My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 114: Another crazy mother-in-law.

as he clapped his hands.

”I ’m considered crazy by the people around me, but you? You ’re crazier than me, and to make matters worse, you ’re a sociopath! HAHAHAHA~! ” He was laughing like he thought something was hilarious.

But inside, he was very calm; ’This is bad, my time is running out, I need to kill her fast somehow, I ’m not a match for her in a straight fight, I need one more distraction. ’

Victor knew. He knows he only got this far because he knew how to use the opportunities presented to him correctly.

The enemy didn ’t know his full potential, and, using that opening, he could kill a stronger enemy. The enemy got careless because their mate died, and the enemy ’s mental state was shaken. He could also use that opening, but at the last moment, this crazy woman showed her true personality.

”How rude, calling me a sociopath. ” Natasha shook her hair elegantly, ”I am the sanest person you will ever meet in this world, my son-in-law. ”

”… ” Victor ’s eyes narrowed. Even though she had abandoned her mask, this change is too ridiculous, and she even looks like someone else.

’What is happening? Your whole temper has changed. Even your way of speaking has changed… ’

Natasha looked at her clothes.

”Ahh~, Ahh~, my clothes are all destroyed, and I liked that dress, it brought out my breasts… Even though they were small… ” She patted her body to remove the dust from herself.

Finishing cleaning off the remains of her clothes, she looks at Victor and flashes a seductive smile, ”Tell me, my son-in-law~, do you like my figure? ” She lifted her breasts as if trying to seduce him.

”… ” A vein popped in Scathach ’s head, but then she looked at Victor and saw him impassive as if nothing interested him; ’Good~ ’ Not even she knows why she was happy when he didn ’t react to that woman.

”…I ’m sorry, but I ’m married. ”

”Tch, so what if you ’re married? You can jump the fence, you know? As they say, the grass next door is always prettier, and I ’m an older woman, so I can teach you a lot of things that young girls can ’t~. ”

”I refuse. ”

”Oh… Are you the type who likes a woman just for yourself? How greedy~. ” She showed a playful smile, ”But it ’s okay! I can kill all my husbands, and we can have threesomes! ” Her smile was quite distorted, and her eyes were lifeless.

”Threesomes? ” Victor didn ’t understand.

”Of course! I ’m talking about me. ” she pointed to herself.

”You. ” She pointed to Victor.

”And my daughter~! ”

”… ” Victor ’s face distorted. ’This crazy bitch… ’

”Ahh~ what a scary expression~ but I like it~ ” She displayed a small smile that showed her sharp teeth.

Crack, Crack!

Sounds of trees breaking can be heard by Victor and Natasha.

”Natashia… Do you want to die? ” A demonic voice was heard.

”Oya, Oya? Were you there, Scathach? ” The woman ’s eyes glowed a little blood red.

”What happened to the other one? ” Scathach ignored the woman and asked in a neutral tone.

”Dead? Probably. I don ’t know, I just took the chance to go out. It ’s been 21 years since I went out to see this beautiful world! ” She made exaggerated gestures while looking at the moon.

”I was very bored with the other me, she is a very useless woman, she didn ’t take good care of my dear and beloved daughter, and she even lost the title that my family fought so hard to get in the past, but with me here, it ’s okay! I will fix everything! ” She struck a victory pose as if she were a hero who had come to save the day.

This pose would be kind of cool if she wasn ’t naked.

Now, she just looked like a crazy exhibitionist.

”Ugh. You should have stayed asleep. ” Scathach put a hand to her head.

”Eh…? Don ’t be mean, Scathach! I want to go out and have some fun, you know? Not to mention that I now have a very interesting son-in-law. ”

”You have? ” Scathach ’s eyes gleamed dangerously.

”Yes, I have. ” Natashia looked at Scathach with the same look as if she were defying the woman.

”Heh~ ” Scathach grew a small smile, then took a step towards Natashia to fight.

”W-Wait! Don ’t attack me now! ” She looked like a cat that had its tail stepped on, ”I just woke up, that ’s rude, you know? The other me procrastinated too much, and I ’m still weak! But I will fight you in the future! Like old times~. ”

”Tsk, ” Scathach turned away in annoyance.


Natashia sighed in relief. She was glad her friend backed off.

’Natashia…? Why is my master talking like she ’s talking to someone else? ’

”Kaguya, ” Victor spoke in a low voice.

[I don ’t know what ’s going on either.]

Natashia looked at Victor and flashed a seductive smile:

”Nice to meet you, my beloved son-in-law~. My name is Natashia, and I apologize for the problems my other self caused~. ”

The only thing that crossed Victor ’s mind right now:

”…What the fuck is going on? ”


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