My Boys


Their fun stopped when a tall boy with short hair entered their classroom. Time seemed to freeze. Hye Seon couldn take her eyes off him and in a split second, the boy also turned to look at her. Hye Seon immediately felt goosebumps all over her body and her heart beat very fast.

She definitely fell silent and looked pale.

So Jung saw what was happening with her friend and guessed what shed though maybe right.

”Hye Seon! ”

”Oh yes!! ” replied Hye Seon surprised.

”Is it true that there is something between you and Yoon Woo Bin? You like him, don you? ” So Jung whispered.

”What? liked? Thats no way! Everyone at this school likes him. Who doesn know Woo Bin? ” Hye Seon answered after Woo Bin left the class.

So Jung was quite persistent to dig up more about Hye Seons feeling for the boy. She still had a hope to hear something more than this flat answer.

e right too. Since he moved here about two years ago all the girls haven stopped talking about him. Surely they were all disappointed because in the end Oh Yong Hee was the one who won. The world is not fair, ” So Jung complained while resting her chin.

Hearing an explanation like this, Hye Seons heart shrunk. She was indeed a hard-working secret admirer. Luckily, So Jung never knew about her feelings for Yoon Woo Bin.

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