My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 100: The Four Clans of Vampire Counts. 2

h ’s temper was very different from what she remembered, she is calmer. Normally, she was very intense, and because of that, she forgot the basics of how to treat Scathach.

This is something all vampires should know when encountering Scathach; Be humble, or you ’ll get your ass kicked by her. Agnes had completely forgotten about that.

The same happened with Natasha.

”Scathach, can I visit my daughter and her new husband? ”

”… ” Scathach looked at Natasha, ”Yeah, of course, you can. ”

A smile threatened to break out of Natasha ’s neutral face, but she held back.

”But before that… ”

”Luna! ” Scathach ’s voice echoed through the mansion.

”Yeshhh, ” Suddenly, a white-haired Russian maid appeared.

”Were you Sleeping? ”

”…I was not. ”

”Wipe your mouth first. You ’re drooling. ” Scathach rolled her eyes.

”!!! ” Luna quickly wipes her mouth and looks to Scathach for any order from her.

”Deliver the contracts to these guests. ” She pointed to Agnes and Natasha.

”Yes! ” Luna disappeared, and a few seconds later, she returned with several golden contracts in hand.

”And us? ” the men asked.

Scathach just waves a hand for Luna to hand over the contract to them too.

Right after that, Scathach totally ignored the two men since, in her view, the two men weren ’t worth her time.

The white-haired man was only good for being handsome, and the other man had the same purpose as the first man, but unlike the first man who tries to be useful, the other is just a waste of air.

And to make her mood even worse, which is bad since she knows that today is Victor ’s date with Violet, the two men reek of talentlessness.

She spent so much time with Victor that she completely forgot that other men aren ’t like him.

”… What is it? ”

”Hmm? ” Coming out of her thoughts, Scathach looks at Agnes:

”Are you blind? Or are you illiterate? ”

’…Okay, her mood isn ’t good today, just what happened to her mood, it ’s so…dark? ’ Agnes thought.

”Why this contract? I just want to see my daughter ’s husband. ” Natasha spoke.

”Tsk. ” Scathach clicked her tongue with visible annoyance.

”Listen. The contract is simple. You must sign and keep all the information you learn from my disciple to yourself, and if this contract is broken, I will know. ” Her eyes glittered dangerously.

”And I will pay you a visit~. ”

Agnes ’ eyes flashed in annoyance, ”Scathach… Are you threatening me? Yes, you ’re strong, but you can ’t fight alone- ” She was going to keep saying that Scathach couldn ’t fight alone with an entire Clan of Vampire Counts, but she couldn ’t continue her words…

”Agnes… ” Scathach ’s voice came out in a demonic tone that left Agnes completely paralyzed.

”Don ’t make my mood worse. Or I promise you, the next words you say will be your death sentence. ”

”… ” Everyone felt a chill rising in their spines, their bodies froze, they couldn ’t move, they swallowed their saliva, in front of her, they just looked like scared children.

Was she that angry? They could see that she was being very serious this time, and they knew that if they teased her any further, she would do what she promised.

’Master… ’ Luna felt her master go back to what she was before she met Victor.

Slowly, the pressure coming off of Scathach ’s body began to fade, and as she spoke, she clearly wasn ’t in the mood for more bullshit today:

”The contract is simple. Shut the fuck up about my disciple. I don ’t want to hear any leaked information about him. By doing that, you can see my son-in-law. It ’s simple, right? ”

She is very overprotective! That ’s what everyone thought.

It is common knowledge that it is quite difficult to find information about the Clan of Scathach, and why? It ’s just that the woman herself is very overprotective with her daughters, she hides any kind of information about her daughters from the public, and the Ruby incident made her very paranoid.

And everyone in this room knows she only gives her daughters that kind of treatment! After all, they signed a similar contract when their Clan heirs began to bond with Ruby.

They also understand that Scathach would not allow her daughter to marry someone ’useless ’ or ’talentless ’.

And when they remembered Victor ’s fight, they understood that he screamed potential.

The curiosity of the vampires present was once again piqued.

Just who is this man who managed to cause such a strong reaction in this crazy woman? They needed to know! They needed to meet this man!

”… ” After a moment of silence, the group signed the contract since they were just too curious to step back now.

”Good. ” Scathach flashed a small, cold smile when she saw the group signing the contract.

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