My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 127: The love of a goddess.

s didn ’t know how to feel knowing that a boy who had barely stopped wearing diapers, at least from her perspective, had become a Count.

’Although, that fight… ’ Agnes remembered Victor ’s fight with Natashia that she saw from the recording Natalia had made. ’That is not the power of a young vampire. ’

”Lady Agnes! Lady Agnes! ” Hilda seemed to be very shaken. She totally lost her composure and completely ignored the intimate moment of the two counts and invaded the room.

”You heard!? ”

”Of course not, I was deaf all of a sudden, and I didn ’t hear anything, ” Agnes spoke in a sarcastic tone.

”… This is bad. I must call a doctor! ” Hilda suddenly ran out of the room.

”… ” Agnes looked at this with an expression that she didn ’t know how to react. ”Has her brain melted? ”


Suddenly Adonis started to laugh, and, even though there was blood coming out of his mouth, he didn ’t care.

”D-Darling, don ’t laugh, you ’ll get worse. ”

”It ’s okay, it ’s okay. ” He said, laughing, and then continued, ”And you may be correct, for the first time, I may have an incorrect prediction. ”

”Right? Our daughter will not go crazy for no reason. ” Agnes moved away from the bed.

”I have some work to do, and I need to visit my son-in-law… Sigh. ” Agnes felt lazy. She didn ’t want to go back all the way to the royal capital.

” Take care of yourself~, ” Adonis spoke with a smile on his face.

”Thank you, Darling. And absolutely, do not get out of bed. ” Her eyes weren ’t pretty.

”Okay? ”

”…Yes… ” He had no choice.

”Good. ” She displayed a happy smile.

Suddenly Agnes turned around, ”HILDA, I ’m leaving! Take care of the house! ”


Soon the woman disappeared from Adonis ’ room.

When his wife left, Adonis wore a sad smile:

”I ’m sorry, Honey. But I lied… It wasn ’t just two visions. ” He remembered the last vision he had.

The shadow of a woman was hugging him as she spoke:

’My husband, I will get you back~, no matter how much time passes~, no matter how much that bitch tries to avoid it, one day… The queen of the underworld will have her beloved back. You can ’t run away from me. ’ ’

He looked up at the ceiling and thought; ’Looks like Persephone can ’t wait any longer… ’

The last sight Adonis saw was… His own death. But that was something he would never tell anyone. After all, he didn ’t want to hurt his beloved daughter… or Agnes…

Before Victor ’s declaration as a new Count.

In a mansion that seemed to be slowly being rebuilt.

”Hey there, that piece of furniture is a little to the right. ”

”Hey you there, stop being soft! I want this new mansion built like never before in less than 1 month! ”

Victoria was ordering everyone around. She had a rather annoyed expression on her face. Because of a certain someone who visited her, almost all her mansion was destroyed! Hateful man!

”…She seems more irritated than usual, ” Hecate told Tatsuya while he was swinging his sword. He looked like he was training.

”Well, I can ’t blame her. I would feel that way too if my room was broken into, and destroyed… ” Suddenly a vein popped in Tatsuya ’s head as he remembered something, ’stopping to think now, my room was destroyed too, huh? ’

”Hmm? ” Tatsuya looked at the sky. For a moment, he could feel something approaching.

And Tatsuya knew only one person who could fly through the skies at high speed.

Suddenly Tatsuya ’s expression darkened; ’Don ’t tell me that man is coming back? ’ His whole body shook; he didn ’t want to play with his new ’friend ’.

Rumble, Rumble!

”… ” Hearing the lightning sound in the distance, Hecate, Tatsuya, and Victoria ’s faces darkened.

’He is coming! ’

Rumble, Rumble!

Suddenly, lightning struck the garden.


A small explosion happened.

”… ” Victoria looked at this scene with an expressionless expression… ’My garden… ’ And then a vein popped in her head.

”Victor-…? ” When she was about to scream Victor ’s name, she suddenly heard a woman ’s voice.

”Ouch… Despite knowing how to use this technique, I still don ’t know how to land properly… ”

Suddenly Victoria ’s whole face seemed to freeze. She knew that voice too well.

”Mother? ” Tatsuya walked beside his mother and saw her paralyzed face. ”Mother…? ”

”Hmm… Am I in the right place? Ugh, I can ’t see anything with this smoke. ” The woman seemed to make a movement with her hand, and soon a gust of wind took place.

Tatsuya and Hecate looked towards the woman and saw a vision that left them paralyzed.

A woman who looked very much like Victoria was standing in front of them, she was wearing a very noble white dress, and that dress was painted with several bloodstains.

”Oh, Sister~. I found you. ” Natashia smiled at the three of them with a bloody smile.

This sight only made them more terrified.


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