Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 980 - Figment Great Holy

e. Yet, due to a lack of precaution, such an existence can be assassinated by a Great Holy step powerhouse. Especially, if the assassin is his beloved son, the probability of the assassination succeeding is even greater.

Yang Feng asked: “How can I kill him?”

Alices eyes flashed with the shade of madness, and she said in a cold voice: “Attack that white mountain! That is his body!”


Yang Feng spread the fingers of a hand. All of a sudden, whirlpools emerged around him, and a swarm of Devourers flew out and pounced on the white mountain.

When the Devourers reached the white mountain, they started to devour it frantically, heading for its core part.

“Stop! Damn ants!”

Holy step fluctuations of power erupted from the white mountain and flung the Devourers away.

“Holy step powerhouse!”

“Holy Spirit Warlock!”

“Holy step powerhouse!”


As soon as the Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses sensed the Holy step fluctuations of power, they sobered up. Then, their figures fluttered, and they flew away from the mountain.

Since each one of these Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses possess earth-shaking strength, even Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses cannot confuse them easily. Just now, because they were on the white mountain, which is the Figment Great Holys body, the latter quietly magnified their desires, prompting them to frantically fight each other. Now that they felt Holy Spirit Warlock rank fluctuations of power, they naturally sobered up.

“Damn insects, you want to run away? Become the nutrients for my recovery!”

A mad, ruthless roar came from the white mountain, and the an enchanting world with earth paved with chocolate, rivers flowing with milk, flowers blooming everywhere, wonderful music drifting in the air, countless top beauties of different races frolicking about, suddenly appeared and engulfed the Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses in an instant.

In a flash, three junior Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses lost themselves in the land full of feminine charms. They stripped naked and pounced on the breath-taking women.

The shade of struggling appeared on the faces of the other Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses.

Seeing this scene, Yang Feng said with a contemptuous smile: “Your older brother is such a fool!”

Alice responded lightly: “After being sealed for so many years, its not surprising that he isnt in his right mind.”

There are many kinds of seals. Among them, the most cruel one is to seal a person alone in the dark with their consciousness fully awake. It is the cruelest form of torture. An ordinary person would go crazy after being sealed for a year.

The Figment Great Holy, who has been sealed for more than 10 million years, has already become a madman who lost his intelligence. Hes fighting the Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses by relying on instinct alone.

With a look of madness in his eyes, the Transcendent Monarch took out a Holy grade secret treasure the Transcendent Bead and pressed it against his forehead.

Countless runes entered the Transcendent Monarch from the Transcendent Bead, and he transformed into a 10,000-meter-tall Transcendent exuding Holy Spirit Warlock rank fluctuations of power.


The Transcendent Monarch roared and slammed a fist into the world that engulfed the Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses. The terrifying force released by the punch blasted open a huge hole in the world.

The figure of the Transcendent Monarch fluttered, and he flew out of the huge hole.

“Its not so simple to trap me!”

The Magic Note Monarch sneered and spread the fingers of a hand, and 20 beads emanating the fluctuations of power of Holy grade secret treasures suddenly flew out and exploded.

Boom! Boom!

Following a series of apocalyptic explosions, the force released by the detonation of the 20 Holy grade secret treasures nearly crushed the world of illusions and blew open a tremendous hole.

The Magic Note Monarch effortlessly flew out through the tremendous hole.

“Split open!”

With a gloomy look in his eyes, the Death Monarch took out a Holy grade secret treasure the Sword of Death and brandished it, and a gray sword ray slashed the world.

In the wake of the hurricane-like gray sword ray, everything turned silent. The Death Monarch slashed open a huge rift. His figure shook slightly, and he flew out of the world.


With an expressionless look on his face, the Time Monarch, the head of the seven chairmen of the Human Supreme Council, unleashed a punch, and a tyrannical essence of power blasted open a giant hole in the world. He easily flew out of the giant hole.

One after another, powerhouses unleashed their trump cards and damaged the world of illusions that the Great Holy step powerhouse has turned into.

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