Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 983 – Contest

Chapter 982 – Surprise Attack

Translator: Xaiomoge

When the demonic hand that pollutes and erodes everything and the fist that smashes, devours, and tears everything collided, a terrifying shock wave surged in all directions.

In the places where the two forces collided, space twisted, collapsed, and shattered, and many rifts spread in all directions like black snakes.

The fiend emperor was flung 20 kilometers back. Yang Feng, on the other hand, was flung 40 plus kilometers away. His blood and energy churned, and burst of pain surged from al over his body.

Wisps of dark force turned into black fog which eroded Yang Feng from all directions. If it was someone a bit weaker than Yang Feng instead, they would have been eroded by the dark force and turned into the fiend emperors slave.

“Incredible! This fiend emperor is a powerhouse favored by the universes dark side by a reason.”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a grave shade, and a Devour Black Moon rose around him and engulfed the dark force around him.

The 13 fiend and the beautiful dragon Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses formed an array and besieged Michaelia, Shi Yu, and the Vajra Ruler.

On their own, the 14 Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses are not the opponents of Michaelia. But by joining hands, with their spells interweaving and resonating, which increases their might geometrically, they forcible blocked Michaelias group of three.

The fiend emperor said with endless arrogance: “Yang Feng, I rather admire you! But, youre not my match yet! If you leave now, Ill let you live. When you mature some more and are able to fight me, I will fight you again and take your life! Otherwise, this place shall be your burial ground today.”

“Fiend emperor, you are indeed a bit stronger than I am. But, Im not fighting alone!”

Yang Feng has a cold, fearless smile on his face. Then, whirlpools appeared around him, and a swarm of Dazzling Light Units flew out, formed a fearsome mechanical legion, and rushing towards the fiend emperor.

With a flash of fury in his eyes, the fiend emperor shouted sternly: “Yang Feng, you already got a time-type Empyrean grade secret treasure, yet you still want to fight me over the Tree of Time?”

Yang Feng responded decisively: “Of course! The road to the top requires endless resources. Every chance, every opportunity, they all have to be seized. Only in this way can you reach the peak!”

The Tree of Time is a treasure that can be encountered only by a fluke, that even Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses long for. With the Tree of Time, it is possible to master the essence of time and meet one of the conditions to advance to an Eternal Sovereign. If this God grade treasure of heaven and earth isnt seized now, it will be practically impossible to get another chance to acquire it.

“In that case, you will die!”

With a ferocious color in his eyes, the fiend emperor spread the fingers of a hand, and 24 Holy grade secret treasure the Heaven and Earth Beads suddenly flew out and entered his body from different places.

The Heaven and Earth Beads are a unique secret treasure that were born along with the fiend emperor. They are a Holy grade secret treasure formed from the universes dark side and can evolve. Once the fiend emperor becomes a Warlock Emperor, if he consumes a lot of resources, he can evolve the Heaven and Earth Beads into an Empyrean grade secret treasure.

As soon as the Heaven and Earth Beads entered the fiend emperor, countless runes appeared on his body and endless dark force enveloped him. If an ordinary person looked him in the eyes, they would go insane, their head would explode, and they would die.

The fiend emperor expanded and turned into a 100-meter-tall Transcendent with fiend wings on the back, engraved with countless runes. Wisps of Holy Spirit Warlock grade immortal breath diffused from the fiend emperor and spread in all directions.

Yang Feng took a deep look at the fiend emperor, and a stern shade flashed in his eyes: “Holy Spirit Warlock! So this is a fiend emperor, a powerhouse favored by the universes dark side, a freak among freaks! No wonder even Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses have been severely wounded by them!”

The gap between quasi-Holy step and Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses is a virtually unsurmountable chasm. In the history of the Cangzhi Plane, there are many examples of low-level Warlocks defeating high-level Warlocks via different means. But, there are very few and far between examples of quasi-Holy step powerhouses defeating Holy Spirit Warlocks.

Among the eight human Warlock Emperors, only the Time Lord, the Taboo Lord, and the Magic Note Lord once fought Holy Spirit Warlocks head-on as quasi-Holies and slayed them. The other five powerhouses, before they promoted to Holy Spirit Warlocks, had to flee in a sorry state whenever they were chased by Holy Spirit Warlocks.

“Yang Feng…”

A sinister look on his face, the fiend emperor just opened his mouth to speak, when his face fell.

Go to hell! Go to hell! Go to hell! Turn into my flesh and blood and become the nutrients for my evolution! Go to hell!”

The hundreds of Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses who were polluted and eroded by the Figment Great Holys detonation have already stood up. Eyes shot with blood, mind in a state of confusion, they released strange roars, urged their power, and attacked the fiend emperor.

Although the explosion of the Figment Great Holy, who is a Great Holy step powerhouse, didnt kill the hundreds of Warlock Monarchs, but it doesnt mean that they escaped unscathed. The Warlock Monarchs who failed to block the explosion of the Figment Great Holy had their soul polluted, and became copies of the Figment Great Holy.

Among all the people present, the life force field of the fiend emperor is the most fearsome. As a result, the Figment Great Holy copies chose the fiend emperor as their target and concentrated all their attacks on him.

The fiend emperor surged with demonic qi, twisted, and blurred, trying to leave this place.

“Space lock!”

With a cold look in his eyes, Yang Feng silently recited an incantation, ran the essence of space, and pointed at the fiend emperor.

The space around the fiend emperor suddenly solidified, making it impossible for him to travel freely using spatial magic. At the same time, countless spatial blades emerged in the void. If the fiend emperor rushes out, he will be cut into pieces by the countless spatial blades.

A gloomy color flashed in his eyes, and the fiend emperor bumped into the spatial blades without hesitation. His immortal body was cut into innumerable pieces by the spatial blades, and then was joined back together by demonic qi, and healed quickly.

A copious amount of blood scattered on the ground.

The joint strike of the hundreds of Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses missed its target.

Faced against hundreds of Warlock Monarchs, even a Holy Spirit Warlock could be defeated, severely damaged, or even killed. However, after the hundreds of Warlock Monarchs were polluted by the Figment Great Holy, they became muddleheaded and started relying on instinct to act. In their current state, killing the fiend emperor is no doubt a fools dream.

After avoiding the joint attack of the hundreds of Warlock Monarchs, the fiend emperor rushed towards Yang Feng along with a strong wind.

Boom! Boom!

The Dazzling Light Units blocking in front of Yang Feng exploded and turned into powder, unable to obstruct the fiend emperor.

Thanks to the resonance from the Dazzling Rulers, the Dazzling Light Units guarding Yang Feng possess Infinity Warlock rank battle prowess. But, in front of a Holy Spirit Warlock, Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses are no more than ants.

“Yang Feng, die!”

In a flash, the fiend emperor appeared in front of Yang Feng and sent a hand, which turned into a dark world that blotted out the sky barreling towards the other party.

With a cold look on his face, Yang Feng flicked his wrist, and the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Bead of Time appeared. Tremendous time force entered the secret treasure.

Distorted fluctuations of time emanated from the Bead of Time, and the flow of time around Yang Feng became slow.

Before Yang Fengs eyes, the extremely fast fiend emperor is as slow as a snail.

Yang Fengs figure fluttered, and he appeared in front of the Tree of Time and extended his hand towards it.

“Let go, its not yours!”

A voice full of coldness, majesty, and endless killing intent sounded, and an arm with a trace of immortal power suddenly burst out from behind and shot towards Yang Feng along with the essence of power.

“Transcendent Monarch! You want to kill me!”

Anger flashed in Yang Fengs eyes and endless killing intent surged in his heart. The Holy grade secret treasure the Mountain Shield suddenly flew out and blocked behind him.


When the Transcendent Monarch punched the Mountain Shield, he smashed the mountain ranges the Mountain Shield has turned into, and then slammed into the Mountain Shield itself and blasted it away by dozens of kilometers together with Yang Feng.

With a look of regret in his eyes, the Transcendent Monarch put on a fake smile and said coldly: “Yang Feng, youre overthinking things! When fighting over treasures, we have to rely on our own skill! Dont try to frame me!”

At this moment, the mechanical legion besieging the fiend emperor suddenly changed direction and besieged the Transcendent Monarch and the five black-robed powerhouses who follow him.

The Transcendent Monarchs face flickered, and he yelled: “Yang Feng, are you crazy? You dare attack my people! Do you want to betray the human race!”

Yang Fengs eyes shimmered with a cold radiance, and he said chilly: “Transcendent Monarch, you dare attack me. You have betrayed the human race! On behalf of the whole human race, I declare you a traitor!”

With a ferocious look in his eyes, the Transcendent Monarch uttered coldly: “Just you! You want to represent the human race? How foolish! Do you think that you are the seventh chairman of the Human Supreme Council just because you have the backing of the Brilliant Great Holy? Let me tell you, youre actually nothing! Youre just a clown!”

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