My Boys

Her Feeling

So Jung and Hye Suns giggles halted when a tall boy with short hair entered their classroom. Time seemed to stop. Hye Seon couldn take her eyes off her and in a split second the boy also turned to look at her. Hye Seon immediately felt tingling all over her body and her heart started beating really fast. She was silent and looked pale. So Jung saw what happened to her friend and guessed that what she had been thinking was right.

”Hye Seon! ”

”What! ” replied Hye Seon surprised.

”Is it true that there is something between you and Yoon Woo Bin? You like him, don you? ” So Jung said in a whisper.

”What? like jim? It can be, So Jung. Doesn everyone really like him? I mean who doesn know Woo Bin? ” Hye Seon said after Woo Bin left the class.

So Jung intently looked at Hye Seon. She still seemed to expect to hear something more than a flat answer like this.

e right. Since he moved here about two years ago, all the girls haven stopped talking about him. Surely, they were all disappointed because in the end Oh Yong Hee was the one who wins. The world is not fair, ” So Jung complained while resting her chin.

Hearing an explanation like this, Hye Seons heart shrunk. She was a lousy secret admirer. Luckily So Jung never knew about her feelings for Yoon Woo Bin.

”Hello, children, ” Teacher Jung greeted the students with a bright face.

”Hello! ” the students answered in unison.

”Today, as in the flyer that I pasted on the bulletin board, we will learn to express our thoughts in the medium of painting. Basically all human activities are the result of what they think. But in terms of painting, it certainly has a different meaning. That is what you will learn and practice today. ”

All the students immediately prepared the painting tools they brought with them. Hye Seon had a little trouble putting her backpack which was packed with science practice tools.

”Paint whatever comes to your mind. Forget all the painting theories Ive ever taught. Free your imagination, ” Teacher Jung gave brief directions as he was walking around the classroom.

Hye Seon turned to Mi Na who started to draw. It was clear that the girl with two braids drew the figure of Hyun Sik. Rumors circulated that Mi Na confessed her feelings to Hyun Sik before they started dating. Although it sounded a bit reckless and a little embarrassing, Hye Seon was actually amazed by the girls courage to confess to the person she loved.

”Hye Seon? Having trouble finding inspiration? You
e not usually like this. You can draw whatever you want. You don have to be like your friends who use living objects, you can draw non living objects too, ” said Teacher Jung. He didn see any lines on Hye Seons canvas.

Non living objects?

Why didn she think of those words at all? All this time what she had been aiming for was a picture of a living figure named Yoon Woo Bin. Even though she wanted to paint a picture of Woo Bin just like Mi Na who painted a picture of Hyun Sik, she quickly got rid of her intention. Finally, Hye Seon painted her fathers coffee cup. The antique coffee cup that always accompanied her father, Mr. Lee, in his early mornings.


”Lets part here, see you later. ”

”See you later. ” Hye Seon left Choi Mi Na in front of the painting class then turned left through the empty classroom corridor. It seemed like all the students had gone home because she could barely heard a human voice. Only the occasional sound of footsteps could be heard from the school guards patrolling the school complex from a distance.

”You lied to me! ”

”What are you saying? did I lie to you? Since when did you trust your friends more than me? ”

Hye Seons fast pace suddenly stopped. She was almost seen by Woo Bin and Yong Hee if she didn swiftly stopped and hid behind a wall.

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