My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 131: An existence that defies common sense.

”FUCK! ” Theo only got angrier when he remembered what happened.

”He humiliated me! In front of all my brothers and servants! ”

”…I wouldn ’t look at it that way, ” Lucas spoke.

Theo looked at his brother, ”What do you mean? ”

”Our father is an over 5000 year old monster. He doesn ’t say useless things. ” Lucas looked at his brother:

”Think about it. How many times has our father reprimanded us? ”

”Twice… ” He spoke after thinking for a moment.

”Yes, the first one was when you and I went hunting wolves in the past, and it ended up provoking them into a war.

”Yes, ” Theo remembered they were very arrogant in the past and almost died at the hands of the wolves.

”And today was the second. ”

Lucas continued, ”Throughout our entire existence, he has only reprimanded us twice, and when he did, he seemed to know all our faults and what we were doing wrong. ”

”Although he always seems indifferent and doesn ’t care about us, he knows everything about us… Quite honestly, it ’s terrifying. ” Lucas ’s body shook a little.

He would never get used to his father. The man was just too scary, although that ’s why he respected him too.

”… ” Theo nodded in agreement with his brother ’s words.

”Although… ” Lucas made a neutral face, ”He is the king. Of course, he has eyes everywhere, though I doubt he has eyes outside his territory. ” He displayed a small smile on his face.

”… ” Theo sighed inwardly. He was very relieved now that he heard his younger brother ’s words, although he didn ’t show it on his face.

He didn ’t want his father to find out about his plans yet.

He started to think of something:

”Where is your son? ”

”Hmm? Why do you want to know? ” Lucas raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

”I will call my son back, and I want your son to keep my son company. ” He spoke vaguely and didn ’t give much information, and that seemed to irritate his brother.

Lucas ’ eyes glowed a little blood red, ”…Don ’t treat me like a fool, tell me what you ’re planning. ”

”…I will use our children to cause trouble with the new Count-. ” Theo didn ’t even finish speaking, and his brother interrupted him.

”Stop. Did your brain melt or stop working? ”

”Huh? ” Theo didn ’t understand what his brother was implying.

”Oh, I know. ” Lucas seemed to understand something, ”You ’re still angry. Stop whining like a child and get over it! ”

Theo gritted his teeth, ”…I ’m not whining. ”

He just didn ’t like something… He didn ’t like the special treatment that man was getting from the king.

21 years old and already a Count, huh? Is his existence a joke? Theo didn ’t like feeling that way at all.

He didn ’t like to feel inferior… He ’s the eldest son of the vampire king! He is important!

Lucas ignored what Theo said, ”You want to send my son to the man who dared attack the king of all vampires in his own castle. ”

”… ” Theo was silent.

”I don ’t know that man, but seeing that smile, seeing the way he talked to the king, and seeing his transformation, there ’s one thing we all agree on. ”

”He ’s crazy… Completely crazy… On a scale of 0 to 100, he easily exceeded the maximum meter and hit 1000. ”

Who in their right mind would attack the vampire king in his own castle!? This is just suicide!

”I wouldn ’t doubt that he would kill our children and deliver their heads to the king himself! He ’s that kind of man! ”

”… ” Theo thought it made sense. A man who dared to attack the king and challenged the king ’s authority by creating a clan that contained the king ’s name just written backwards. That kind of man would do it without even hesitating.

”But they are the king ’s grandchildren, you know? You know our father, he is very doting-. ” Theo would go on to say that the king would never allow anyone to harm his family.

”This only applies to his children, to his grandchildren, he pretends they don ’t even exist. ” Lucas was quite strict, he was the one who admired his father the most, and because of that, he can say with absolute certainty that their father doesn ’t care about his grandchildren.

”Calm your mind, and think clearly before making a decision. ” Lucas gave some advice.


Theo sighed, and then he took a deep breath.

”You ’re right. For now, I ’ll just focus on that creature, he ’s my trump card… ”

Lucas looked at his brother as if he was mad, ”…Are you dumb? ”

”…Huh? ”

”Didn ’t you hear what that man said about Clan Fulger? ”

”Ah… ” He totally forgot about that.

”That crazy woman is going to challenge the Horseman Clan again. You should be worried about that. ”

”… You are right. ” Theo looked at his brother through narrowed eyes.

”Have you gotten smarter? ”

”No, I ’m just trying to put into practice what our dad told us. ” Lucas turned and walked out of the office.

Theo stared at Lucas ’ back; ’He was the one who always sought our father ’s approval, I think hearing our father ’s words today must have motivated him… ’

When Lucas ’s back disappeared from Theo ’s view, the first prince looked into his room. ”What a mess… ”

”Theo…? ” Listening to the gentle voice.

Theo turned and looked back, and soon he saw a woman who made him very happy, ”Mother. ”

The woman smiled, ”Come, my son. ” She reached out to her son, ”We need to talk about what happened today. ”

”Yes, we do. ” Theo reached out and took the woman ’s hand.

”Master, is everything alright? ” Alexios, who was beside the king, asked.

”About what? ”

”About today… You made a lot of decisions. ”

”Did I make a wrong decision? ” Vlad raised an eyebrow.

Alexios put his hand on his chin and started thinking, ”No, you made a lot of good decisions today. ”

”First, you gained a powerful ally. That man, he ’s a lot like Countess Scathach Scarlett. If you don ’t touch his family, or harm his wives, he won ’t do anything. He ’s a pretty easy-going individual. ”

”And from the things my daughter said about the man, he ’s pretty easy to get along with too… ”

”… ” Vlad listened to Alexios ’ words in silence since this was something he was used to. Whenever he made a decision, he listened to the opinion of his most faithful servant and advisor, although…

The king looked at Alexios.

’Their appearance never changes… ’ For a moment, the king saw a man who looked very much like his friend who died thousands of years ago.

’2500 years, huh? It ’s a long time old friend, even for me… Although most of the time, I spent sleeping… and waiting… ’

”Second, by declaring that a new Count has been born, the vampire community will finally come out of the monotony. They will feel that new times are coming. ”

”Third, you ’ve gained a friend… A strange friend. ”

”…Huh? ” He raised an eyebrow, ”…What are you talking about? ”

”Victor Walker… No, Victor Alucard. He ’s the same as you, master. ”

”… ”

”One destined to be king, and only kings can understand other kings. ” Alexios spoke, thinking; ’Although he is not yet qualified to be called a king, as he is too young for that. But the potential is there… After all, no one is ever born knowing something, you learn over time… Or someone teaches you. ’

”Master has seen it, right? Although Master is much stronger than he is, he is not afraid to interact with you as an equal, and this is something that few have dared to do. Master needed someone like that. ”

”What kind of nonsense are you talking about? ” Vlad didn ’t understand his servant ’s advice.

”Master, you got used to the monotony, and you got used to being on top. How long has it been since you last had a proper conversation with your children? Or even your wives…? ” Alexios spoke the last words carefully.

As a vampire who was the king of a race, he ’d gotten used to being treated as superior to everyone, and while that wasn ’t bad… The problem is, it ’s gone to his head.

”… ” Vlad thought for a moment and replied, ”2000 thousand years, I think? ”

He completely forgot about his family.

”… ” ’I wouldn ’t be surprised if your wives decide to cheat on you with another man, master. ’ That ’s what Alexios wanted to say, but he was silent.

2000 years is a long time, even for vampires who live a long life…

’The only woman I had recently interacted with was Ophis ’ mother… ’ Vlad ’s face distorted.

”Do you think this is possible? ” He was talking about a possible betrayal by his wives.

”… ” Alexios made a difficult face; he didn ’t want to answer that question.

”Answer honestly. ”

”Yes… It ’s possible. ”


Vlad shattered a piece of his throne with the grip of his hand. ’Victor was correct… ’

”Master, how many years has it been since you have given your blood to your wives? ”

”Too long… ” Vlad didn ’t want to talk about it anymore.

”… ” Alexios didn ’t continue to speak. He knew that his master understood what he was implying.

Just like Victor, the king fed his wives with his blood, but… It had been years since he last fed his wives, and when they would call out to him like they did a few moments ago, he was always busy.

Seeing the deadly serious face of his king, he said,

”…Just don ’t do something you ’ll regret in the future, master. ”

”… ” Vlad didn ’t say anything. He just closed his eyes and leaned back against his throne.

Victor, without realizing it or having intentions to do so, caused a small wave that would forever change the royal family in the future.


[Author note: And with that… We finished the second volume! Many thanks to everyone who accompanied me here! There were more than 250k words made! Umu!

Next volume, I plan to be a little bigger than this one, but I ’ll make sure I do a good job! See you later!]

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