Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 996 – Collision

Chapter 995 – Level-6 Stronghold (II)

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OC-1 uttered: “With the great lords current resources, you can manufacture 154 units such as myself per 1,000 years on the Light of Eternity Plane. But that is only the case if all efforts are pulled into making units such as myself.”

A list appeared in front of Yang Feng.

The level-6 optical computer, which is comparable to a Holy Spirit Warlock in terms of the computing power, listed all the resources Yang Feng possesses.

After scrutinizing the list, Yang Feng found that if he tried his best to build an optical computer network comparable to a Great Holy in terms of computing power, he would have to spend at least 80% of the resources he obtained from the faebright race, the bort race, and the Temple of the Eye of Time.

Yang Feng shuddered inside: “The difference between the computing power of an average Holy Spirit Warlock and a Warlock Emperor is 16.9 million times. No wonder Holy Spirit Warlocks are no match for Warlock Emperors.”

Although computing power does not represent combat power. But people with formidable computing power naturally have an advantage in battle. The computing power of Warlock Emperors is 16.9 million times that of ordinary Holy Spirit Warlocks. This great disparity in computing power naturally gives Warlock Emperors a great advantage over Holy Spirit Warlocks.

Yang Feng sked: “OC-1, the computing power you mentioned should be the standard for Warlock Emperors in their prime, right?”

“Thats right. According to the data currently available in the world of Warlocks, Warlock Emperors can be divided into dying Warlock Emperors and junior Warlock Emperors, intermediate Warlock Emperors, and pinnacle Warlock Emperors.”

“The computing power of dying Warlock Emperors ranges from 150,000 to 300,000 times; junior Warlock Emperors is 5 million to 10 million times; intermediate Warlock Emperors is 11 million to 14 million times; and pinnacle Warlock Emperors is upwards of 16.9 million.”

The tremendous computing power is of great benefit to Warlock Emperors. Warlocks with a formidable computing power can master a law in a short time, while people with lacking computing power will spend a long time to master it.

With the OC-1 in his hands, it is equivalent to Yang Feng having a Holy Spirit Warlock deducing magic and laws for him day and night.

After weighing things repeatedly, Yang Feng said decisively: “The most urgent thing right now is to enhance our combat strength. Only by doing this will we have more opportunities.”

If all the computing power is allocated to the manufacturing of level-6 optical computers, Yang Feng will be able to obtain an optical computer network comparable to a Great Holy in terms of computing power in a year. Although this can help him to quickly improve his cultivation base, but it wont help much to improve his forces combat strength.

The OC-1 replied quickly: “Okay! These are all the xizu weapons that have been unlocked!”

A list of weapons appeared in front of Yang Fengs eyes.

“Initial form Dazzling Ruler. With the current resources, a unit can be built in 10 days.”

“Initial form Vajra Ruler. With the current resources, a unit can be built in 50 days.”

“Initial form Phantom Ruler. With the current resources, a unit can build in 30 days.”

“Initial form Blade Ruler. With the current resources, a unit can be built in 40 days.”

“Initial form Devour Ruler, a unit can be built in a day.”

“Initial form Mist Ruler, a unit can be built in 60 days.”

“Initial form Seal Ruler, a unit can be built in 100 days.”

“Initial form Erosion Ruler, a unit can be built in 60 days.”

“Initial form Lightning Ruler, a unit can be built in 100 days.”

“Initial form Space Ruler, a unit can be built in 100 days.”

“Level-6 Divine Judgement System, a defensive system that can suppress Holly Spirit Warlocks.”


The list contains a large number of weapons. But, the most powerful xizu weapons are the ten initial form rulers.

When the ten initial form rulers are created, they possess Infinity Warlock rank combat strength. Furthermore, they can evolve and become more fearsome.

The ten rulers have four stages, namely the initial form, evolution form, ultimate form, and perfect form. The initial form corresponds to the Infinity Warlock rank, the evolution form to the Warlock Monarch rank, the ultimate form to the Holy Spirit rank, and the perfect form to the quasi-Empyrean step.

Of course, in order for the battle robots to evolve into quasi-Empyrean step battle robots, they need to constantly fight and consume a lot of resources. Even in their heyday, the xizu didnt have many quasi-Empyrean grade battle robots.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a scorching color, and he said in a deep voice: “First lets go with an Erosion Ruler!”

The OC-1 responded respectfully: “Yes!”

Deep in the bort races royal palace, there was a flash of light, and Yang Feng appeared in front of the cube treasury.

“Stop. This is the treasury of the bort race. Only those with bort royal blood may enter.”

Offensive apparatuses extended from the cube and locked on Yang Feng.

Yang Feng waved his hand, and an Erosion Ruler resembling a pool of black mucus suddenly flew out and pounced on the cube treasury in a flash.

When the Erosion Ruler landed on the cube treasury, as if the mucus has a life of its own, it eroded the cube treasury.

As if nothing happened, the cube treasury just continued to lock on Yang Feng with its offensive apparatuses.

“Verification is complete! Your Majesty the Bort Monarch, please come in!”

All of a sudden, the cube squirmed and opened a passage to the treasury.

Yang Feng entered inside and saw a world full of treasures.

“As expected of a treasury of a race, its rich in resources.”

While skimming over the place, Yang Feng put away the resources into the small world inside him.

“Although the Ursa Major Starfield is much richer than the Lightless Starfield, but the bort race is not the overlord of the Ursa Major Starfield. Unsurprisingly, their treasury is quite a bit lacking when compared to the faebright race.”

Yang Feng mused regretfully as he collected the resources in the treasury.

The resources in the bort treasury are enough for Yang Feng to cultivate several Warlock Monarchs. However, for Yang Feng, who has already attained the quasi-Holy step cultivation base, these resources are of little effect.

It is very difficult for top powerhouses to walk further on their path of cultivation because of the increasingly smaller number of resources that are of use to them. Consequently, it gets increasingly harder for them to break through quickly.

“Whats this?”

When Yang Feng reached the deepest part of the treasury, he saw a silver bead sealed in a transparent crystal ball. With a flash of curiosity in his eyes, he extended his hand towards the transparent crystal ball.

“Starting inspection! Warning, you are not the Bort Monarch. Please leave immediately, or else the data will be destroyed automatically.”

The transparent crystal ball has just issued a warning, when the Erosion Ruler pounced on it, and numerous mysterious runes emerged from it.

“Mighty Bort Monarch, please accept this body of information”

The crystal ball opened, revealing the silver bead.

Yang Feng beckoned with a hand, and the silver bead flew into his hand.

As soon as the silver bead touched Yang Fengs hand, it turned into countless data that entered him.

When Yang Feng absorbed the data, a shade of elation flickered in his eyes: “This is a part of Hive manufacturing data! To dare steal Hive manufacturing data, the borts are really bold. Then the Bort Ruler should be a weapon refined using the Hive manufacturing technology.”

Hives is one of the strongest weapons of the Gumana Universe.

Hive manufacturing technology is firmly grasped by the three protos races and the eighteen sacred races. The other superior races are not allowed to master Hive manufacturing technology.

Thats because the fighting strength of Tier III Hives is comparable to that of Holy Spirit Warlocks; the fighting strength of Tier IV Hives is comparable to that of Great Holies; the fighting strength of Tier V Hives is comparable to that of Warlock Emperors, and the fighting strength of Tier VI Hives is comparable to that of Eternal Sovereigns.

Only the three Eternal Sovereigns have Tier VI Hives. The Warlock Emperors of the eighteen sacred races, on the other hand, have Tier V Hives.

Since Hives have great value and virtually infinite evolutionary potential, other races are not permitted to study them.

Of course, if someone wants to study Hives, it is not impossible. You have to pass a strict examination and join one of the eighteen sacred races or the three protos races to study Hives. All technology related to Hives is firmly grasped by the eighteen sacred races and the three protos races.

The bort race, who evidently obtained part of Hive manufacturing technology from somewhere, didnt dare to expose it. As such, they could only use the technology to make bio-mechanical armors like the Bort Ruler.

Yang Feng raised the corners of his mouth into a smile: “With this, my Hive manufacturing technology will become more perfect. Although there are no clues about Hives above Tier III, but now I should be able to perfectly copy Tier I and Tier II Hives. As for Tier III Hives, I should be able to make an imitation with similar appearance.”

Hives are a weapon with a great status in the Gumana Universe. Yang Feng has thought of a dozen plus plans to use Hives.

Yang Fengs eyes shimmered with enigmatic light: “Next, its time to infiltrate the blasteel race! Much like the xizu, the blasteel race is mainly a mechanics civilization. Moreover, it is the only mechanics civilization in the Gumana Universe that has birthed a Warlock Emperor. If I get a hold of blasteel technology, I should be able to improve the xizu technology and lay a foundation for deducing the level-8 stronghold.”

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