Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 995 – Level-6 Stronghold (II)

Chapter 994 – Level-6 Stronghold (I)

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“Its a pity, but I have set my sight on the bort race! I want to swallow the race. Therefore, you have to die!”

With a sudden smile, Yang Feng operated the Eternal Undying Body and the law of karma, and a river of time, a black hole, and a star suddenly emerged. His entire being exuded an unfathomable breath.

With the flow of time accelerated tenfold, Yang Feng suddenly appeared behind the Bort Monarch, punched him, and blasted open a huge hole on his body. The essence of devour erupted and devoured the opponents flesh and energies.

Guided by the law of karma, the essence of power followed a mysterious karma thread and slammed into the Bort Monarchs soul.


The Bort Monarch released a howl of alarm, as his soul, which was unguarded, was crushed by the essence of power.

After the Bort Monarchs soul was crushed completely, the bio-mechanical armor absorbed the Borts Monarchs flesh and power as nutrients and quietly hovered in the air.

The huge hole that Yang Fengs fist has blasted open just a moment ago has already healed completely.

“No matter how strong your immortal body is, your soul is only at the quasi-Holy step after all. Furthermore, it doesnt really fit with this immortal body. How could it resist my law of karma?”

Yang Feng looked at the bio-mechanical armor the Bort Ruler and smiled, and then a burst of extreme fatigue washed over him.

Yang Feng calculated in his heart: “The essence of time is really powerful, and the burden it has on me is equivalently heavy. With my current strength, if I operate the Eternal Undying Body, operate triple essence integration, and then add the essence of time into the mix, I can only unleash two or three strikes at most.”

Eternal Unperishable Body is the most powerful secret method Yang Feng has mastered, it can integrate the essences he mastered.

However, the essence of time is the most mysterious essence. To manipulate time, even if it is on a small scale, it will consume an astonishing amount of power. Even someone as strong as Yang Feng, when dealing with a strong enemy with the help of the essence of time, will consume an unbearable amount of power. He can support this consumption for only a short time.

“Big brother, I took care of all the small fries outside!”

With a flash of green light, Michaelia arrived beside Yang Feng and showed a sweet smile.

Agnipe and the other three fallen angels followed behind Michaelia as attendants, forming a beautiful picture.

After two thousand years of cultivation in the Light of Eternity Plane, Alexia has advanced to a junior Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse.

“Little sister Michaelia, I already took care of the Multi Cranial Monarch since earlier, yet you only now dealt with those small fries. Thats quite slow!”

With a sweet smile on her face, Shi Yu strode over. There is a stone statue, which is the petrified Multi Cranial Monarch, floating behind her.

When Yang Feng came to the bort race, he came prepared to start a war if things could not be resolved peacefully. He brought the two powerhouses Michaelia and Shi Yu with him.

With the support of a massive amount of resources, Michaelia, who has been practicing cultivation in the Light of Eternity Plane these years, has become a quasi-Holy.

Michaelia uttered, fuming: “Curses, that Multi Cranial Monarch was my prey. But hes really good at escaping. Thats how you got this bargain. Big sister Shi Yu!”

Yang Feng uttered with a smile: “Yuer, Im leaving you in charge of the suppression of the bort race.”

With Michaelia and Shi Yu as his assistants, Yang Feng there arent many things Yang Feng needs to do himself. In Yang Fengs eyes, the suppression of the bort race is only a minor issue.

An almost completely transparent figure emerged from Yang Fengs body, came to Shi Yu, and bowed to her. It is the Phantom Ruler, who already possesses quasi-Holy step battle prowess.

The Phantom Ruler, who wields fearsome phantom force, can easily distort and tamper with memories. It is the best weapon to use against powerhouses below the Warlock Monarch rank.

Shi Yu replied with a smile: “Okay, big brother!”

With a flash of excitement in his eyes, Yang Fengs figure fluttered, and he disappeared: “Next, its time for a treasure hunt. I wonder what treasures I will find in the bort races treasury.”

Deep in the royal palace, in front of a cube with a side length of more than 20 kilometers, Yang Feng appeared with a flash of light.

“Stop, this is the treasury of the bort race. Only those who possess bort royal blood may enter.”

A voice came out of the cube. At the same time, many muzzles extended from the cube and pointed at Yang Feng.

With his extraordinary perception, Yang Feng detected that the strange cube has locked on him.

He frowned and stopped: “Intelligent treasury? This is gonna be troublesome!”

With Yang Fengs strength, it is not difficult to destroy this treasury. But, this kind of intelligent treasury usually has a self-detonation protocol set up. Once things become bed, the treasury will explode and turn everything inside into ashes.

“All right! I already gained enough this time. Lets first analyze the bort technology, and then try to crack this treasurys defenses.”

Yang Feng glanced at the treasury. After contemplating for a while, he decomposed into streams of light and disappeared.

Consequently, the treasury retracted the muzzles and became still again.

Yang Feng returned to the Lightless Starfield via a warp gate, and then crossed the universe wall, returned to the world of Warlocks, and began the construction of the level-6 stronghold.

Yang Fengs true body, as an incarnation of the Bort Monarch, used the bort race to collect the resources of the Ursa Major Starfield. At the same time, with his future path in mind, he absorbed the bodies of knowledge of the bort race.

Level-6 stronghold is the summit of the xizu. As for level-7 stronghold, the xizu were only able to build one unit by pulling together the power of their race and plundering the resources of an entire universe. The level-7 stronghold is the ultimate weapon the xizu produced after breaking through their limit.

Through the analysis of all kinds of data, it was finally extrapolated that the level-7 stronghold can compete with Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses. After that, Yang Feng will have to find the way forward on his own.

The Light of Eternity Plane, 100 years have passed in the blink of an eye.

In the center of the Light of Eternity Plane, there is a mechanical star with a diameter of 20 kilometers. The mechanical star is the summit of the xizu technology, a level-6 stronghold.

With a flash of light, Yang Feng appeared in front of the level-6 stronghold and gazed at it with excitement in his eyes.

“The level-6 stronghold was finally constructed. In this way, even if it is a Holy Spirit Warlock, if they come to my territory to act wildly, that will be courting death!”

Yang Feng showed a smile of satisfaction, then blurred and flew into the level-6 stronghold.

Once he entered the level-6 stronghold, Yang Feng saw a space that extends without end. In this space, there are numerous munitions factories. The munitions factories are divided into units. If a unit is destroyed, it wont affect the performance of the other units.

“This space is 1 million kilometers in diameter, it is much larger than the Earth. If I meet an enemy I cant resist, I can load everyone onto the stronghold and run.”

Yang Feng looked at the vast space and smiled.

In the endless universe, there are many experts. In the world of Warlocks alone, there are many powerful Warlock Emperors who can prolong their existence using different methods.

Even in their heyday, the xizu could only contend against, not necessarily defeat, those monsters who have surpassed common sense, who can suppress a low energy level universe by themselves.

However, with the level-6 stronghold, if Yang Feng meets an enemy he cant deal with, he can use the level-6 stronghold to hide in an alternate space.

“But, no individual can escape from the calamity its group is suffering. If our universe is devoured before I can promote to an Eternal Sovereign, I will have no choice but to hide in an alternate space all my life like a stray dog.”

Yang Feng perished the dejecting thoughts and restored his fighting spirit.

A teleportation beam landed on him, and Yang Feng was teleported into the center of the level-6 stronghold.

In the center of the level-6 stronghold, there is a mysterious silver ball of light suspended in the air.

“Welcome, great ruler of the xizu! I am the level-6 strongholds OC-1. According to the analysis, my computing power is comparable to that of an ordinary Holy Spirit Warlock of this universe. I am your most loyal servant. Please tell me where do I need to allocate my computing power?”

A message came from the silver ball of light.

“Computing power comparable to that of a Holy Spirit Warlock!”

A burning shade flashed in Yang Fengs eyes. He pondered for a while, and then asked: “How many units such as yourself are needed before the computing power can be elevated to the Warlock Emperor rank?

“Another 136 units are needed to upgrade computing power to the Great Holy Step; 1,865 units to upgrade to the pinnacle Great Holy step; 109,600 units to upgrade to the quasi-Empyrean step; 16.9 million units to upgrade to the Warlock Emperor rank.

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