Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 987 – Trying Yang Feng

Chapter 986 – Astonishment of the Brilliant Great Holy

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Light shone, and a black hexagram boundary appeared in front of the demonic dragon.

When the moon-like sword ray slammed into the black hexagram boundary, it split it open, and then sliced the demonic dragon in two.

After dealing the demonic dragon serious damage with a sword strike, Jiang Langs eyes shimmered with killing intent, and he slashed at the demonic dragon again.

As a human Warlock who has experienced many battles, he will never show mercy to the enemy.


A roar came from afar, and a 10,000-meter-long mansi petrified silver snake supreme Infinity Warlock made from silver rock, exuding twisting fluctuations, suddenly flew out and swept with its giant tail, which is enveloped in world force and a wisp of the essence of power, towards Jiang Lang.

“Shit! This freak actually possesses world force! It is definitely a top powerhouses among freaks!”

Jiang Langs face fell, and all sorts of alarms went off in his head. He silently recited an incantation and spread the fingers of a hand, and an ancient silver shield suddenly appeared in front of him.

When the silver ancient shield appeared, it turned into a silver world and blocked in front of Jiang Lang. The ancient silver shield is evidently a world-class secret treasure.

World-class secret treasures are secret treasures forged from the small world of powerhouses above the Infinity Warlock realm or planes above grade 7. Every world-class secret treasure has various mystical abilities and fearsome evolutionary power.

When the huge tail of the mansi petrified silver snake slammed into the silver world, a frightening force broke out, smashed everything in the silver world, and flung aside the ancient silver shield, which has an astonishing defensive power. At the same time, the giant tail locked the space and continued towards Jiang Lang.

With a firm look in his eyes, Jiang Lang fixed his gaze on the snake tail that seems to be able to suppress the whole world. All the distracting thoughts in his mind disappeared, and he suddenly slashed at the giant silver tail in the sky. Only by doing his best may he be able to wrestle away a chance at survival.

“To dare attack my friend, youve got some guts!”

A flat, dignified voice suddenly came from the sky, and a 10,000-meter-long hand emerged and shot towards the mansi petrified silver snake.

The mansi petrified silver snake fired a silver beam from its mouth at the giant hand in the sky.

The silver beam is the mansi petrified silver snakes life-bound ability. Once hit by the silver beam, even a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse will turn into quicksilver and die.

A Devour Black Moon emerged from the giant hand and devoured the silver beam. At the same time, the giant hand slammed into the mansi petrified silver snake and crushed it along with its soul.

Jiang Lang looked at the giant hand with shock in his eyes, and turbulent billows rose in his heart: “So strong! He also seems to have gained great benefits in the Temple of the Eye of Time and become stronger than before.”

With a flash of light, Yang Feng appeared in front of Jiang Lang and said with a smile: “Infinity Warlock, Jiang Lang, you have made great progress!”

Jiang Lang replied with a smile: “Im still far behind you.”

Yang Feng uttered: “Im leaving now. Do you want to stay here and continue to adventure, or do you want to leave with me?”

After Yang Feng has gone to 13 of the 16 shrines, the Fate Algorithm suddenly set off alarms, and the idea to leave rose in his mind.

In this world, there are countless resources, and Yang Feng only got a small portion of them. But, the most precious things in this world, namely the eternal god tree the Tree of Time and the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Bead of Time, have already fallen into his hands. He is already satisfied with his harvest.

Jiang Langs eyes flashed with a burning shade, and he looked Yang Feng straight in the eyes: “Ill leave with you. I have gained a lot this time. I want to go to the Light of Eternity Plane to practice cultivation and upgrade my strength, and then stand by your side as an equal!”

Yang Feng said with a smile: “Okay, Ill wait for you!”

Light shone, and the Tier III Hive disappeared with Yang Feng and company.

After a dozen plus breaths of time, overbearing demonic qi flew over and formed the fiend emperors figure in the sky above the palace complex.

“He escaped? How fast! Regrettably, the soul of those guys was polluted by the Firmament Great Holly, or else they would have been great pawns.”

The fiend emperor surged with demonic qi, looked down with a cold gaze, and spoke slowly.

Since the hundreds of Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses were polluted by the Figment Great Holy, even the fiend emperor pollutes could not pollute them again and turn them into his subordinates. As a result, he could only slay them and plunder their resources.

In this world, deep in a mountain range virtually devoid of life magic energy, there is a spirit spring full of pure and sacred breath.

There are countless precious Holy grade magic crystals and three God grade magic crystals, the latter of which have practically vanished in the world, around the spirit spring.

Countless radiances gathered in the spirit spring and slowly condensed to form a handsome timekin powerhouse with fair skin and rippling muscles.

“Im sorry, father. I shouldnt have been enticed by that person to betray you in pursuit of power.”

When the timekin powerhouse opened his eyes, he looked at his complete body and sighed, and two lines of sparkling tears flowed down his face.

The timekin powerhouse is the Figment Great Holy that detonated himself, and his soul shattered. Originally, even if it is a Great Holy step powerhouse, their soul will be extinguished and they will die once they detonate.

The Eye of Time, however, used some incredible method. After the Figment Great Holy detonated, the filth force was transfer to the hundreds of Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses. Then, the Figment Great Holy was reborn in a Spring of Immortality.

“Big brother!”

Aboard the Tier III Hive, Alice suddenly turned her head, looked into the distance, and sighed, and the expression in her beautiful eyes became abstruse.

The next moment, the Tier III Hive disappeared from this world.

The handsome timekin powerhouse looked aside and saw a blue crystal trident. He extended his hand, and ripples spread in all directions.

“Curses, someone has taken control of this world!”

With a grave flash in his eyes, the fiend emperor tore with his hands and opened a huge hole in space. Then, his figure fluttered, and he darted into the huge hole in space.

“Someone has taken control of this world!”

“Who was it? How could they take control control of this world?”

“Damn it!”


As elites among elites, the human Warlocks adventuring in this world easily detected the changes that took place, their countenance changed dramatically, and they unleashed all kinds of spells and escaped towards the outside.

Outside, a spatial rift suddenly appeared, and the Tier III Hive flew out and landed beside the Brilliant Great Holy.

“Tier III Hive, the Gumana Universes Tier III Hive!”

“Yang Feng, he actually got a Tier III Hive!”

“He seized a Tier III Hive, no wonder he is ranked first on the human merit steles!”

“Tier III Hive. Once it displays all its power, it is a weapon that can contend against a Holy Spirit Warlock!”


The powerhouses in the area inhaled a breath of cold air when they saw the Tier III Hive.

At this time, the information about the Gumana Universes powerhouses has been completely disclosed in the human Warlock magic network. The powerhouses present all known how terrifying the Tier III Hive is.

Light shone, and Yang Feng and his party appeared beside the Brilliant Great Holy.

“Brilliant Great Holy, this is my harvest in the temple!”

Yang Feng took out a storage treasure and showed the Brilliant Great Holy his harvest in the Temple of the Eye of Time.

“Empyrean grade secret treasure the Bead of Time, eternal god tree the Time Tree, 36 Springs of Immortality! Yang Feng, you actually promoted to a quasi-Holy. You are indeed a powerhouse favored by the universe, truly amazing!”

When the Brilliant Great Holy saw Yang Fengs harvest, his eyes flashed with shock, and ripples rose in his heart. If it wasnt for their friendly relationship, he might be tempted to get rid of Yang Feng.

After weighing things, the Brilliant Great Holy said: “I need the Springs of Immortality to restore my strength. Okay, I want 33 Springs of Immortality, a fruit of the Tree of Time, and the Empyrean grade secret treasure the God Slayer White Jade Sword.”

Yang Feng replied decisively: “Okay! However, senior, I used the God Slayer White Jade Sword quite a few times in the Temple of the Eye of Time. The sword was severely damaged and its power has decreased a lot. At most, it can only be used six more times.”

If it had not been for the Brilliant Great Holy, Yang Fengs force would have been annexed by another force. The Brilliant Great Holy is Yang Fengs greatest backer at the moment. Naturally, Yang Feng cannot offend him. Whats more, the choice the Brilliant Great Holy made was quite proper. He didnt take the treasure Yang Feng thirsted for the most.

The Brilliant Great Holy uttered with a smile: “Its okay! Thats why I chose it.”

The value of the Bead of Time is far greater than that of the God Slayer White Jade Sword. Aware of this, the Brilliant Great Holy only asked Yang Feng for the God Slayer White Jade Sword. If he asked for the Bead of Time, that would likely harm his friendship with Yang Feng.

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