Some time ago, before Victor came home.

In Victor ’s and his wives ’ bedroom.

”In the end… You decided to wear this outfit. ” Ruby spoke.

”Yes, this is the outfit I met my Darling in person for the first time in a long time. ” Violet touched the outfit fondly, ”It ’s very important to me. ” She displayed a loving smile.

Hearing what Violet said, Yuki sighed inwardly; ’Sigh… Why did I go to all that trouble to choose the clothes and help her change her clothes? ’ She didn ’t know what to think, she felt like she made a futile effort.

But she wasn ’t going to complain. After all, she ’s a maid, and meeting the master ’s selfish demands is a maid ’s job… Although Violet isn ’t her master.

Her master is Victor, but…

Her master abandoned her!

Yuki felt like crying, ’Why didn ’t he wake me up? ’ She thought, and the moment she thought about it, she shook her head several times. A maid ’s job is to wake up before the master, she knows that! She knows she ’s wrong…

”Sniff ”

”Yuki? ”

Yuki quickly turns away and ignores Ruby.

After a short time… A long time… A really long time, Violet finally chose her outfit, and the outfit she chose was the same outfit she wore when she met Victor for the first time in a while.

Long white hair tied into a ponytail that reached the floor, a black dress with a small tie in the torso area, big black boots that reached to her knees, Violet ’s outfit looked like goth cosplay.

”… ” Sasha looked at the King Size bed where they were sleeping with their husband and saw the massive amount of clothes piles lying on the bed…

’Why does she have so many clothes!? ’ That was Sasha ’s thought, even for her who had a considerable amount of clothes, the amount that Violet had was ridiculous.

”Ara. So that ’s why I was called back~. My master is going on a date. This is a joyous occasion. ”

Ruby, Sasha, and Yuki looked at the woman who was wearing a French maid dress.

”Have you gained weight, Natalia? ” Ruby raised an eyebrow.

”… ” Natalia ’s eyebrows twitched a little, she looked at Ruby:

”I didn ’t get fat. Unlike you guys, I ’m a human. I get old. And it ’s been six months. ”

”Hmm… I think she wasn ’t talking about that… ” Sasha focused her eyes on Natalia ’s belly, which was a little full.

”Yes, you got fat. I think you relaxed a lot during your vacation. ”

”… I didn ’t get fat… ” Natalia ’s gentle smile threatened to break at any moment.

”… ” Yuki was speechless, she didn ’t have much contact with the heiresses of Clan Fulger or Clan Scarlett, but she ’s sure the two weren ’t that direct with words like that.

’My master and Lady Violet are influencing them? ’ Yuki thought.

”Question; what did you do on your vacation? ” Sasha held up a hand.

”… Is this really necessary? ”

”Yes. ” This time Ruby and Violet responded along with Sasha. Violet was also curious to know what her maid did on vacation.


Because it ’s Violet ’s request, she had no choice but to say:

”I slept, I ate, and I traveled to some places in the human world, and I repeated the process. ”

”Oh. ” Sasha exclaimed as if understanding something, ”So you relaxed and ended up getting fat. ”

”…I didn ’t gain weight. I ’m just a little full because I ate a few things, that ’s all. ”

”That ’s the excuse that someone who got fat would say. ” Ruby exhibited a small smile.

”… ” A vein popped in Natalia ’s head, she comes back from vacation, and that ’s how they treat her!?

But as an experienced maid, she wouldn ’t complain about this treatment since it would be an embarrassment to her.

She just kept the gentle smile on her face.


Suddenly lightning sounds could be heard by everyone.

”Oh… Darling is back! ” Sasha was the first to speak.

”… ” Violet and Ruby looked at Sasha with a neutral gaze.

”What? ”

”Hmm, wasn ’t that my line? ” Violet spoke, she felt that Sasha was stealing her role.

”Really? ” Sasha didn ’t understand

”Yes. ” Ruby confirmed in Violet ’s place, ”I expected this kind of reaction to come from Violet, not you. ”

”… ” All the women in the room nodded in agreement with Ruby.

”Well… He came back using the power of lightning, and because of that, I felt it faster. ” Sasha turned her face a little embarrassed.

”Pfft… Being a Tsundere is difficult. ” Ruby spoke in a low voice, but since everyone had keen ears, everyone could hear her.

”Ruby… I don ’t know what this is, but I don ’t like it. ” Sasha spoke with a serious expression.

”… Sigh, come here, I ’ll show you what it is. ” Ruby got up and walked towards a spot in the bedroom where she was going to educate Sasha about culture.

”Oh? ” Sasha looked at Ruby curiously, then she too got up and walked towards Ruby.

”What are you doing? ”

”Nothing. Just go to your date. Enjoy the time with Darling because we are next. ” Ruby spoke neutrally to Violet.

”Hmm…Okay. ”

’…Do they look closer than before? What happened? ’ Natalia didn ’t understand; ’I think six months can change a lot. ’

And like it ’s fate or something, everyone hears a knock on the door followed by Kaguya ’s voice:

”Lady Violet. My master is waiting for you in front- ”

”Darling~! ”

Before Kaguya could even finish, Violet opened the door and ran towards somewhere.

”…She never waits for me to finish… ” Kaguya felt like sighing as she looked towards the room:

”What is this mess? ”

Piles of clothes were tossed on the bed, some clothes were thrown on the floor, and she could see that deeper down, Ruby was pulling out a collection of her Manga for Sasha to see.

This was the Manga collection that Luna bought for Ruby before the match between Clan Horseman and Clan Rider happened. As a maid who knows her master ’s habits, she also bought some old Mangas, considering she knows that when Ruby goes back to the human world, she will procrastinate a lot.

”Do you understand now? That ’s a Tsundere. ” She heard Ruby ’s voice.

”…I ’m not this annoying pink-haired girl…. ” A vein popped in Sasha ’s head.

”I know. You ’re more like this one. ” It showed a woman with black hair in a twin-tail style standing next to a man with white hair.

Reading the character description, she said:

”… I ’m not! ”

”Although you have a sadistic personality to your enemies, and you ’re DereDere to our husband, so you ’re a bit like this one too. ” It showed a character who had long blue hair and was wearing a military uniform.

She repeated the process and read the character description again:

”I ’m not a sadist like this woman! ”

”…Oh? Who was it that condemned Maria to a miserable future? ” Ruby raised an eyebrow.

”She deserved it, ” Sasha spoke in a cold tone.

”I know, but it ’s still a sadistic attitude. But, don ’t worry, our husband loves that side of you. I would suggest you show this side of yourself more. I ’m sure he ’ll love it, just like you said before, right? He only reacts to crazy women. ”

”… ” Sasha didn ’t know what to say when she heard what Ruby said; ’Didn ’t she just indirectly call me a crazy woman? ’

”Do you have any more of these drawings? ”

”How rude… The name is Manga. ”

”Whatever. ”

”… ” Ruby looked at Sasha with a neutral eye.

”What? ” Sasha didn ’t understand Ruby ’s gaze.

”Pepper, come here! ” Suddenly Ruby screamed, she called an ally! She ’s going to teach Sasha a new world!

”Okay~ ” Soon, everyone hears Pepper ’s voice.

”Well… I ’ll go back to my services… ” Kaguya slowly left the room, she didn ’t want to stay in the room, she knew these lazy princesses wouldn ’t organize the messy room, and in the end, the responsibility would fall to some of the maids present in this mansion.

She only serves Victor! And nobody else! That was the determination of a perfect maid!

Seeing Kaguya leaving, Yuki did the same thing, she didn ’t want to stay in this place.

”… Well, I have to serve my master… So… ” Natalia creates a portal at the entrance to the room and then goes through it.

”Huh? ” Ruby looked around and realized she was alone with Sasha, and then she looked at Violet ’s mess.

’Who will organize this? ’ She definitely won ’t!

”Hmm… ” Ruby started to think, suddenly an idea popped into her head:

”Sasha, call your maid. ” She looked at Sasha.

”Hmm… ”

”Sasha? ” She approaches Sasha and sees her reading a Shoujo Manga.

”Oh? ” Ruby ’s eyes sparkled.

Suddenly Sasha yelled:

”What ’s with this woman!? Why is she so indecisive!? If you can ’t decide on one man, just take them both! ” She seemed quite interested in the story.

”… ” Ruby was speechless, she knows that reverse Harem is a common practice in the vampire world. After all, even Sasha ’s mother has three husbands, but she doesn ’t need to scream like that… What if someone hears?

Ruby ’s face turned a little red, ”S-Stop, you ’re talking too loud. ”

”Oh… ” Sasha ’s face also turned a little red.

”I arrived! ” Suddenly the door opens, and Pepper enters!

”Fueee? What is this mess? Looks like a tornado went through here… ” Pepper looked around.

”Pepper, you came at a good time! ”

”Oh? ” Pepper looks at Ruby, and when she sees her with several Manga, Pepper ’s eyes seem to glow red for a few seconds, and then she flashes a smile:

”Interesting~. ”

”… ” Ruby and Sasha were speechless; ’Just for a moment, she looked just like Scathach/mother. ’ The two thought at the same time.

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