My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 104: An unforgettable day.

Victor was waiting in front of the mansion, leaning against a pillar with his arms crossed while he had a smile on his face, ”Hmmm, Hmm ” He seemed to be singing a song to himself.

”Darling! ”

”Umu? ” Hearing his wife ’s voice, he looks at Violet with his mouth slightly open in shock, seeing that she is wearing the same outfit from when they first met, Victor ’s expression slowly started to change to a loving one.

”How am I? ” She displayed a gentle smile.

”Perfect. ”

”Hehehe~ ” Violet ’s whole mood seemed to lighten up, and it even seemed like there were little roses coming from her smile.

”Shall we? ” He extended his arm.

”Yes! ” Violet wastes no time and grabs Victor ’s arm possessively.


”Yes, Yes. I haven ’t forgotten my duty. No need to scream, Lady Violet. ” A portal appears at the entrance to Scathach ’s mansion, and soon Natalia exits the portal.

”Oh? You ’re back, Natalia. ” Victor displayed his usual little smile, very different from the one he used to show his wives.

”How long has it been since we have seen each other, Lord-… Eh? ” Natalia was speechless as she looked at Victor. Is he really Victor? Huh? Were six months enough for him to change so much?

Natalia couldn ’t express her feelings clearly. She was just surprised by Victor ’s sudden change; his whole atmosphere changed! He was exhibiting a very different natural confidence than before. Every time she looked at the small smile on his face, she felt an air of danger and unpredictability, and more importantly… She felt like she was in front of a natural predator.

That was a feeling she only had with a few vampires. ’Has his growth in power changed him in any way? ’ She felt it was possible. After all, it ’s quite common for vampires to be influenced by the power it awakens.

”Natalia, stop staring at my husband, ” Violet spoke dryly, her eyes no longer pretty.

”Oh. ” Natalia woke up from her stupor.

”Where do you want to go? ” She smiled again with the same gentle smile.

”We don ’t know. ” The two spoke at the same time.

”Eh…? ” She was speechless.

”Hahaha, don ’t look at us like that. Violet and I aren ’t planners; we just do whatever we want. Right, Honey? ”

”… ” Violet didn ’t say anything, she just displayed a loving smile that confirmed Victor ’s words.

”… ” Seeing the ’love ’ in the air, Natalia felt like she had eaten dog food now.

”Do you have any suggestions? ” Victor asked.

”Well, if we ’re talking about romantic dates, the obvious choice is Paris, right? ” At least she, as a woman, would like a man to take her to Paris on a romantic date.

”In that case, we ’re going to Paris. ” Victor didn ’t think much since he didn ’t have much experience in dating, considering he never went on a date in his life. And for him, wherever he was with his wife was enough.

”Yes! ” Violet thought the same as Victor. As long as she was with Victor, it was enough! It doesn ’t matter the place, the time or the time of year!

Natalia nods and snaps her finger.

”Done. ” When she said this, a portal appeared behind her.

”Come on, Darling! ”

”Before that, take this. ” Natalia threw two bracelets.

The two raise their hands and take the bracelet she threw.

”What is that? ” Victor asked curiously.

”A magic tool that automatically translates what you say into the local language since you can ’t speak French, right? ”

”Oh. ” The two spoke at the same time; they totally forgot about it.

’It ’s quite cute how similar they look…. ’ Natalia flashed a motherly smile.

The two put the bracelet on their wrists, and, right after doing this, the bracelet seems to glow green and soon fits perfectly on their wrists.

”This is interesting, ” Violet spoke.

”Honey, have you never used this? ”

”Yes, after all, I didn ’t travel much to other countries. ”

”We have to change this in the future, right? ” He displayed a gentle smile.

Violet takes Victor ’s arm and says with a big beaming smile:

”Of course. ”

Soon the two walk towards the portal.

”Have fun~. ” Natalia dismissed the two with a gentle smile.

As soon as they go through the portal, the portal is undone.

”… ” An uncomfortable silence fell in the room.

”I must look for a husband. ” She decided that when she saw the atmosphere of happiness and love in the couple.

”…But looking for a suitable man while being part of Clan Alioth is very difficult, right? ”

”!!! ” Natalia was taken by surprise, she never expected that anyone could catch her off guard! She quickly jumps back and looks towards the voice.

Seeing a woman with long black hair and golden eyes, she immediately recognized the woman:

”… June… Your hair has grown. ”

”Fufufufu, it ’s quite rare to take you by surprise. ” June showed a smug face. ”And yes, my hair has grown. It ’s been six months, you know? ”

”I hope you have good news for Lady Sasha. ” Natalia returned to her gentle smile.

”Yes, I do… ” She spoke with a serious face, ”But before that… ” Her body broke out in a cold sweat.

She looked at the place and said, ”Can you ask them to stop looking at me with that look…? I ’m almost shitting myself. ”

Natalia looked up and saw Lacus and Siena standing on top of the mansion as she looked at the two of them with their eyes glowing blood red.

They looked like they were about to attack at any moment.

”… ” Natalia ’s eyes sparkled for a few seconds.

June didn ’t like that look in Natalia ’s eyes at all, she had a bad feeling.

”I do not know her, ” Natalia spoke and quickly turned and entered the mansion.

”Eh…? W-Wait- ” June was going to say something, but suddenly, she felt two hands touching her shoulder.

”Why don ’t we talk a little? I have a basement made for people like you~ ” Siena flashed a slight smile that showed her teeth.

”Don ’t worry, it ’s a very welcoming place. ” Lacus continued.

”We even have a very comfortable electric chair. ” Siena.

”Some coffins with nice thorns that pierce your skin. ” Lacus.

”We have lovely tools that can easily remove every part of your body. ” Siena.

”It ’s a very welcoming place~ ” The two spoke at the same time with a small smile on their face.

June ’s expression changed several times, and tears threatened to fall from her face. Just from the hair of the two women, she knew who they were, and she heard a rumor that Scathach ’s daughters were crazy like their mother, fearing for the future, she did the most obvious thing:

”N-NOOO! ” June quickly covers her body with magic and runs.

She ran away…

”Oh? I like to chase my prey~ ” Siena licks her lips, then runs after her.

”You can ’t run away from me. ” Lacus ’ body turned to mist, and soon she chased June as well.

Looking back, she saw the two women chasing her with rather frightening looks, ”Hiiii! ” After that, she started to pick up the pace.

”Cursed that sadistic maid!! ”

Hearing June ’s screams, Natalia flashed a cold smile.

Despite being a professional maid from a renowned clan… She was very petty at times.


A couple was walking hand in hand through the streets of Paris, the man was wearing a very elegant all-black suit, and he was also wearing black glasses over his eyes.

Next to him was a woman who was wearing an outfit that looked like a gothic cosplay, and because of her stunning looks and their outfits that were complete opposites, the couple drew a lot of attention from the locals.

Wherever the couple went, they drew attention while people talked about the two of them.

”Are they shooting a movie? ”

”Both are so beautiful… ”

”Are they models? ”

”That man is hot… ”

”That woman looks like a doll, she is so beautiful~. ”

After his evolution, Victor acquired a unique charm that caught everyone ’s attention, a vampiric charm that enchanted all lost lambs.

And, after training Scathach, he acquired a feeling of a predator. A contradiction of beautiful but dangerous. A duality that made him irresistible.

Violet was a stunning beauty in her own right, she gave the feeling of a delicate violet flower, but this flower concealed thorns that could tear the flesh of anyone who was bold enough to touch it.

’As expected, I feel uncomfortable in the sun ’ Despite not burning to ash when bathed in sunlight, Victor couldn ’t like the sunlight, and he felt very uncomfortable:

’The night is better~. But… ’ He looked at Violet, who was walking beside him with a big smile on her face, she looked very radiant, she looked very happy.

”Darling! Look at that, what is that!? They are weird! ”

”Darling! Let ’s go to that place! Sounds like fun! ”

Violet would point to any place that caught her interest and take him with her, and all the way through, she had a smile so dazzling it made Victor ’s heart twist in love.

For some reason, Violet looked absolutely stunning to Victor today. Victor ’s eyes sparkled with emotions of love and affection, and soon he displayed a gentle smile:

”I couldn ’t see this vision at night. ”

”Darling? ” She looked at Victor with a cute face.

”It ’s nothing. Shall we continue, Honey? ” Victor smiled and started to lead the way this time.

”Yes~ ”

Did they have a plan in mind? Of course not. Did they know about Paris? Of course not.

But did that matter to the two lovebirds? Of course not!

Victor is not a man who likes to plan things; he likes to live! Especially when he ’s going on a date with his wife, who he loves a lot. Despite having no knowledge of how a proper date worked, he wasn ’t shaken by it. After all, for him, it didn ’t matter much, and he ’s just going to be himself as he always has been.

It ’s better to be true to yourself than to be a fake, accept who you are, and live life! Stop wasting time thinking about bullshit. It ’s bad for your health!

Violet was in the same boat as Victor, she didn ’t think about things much, and for her, just being close to Victor was enough… But…

Feeling Victor ’s hand entwined with hers, his gentle, loving gaze that she could feel even though he was wearing those glasses, his smile when she suggested they do something together.

Her heart was beating like a bullet train that was running at the highest possible speed!

”Darling, Darling, Darling~! ” She clung to him, covering his face with kisses, not caring that the pedestrians on the street were watching.

She felt so sweet, she felt so loved… She felt happy.

”No, I want more! ”

And slowly, she felt her possessive feelings build. Being near him wasn ’t enough! She wanted more! She wanted him to be hers! She wanted to become one with him!

She jumps on his body and hugs him, and while ignoring the shocked faces of the people around her, she kisses his lips, she feels warm, while Victor isn ’t the least bit shy about kissing her back.

Because of their movements, Victor ’s glasses ended up falling on the floor, and his clothes got a little messy.

Victor displayed a gentle smile as he felt Violet ’s burst of feeling coming from the connection they had, and like his dear wife, he stopped holding back.

A wave of feelings invaded Violet ’s body like a tsunami, feelings of possession, feelings of happiness, feelings of love, feelings of desire for Violet. For the first time, Victor displayed everything he felt for his wife.

For the first time, he showed that side of himself that he slowly developed when he was away from his wives.

”!!! ”

”This is… ” Violet stopped kissing Victor when she felt the explosion of feeling coming from him.

”Darling- ”

”Shh. ” He put his fingers to her mouth, his red eyes were opaque, and they carried a glow of love that left Violet feeling very overwhelmed.

His Love was heavy! And she loved it!

”Let ’s enjoy our time together, Honey~. ”

Violet felt goosebumps all over her body, a feeling of anticipation began to grow inside her:

”Yes, Darling~. ”


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