Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 986 – Astonishment of the Brilliant Great Holy

Chapter 985 – Shrines

Translator: Xaiomoge

Black rays ejected from the Tier III Hive and entered Michaelia, Shi Yi, Alice, the Vajra Ruler, and the swarm of battle robots.

With flashes of light, these powerhouses were absorbed into the Tier III Hive.

The Tier III Hive sent out strange waves, extended countless tentacles that stabbed into the void and tore it open, flew inside, and disappeared.

The eyes of the Magic Note Monarch shimmered with peculiar light, and he uttered unhurriedly: “Such a fast escape, what a decisive fellow!”

“I have to withdraw, too!”

The Magic Note Monarch took a look in the direction of the fiend emperor, then waved his hand, and a white gauze enveloped him.

Strange ripple shone, and the Magic Note Monarch disappeared.


Along with earthshaking noise, the rhombus crystals the Magic Note Monarch used to imprison the fiend emperor collapsed one by one. Emanating Holy Spirit Warlock rank fluctuations of power, the fiend emperor is bombarding the cage with a look of madness in his eyes.

The Taboo Monarch smiled, a black fog shrouded her, and she disappeared: “Since everyone is withdrawing, then so will I!”

The Star Monarch sighed, then turned into countless specks of starlight and disappeared: “A pity!”

The Time Monarch, the Death Monarch, and the other Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses who were not affected by the detonation of the Figment Great Holy unleashed different secret methods and disappeared.

After the fiend emperor launched his secret method, his fighting strength has reached the Holy Spirit Warlock realm.

If the Taboo Monarch and them use Empyrean grade secret treasures, join forces, and put their life on the line, they really may be able to defeat or even severely injure the fiend emperor.

However, since there are now no compelling benefits to gain, the Taboo Monarch and them naturally wont use Empyrean grade secret treasures to fight the fiend emperor for no reason.

“Damn it! Yang Feng snatched away the Tree of Time! It seems that I can only harvest these guys.”

The fiend emperor took a deep look in the direction that Yang Feng disappeared, then looked around, and finally focused on the hundreds of Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses that were affected by the detonation of the Figment Great Holy. Then, he smiled ferociously, turned into a stream of light, and flew towards them.

Originally, when confronting hundreds of Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses, even if it is a Holy Spirit Warlock, they would be seriously injured, sealed, and even suppressed if careless. The same is true for the fiend emperor.

However, since the soul of these hundreds of Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses was polluted by the detonation of the Figment Great Holy, they became muddleheaded, and now only know how to fight by instinct, without using any tactics.

Like a tiger that pounced at a herd of sheep, when the fiend emperor rushed into the midst of these Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses, he killed them one by one and robbed them.

“Amazing. When the fiend emperor tries his best, he can display Holy Spirit Warlock rank battle prowess. I need to condense an immortal body in order to be able to defeat him one-on-one!”

Aboard the Tier III Hive, Yang Feng carefully examined the fiend emperors actions through a surveillance apparatus of the Tier III Hive, a dignified look in his eyes.

The fiend emperor charged into the midst of hundreds of Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses and unleashed a massacre, tearing them to pieces one by one. This sight is simply appalling.

Yang Feng asked: “Alice, what precious treasures are there in the Temple of the Eye of Time?”

During this trip to the Temple of the Eye of Time, Yang Feng gained countless precious resources. In particular, the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Bead of Time and the eternal god tree the Tree of Time are treasures that can move the hearts of Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses. If there is nothing else worthy his attention in the Temple of of the Eye of Time, he plans to leave here.

Alice pointed to the fiend emperor and said: “In the Temple of the Eye of Time, the most precious treasures are the Tree of Time, the Bead of Time, and the World of Time. Additionally, below the Tree of Time, there is a treasury that contains many magic crystals and various treasures of heaven and earth. If you can kill him, youll be able to get that treasury.

Yang Feng took a deep look at the fiend emperor and said slowly: “Now is not the time. When I have condensed an immortal body, I will fight with him again!”

Against the fiend emperor, who can display Holy Spirit Warlock rank battle prowess once he goes all out, even if Yang Feng uses Empyrean grade secret treasures and fights him to death, his odds of winning are only 40%. But, if he is careless, he may fall.

At this time, the powerhouses who can fight against the fiend emperor either ran away, or hid somewhere, hoping to be the fisherman that benefits from the quarrel between the snipe and the clam. If Yang Feng and the fiend emperor fight now, they will only become the prey of others.

Alice took a deep look at the Temple of the Eye of Time, sighed lightly, and said faintly: “In addition to the main hall, there are still sixteen shrines. The sixteen shrines are the former dwellings of sixteen Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses and have their heritage and treasure-trove. Lets leave this core area and look for the treasure-troves of the remaining sixteen shrines.”

Following a flash of light, the Tier III Hive quickly passed through the void rift and exited the core area of the Temple of the Eye of Time.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with regret: “Unfortunately, I am still weak. If I could upgrade the strongholds to level-6, I would be able to dominate the Temple of the Eye of Time.”

There are countless treasures in the core area of the Temple of the Eye of Time, like the materials used to construct the palaces, which can be used to forge various top secret treasures.

Light shone, and the Tier III Hive suddenly appeared above a palace complex outside the core area of the Temple of the Eye of Time.

Alice looked at the palace complex and said calmly: “The heritage and treasures here have already been taken away!”

“Then, lets go to the next place!”

With a flash of light, the Tier III Hive disappeared and flew towards the distance.

In a palace complex, a pinnacle Infinity Warlock rank breath suddenly erupted, and an evil god with a single horn on his head, exuding a queer temperament, came out and uttered with a smile, a look of joy and confidence on his face: “I actually got the heritage and treasures of the Flying Cloud Great Holy, Im really a darling of the universe! One day, I will definitely surpass top powerhouses like the fiend emperor and Yang Feng, squash them under my feet, use their corpses as stepping stones to reach the summit!”

“To use my corpse as your stepping stone, what a good idea! In that case, please die!”

Suddenly, a giant hand came down from the sky and shot towards the evil god.


The complexion of the evil god changed greatly, and he turned into a 1,000-meter-tall transcendent with three heads and six arms and a battle axe in hand. Then, carrying the essence of power, he slashed with the giant battle axe in his hands.


Following an earthshaking blare, the huge hand, with its momentum not the least bit diminished, slammed into the evil god, and a frightening force erupted and squashed the other party like a fly.

Light shone, and a storage bead and the evil gods remains flew into the Tier III Hive.

As a pinnacle Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse, the evil gods corpse is a precious treasure in the eyes of many human Warlocks. Yang Feng doesnt have the habit of squandering.

Yang Feng glanced at the storage bead with a look of admiration in his eyes: “20 Springs of Immortality and all kinds of treasures of heaven and earth. This times harvest is not small at all! As expected of the treasure-throve of a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse.”

The Faebright Old Ancestor spent countless years and resources to produce only one Spring of Immortality. Meanwhile, the treasure throve of a Holy Spirit Warlock subordinated to the Eye of Time has 20 Springs of Immortality. This is the gap between a rogue cultivator Holy Spirit Warlock and a Holy Spirit Warlock who has the backing of a Warlock Emperor.

Along with a flash of light, the Tier III Hive disappeared again.

A young man with an extraordinary temperament walked out from a palace hidden in the mountains. This young man is Jiang Lang.

Jiang Langs eyes shone brightly, and he revealed a smile of self-confidence: “I finally promoted to an Infinity Warlock! In this way, I have harrowed the gap between me and Yang Feng! Furthermore, with what I obtained from this adventure, once I enter a secret realm with a different flow of time, Ill be able to promote to a Warlock Monarch in 1,000 years!”

Since Jiang Lang is aware that he is not strong enough, he didnt go to the core area of the Temple of the Eye of Time. Instead, he searched for treasures on the periphery. With the help of the universes favor, he luckily got the heritage of a Holy Spirit Warlock.

The first line of defense against the Gumana Universes vanguard have been human Warlocks. Therefore, human Warlocks gained much more of the universes favor than many other races. Consequently, the fortuitous encounters human Warlocks have are naturally many more than those of other races.

“Human Warlock, hand over the treasure you got from that palace!”

With a flash of dark light, a 100-meter-tall demonic dragon exuding junior Infinity Warlock rank breath appeared in the void. He stared at Jiang Lan with the shade of wickedness, and then said frigidly.

“Demonic dragon Infinity Warlock? Eat my sword!”

When Jiang Lang saw the demonic dragon, his eyes flashed with excitement, and he brandished his sword. Containing the essence of power, his sword turned into a moon that slashed towards the demonic dragon while crushing the void.

The the countenance of the demonic dragon Infinity Warlock changed greatly, his eyes shimmered with shock, and he cried out: “Advanced Infinity Warlock! How is that possible? Werent you a Bright World Warlock?”

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