Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 980 - Figment Great Holy

Chapter 979 – Slaying a Quasi-Holy

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The magic shields enveloping the three-headed gold dragon quasi-Holy were devoured, and then a terrifying essence of power erupted and, despite how though his fleshly body is, crushed his body bit by bit and turned it into a mist of blood, which Yang Feng devoured and absorbed.

Before Yang Feng broke into the Temple of the Eye of Time, the three-headed gold dragon quasi-Holy launched a surprise attack against him.

Since Yang Feng got a chance to get his revenge against the three-headed gold dragon quasi-Holy, he wouldnt miss it.

As the three-headed gold dragon quasi-Holys head crumbled, a head suddenly exploded and formed a terrible energy storm that shattered Yang Fengs attack.

A two-headed gold dragon flew out from the remains of the three-headed gold dragon and evaded Yang Fengs deadly strike.

After loosing a head, the power of the two-headed gold dragon took a nosedive, and he dropped to the pinnacle Warlock Monarch realm from the quasi-Holy step.

In a flash, a green ray flashed, and the angel empress Michaelia, who operated the essence of speed, appeared in front of the two-headed gold dragon and slashed one of his heads with her sword, which contains the essence of power.

“Damn it! Yang Feng, do you really want to become an enemy of the dragon race?!”

The two-headed gold dragon released a heaven-shaking roar, then one of his heads exploded and turned into a fierce energy storm that blasted the angel empress Michaelia away.

From amid the energy storm, a gold dragon with only one head suddenly flew out. His breath has dropped to the intermediate Warlock Monarch realm.

At this moment, Shi Yus figure blurred, and she appeared before the three-headed gold dragon quasi-Holy and blasted her fist containing the essence of power in his head.

“No! I curse you! No, I dont want to die…”

With a frightened look on his face, the three-headed gold dragon quasi-Holy screamed bitterly, and then his head exploded. A dragon core emerged from his body and flew into Shi Yus hand.

After the three-headed gold dragon quasi-Holys soul was severely damaged thrice, it finally collapsed, and he died.

With a flash of light, Yang Feng collected the three-headed dragons huge body.

The three-headed gold dragon quasi-Holys blood and body are of great value.

The Vajra Rulers figure fluttered, and it appeared beside Yang Feng, raised its giant shield and burst out with brilliant light.


“Damn it, the Sene Quasi-Holy was actually killed!”

“To grow to this degree, this Yang Feng is really scary!”

“How could he kill the Sene Quasi-Holy! He just promoted to a quasi-Holy, how dreadful!”


When the spectating powerhouses saw the three-headed gold dragon quasi-Holy die instantly at the hands of Yang Fengs group of three, they couldnt help but feel a chill in their heart.

The powerhouses who were ready to launch a surprise attack against Yang Fengs group of three couldnt help frowning when they saw the Vajra Ruler.

The Vajra Rulers defense alone is comparable to that of some weak Holy Spirit Warlocks. Even though there are hundreds of Warlock Monarch rank and quasi-Holy step powerhouses gathered here, but it wont be that easy to break through its defenses.

If those Warlock Monarch rank and quasi-Holy step powerhouses burn their life origin, they may be able to break through the Vajra Rulers defenses. But, these powerhouses came to the Temple of the Eye of Time to gain benefits, not to put their life on the line. Naturally, they wont act carelessly.

“Yang Feng, it seems that you have a group of fine women! Interesting! Maybe I should learn from you and raise some beautiful and amusing maids!”

The fiend emperor took a deep look at Michaelia and Shi Yu and smiled, and then a copious amount of filthy evil qi entered the beautiful dragon.

The beautiful dragon twisted, struggled, and howled. Finally, she was engulfed by endless darkness.

After a dozen plus breaths of time, a gorgeous, sexy women exuding devilish charm appeared beside the fiend emperor and said with a fascinating smile: “Bina greets master!”

“How fearsome!”

“The fiend emperor, a powerhouse favored by the universes dark side, is really fearsome!”

“Despite the strong resistance ability of the dragon race, she still couldnt withstand the erosion! Hes really formidable!”


When the Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses saw that the beautiful dragon was transformed and eroded by the fiend emperor, their complexion changed dramatically, and their eyes shimmered with a dignified color.

Along with evolution, there fewer and fewer methods to control life forms. Yang Feng used to be able to control many low-level life forms using the Liquid Metal Nano Robot Elixir. But, the Liquid Metal Nano Robot Elixir is not effective against powerhouses above the Infinity Warlock realm.

As for Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses, if they are not willing to open their soul and let him set up a brand, then even if Yang Feng is much stronger than them, he cant control them.

The fiend emperor used dark force to erode the body and soul of the beautiful dragon Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse and transform her into his slave. This kind of ability is simply appalling.

The eyes of the Warlock Monarch rank and quasi-Holy step powerhouses were naturally filled with dread and apprehension as they looked at the fiend emperor.

“Two terrible monsters!”

“The fiend emperor is expected. After all, he is a powerhouse favored by the universes dark side. Yang Feng, however, is just an ordinary human. How can he be so frightening?”

“Yang Feng, he already broke through the god-man boundary and his soul aptitude broke through to level-9. He is the most promising human powerhouse to advance to a Warlock Emperor!”

“Damn it, will the human race give birth to a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse and stifle the whole universe again?”


Eyes full of complicated emotions focused on Yang Feng and the fiend emperor.

“Curses, his cultivation speed is too fast!”

A chilly gaze full of veiled malice focused on Yang Feng.

The expressionless Yang Feng swept the hundreds of powerhouses from superior races with his gaze.

The sculp of the Warlock Monarch rank and quasi-Holy step powerhouses who previously attacked Yang Feng turned numb, and their eyes flickered with wary.

In the temple, Yang Feng can come and go freely. Furthermore, there are three expert guards beside him. Its impossible to kill him.

The beautiful eyes of the Taboo Monarch shimmered brightly, and she walked up to Yang Feng, a fragrance wafting out from her: “Quasi-Holy! Yang Feng, youre really impressive! You have become a quasi-Holy in such a short time! Congratulations!”

Yang Feng replied with a smile: “It was just a fluke. If I hadnt absorbed the World of Times empyrean origin force crystal, I wouldnt have broken through to the quasi-Holy step so easily.”

The Taboo Monarch took a deep look at Alice and uttered with a smile: “Hello, I am the Taboo Imperial Courts Taboo Monarch. How do I address you?”

Alice replied: “I am Alice!”


With that, Alices gaze fell on a crystal wall in the hall, her eyes shimmered with complicated emotions, and she murmured.


Along with crisp sounds, the crystal wall collapsed, and a pure white mountain suddenly appeared in front of everyones eyes.

On top of the pure white mountain, there is a 10-meter-tall tree with 36 green leaves and three white fruits.

“Eternal god tree the Tree of Time! Sure enough, this eternal god tree was in the hands of the Eye of Time.”

“Thats the eternal god tree the Tree of Time!”

“Tree of Time, thats the Tree of Time!”

“Those are fruits of the Tree of Time! If you eat one, youll be able to comprehend the law of time. If you eat nine, youll be able to comprehend the essence of time!”

“Tree of Time fruits can be used to enhance the soul aptitude and comprehend the mysteries of the law of time!”


Gazes full of greed focused on the Tree of Time.

The law of time and the essence of time are the most mysterious and hard to comprehend law and essence in the universe. If you consume one fruit, you can comprehend the law of time. If you consume nine fruits, you can comprehend the essence of time. It is a treasure that can prompt Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses to go crazy over it.

Each of the human eight Warlock Emperors is a genius among geniuses, freak among freaks. However, only the Time Lord was able to comprehend the essence of time. From this, it can be seen how difficult it is to comprehend the essence of time.

An evil god monarch who grasps the essence of time tore the void and extended his hand towards the Tree of Eternity through the void.

If he isnt hindered, this evil god monarch can employ spatial magic to grasp things from tens of millions of kilometers away.

Suddenly, the evil god monarchs face fell. Fluctuations of time enveloped him, and his hair turned white, his skin shriveled, and 10,000 years of his lifespan elapsed.


The evil god monarch cursed angrily and pulled back his hand.

Following flashes of light, Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses flew towards the mountain with the Tree of Time.

“Dont go there! There is a Holy step Transcendent sealed! He is not dead yet!”

Yang Feng just wanted to take action, when Alices face flickered, and she grabbed Yang Fengs arm and shouted.

Yang Fengs expression changed and his eyes shimmered with a dignified shade: “Holy step Transcendent!”

A Holy step Transcendent is a Holy Spirit Warlock rank existence. Against such a frightening opponent, Yang Feng naturally doesnt dare to act recklessly.

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