Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 998 - Tier V Hive

Chapter 997 – Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign Takes Action

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Two Great Holies and 10 Holy Spirit Warlocks, that is the underlying strength of the human race that occupies the Gumana Universe.

In addition to these Holy Spirit Warlocks and Great Holies, the six Warlock Imperial Courts still have Holy Spirit Warlocks guarding their headquarters.

It is because the human race is strong enough that the other races recognize the human race as the overlord of the universe and rarely invade the Cangzhi Plane on a large scale.

From archgod age until the modern age, the God Blood Plane has only produced 13 true ancestors, four of which have died in battle. This shows how difficult it is for Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses to emerge.

“Two Great Holies and 10 Holy Spirit Warlocks, the human race cant be underestimated!”


“Who knows how many more Holy Spirit Warlocks there are in their headquarters!”

“Curses, we should have fought over the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root at the time!”

“Its all because of Yang Feng! If it were not for him, we would have taken at least three of the nine branch floating continents. In this way, the Holy Spirit Warlocks of the human race would not have recovered so quickly!”


Wisps of immortal breath and Holy might diffused in the void as other race Holy Spirit Warlocks appeared in the void one after another and gazed at the 12 human powerhouses with complicated looks in their eyes.

In the face of the great tribulation, even though their races may be mortal enemies with the human race, but these other race Holy Spirit Warlocks have no choice but to show up.

If the human race is finished, the Gumana Universes powerhouses wont leave the other races alone. They will exterminate the other race powerhouses above the Warlock Monarch rank so as not to share resources with them.

The Brilliant Great Holy swept the other race Holy Spirit Warlocks with his gaze and said unhurriedly: “We are responsible for sealing this rift, you are responsible for destroying those invaders.”


“No problem!”

In the void, the Holy Spirit Warlocks unleashed all kinds of secret methods and bombarded the huge rift.

Fire, hail, wind, lightning, dragon breath, meteorite, and many other attacks containing essences and immortal breath poured towards the Tier III Hives.

The Tier III Hives activated formidable barriers and resisted the different kinds of attacks as they pushed outside.

The severely damaged Tier III Hives flew back to the Gumana Universe through the rift, while the perfectly fine Tier III Hives proceeded to fly towards the outside.

The Star Gauze Holy and the Kunman Star Holy of the Star Imperial Court suddenly flew out and recited incantations.

A giant astrolabe engraved with countless mysterious runes, that seems to hold a world, suddenly flew out. Then, bright star runes flew out of the astrolabe and sank into the huge rift.

Brilliant star runes enveloped and gradually sealed the huge rift.

When the Tier III Hives hit the star runes seal, they were stuck, unable to budge an inch.

The huge astrolabe extracted the star force of the world of Warlocks and reinforced the seal continuously.

Among the eight human Warlock Imperial Courts, the Star Imperial Court is rated as the best in terms of divination and sealing arts.

The sealing arts unleashed by the Star Imperial Courts Holy Spirit Warlocks can even seal Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses.

Of course, Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses wouldnt stand in place and let the powerhouses of the Star Imperial Court seal them.

Standing in the void, the Tricolor Great Holy and the Brilliant Great Holy watched the human Holy Spirit Warlocks fight. They are mainly in charge of intimidating the other race Holy Spirit Warlocks as well as protecting the human Holy Spirit Warlocks.

Every Holy Spirit Warlock is the essence of the human race, a genius among geniuses, who needed countless resources to be born. The death of a Holy Spirit Warlock represents a heavy blow to the human race.

“Submit to me! Otherwise, die!”

A terrifying voice suddenly gushed out from the rift.

An abstruse, mysterious eye that seems to contain a universe suddenly emerged from the other end of the rift.

In an instant, a great fear surged in the hearts of the Holy Spirit Warlocks.

Every Holy Spirit Warlock is a peerless powerhouse who has gone through countless hardships and struggles and has reached the summit step by step. None of them is weak. Since their minds have been tempered again and again, they are not afraid of mind spells.

But at this moment, a great fear inadvertently welled up inside the Holy Spirit Warlocks and, as if a frog locked on by a snake, a hair raising feeling washed over them.

“How dreadful! So this is a Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign!”

In the conference hall of the Human Supreme Council, when Yang Feng saw the creepy eye through the holographic projection, his whole body trembled continuously. His instinct told him that he is but an ant in front of the Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign.

The Taboo Monarch, the Star Monarch, and the other quasi-Holy step powerhouses of the six Warlock Imperial Courts all trembled as they stared at the eye.

Each of the seven quasi-Holies is an elite at the summit of human Warlocks, a powerhouse at the apex of the quasi-Holy step. Even so, they all shivered as they stared at the eye. Thats an instinctual fear that lower life forms have of higher lifeforms.

Bright and mysterious starlight suddenly emerged from the Star Gauze Holy and the Kunman Star Holy.

Then, star maps appeared above the Star Gauze Holy and the Kunman Star Holy, resplendent star force poured into the two Holy Spirit Warlocks, and wisps of immortal breath erupted and dispelled their fear.

The astrolabe shone, and countless runes flew out of it and continued to seal the rift.

The powerhouses of the Gumana Universe piloted the Tier III Hives and attacked the seal, shaking it.

“Go to hell, ants!”

An indifferent, majestic voice full of endless killing intent came from the rift, and a dark pillar of light ejected from the Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereigns eye.

In its wake, the dark pillar of light, which seems to blanked out the world, absorbed the Tier III Hives together with the powerhouses of the Gumana Universe and transformed them into its power, and then slammed into the star seal.

Under the attack of the black pillar of light, the seal placed by the Star Gauze Holy and the Kunman Star Holy was smashed at once.


That Holy grade secret treasure the Starcraft Astrolabe cracked apart and shattered.

All of a sudden, magic shields emerged and defensive secret treasures flew out and blocked in front of the Star Gauze Holy and the Kunman Star Holy.

The dark pillar of light eliminated out the magic shield and erased the defensive secret treasures of the two Holy Spirit Warlocks, and then wiped out the two powerhouses themselves.

The face of the Star Monarch turned ashen, and she clenched her hands and cried out: “Star Gauze Holy, Kunman Star Holy!”

When Yang Feng saw the two Holy Spirit Warlock die, his mind fell into a disarray: “Died! Two Holy Spirit Warlock died just like that! SO this is an Eternal Sovereign! Impossible, how can he be so strong! If that Eternal Sovereign could cross into this universe, he would easily slay the Holy Spirit Warlocks here! Who can fight him? Who can stop him?”

Since the Warlock Emperors are still in a deep sleep, Holy Spirit Warlocks are currently the strongest existences in the world of Warlocks.

If an Eternal Sovereign of the Gumana Universe were to cross over, they could slaughter the Holy Spirit Warlocks of the word of Warlocks. The world of Warlocks cannot compete such a powerful entity.

Seeing that things are all but reassuring, the other race Holy Spirit Warlocks at the rift unleashed secret method to hide their figures and breath and disappeared.

Many superior races are guarded by only one Holy Spirit Warlock. If that Holy Spirit Warlock is killed, the race will decline.

The Brilliant Great Holys countenance changed, and he shouted: “Dont panic! Even an Eternal Sovereign cannot easily kill a Holy Spirit Warlock from another universe. He must have paid a heavy price for this attack. There wont be a second attack! This is a fact that the Time Lord himself told me!”

“Dont panic! We just didnt expect that the Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign would be willing to pay such a huge price to launch an attack! If he attacks like that again, I can use the Primordial Star Dragon Turtle Shield to block it!”

The Tricolor Great Holy flicked his wrist, and the Primordial Star Dragon Turtle Shield engraved with countless runes and exuding wisps of Empyrean grade fluctuations of power appeared abruptly.

The Primordial Star Dragon Turtle Shield is an Empyrean grade secret treasure the Many Treasures Great Holy refined using the corpse of a Warlock Emperor rank Primordial Star Dragon Turtle and it ranks in the top 10 of Empyrean grade secret treasures in terms of defense.

At this moment, 10 Tier IV Hives flew out of the rift like meteors, took advantage of the moment when the other race Holy Spirit Warlocks hid themselves, and disappeared from the rift.

Looking like a star, a Tier V Hive 10,000 kilometers in diameter slammed into the huge rift blasted open by the Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign and got stuck in the rift.

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