My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 108: Victor meets the in-laws. 2

”This is a mess… it even looks like a tornado passed through here. ” Natalia spoke in a neutral tone with emotionless eyes and looked like she had given up on something upon seeing the scene in front of her.

The room was a complete mess, with broken walls, broken beds, suspicious liquids all over the room, and she could even see that there were liquids on the ceiling of the room!

”What in the name of the seven hells happened here!? ”

Well, she knows what happened, she ’s not a saint, but even if she does, it ’s still nonsense!

This can no longer be called sex but war.

’I ’ll have to clean this…? ’ She looked into the room with a lifeless expression.

’Hell no! I do not want! ’ Looking around, she made the wisest decision;

”Let ’s ignore this. ”

”Ah~ ” Hearing Violet moaning in the bathroom, Natalia ’s face turned a little red. ’They still are going on!? ’ I ’m here you know!? Have some decency!

”D-Darling~, wait… Ahh~ ”

”Ugh… Living is a pain…. ”

Toc, Toc.

Suddenly Natalia heard someone knocking on the door, she walked to the door elegantly, and opened it:

”Yes? ”

”Hmm, are we staying here…? ”

Seeing the man and woman who seem to be a couple, Natalia exhibited a small smile, ”You came at a good time. I have a service for you, something that pays very well. ”

”… ” Somehow, the couple was feeling a bad feeling about this.

A few minutes later, when Victor and Violet came out of the bathroom.

”Natalia, thanks for the new clothes… Oh? ” Victor looked at the couple curiously, seeing that they were cleaning up the mess he and their wife had created. He felt awkward seeing someone else doing this, but he didn ’t really care.

”Who are they? ” Violet asked.

”They were staying here when we arrived, ” Victor spoke.

”Oh, I don ’t remember. ” Violet didn ’t care too much.

”Hahaha~. ” Victor laughed amusedly.

”… ” Natalia had no reaction, but she expected it. After all, Violet only cares about Victor, and she doesn ’t even bother to memorize the faces of the others.

She ’s a lot like Agnes in that way too.

”Anyway, are we going back home? ” Violet showed a gentle smile.

Feeling the aura of a mature woman coming from Violet, Natalia felt very strange. She couldn ’t get used to a Violet who didn ’t look like a spoiled child.

’It ’s just an illusion. She wouldn ’t mature just because she had sex; that ’s not how things work! ’ Natalia thought.

”Yes. ” Natalia snaps her fingers, and soon a portal is created in the bathroom door.

”W-What? ”

”Oh, I forgot about them. ” Natalia facepalmed; she got caught up in the couple ’s rhythm and completely forgot about the extras.

”Lord Victor, please? ” Natalia looked at Victor as if suggesting he do something.

”Hmm? Of course. ” Victor approaches the two, his eyes glowing a little blood red.

As they had been charmed by Victor before, the process of charming the poor lambs was now relatively quick.

”Forget everything that happened, you just had a wild night together, and the result of this night is the current state of the room. ”

”… ” Natalia was speechless, ’Isn ’t that too mean? Asking a normal man to do… That. It ’s impossible. ’

”Did you understand? ”

”Yes… ” The two spoke at the same time in an emotionless robotic voice.

”Good. ” Victor smiled in satisfaction.

”Hahaha~. Darling is so bad. ” Violet laughed lovingly.

”Eh? ” Victor didn ’t understand why his wife reacted like that.

”Pfft…HAHAHA, it ’s funnier that he doesn ’t even understand what he did wrong. ”

”…? ” Victor turned his head, not understanding anything.

Well, it ’s not like Victor cares, and he ’s just happy to see his wife laughing.

”Let ’s go back, ” Victor spoke.

”Yes! ” Violet holds Victor ’s arms, and soon the couple passes through the portal.

When the couple left, Natalia looked at the couple who were still paralyzed. ”Well, as fellow humans, I can ’t leave you like this. ”

She approaches the bed and takes a considerable amount of money out of her pocket. ”With that amount, they could pay for the repair of this room and still enjoy the night in Paris. ”

Soon Natalia turns and enters the portal.

The moment the portal was closed, the two couples woke up.

”Huh? ”

Soon the two looked at each other with passionate eyes.

”You were wild yesterday, Julian. ”

”Not as much as you, Renata. ”

”… Let ’s continue? ”

”Hell yes! ”

Soon the moans started to leave the room, but they weren ’t as destructive as before.

When Victor and Violet exited the portal, they were faced with a sight that took them by surprise.

”Mother? ” Violet looked strangely at the white-haired woman who was sitting on the couch.

”Hello, my daughter… I see you have become a woman… ” Agnes had a sly smile on her face.

Violet ’s face turned a little red, but she didn ’t care too much and just puffed out her chest with pride.

”Father!? ” Violet practically screamed when she saw her dad in a catatonic state, mumbling incomprehensible things.

”What happened to him!? ” Violet approached her father.

”Well… ” Agnes looked at Adonis, ”He ’s like this because of you… How jealous… ” She muttered at the end.

”Huh? Because of me? I did nothing. ”

Victor looked at the woman who was very similar to Violet, watching the way she looked at the man, his smile grew, he understood that the mother was very similar to the daughter.

”Are you going to ignore me? ” Natasha suddenly asked.

Victor looked at the blond-haired woman and the blond-haired man.

Seeing the woman who looked a lot like Victoria, he nodded and spoke aloud, ”Surely the genes are unfair. ”

”… ” Natasha looked at Victor with curious eyes, feeling Victor ’s gaze on her and seeing the smile on his face, unconsciously, she closed her legs, ’Ahh~, I understand now… ’ She seemed to have understood something when he saw Victor.

”What do you mean by that? ” She asked.

”Nothing, I was just comparing you to your daughter. ”

”Heh~ ” A vein popped in Natasha ’s head, ”I wonder what you were comparing. ”

”Hmm… Everything? ” Victor looked at a certain area of Natasha ’s body.

”…Aren ’t you very rude? ” Veins were popping all over Natasha ’s face.

”Really? I really don ’t think so. ” Of course, Victor was being petty, but he didn ’t have a good impression of Sasha ’s mom and her dad, especially when he heard Sasha ’s story. He didn ’t like both of them one bit.

His fists itched to teach them both a lesson, but he knew that, although they weren ’t as strong as Scathach, they were both still older vampires and were much stronger than he was.

Although if you ’re going to say something he learned from Scathach, it was: Strength is not what decides the outcome of a battle, you can even be stronger, but if your mental condition is not good, if you fall into a trap and the opponent attacks your weakness, you can lose.

A life and death battle is not an arena game.

But of course, strength influences a lot, considering you can ’t make plans if you don ’t have enough strength to execute the plan.

”Pfft, even he thinks you ’re an airport runway. ” Agnes laughed.

”Shut the fuck up. ”

William looked at Victor with curious eyes, ’So this is the boy… He ’s tall. And handsome… ’

He didn ’t have much of an opinion about Victor. He was just curious to know what was so special about this boy that made Scathach interested in him; ’Was it his powers? Hmm… I feel like that ’s part of the reason…. ’

Victor felt a shiver in his body and looked suspiciously at William, the man with blond hair and green eyes.

”Father, Wake up! Father! ” Violet was rocking her dad back and forth, but he didn ’t seem to wake up.

”It ’s useless. He won ’t wake up for a while. Just let him rest. ” Agnes spoke.

”FATHER!!! ” But Violet didn ’t seem to mind and slapped Adonis on the cheek.

”E-Eh? ” He woke up.

”… ” Agnes was speechless.

”You finally woke up… ” Violet sighed in relief.

”Yes… I felt like I was going back to visit Persephone. ”

”Persephone, the queen of the underworld? ” Victor asked.

”Yes, that same one. ” He smiled.

”Oh… ” Victor couldn ’t say what to say. ’From the way he talks confidently, I even thought he was talking about a real person as if she existed. ’

”Hahaha, that will never happen, not while I ’m here. ” Agnes ’ eyes weren ’t pretty

”… ” Adonis just smiled and scratched his cheek since he didn ’t know how to respond.

”Darling… ” Suddenly, Ruby and Sasha appear beside Victor.

”Hmm? Oh, I ’m back, Honey. ” He spoke to both of them.

”Welcome back~ ” The two spoke with a gentle smile.

And then they started looking at Victor and Violet at the same time, seeing the obvious change in Violet, their eyes darkened.

Victor ’s smile grew disproportionately.

”We ’re next, right…? ”

”Yes, of course! ” Victor couldn ’t take it anymore and hugged them both.

”E-Eh? ” The two didn ’t know how to react to seeing Victor like this, and they were even more speechless when they felt a feeling overflowing from their connection.

His love was heavy!

”…Hmm, I don ’t think it ’s a good idea to hug other women now that you ’ve just taken my daughter ’s virginity. ”

”Hmm? ” Victor raised an eyebrow and looked at Agnes.

Looking like an elder who wanted to give advice, she said, ”Now that you ’ve taken my daughter ’s virginity, you belong to Clan Snow, so it would be inappropriate to hug other women, right? ”

”… ” Natasha had several points she wanted to complain about, but she was silent since she wanted to see Victor ’s reaction.

Victor lets go of his wives, so he raises his finger, ”First, I don ’t belong to anyone. I only belong to my wives. ”

”… ” Violet, Ruby, and Sasha all flashed a loving little smile.

”Second, that ’s not your problem. ”

”Huh? ” Agnes ’ eyes weren ’t pretty, ’if you ’re with my daughter, of course, that ’s my problem! ’

”Third, I will say the same thing I told Scathach: Your opinion on this matter does not matter. What matters is only the feelings of my wives. ”

”… ” As if the sound of the world itself had been cut off by a supernatural entity, a hush of disbelief fell in the room.

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