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Jude mother Mira , was now, back living with him and his younger brother at their grandmothers house after her third, failed, live-in-house-relationship ; with both their Dads plus her last boy-friend Kwan. Kwan was exceedingly physically abusive due to always being ”pressure ” a term used for being exceeding drunk in St.Lucian slang terms. Mother would try to put him out of his own room in his own house . Kwan often used his two feet and his two fists to protest often saying ” This is my house ! No woman eh coming in my house , No woman eh ruling me in my own house! ” Jude and his younger brother always wished that they would have been around the weekends when their stepfather pulled the stunt of being drunk and out of order. Every time they would return from weekends at their grand-mothers place , Jude would normally go immediately to the room his mother shared with Kwan ,where that beast of alcohol would be,usually curled up in the corner their King size bed , laying there hibernating from his past wrongful acts against a good womans dignity.Jude would stand over him staring him down seeing his slim frame and face dented from the over use of alcohol and cigarettes, rapidly contemplating a million ways to kill this five foot-six inched peasant of a man in spite of having to spend a life time incarcerated after his act of murder. Miraculously , Judes mother always caught him in his premeditated act and ushered him away from the room and persuaded and pleaded with him not to do anything rash. Jude always believed that these long two days of sleep ritual of Kwan was Kwans mechanism to escape any mischievous retaliation from him and his brother Hayden. Yes because it was normally Denis the Menace times two whenever they were back . ” Any revenge is revenge ” Kwan and Hayden would say holding their hips and waist like cap – wearing superheroes to the rescue whenever they did sneaky dirty little things to pay back Kwan for his wickedness like pouring some kerosene oil in his alcohol, taking off the spray heads off of his expensive perfumes, his perfumes, replacing his good car battery with an old one , the list of Gods punishment through the wrath of Jude and Hayden was too numerous to mention .Obviously they chose sanctions that would not implicate their mother Mira or themselves. Jude and Hayden would look at each other and often burst in mimicking fits of laughter, with no sound but shaping out their mouths in expression of the actual sound thereof every time they heard Kwan curse out of rage and anger and complaints of his damaged ,missing or broken goods. They had even stolen Kwans last hundred dollars to send their mother flowers and wine paid for at the flower shop to send to their mother , to cheer her up, once when he had beaten her very bad still buying a KFC special for themselves with the change. The lady Mrs.Jules at the flower shop expresses how sweet they were for doing this for their mother and even gave them two small packs of Ferrero Rocher chocolates as compliment for their kind gesture to their mother. Well Kwan unlike most people knew that boys usually carried a very close attachments to their mothers. Jude and his brother held hands and prayed fervently against this act of wastefulness and uselessness in their mothers life every morning and every night, for the past two months, for the break up to happen between their mother and Kwan, like they did for all the past toxic relationships , Yissa Yah Kongo the Messiah had to show up and do something soon. Boy , did mother know how to magnetize those that were prince charming in the beginning and good for nothing at the end of the day. Well , their mother was in her younger days she was usually extremely rude to their grand mother . Mira wanting to do thing her own way but sadly her own ways never worked out well for her, always thinking that her mothers good words of instruction and advice when her mother spoke to her was because her mother did not want her to live her life in peace. Their grand mother Mariel usually re-welcomed their mother Mira with open arms every time her relationships hit rock bottom. Mariel would argue saying ” Mira why you don take time to know people uh? You see men there you think they playing ? yawl father left me when I was pregnant with your sister plus still had your brother in prison and you were just seven, you don see I remained single after your father left me? Mira men of this world are very wicked and very deceitful , they don love God so they cannot show a woman love, and they only after one mission! ” ; to which Mira would usually summonsed Jude and Hayden to carry the rest of their things and paid the taxi man that delivered their things with her head lowered. Mariel would usually continue her argument saying ” Mira the next time, my babies, my two precious angels are staying with me when you leave off on your rendezvous , you Indiana Cruise you! ” Mira would just walk off into her room like a famous celebrity trying to escape the paparazzi mystically,closing the bedroom door behind her as she did not have patience to listen to the words her mother were saying. Nevertheless Mariel would still continue on a voice level that she knew that Mira could hear clearly saying ” You were going to church well , every time when you hit problem is back to church again, then another sweet words of love or marriage or they flash you big money or a nice ride, you done shacking up with a man like your mother doesn have a house , I self always say is an evil they do you ee Mira and if so I am a praying woman I have to see the curse broken upon you and live to see God judge the person,whoever it is .Give back your life to God Mira, pray and wait on God ,focus on you,your two children and your job. I know its my fault in a way ,I spoiled you too much as a girl child, I let you have your way too much when you were younger. ” Their grand mothers words of reasoning would always come to halt by the words and hugs of her younger grandson Hayden who usually said words like ” Mhum,Mhum you being too hard on mother just please give her a little break uh? ” Miras brother and sister would then prescribe her not to give herself headache over Miras usual irrational choices. Deep down inside Jude harboured a sort of inner hatred for his mother, he often wondered if his mother was not aware of her beauty and ambition as a woman , now no longer working for anyone and running her own shop and all. Why is it that by this age she in repeated toxic relationships? This separation from Kwan was what Jude and Hayden had prayed for and they had gotten it ; to be back in the safe comfort of their grand mothers peaceful home,the safe comfort of her prayers and finally to be aware from that drunken pot Kwan. Tomorrow was the first day back to school after summer holidays and this was the perfect balanced setting for him to be in especially for a fresh start to the reopening of school. Their uncle David rubbed his knuckles on their heads and playfully pushed them as they passed by asking them if they were good to which they both replied ”Yes ”. They return would always be complimented with their favourite dish of green fig salad, barbecued wings and tossed salad as if to say I am sorry for your mothers foolishness. The next day the remainder of this Sunday dish was still breakfast ,yay! After getting ready for school Jude assured his mother that he could drop his brother to school especially as much attention would be drawn to a b lack eye on such a pretty face on a Monday. How could a man ever hit the same woman he kisses and hugs Jude wondered, this must be truly the work of an evil spirit as his grandmother always said. These acts of abuse oppressed Judes mind repeatedly at times was this kind of behaviour natural , scientific or spiritual? ”Don worry mother one day one day I will get him , promise me this is it for you and Kwan mother, have you deleted his number and blocked him on all socials? ” Jude inquired sternly. ”Jude go to school and make sure you pick up your brother one time from school ” was his mothers reply. Jude and his brother received heartfelt kisses ,prayers and blessings from their mother and grandmother and they left happily off for school. As usual the first subject of the day of the first day of the reopening school , the first subject teacher surely was not going to show up and this was being announced over to them by the school secretary over the class PA system. Leaving that brat Perfect Beka in charge. Beka was now enforcing Mandatory Study Time which Jude and his friends completely forgot were on the school rules implemented by the Principal Mr. Blackman at the ending of the last school term. They ignored every attempt of Becka for them to comply with the mandatory study time rule, whereby , the students of a class study along with the class prefect whenever their subject teachers were away,absent or delayed. Jude was the one who pulled out the bottle they used to play their game of Spin the bottle mixed with truth or dare They even named the bottle Sylvie as it was painted and decorated in silver and silver glitter which they properly designed in an arts and crafts class sometime ago. Sylvie had been around for one whole year. Jude and the gang were loud with laughter, jokes and giggles. Jude had just finished his turn at spinning the bottles then daring when Principal Blackman and his three henchmen; The Science teacher Mr.Brown, the Maths teacher Mr.Jaroop and the Vice Principal Mrs. Beausoleil marched in , only twenty five minutes into their exhilarating game. Now Jude was definitely yes finally in for it . This was not like clever times when he could use clever words or excuses to get of it due to there clearly being no evidence at all. He finally realized what Cherry the student from Vieux Fort said as they were playing their game. ”Pah worry Teachahah kai fun bodayoh ” Students from the south were very fluent in speaking creole whilst others mostly just understood it but barely spoke it. Jude couldn really make out the other words but he knew the word Bodah meant buttocks or gluteus maximus Therefore Jude and hi brother often used this learned term to address that part of the body from since the time they learned this term ever since they learned this term from watching an episode of their all time favourite cartoon Sponge Bob Square Pants. Jude was very or too handsome for his age, he had nice hazel-brown , bright eyes with a dash of grey. He was light skinned or what they call shabin ” St.Lucian creole terms as his skinned had a golden ray appearance.By now ,Jude in his form four grade towered above all the male teachers of the Entrepot Secondary. His tall frame was accompanied by his slender but muscular built as from form two , he had taken up lifting weights and body building too seriously for his age. He even had his own bench ,weights, and small gym station which his uncle who worked on the cruise ship gifted him two Christmases ago. Jude wore his school uniform comprising a long grey polyester material pants and baby blue shirt jack bearing the school motto Character is Power . He wore his uniform extremely decent ,clean and well groomed himself. Now, on the contrary, the Principal Mr.Blackman was pointing out that they lacked that very character and instead of following the rules of mandatory study time, whenever teachers were delayed,absent or away they were indulging in the abominable game of spin the bottle (mixed with truth or dare to make it more exciting. Principal Blackman grabbed Sylvie from their presence because and they could hear Sylvie passing away into the bin she was tossed into with crinkling breaking sounds most likely due to Sylvie colliding with other bottles in the garbage bin at the exit door of the class of the class room. This action of Principal Blackman had specifically caused Clara and Julie to go into brief mourning briefly and secretly as they were the ones who designed Sylvie but they were already in too much trouble right now to protest against it. After all they had been caught blatantly breaking the school rules and they couldn make matters worst for themselves. Principal Blackman was specifically shocked to find Jude ,to be as if the ring leader of this distasteful event. Well, distasteful to these education police but tasteful to them. The look of disgust on Principal Blackman et al faces , as is the caught gang had become the disgrace of all humanity was priceless… A true kodak moment. One super power teenagers possess is being able to hold a laugh very deep within the soul . Especially when parents or adults gave austere looks when they discovered the wrong doings of their children specifically when they caught their teens or children committing the very acts that they had warned them
ot to indulge in. At this time Jeffy Jeffers aka Just Jeff was making this super power very difficult to manifest. Just Jeff was mimicking the stance ,the stern face and head notions of Mr.Blackman et al whilst they were scolding them. Jude look to his crushs face and could see at any given moment like the rest of their gang , might have burst into fits of laughter but in a consented under tone they all sort of telepathically communicated that bursting out into a chorused uproar of laughter was not worth the extra curricular punishment that it would come with. So they collectively they resorted to holding it in and this gang was doing it well.The other students who didn take part in their rule breaking events were now pretending as if the Principal et al never pounced into the classroom and busted them. This good bunch was giving them the authentic ,occasional we told you so look especially the perfect Becka de Ville . Obviously everyone in the classroom knew that this was the snitch work of Little Miss Perfect Becka Glasse. Jude promised before he graduated from form five to catch her in a great slackness that would be compensation for all her busts and he always thought this one Becka was definitely going to into law enforcement after she graduated from Secondary School. ”Snitch!!! ” he wanted to shout in her face but when he remembered his …dragon or who we St. Lucians normally entitled Mother or Queen and the added implications this action would cause him , he held it back. Right now after what mother had experienced with Kwan was not at a good time to add pepper to soup pot as they say. The most dangerous thing about west indian mothers or Queens as they called them in local slang is that one never knew what sort of torture these species would prepare for their offspring in cases like these. Sometimes it would be kneeling down whilst carrying two big stones and reciting Psalms 51 a thousand times or giving some good lashes with the ar finette which means curtain rod/wire in creole or it would be to have you hotly clap your own ears together whilsts you shouted listen very loudly and still having to write down the words of the good old book of Ephesians chapter 6 verse 1 to 4 a thousand times and the list continued with several tortures accompanied by biblical verses. Jude thought of how he had undergone the many forms of torture and this was for different reasons like him eissing which means skipping in St.Lucian slang terms . Jude would eiss church with his younger brother Hayden when his mother and grand mother would send them off to church unaccompanied for Sunday – School Services . The purpose of Sunday – School Service to Jude was being able to save the offering money to get his crush Layla nice things such as chocolates, pretty hair bands and pony tails, nike marked socks for school even though not allowed ,cute earrings and all the little cute things that all pretty girls deserved. These gestures of his kindness were starting to show promising signs that Layla and him would be boyfriend and girlfriend by first term in Form Five like Tupac Shakur sang What you won do for love . Additionally , Jude thought that if the church offerings were collected to help the people of the church that Layla was surely of the church as she and her family attended the very same church as him and his family . Jude cleverly devised that he might as well use his portion of money given to him by his grand mother and mother to place in the church offering basket , directly towards getting good things for this particular angel from heaven called Layla. Or at other times, it would be the discovery of Jude doing things like packing all the dirty dishes under the sink cupboard to make it appear as if he had done them ,then wiping clean the kitchen floor and stove and a whisk of the kitchen mop to make the illusion more believable. After all this was the time of his important football practice and the schools foot ball Captain Lawson had finally favoured him and given him his striker position because he had proved lately at practices . Also his mother and grandmother would always come way after he had finished practiced and they would be too tired to notice the dirty dishes nicely tucked under the sink had not not been washed or were only now going to be washed . Judes mechanism was that if he was not successful of washing them before their arrival ,Jude would wait when he was sure that they had both dozed off and his aunt and his uncle was out of his hair he would quickly go grab the dishes from beneath the sink and wash them . After washing them he would dry them and put them safely away but eventually his plans would be discovered by his mother or grandmother . What type of advanced devised she used to find out his tricks and schemes all these times, he did not know. Jude was clearly convinced that it could never be information given by his sidekick younger brother and partner in crime Hayden as he always well candied that one with bribes. No a little innocent boy could never betray the receipt of such delicacies such as tootsy pops, ice lollies, candy bombs, large packs of skittles M n Ms and the list goes on…Never!

Now, the babbling of Mr.Blackman had reached the part where they were being asked to position themselves to receive their good corporal discipline from the Principal even though this had been years ago in the Caribbean from schooling institutions. Like with all things in St.Lucia citizens followed their own rules and ignored legislation passed nation and world wide ,even the whole twenty six articles of human rights and all . In Judes opinion whoever said that USA was the land of the brave and the free ,had definitely never visited our Simply Beautiful island of Saint Lucia, the Helen of the West Indies. This was the only country in the world where vehicles and humans could cross the roads and streets using their own personal pedestrian crossing system of pedestrians crossing half way in the road , nodding ,waving or signalling the driver or just running quickly past the paused motorists after his or her nod or signal of approval so that one could get to the other side of the road and too many other brave and free things to mention. Jude could not bear to watch the Principal lay strokes of cane whip on his precious Layla. He now felt a pinch of what it felt for his slave ancestors to watch their love ones under go beatings innocently , to the extent of having their skin flayed from their bodies. After all the days of slavery were abolished many many years ago , it was 2016 for Christs sake! Layla used her discretion and accordingly turned away from Judes sight. ”How discreet of my Buttercup Layla ” thought Jude. The glass frame of the glasses that he wore , that his mother had to tell him of all the benefits of wearing glasses to aid vision so that he would convinced to wear them for his own good, was now a little hazy from eagerness from the bridge of his nose. Jude wanted this whole thing to be over with ,what on earth would his mother and grandmother do to him when he got home, only heaven or hell knew. Judes portion of beating was exceptionally excruciating as Principal Blackman felt very disappointed to see, this boy he took as a son, that he even sat as his Father for Father -Son-Day for students due to Judes father being absent from his life was the ring leader of this gang. At that time the request from Jude to Mr. Blackman ,the Principal to sit as Judes dad would be too tormenting of his conscience to decline Judes request. This and also the fact that Principal Blackman had no children and no other child had even thought of asking this privilege from him touched his heart , he felt special and considered . Principal Blackman would be up for retirement in the next three years. His goal was to leave the teaching service on high note just as when he entered forty years ago as a Principal. Back then he had landed the Entrepot Secretary School , number one in CXC school passes and now that he was leaving he wanted to accomplish this grades for his learning institution once again. Not only that he wanted to retire with having the highest passes on the island but he wanted to also land his school in being one of the top five schools attaining the highest CXC passes across the Caribbean region and he wouldn allow , broods of hoodlums, like these to break the rules he had put in place to achieve his three year goal such as Mandatory Study Time whenever the subject teacher was away, absent or delayed.Boy were the teens before this time easier to work with and set educational goals with when he entered the teaching service. Principal Blackman was of the strong inner opinion that Just as Prime Ministers and Nero Surgeons teachers deserved the same pay amount and incentives because God made these souls but it was the teachers who groomed them . At the last blow of the cane whip to his thigh by Principal Blackman to his lower thigh , Jude used every ounce of macho hat he could muster up, to prevent even one tear drop from escaping his eyes as he literally felt his thighs receiving livid and huge injections of hot molten lava every time that the stroke of the cane whip descended ,wheeled by the strong arm of the Principal. Especially Jude refused to have Layla witness such the prestige man that he was in a lowly estate. ” Man up ” were the words that Jude told his every fiber in encouragement which was also the habitual phrase he said to himself in the mirror before Jude left home for school on mornings. Even his crew on their arrival and departure after meeting each other used this phrase after jamming each others fist and pounding their fists slightly on their chest s an ancient bond of respect, togetherness love and peace. He had always promise himself to research the roots of this ancient greeting his fellow local and Caribbean regional residents used of jamming fists. In all this , the first time kiss that he was rewarded by Layla , when it was his turn to spin the bottle and choose truth or dare, by the deliberate and accurate spin of the bottle by Clara to him and Layla was cushioning the pain he felt below his thighs. He had just retrieved his lips from her and took a deep sigh in disbelief before the barging in of Principal Blackman and his nasty gang . As for Jeffy Jeffers, through all this , he ceased not to perform his unnoticed facial gestures even through these pains… ”You go soldiers! ” , Jeffy shaped with his mouth as then busted gang smiled in code. Immeadiately after they were ushered by Principal Blackman whose et al only remained him and the science teacher to the Principals office notifying of their seven day suspension that included detailed chores which had to be video taped and sent for them each via whatsapp . ” Don you gang even think of not submitting these letters ,because your parents have been emailed and a whatsapp has been sent as well , in the next seven days, make sure that you are reporting in with your uniforms in great attire accompanied by your parent with every detailed task of book work completed , if you have any interest in completing what you started in this learning facility ” dictated Principal Blackman. Jeffy Jeffers mindlessly uttered ” What the? ” Principal Blackman returned ” What Mr. Jeffers ? ” in a super serious tone which silently meant -Yo even if I am the principal I will charge you directly into the book case like an angry bull cow and still have you arrange every single one of them in alphabetical order before you leave. Jeffy Jeffers now slyly smiled and said ” Nah Sir essieur I was saying WHATS THE return date on the letter Sir, I couldn see it properly. ” As usual Jeffy Jeffers response caused the others students who received their letters to break out along with the Vice Principal who had joined them minutes ago , who was also shaking her head as Jeffy Jeffy replied ” Essieur Laow me uh mhun ” this phrase meant that he was asking them to take it easy on him , he said so with the biggest grin on his face. Principal Blackman reaffirmed direct orders ” Off to you homes,your homes,your homes,now and do not go on to break any after school rules either! ” Principal Blackman had specifically arranged them in a way that Jude would be the last in exiting the office. As Jude relunctantly positioned his bag pack on his back thinking of what his life would be now with his mother and his grandmother getting to know of his crimes to schoolanity there came the voice of Mr. Blackman calling out his name firmly ”Jude! ” the rest of the gang looked back and paused to which Mr. Blackman said ”Its like there are more than one Judes here ,correct me if I wrong? ” These words led to them exiting quicker ,out of his office. Jude came closer to Principal Blackman with his hung in embarrassment and also to show apology . Jude responded ” Yes Sir ” Principal Blackman wnet on to say to him ”I speak to you as a father and one I hold dearly to my heart, I do not want to have cause for you to end up in my office and under my cane whip ever again under any circumstances, you hear me boy?! ” Jude respected his concern and replied him saying ” Me too Sir ” withholding his laugh. ” In fact I won disappoint you after today again Sir. ” Principal Blackman cautioned him with this phrase as Jude exited ” Never mess up your great things coming for foolish things at hand, do not settle for being an Essau ” … ”See you in seven days Sir ” Jude said faintly and left whilst Principal Blackman was leaning on his office desk.

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