My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 108: Victor meets the in-laws. 2

and to his chin as if thinking, ”Oh, that greedy witch. ” He finally remembered her.

’Coming to think about it, I still have the card she gave me. ’ Victor thought.

”Why is she here? ” He asked.

”I asked her to investigate something for Lady Sasha, and she came back with information, ” Natalia replied.

”Oh, that ’s a good thing. Let me know if you need anything. ” Victor didn ’t care too much because he knew that his wives would ask for his help if he was needed for anything.

”Of course. ” Natalia smiled.

”… ” Natasha, William, Agnes, and Adonis were looking at Victor all the time as if sizing him up, and seeing how he spoke, seeing his gestures that looked like a natural leader, they couldn ’t help nodding in satisfaction.

’Scathach taught him well. ’ They think.

What they didn ’t know was that Victor was naturally like that, and he wasn ’t even trying to do anything.

In a place far from the royal capital, in a forest of many giant trees that could easily surpass the height of many buildings in the human world.

’Annoying, Annoying, what ’s this annoying feeling? ’

Scathach was standing in the middle of the forest, and around her were several destroyed trees, the ground was broken, and in some places, a large amount of ice could be seen.

It was pretty obvious that she was taking out all her frustration and anger on the surrounding landscape.

After finding out that her disciple was climbing the stairs to adulthood, the uncomfortable feeling she had been feeling since she learned that today was Victor and Violet ’s meeting grew like a volcano erupting, and she was irritated!

And to make matters worse, she didn ’t even know why she was so angry, she just felt like breaking something or someone!

Because of that, to avoid doing something she regrets in the future, she decided to isolate herself a little. Maybe that would help her improve her mood.

Destroying some trees and mountains, maybe hunting some wild beasts, she had a lot of ways to calm down.

And it ’s been two days since she ’s been isolated in this forest. She tried everything to control her emotions; she even tried to meditate.


”This is not working. ” Scathach ’s red eyes were glowing dangerously. ”I ’m just getting angrier. ”

’You guys should know that it ’s pretty obvious that after the date, they ’re going to have sex. ’ She remembered Agnes ’ words again.

”FUCK! ”


She stomped on the ground so hard that the ground broke into a cobweb shape.

”Why am I so angry!? ” She punched the tree.


Unconsciously, she put in too much force, and the poor tree was evaporated from existence, and the damage didn ’t stop there. All the trees in a straight line suffered very serious damage.

”What is happening? ” She had never felt this way in her life. In two thousand years of existence, she had never felt this irritating feeling in her chest.

Despite living a long time, Scathach was never a woman to get involved in relationships. Instead, she preferred to train and get stronger. She had a mindset that she had acquired since she was a little girl; The strong are always right.

Have you lost your farm to bandits? The culprit is you, who are weak!

They invaded your village, raped your wife, killed your daughter, and killed you? The culprit is you, who are weak!

Used you as a disposable pawn in a war!? The culprit is you, who are weak!

’Weakness disgusts me! ’ That was what the young Scathach thought.

She didn ’t want to be like those weak people, and, because of that, she trained, trained, and trained!

She evolved her power that in the past could only create a small ice cube into what it is today.

But as I spent two thousand years running the planet, and meeting new people, and experiencing new experiences, that mindset slowly began to change and form the personality that she has today.

She is much calmer than in the past, she is more understanding than in the past, she is much more experienced than in the past… Of course, this change only applies to those close to her.

But one thing that hasn ’t changed even after living so long is, ”The strong are always right. ”

In fact, that mindset only strengthened when she saw kings, and emperors who built their country from scratch, fall into ruins in a few years because they weren ’t strong enough.

That mindset has been strengthened even more in all the wars she has fought in the past, ’If you don ’t have power, you will be trampled like an insect. ’

She didn ’t want to be on the side of the people who lost.

Because of that, she never slackened her training.

Because of that mindset, she ’s strong now. Although since she was a little girl, she always liked to fight and train, which also helped her in her long journey.

”That smell… ” She sniffed the air a little.

”Victor… ” Slowly, her expression began to change.

Badump, Badump!

Her heart began to pound harder, and the thirst she was feeling began to become unbearable.

”My idiot disciple is back…. ” She spoke with a big smile on her face that showed all her sharp teeth, ”I ’ll make him pay for making me feel like this~. ”

Her red eyes glowed even brighter, and soon she disappeared, leaving behind a destroyed forest.


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