My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 109: Victor meets the in-laws. 3

Victor continued nodding, agreeing with Natasha ’s words.

Suddenly, Victor opens his eyes, ”But I don ’t care if you ’re right or not. ”

”Eh…? ”

Victor ’s eyes began to glow blood red, ”You hurt my wife, look. ”

He pointed to Sasha, who was shaking as she held Victor ’s arm.

”… ” Natasha and William looked at their daughter in silence.

”You traumatized her…. ” Victor clenched his teeth angrily, ”You traumatized your own daughter. And that ’s reason enough for me to be annoyed with you. ”

Unlike Ruby, who Scathach trained/tortured to be strong and independent, Natasha trained her daughter just for her own fun. She didn ’t even care about Sasha.

The process was the same, but the goal was different.

Victor ’s anger was so great that it was starting to affect Violet and Ruby, who were feeling his emotions through the connection.

’I need to stay calm, don ’t let yourself be influenced. ’ Ruby thought as she squeezed her hands, she needed to be the one with a calm mind, but then she looked at Violet and saw something that surprised her.

’Is she calm…? ’ Ruby looked at Violet ’s hands and saw her squeezing her hands tightly. ’Wrong, she ’s not, but she ’s holding back. ’

She exhibited a small satisfied smile, ’She has matured. ’

Adonis saw it too, and he smiled pleased at his daughter ’s coming of age, but he didn ’t know how it felt to know that his precious daughter was ’contaminated ’. However, he knew that day would eventually come, and he also respected His daughter ’s decision… He just felt complicated as a father.

”Hmm… So what? ” Natasha spoke after thinking a bit.

”… ” Victor continued to stare at Natasha.

”She is my daughter, and she belongs to me. I can do what I want with her. ” Natasha smiled and spoke.

”I had her, I raised her, she belongs to my Clan, as long as I ’m the leader of my Clan, she ’ll do what I want, right? ” Natasha looked at her daughter.

”… ” Sasha ’s body visibly trembled as she heard her mother ’s words.

”… ” Suddenly, the whole atmosphere in the house was silent again, and the atmosphere around was heavier.

People who knew Victor quickly looked to him to see what his reaction was, and surprisingly, his face was neutral, and he didn ’t look angry.

Victor looked at William, ”And you? What is your opinion about this? ”

”Me? Hmm… I don ’t care? ” William replied after thinking for a while. He really didn ’t feel anything since he only cared about Natasha and the power Clan Fulger has to offer his family, and Sasha is just a tool for him to have that safe power… Not to mention that he is too submissive to Natasha for him to try to oppose her.

But in the end… he doesn ’t care so much. After all, living life with a Countess has its benefits.

”I see… ” Victor lowered his face a little, and his expression was hidden by his hair. The killing intent coming out of his body was causing visible discomfort in the people next to him.

”Father… ” Sasha ’s body shook even harder, and she looked like she was about to cry at any moment.

’I know they thought that of me, I always knew… But why am I sad? I should be used to it by now…. ’

Ruby quickly hugs her friend to support her, and this time she didn ’t hide her anger.

’Master… ’ Yuki was worried about Victor.

Kaguya, on the other hand, just joined Victor ’s shadows.

Suddenly Victor ’s killing intent disappeared, as he lifted his head and smiled with a kind face, his smile was so peaceful, it was so warm, that he didn ’t even seem to be angry a few seconds ago.

”… ” William and Natasha opened their eyes in shock. They didn ’t expect this reaction.

’Looks like you made your decision, my son-in-law. ’ Adonis ’ smile grew a little in approval.

Even women who knew Victor well didn ’t expect this reaction from him.

’I ’m sorry, my beloved wife. ’ Victor patted Sasha ’s head.

”!!!? ” Listening to Victor ’s thoughts. Sasha, Violet, and Ruby looked at Victor.

”Don ’t- ” Before Sasha could say anything.

”Darli- ” Before Ruby and Violet could stop Victor.

Victor spoke in a gentle voice that sent shivers down Natasha and William ’s spine:

”Then you two don ’t need to exist. ”

”Wh- ” The two didn ’t have time to react.


Victor shot towards the two and grabbed them both by the face with his hands, then, using their bodies, he broke through the mansion wall easily. When he arrived outside the mansion, his body was covered in lightning, and, using the lightning, he flew into the skies and took them both away from the royal capital.

”Darling, NOOO! ” Sasha yelled.


Everyone can only hear the lightning sounds in the distance.


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