered him, descended on the world inside him, and started to absorb the mysterious rain of light.

Nurtured by the mysterious rain light, the eyes of the Vajra Ruler, the Phantom Ruler, the Dazzling Rulers, and the 5th generation battle robots surged with spiritual radiance and they gained a soul of their own.

Nurtured by the rain of light, the 5th generation battle robots gained spirituality and became battle robots with a soul.

The Dazzling Light Units that were on the verge of evolution, absorbed the surrounding companions, giving birth to a dozen plus Dazzling Rulers.

“My lord Yang Feng, you are the greatest being in the universe! Praise you!”

The Vajra Ruler changed into a 10-meter-tall gorgeous woman with a wheat-colored skin, black hair, and a firm temperament.

“My lord Yang Feng, you are the greatest being in the universe! Praise you!”

The Phantom Ruler changed into a 1.7-meter-tall gorgeous woman with a sexy figure and endless charm.

“My lord Yang Feng, you are the greatest being in the universe! Praise you!”

A total of 20 Dazzling Rulers, who turned into beautiful women, knelt on the ground and praised Yang Feng.

“The first life forms of a world will be shaped according to the creators will. Since I always liked beautiful women, they changed into beautiful women to please me. In that case, Michaelia and Shi Yu are also female because I like women.”

When swept the world with his consciousness and saw that the mineral-based life form beautiful women the 5th generation battle robots have transformed into, Yang Feng suddenly had an epiphany.

The birth of Michaelia and Shi Yu was both accidental and inevitable. Yang Feng likes to collect powerful women as his subordinates. Under the influence of the universe favor, Michaelia and Shi Yu were born female.

Originally, the Vajra Ruler and the other battle robots were genderless. But when they were baptized by the mysterious rain of light, they instinctively sensed Yang Fengs will and evolved into women to please him.

Yang Feng looked at the more than 5 million 5th generation battle robots that were baptized by the rain of light, and his eyes flickered with elation: “Although they havent become stronger. But, since they were baptized by my worlds primordial rain and gained spirituality, they will have infinite evolution possibilities. Besides, they can also be sent to conduct battles by themselves.”

The primordial rain formed after the nine small worlds combined into one has mystical power, which can give life to stones and produce a soul for soulless robots.

Similarly, the beings that birthed a soul under the influence of the primordial rain fundamentally wont have any thoughts of betraying Yang Feng. They will become Yang Fengs most loyal followers.

After the nine small worlds combined into one, the empyrean origin force crystal continued to pour endless power into Yang Feng, allowing him to break through to the pinnacle Warlock Monarch realm, and then step into the quasi-Holy step.

After Yang Feng was promoted to a quasi Holy, he stopped absorbing the power of the empyrean origin force crystal. He needs time to digest the results of this adventure.

With the help of the empyrean origin force crystals power, Yang Feng can directly advance to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm. But, if his foundation is unstable, it will become 100 times as hard for him to advance to the Great Holy step and the Warlock Emperor realm than for ordinary Holy Spirit Warlocks.

The reason why Yang Feng can easily break through bottlenecks that countless ordinary Warlocks have a hard time to break through their entire life is because he takes every step very carefully and only advances after establishing a firm foundation. Otherwise, even with a level-9 soul aptitude and massive amounts of resources, he would not be able to advance so rapidly and easily.

Yang Feng felt a wisp of immortal force flowing inside him and exclaimed in admirations: “So this is the quasi-Holy step! What a wonderful force!”

Michaelia burst into cheers, pounced into Yang Fengs arms, and said cutely, a fragrance wafting out from her: “Brother, you finally became a quasi-Holy. How wonderful!”

Shi Yu smiled sweetly, walked over, and said, a fragrance wafting out from her: “Big brother, youre really great.”

“Far from it! In this great tribulation, only Holy Spirit Warlocks can partially control their destiny. Its not so simple to promote to a Holy Spirit Warlock!”

Yang Feng embraced Shi Yu, planted a kiss on her smooth, beautiful face, and said with a smile.

The empyrean origin force crystal left by the Eye of Time possesses almost infinite power and can enable Yang Feng to become a Holy Spirit Warlock. However, if he only relies on the empyrean origin force crystal to attack the Holy Spirit Warlock realm, Yang Feng will become a very common Holy Spirit Warlock.

If Yang Feng wants to become an absolute existence in the Holy Spirit Warlock realm, much like the fiend emperor, he must form an immortal body in the quasi-Holy step. By then, the advancement to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm will be perfect.

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