Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 982 – Surprise Attack

Chapter 981 – The Great Holy Detonates

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Tentacles suddenly extended from the world of illusions and swept towards the Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses like a tide.

A Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse was stabbed by the a tentacle, and countless runes poured inside him. Then, his eyes glazed over, and he fell into a state of confusion.

In just a moment, 20 plus Warlock monarch rank powerhouses were reduced to slaves of the Figment Great Holy.

“Die! Die! Die! Death is the only ending awaiting you!”

A ferocious roar came from the white mountain, and the mountain shook and shed many white stones. A 1,000-meter-tall freak with a small horn on the head, long silver hair, dark skin, wizened muscles, and the heads of countless extraordinary life forms on its body, emerged from the white mountain.

Chaotic, wicked, queer fluctuations spread from the freak.

When he saw the Figment Great Holy, Yang Feng frowned and sighed: “Degeneration! His mind was completely eroded by dark force!”

The more a life form evolves, the harder it becomes to advance further.

When some powerful beings are stuck, they will carry out all kinds of dangerous attempts and transformations. At his wits end, the Figment Great Holy evidently introduced dangerous dark force into his body. As a result, his body and soul were eroded by the dark force, and he turned into this freak.

Dark force is full of all kinds of negative energies. Except for existences favored by the universes dark side like the fiend emperor, it is extremely difficult for other powerhouses to really grasp the true meaning of dark force. If they are not careful, they will be eroded by dark force and become such a freak.

The fiend emperor took a deep look at the Figment Great Holy, his eyes flickered with a scorching shade, and he asked in a deep voice: “Yang Feng, why dont we kill him together?”

If the fiend emperor and Yang Feng attacked the Figment Great Holy when he was in his prime, they would have only thrown their lives away. But, after being sealed for many years, the Figment Great Holys strength is less than 1% of what it was when he was in peak condition. Moreover, the Figment Great Holy has gone insane and just fights by relying on instinct. He lost his Great Holy step combat sense.

Although the Figment Great Holy is still quite dangerous, but he can be hunted down.

Yang Feng took a deep look at the fiend emperor and uttered in a deep voice: “Alright! But, what about the spoils?”

The fiend emperor showed a ferocious smile: “Of course, that will depend on our own skill!”

With an enigmatic flash in his eyes, Yang Fengs willed, and whirlpools appeared around him. Suddenly, Dazzling Light Units flew out and formed a frightening mechanical legion.

The fiend emperor smiled fiercely, then countless runes appeared behind him, and a world full of dark force and inhabited by countless dark life forms emerged.

Suddenly, eroded fiends flew out one after another. In a flash, 13 fiend Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses appeared beside the fiend emperor.

As a Great Holy step powerhouse, even though the Figment Great Holy has become just a monster who only fights by relying on instinct. But, even if it is a Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse, if they are hit by the phantom light radiating from the Figment Great Holy, their mind will be stirred, and they wont be able to display more than 30% of their strength.

Only Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses can resist the phantom light radiating from the Figment Great Holy. This is the terror of a Great Holy step powerhouse.

Therefore, if powerhouses below the Warlock Monarch rank want to contend against the Figment Great Holy, they may only be able to do that if they have a Holy grade secret treasure that can gather all of their strength and enables them to exert the power of the Holy grade secret treasure.

“Greetings, master!”

As soon as the 13 fiend Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses appeared, they bowed to the fiend emperor respectfully.

“Kill him!”

The fiend emperor stared at the Figment Great Holy, his eyes shimmered with a savage shade, he silently recited an incantation, and numerous mysterious black runes emerged on his body.

The 13 fiend Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses also silently recited incantations, and many mysterious runes appeared on them and resonated with the ones that appeared on the fiend emperor.

The fiend emperor pointed with a finger, and countless wisps of dark force suddenly gathered in the void and formed a huge skull 100 meters tall.

The huge skull is made from countless skulls. Wisps of dark force sprayed out from the skull, interwove, and formed a black armor.

The skull enveloped by a black armor suddenly opened its mouth and bit at one of the 20 plus Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses next to the Figment Great Holy.

Magic shields sprang up around the Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, and then collapsed in an instant. The powerhouse himself was bitten and swallowed by the skull.

The 20 plus Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses manipulated by the Figment Great Holy are his spear and shield. If they die, the Figment Great Holy will be weakened.

The fiend emperor is both powerful and has rich fighting experience. With this attack, he instantly killed a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse.

Yang Feng willed, and the mechanical legion besieged two Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses.

The hundreds of Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses who got out from the phantom world acted as well. They unleashed all kinds of spells barreling towards the 20 plus Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses controlled by the Figment Great Holy.

Each Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse here is a ruthless individual. Naturally, they wont be lenient towards the Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses that are being controlled.

“Go to hell! Go to hell! Go to hell!”

With a look of confusion on his face, the Figment Great Holy roared wildly, and the tentacles that stabbed into the Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses sucked them dry, turning their flesh, power, and soul into his nutrients.

“Lets die together!”

After absorbing the flesh and souls of 20 plus Warlock Monarchs, the Figment Great Holy suddenly showed a queer, sinister smile. A black bead flew out of his body, released Holy grade fluctuations of power, and detonated in an instant.

Dark light suddenly emerged and turned into a dark cloud that polluted and eroded everything in its wake. In a flash, the dark cloud swept towards Yang Feng and the other Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses.

“Detonation! This madman eroded by dark force, we really cant treat him using conventional reasoning!”

Yang Fengs face fell abruptly. Then, magic shields appeared around him and the Holy grade secret treasure the Mountain Shield appeared in his hand.

The Vajra Ruler appeared in front of Yang Feng with the giant shield in hand and activated a defensive boundary.

Michaelia and Shi Yu instantly returned to Yang Fengs side and activated magic shields.


“How could that be?”




The countenance of the other Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses, none of whom expected the Figment Great Holy would explode, changed greatly, and they activated defensive boundaries in an instant.

The frightening dark storm formed from the detonation of the Figment Great Holy engulfed all the Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses in an instant.

One after another, the magic shields of the Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses broke. They could only watch helplessly as dark light engulfed them.

The Vajra Rulers defensive boundary tore, the huge shield in its hand shattered, and the unit itself crumbled and disintegrated bit by bit.

When the dark light disappeared, only a head and half of the body remained of the Vajra Ruler. Furthermore, the parts that have not been destroyed are covered in cracks, with dark light radiating from them.

Despite the protection of the Vajra Ruler, the shields of Yang Feng, Michaelia, and Shi Yu were still torn, and they were eroded by the dark light.

“Who am I? I am the Figment Great Holy! No, I am Yang Feng! I am Yang Feng!”

Yang Feng was confused by dark gas for just a moment, and then regained his senses at once. He suddenly had chills go down her spine: “This is soul pollution! If you arent strong enough or are severely wounded, you will be polluted and assimilated, your ego will collapse, and you will become a copy of the Figment Great Holy.”

Yang Feng looked at Michaelia and Shi Yu, who easily dispelled the dark gas.

“As expected of most powerful heaven and earth variants!”

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose into a smile. Then, he scanned the surroundings with his gaze, and his eyes flickered with a dignified shade at once.

He saw that 80% of the hundreds of Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses coming from different major forces fell on the ground, enveloped in the dark gas, their faces twisted in pain.

“Tree of Time!”

Yang Fengs eyes narrowed and locked on the Tree of Time, and he blurred, turned into a stream of light, and flew towards the Tree of Time, which was flung away by the explosion.

In a flash, Yang Feng appeared in front of the Tree of Time and extended his hand towards it.

“Yang Feng, sure enough its you! Only you deserve to be my opponent”

A cold voice suddenly rose behind Yang Feng, and a demonic hand containing fearsome dark force shot towards his heart with overwhelming momentum.

A hair-raising premonition of danger surged in Yang Feng heart. If he insists on seizing the Tree of Time, his heart will be ran through by the demonic hand.

At this critical moment, the cool-headed Yang Feng operated the Eternal Imperishable Body, extracted world force via the World Ring inside him, turned around, and sent a fist enveloped by the materialization of three essences, namely a Devour Sun, a star, and a spatial gate, barreling towards the fiend emperor.

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