Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 993 – Terror of the Essence of Time

Chapter 992 – Falling-out

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The Bort Monarch made an introduction: “This is the Luminous Monarch, you already know him. This one is the Dark Net Monarch, the most outstanding talent in mechanics of the bort race.”

Yang Feng greeted: “Hello.”

The Luminous Monarch and the Dark Net Monarch politely greeted Yang Feng as well.

The Bort Monarch said with a smile: “Cloud Monarch, my useless daughter has offended you. Thank you for sparing her life.”

Yang Feng uttered: “Bort Monarch, Ive only spared her life to give you face. Now, please give me Starless Sea Gold. Of course, I will pay you in source crystals or other treasures of heaven and earth of equivalent value.”

“No problem. This is the Starless Sea Gold I have, its yours.”

The Bort Monarch flicked his wrist, and a fist-sized lump of Starless Sea Gold flew towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng grasped the Starless Sea Gold, and his eyes flashed with undisguised joy: “I finally got it! With this Starless Sea Gold, the level-6 stronghold is just around the corner.”

When the level-6 stronghold is constructed, Yang Fengs bases will become as stable as mountains. By then, if Holy Spirit Warlocks launch an attack, they will be suppressed and killed.

At the same time, Yang Fengs force will truly rise to the top of the universe and be able to contend against a superior race by itself.

With a flick of a finger, Yang Feng sent a storage ring with Imperishable grade source crystals flying towards the Bort Monarch: “This has is Imperishable grade source crystals of the equivalent value, please accept it. Yali, go back to your father.”

Yali and Janna returned to the Bort Monarchs side, and then ran away without looking back.

The Bort Monarch received the storage ring and scanned it, and his eyes flickered with greed. Then, the look of expectation in his eyes became more intense as he gazed at Yang Feng, and he said with a warm smile: “I was short on Imperishable grade source crystals. Then, I wont stand on ceremony. Come, Cloud Monarch, my good friend, lets enjoy this wonderful evening. I promise it will be worthwhile your visit.”

“She came! The Moon Orchid came.”

“She came! The andarim beauty!”

“Shes so beautiful. This andarim beauty is so beautiful!”

“Sure enough, andarims are the embodiment of beauty! Shes really beautiful!”


All of a sudden, cries sounded in the banquet hall, and everyones gazes focused on a place.

A mesmerizing woman with long purple hair, crystal clear skin, picturesque eyebrows, a perfect figure, and a noble and elegant demeanor walked over with a refreshing smile, radiating charm and enticement with every action.

Many men in the banquet hall stared at the mesmerizing woman with infatuation in their eyes.

Yang Fengs eyes lit up as he watched the mesmerizing beauty, and he said: “Andarim! Is she of the andarim race that is known as the most beautiful race in the Gumana Universe?”

The Bort Monarch replied: “Thats right! Shes an andarim, a genuine pureblood andarim. It was not easy to invite her here.”

The andarim race is an unremarkable minor race of the Gumana Universe. However, it is the race that produces the most beautiful people in the Gumana Universe.

At one point in time, the andarim race was the exclusive plaything of the oldest Eternal Sovereign the Divine Eyes Eternal. The andarim race was responsible for providing him with handsome men and beautiful women.

After the rise of the Wing Eternal, the andarim race started to serve him as well.

After the rise of Wing Eternal, the Divine Eyes Eternal lost his interest in monopolizing the andarim race and let them serve Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses as well.

During rise of the Frost Eternal, the andarim race provided him with great support. After the Frost Eternal advanced to an Eternal Sovereign, he returned the favor and gave the andarim race a huge reward, allowing them to shed their plaything identity and walk freely in the Gumana Universe.

Most of the pureblood andarim serve great figures above the Warlock Monarch rank. For the Bort Monarch to be able to invite a pureblood andarim to come here, this is a great show of strength.

With a fragrance wafting out from her, the Moon Orchid elegantly walked to in front of Yang Feng and said with a sweet smile: “Hello, I am the Moon Orchid! It is a pleasure to meet you, Cloud Monarch!”


Yang Feng took a careful look at the Moon Orchid and found that she is really exceptionally beautiful. In fact, she is as beautiful as Michaelia and Shi Yu. He cant help but look forward to seeing other andarim beauties.

“Why dont we have a drink to celebrate our meeting here?”

The Moon Orchid took two glasses of precious wine, Blue Nebula, from a waiter, then handed one to Yang Feng and revealed a charming and irresistible smile.

The eyes of Bort Monarch, Luminous Monarch, and the Dark Net Monarch swept the Blue Nebula, yet they didnt reveal any strange ripples.

Yang Feng took the glass of Blue Nebula, looked at the specks of stars that formed above the wine, showed a playful smile, and handed the glass to the Bort Monarch, saying: “Bort Monarch, I dont like Blue Nebula. Could you drink it for me?”

The Bort Monarchs face sank, and he asked coldly: “Cloud Monarch, what is the meaning of this? I treated you as a friend and arranged a most beautiful woman and top wine to entertain you, yet you humiliate me like this?”

Yang Feng looked at Bort Monarch with an enigmatic smile and uttered: “When I arrived, someone warned me that the Bort Monarch wanted to kill me. Bort Monarch, as long as you drink this wine, Ill take it as if it was a lie.”

“That person wasnt lying! I really want to kill you! Cloud Monarch, youre such a fool! You knew that I wanted to kill you, yet you still came to my royal palace, youre such a reckless thing!”

The Bort Monarch suddenly smiled ferociously and burst out with fearsome killing intent in his eyes.

All of a sudden, as if a ferocious beast had awakened, mysterious runes emerged in the royal palace.

Apparatuses that are a mixture of machinery and biological tissue awakened.

In different corners of the royal palace, Mechanical Demon Flowers opened their mouths, erupted with runes, and emitted gravity ripples that covered Yang Feng.

At this moment, Yang Feng felt 1 million times the normal gravity envelope him, making it difficult for him to move

The Bort Monarch, the Luminous Monarch, and the Dark Net Monarch watched quietly with a cold smile.


Yang Feng sneered.

The Devourers hidden at the key nodes suddenly revealed themselves and started destroying the nodes.

Boom! Boom!

Deafening explosions rose in the royal palace.

As the defense systems of the royal palace were being destroyed, the Mechanical Demon Flowers that can release gravity ripples wilted.

“Cloud Monarch, you dare attack my royal palace! Thats an offense punishable by death!”

The smile on the Bort Monarchs face froze, his eyes erupted with endless anger, and he bellowed.

The royal palace is the Bort Monarchs home and the bort races spiritual holy land. Any being below the Holy Spirit Warlock realm that enters the royal palace has a likelihood of more than 90% of being suppressed.

Seeing the defense systems of the royal palace being smashed, the Bort Monarch felt his heart dripping blood.

The eyes of the Luminous Monarch shimmered with crazy killing intent, and then a 10-meter-tall, white bio-mechanical armor the Light Monarch engraved with countless runes and emanating the breath of life covered him.

The Luminous Monarch, who originally only emitted intermediate Warlock Monarch rank fluctuations of power, began emitting pinnacle Warlock Monarch rank fluctuations of power after he equipped the bio-mechanical armor the Light Ruler.

That Dark Net Monarch flicked his wrist, and a black spider suddenly expanded one hundredfold and became a 100-meters-tall mechanical spider transcendent engraved with countless runes and swallowed the Dark Net Monarch.

The Dark Net Monarch, who originally emitted junior Warlock Monarch rank fluctuation of power, began emitting advanced Warlock Monarch rank fluctuations of power after he merged with the bio-mechanical armor the Black Spider.

The Bort Monarch roared furiously, and a 20-meter-tall biomechanical armor the Bort Ruler formed from the immortal body of a Holy Spirit Warlock and various treasures of heaven and earth suddenly emerged. Then, the Bort Monarch jumped inside and merged with the Bort Ruler.

With the Bort Monarch as the core, fluctuations of immortal force spread in all directions.

The bio-mechanical armor the Bort Ruler is the crystallization of bort technology. They spent a huge price to obtain the corpse of a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse and used many Holy grade and God grade treasures of heaven and earth to refine it. This is one of the final trump cards of the bort race.

Yang Feng looked at the Bort Monarch with a dignified shade in his eyes: “Holy Spirit Warlock! No, it is infinitely close to Holy Spirit Warlock rank power. Compared to the fiend emperor, he is still a little weaker!”

“Cloud Monarch, die!”

His eyes shot with blood, the Bort Monarch bellowed, a pair of 20-meter-long green wings unfolded behind him, countless mysterious runes emerged from the green wings, and a green beam with the power easily destroy stars shot towards Yang Feng.

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