My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 11: Obsession... And The Perfect Maid.

again from entering Violet ’s room. I also know if I enter Violet ’s room now, and I see my wife as she came into the world, I ’m going to get excited again, and start teasing my wife.

On the one hand, I want to go into my wife ’s room right now, but this horrible stench that seems like the stench of a sewer lowers my spirits… Tsk, first let ’s solve this little problem, I can ’t be horny now.

I decide to follow Kaguya ’s suggestion and walk towards the room next to Violet, I enter the room and see that there is a change of new clothes on the bed.

”Lord Victor, do you want help changing? ” Kaguya asked while gesturing with her hand, she was looking at me with an expressionless face, but I could see her eyes shining. I swear I saw her doing an expression of ’please accept, I ’m a trustworthy maid ’.

… I ’ll be honest, I was a little curious how she was going to change my clothes so, like a good adventurer, I said, ”Of course, help me change my clothes. ”

When I spoke those words, Kaguya ’s eyes changed to blood red, and I could see her eyes light up as if she was excited then she displayed a small satisfied smile. ”As expected from Lord Victor; Lady Violet has chosen a good husband ”

Before I can understand anything, she … disappeared into shadows and passed through my body? I noticed that the clothes that were on the bed disappeared and, without me understanding anything that happened, Kaguya was standing in front of me again holding the clothes I was wearing. The clothes I was wearing were even folded! It all happened so fast I could barely understand what happened.

I look down at my chest and realize I was already dressed. ”…This is impressive… ” I comment surprised. I was talking about her speed, and how she changed my clothes without me feeling her touch on my body…

She holds her hand to her chest as a gesture of respect and speaks with an expressionless face, but I can tell she was proud, ”I am the strongest and most perfect maid, of course, this would be a natural result. ”

”Heh, ” I display a small smile, somehow I find her adorable, I approach her and start stroking her head.

She lifts her expressionless face a little and looks at me, I could see her eyes light up a little, she looked excited: ”Lord Victor, please keep your hands off the maids. Within just one day, are you already cheating on your wife? ”

My smile threatens to break when I hear what Kaguya says: ”Is it not the maid ’s duty to serve her master? ” I spoke with a small smile.

”So, you are abusing your authority. ” She spoke with the same expressionless face. ”I understand, as it ’s the master ’s order, I can ’t do anything. After all, the master ’s orders are absolute and, as I am a perfect maid and the eldest of my sisters, I must be the one to sacrifice myself so that you don ’t lay your hands on the younger maids. ” She spoke as if she were making a great sacrifice.

This maid, she ’s read a lot of erotic books… I stop stroking her head and tug at both her plump cheeks.

”Lord Victor~, I ’m not a masochist~, I don ’t like pain, please stop~ ”

”Stop your delusions, maid. ” I let go of her cheek, when she lowered her head and touched her cheeks which I pulled, I stroked her head lightly and said:

”Good job Kaguya, ” I said gratefully, I really liked this maid ’s personality. I feel Kaguya tremble a little when I said those words, I think she didn ’t like what I said? I look down, but I just see Kaguya ’s black hair.

I stopped petting Kaguya and left the room, as I walk towards the stairs that lead to my house, I decided to wait for Violet upstairs. After all, I just heard my parents ’ voices, I think they came home.

When Victor left the room, Violet who was wearing a different outfit appeared in the room Victor was in and looked at Kaguya who had a shocked expression.

”Kaguya ” Violet speaks.

Kaguya awakens from stupor and assumes a blank expression.

”Yes, Lady Violet? ”

Violet ’s eyes changed to blood red and she spoke in an emotionless tone, ”He ’s mine… He ’s only mine! ” She spoke in an obsessive tone.

”I know, Lady Violet, I was just surprised, it won ’t happen again. ”

”Good ” Violet ’s eyes return to their normal color and she smiles contentedly, Violet turns and starts walking towards the stairs.

”Lady Violet ” Kaguya calls out.

Violet stops walking.

”What do you intend to do about Lady Sasha and Lady Ruby? ” Violet heard Kaguya say.

Violet ’s body starts to shake, she clenches her fists tightly and the air around Violet starts to heat up. If a normal human saw Violet ’s face at this point, they would just run away in fear.

Her face was distorted in anger, her eyes were glowing with a dangerous glint, and all her sharp teeth were showing. She didn ’t look like a noblewoman, she looked like a monster that was hateful enough to burn the world.

Realizing that Violet was losing control again, Kaguya takes a small green ball from her pocket and breaks it, then she spoke in a neutral tone, ”June. ”

”I know! I know! ” June who was wearing a green bikini appears in a magic circle and, with a snap of her fingers, she insulated the entire basement she created with a sound isolation barrier. She made sure that any sound could not be heard outside the door or on the surface, she also reinforces the walls with her magic power.

No longer able to take the feeling she was holding, Violet punches the wall: ”Those bitches! ”


The wall breaks in the shape of a spider ’s web.

”She has an absurd strength as always, and it looks like she ’s stronger? ” June spoke in a calm tone as if this happened often, but she was a little surprised that Violet was getting stronger.

”He is just mine! Just mine! I will not allow any woman near him! I will kill those whores! ”

A bloody pressure began to spread throughout the basement, realizing that Violet was raging uncontrollably and not returning to normal, Kaguya says:

”Lady Violet… The two women are your childhood friends… ”

Hearing Kaguya ’s words, the atmosphere around Violet weakened considerably, but the sense of danger was still present.

Violet clenches her fists tightly, and bites her lip in frustration; it ’s like she ’s having an internal battle, but soon her obsession with Victor seems to win.

Violet spoke in a tone devoid of emotions: ”I know…I know…I know…That ’s why I don ’t want Victor to meet them, I don ’t want to have to kill my friends from childhood. ” Soon she began to control her powers and the atmosphere returned to normal as if nothing had happened.

June makes a gesture with her hands and soon the barrier she put in place disappears: ”As always, the same amount of money in the same bank account. I ’ll charge a little more also for the teleportation tools, these things aren ’t cheap, and please don ’t call me suddenly, I was in Hawaii enjoying the beach, you know? Tsk, Tsk, Seeya. ” She spoke as she threw three more green balls to Kaguya who took them and put them in her pocket.

From beginning to end, Kaguya just looked at June like she was looking at a piece of trash, but in the end, she nodded her head in agreement with June ’s requests. The witch ’s services were cheaper compared to other witches who she knew, so spending a little money to prevent Violet from screwing it up is a small price to pay in Kaguya ’s view.

Natalia the blonde maid appears from a hidden door, she came here through the secret passages June made in the basement. She was just having tea in one of the hidden rooms in this basement, but she decided to come here when she saw the noise Violet was making.

”What do you intend to do? ” Natalia asked.

Kaguya sighed and said:

”As the perfect maid, I cannot let Lady Violet make a mistake that she will regret in the future. After all, the maid must always want the best for her master… ” She spoke in a neutral tone, then she continued:

”Lady Violet is not taking the whole situation calmly, her obsession with Victor is clouding her judgment… The ritual is absolute, all three women must join Lord Victor, because if they don ’t Lord Victor may fall into a deep sleep, and the two women could also join him… ”

If that happens, Lady Violet will go mad… Kaguya can ’t help but think inwardly.

”Sigh, this whole situation is complicated, especially considering this has never happened before. ” Natalia spoke in a neutral tone with a small sigh.

Kaguya nods, and soon she makes a decision: ”I ’ll get in touch with Lady Ruby and Lady Sasha. ”

Natalia the blonde maid who was wearing a French maid uniform said, ”Be careful with the church dogs when you go out. ”

Kaguya nods and disappears into the darkness.

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