Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 978 – Shock

Chapter 977 – Body

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“Greetings, mighty lord!”

The quasi-Holy step powerhouse who suffered heavy damage from Yang Fengs karma spell appeared from within the temple and saluted Alice.

“Greetings, mighty lord!”

One after another, the temple guards above the Bright World Warlock rank appeared and saluted Alice.

Alice looked at the temple guards with mixed feelings and sighed faintly.

These temple guards are timekin, a race that the Eye of Time once guarded.

After who knows how many tens of thousands of years, the timekin, who once dominated the Cangzhi Plane, declined to the point that they dont have a single Holy Spirit Warlock. Her friends and subordinates turned into ashes in the long river of time. This all filled Alices heart with sadness and melancholy.

Alice said faintly, “Get up!”


The temple guards got up and stood respectfully beside Alice, their eyes full of fanaticism and worship.

The Eye of Time is the sole true god worshiped in this temple. Alice, who is the only daughter of the Eye of Time, the daughter of a god, is also an object of worship in the temple.

The quasi-Holy step powerhouse has detected that Yang Feng already took control of this the whole world. But, due to the zealous religious worship, he still chose to pledge his loyalty to Alice.

“Hello, Yang Feng, please allow me to introduce myself formally. I am Alice Time Garey, the Time Dynastys first royal daughter, the mighty Eye of Times sole daughter. Its a pleasure to make your acquaintance!”

A solemn expression in her eyes, exuding a noble and pure breath, Alice smiled gracefully at Yang Feng.

Yang Feng uttered with an elegant smile: “Hello, I am one of the seven chairmen of the Cangzhi Planes Human Supreme Council, the Battle Demon Sects Yang Feng. Its a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Your Highness!”

Alice asked with a complicated look in her eyes: “Human! How many years have passed since we disappeared?”

Yang Feng said: “It has been 26.75 million years since the great Eye of Time disappeared. Of course, this is only a conjecture based on a variety of historical data.”

Alice frowned and sighed: “Has it been that long? Then, which race rules the Cangzhi Plane now? Who is the mighty Empyrean step powerhouse?”

Yang Feng replied: “Now us humans are the ones who rule the Cangzhi Plane. As for the Empyrean step powerhouses, those old antiques are sleeping in the long river of time, waiting for the best time to resuscitate!”

After Yang Feng became a chairman of the Human Supreme Council, many of the top secrets of the human race became accessible to him. He is now well aware that there are no less than ten Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses who have been to confirmed to be still alive.

But, these Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses have sealed themselves using a variety of special secret methods. In order for them to achieve a perfect resuscitation, it will require a long period of time.

For example, the God Blood Planes First Ancestor is an old master who has existed since the archgod era.

Ever since his loss at the hands of the Taboo Lord, the traces of the First Ancestor have all but completely disappeared. Even when the Second Imperial Court was collapsing, the First Ancestor didnt step in and retaliate.

For Warlock Emperor rank existences, there is nothing more important than advancing to Eternal Sovereigns. If they want to maintain the most optimal fighting power, they can only resuscitate at the critical time.

Along with the advancement of the great tribulation, the potential of the universe of the world of Warlocks is being stimulated, making the whole universe more powerful and capable to accommodate higher-leveled powerhouses.

If these Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses resuscitated before the arrival of the great tribulation, they would need to consume huge amounts of resources to maintain their existence. Or else, every day that passes, their life span will be shortened by years or decades.

The higher is a universes energy level, the higher is the upper limit of powerhouses that said universe can hold. The universe of the world of Warlocks once gave birth to Eternal Sovereigns. But, with the passage of time, the universes energy level was lowered to the point that only Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses could be born. In the modern age, it is even extremely difficult for a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse to be born. In such an environment, Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses can only choose to fall into a deep sleep.

Only if these Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses resuscitate when the barrier between the two universes is completely broken and the two universes overlap and begin to devour each other, will they be able to exert their full fighting strength and get rid of the erosion of time.

A look of surprise flashed in Alices beautiful eyes: “Human race! Unexpectedly, the unremarkable servant race grew to be the overlord race of the universe. The world is really fickle.”

In the archgod age, humans were the slaves, food, toys, and pets of powerful archgods. When Alice heard that humans have become the overlords of the universe, she was shocked, much like the Earths humans would be shocked to see ordinary cats suddenly become the owners of the world.

Yang Feng uttered with a smile: “After long enough time passes, nothing is impossible. Your Highness Alice, where is your fathers body?”

Alice frowned, discontent shimmered in her beautiful eyes, and she became cold, saying: “Why are you asking this?”

Yang Feng responded frankly: “If you dont mind, I hope to obtain his body and forge a top Empyrean grade secret treasure.”

Different Empyrean grade secret treasures exploit different mysteries of the world. Some integrate with an entire world and become one with the world. If one of the two is destroyed, the other will be destroyed, as well. Although there is a strong connection between the world inside powerhouses and their true body, but it is not their body.

Although this World of Time is a complete world from inside the Eye of Time, but it is not his body.

If Yang Feng gets his hands of the body of a fearsome Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse like the Eye of Time, he will surely be able to produce a terrifying Empyrean grade secret treasure.

Alice replied coldly: “What will you do if I dont tell you?”

Yang Feng uttered with a smile: “You are free to do that. Since the great Eye of Time showed me kindness, I wont force you to do anything you dont want to. But, I dont want to see it fall into the hands of my enemies further down the line.”

The guidance he received from the Eye of Time enabled Yang Feng to grasp the mysteries of time. If he is given enough time to digest the Eye of Times gift, he will be able to wield the most mystical, mysterious — essence of time.

Regarding the Eye of Times sole — daughter, Yang Feng views her as a friend. He wont compel her to change her will.

If this was not the case, Yang Feng would have directly suppressed Alice, and then used all means at his disposal to get the location of the Eye of Times body. After all, it is the remains of a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse, one of the strongest Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses in the history of this universe.

Alicia replied flatly: “Dont worry, as long as you fulfill the contract with my father, his body will never appear in the hands of your enemies.”

Yang Feng said with a smile: “Then its fine! Will you stay here, or leave with me?”

Alices beautiful eyes shimmered with a mysterious luster, and she said with a smile: “Ill leave with you! I want to see what the world is like now.”

“Lets go then!”

Yang Feng willed, and a portal leading to the outside world appeared beside him.

Four figures flashed and flew into the portal.

Once they crossed the portal, a vast, magnificent temple appeared in front of Yang Feng and his party.

In the temple, there are hundreds of top powerhouses from various races of the universe gathered. The eyes of these powerhouses fell on Yang Feng.

Since he was the first to break into the core area of the Temple of the Eye of Time, Yang Feng must have collected no a small amount of treasures along the way. Moreover, he also took control of the World of Time and took possession of the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Bead of Time. The Bead of Time alone is enough to make these Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses go crazy.

“Yang Feng, hand over the Empyrean grade secret treasure! Then, submit to me and be my subordinate! When I dominate the universe and become an Eternal Sovereign, I will make you the emperor of the human race as well as my most trusted subordinate with whom Ill share the universe!”

A torrent of demonic qi rose, light shone, countless wisps of dark force converged, and the fiend emperor, who is favored by the universes dark side, walked over, an arrogant look on his face.

At the sight of the fiend emperor, the complexion of the other Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses changed greatly, and they fell back involuntarily, a look of apprehension and dread in their eyes.

Although the fiend emperor is only a quasi-Holy, but he already formed an immortal body. Furthermore, as a powerhouse favored by the universes dark side, he was born with the mastery of many dark-type essences. He is recognized as an invincible existence in the same realm.

Without a powerhouse strong enough to stop his evolution, if he is given time and resources to mature, the fiend emperor will become a dark-type Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse.

The Taboo Monarch stared at the fiend emperor, her beautiful eyes flickered with enigmatic light, and she said unhurriedly: “So this is a freak-level freak born from the universe, a powerhouse favored by the universes dark side! How dreadful!”

As one of the strongest human quasi-Holies, the Taboo Monarch is extremely talented and her bloodline is extraordinarily noble. She has a glimmer of hope to evolve into a Warlock Emperor.

But when the Taboo Monarch saw the fiend emperor, she instinctively knew that although they are both quasi-Holy step powerhouses, she is not his opponent.

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