My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 136: They provoke the wrong monsters. 2

”Ugh, master went out again, and didn ’t take me… ” Kaguya spoke with a slightly irritated face.

It was because of this attitude of Victor that Kaguya believed she should always keep an eye on him. She felt that every time she looked away for a bit, he ’d disappear! He seemed like a lost child!

After using his Charm on the leader of the Assassins and discovering the enemies ’ locations, Victor and Scathach left without saying anything to anyone.

”Tsk, these insects. ” Kaguya looked around with eyes glowing blood red at the Assassins who had been frozen.

She was a little irritated and wanted to take her anger out on someone. Luckily there were some frozen punching bags nearby.

”Hmm… What happened, Kaguya? ” Pepper appeared along with Siena and Lacus.

”… Intruders, but my master and Countess Scathatch have already taken care of them. ” Kaguya returned to her neutral expression and spoke.

”… Fueee? Why didn ’t I feel anything…? ” Pepper looked very sleepy.

”They ’re wearing outfits and gear enchanted by witches… ” Siena moved closer to the ice structures and watched as she placed a hand on her chin.

”And they are high level, it must have cost a lot of money… ” Lacus continued, she tapped lightly on the ice structure, and as if premeditated, the ice structure broke, and the Assassins ’ body split in various strange directions.

”Oopsss… ” She spoke with a not very apologetic face.

Shortly after, Violet, Ruby, and Sasha appeared.

”Darling seemed to be annoyed. ” Violet spoke in a neutral tone, then she flashed a distorted smile, ”Looks like a Clan is going to disappear today. ”

”Yes. That is the obvious result of what ’s going to happen. Everyone knows what happens when they invade Clan Scarlett ’s territory. I wonder why they suddenly became bold. ” Ruby thought out loud.

”Must be because my Darling has become a Count? And they ’re wanting the title for themselves? But they know that ’s not how the rules work… ” Sasha spoke up.

”Yes, the rule is absolute. You must challenge the Count in a game… Maybe this attack has another purpose, ” Ruby said.

”Hmm… I think it ’s to test the new Count? ” Siena spoke.

”What do you mean? ” Ruby spoke.

”Something like that happened 500 years ago. A new noble Clan appeared, and some vampires sent someone to test the reaction of this new Clan… It ’s quite common. ” Siena spoke.

”So they are idiots. Even someone with 2 IQ can deduce what kind of personality my husband has just from the fight he had with Tatsuya and Einer. ” Sasha spoke.

”Well, they want to test their luck, I guess? ” Siena continued.

”… ” The group began to think about the reason for the attack until Violet spoke.

”Ahhh, just forget it. It ’s no use guessing the bugs ’ thoughts, they ’ll disappear soon anyway. ” Violet spoke, and then she turned around, ”I ’m going to sleep. ”

”… ” The women looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders as if there was no choice.

”Violet is right, it ’s no use thinking about it too much. Let ’s go to sleep. ” Ruby yawned a little.

”Yes, let ’s go to bed, ” Sasha spoke.

”Yeshh…Sleep… ” Pepper walked back to her room.

”Luna, are you there? ” Siena said.

”Yes. ” Luna quickly appears beside Siena.

”Can you kill them all? My mom just froze them… ”

”…I don ’t think that ’s a good idea. ”

”Hmm? Why? ”

”Countess Scathach never does anything useless. If she left them alive, it ’s because she wants to use them for something… ” Luna said.

”Oh, you ’re right… So just gather everyone in a hole or something. ”

”Yes. ” Luna disappeared and went to carry out her orders.

”Let ’s go back to sleep, Lacus. ”

”Yes… ” Lacus looked at Kaguya, ”And you Kaguya? ”

”I will wait for my master, ” Kaguya spoke.

”If only Yuki had the same dedication as you… ” Lacus chuckled when she thought of the maid who was sleeping like a rock.

”She is young, ” Kaguya spoke and then disappeared into the shadows.

”You are too… ” Lacus chuckled and then walked towards her room.

Clan Amon, named after a demon, was a Clan of noble vampires focused on murderous work, namely contract killings.

They ’d kill anyone as long as someone presented an adequate reward. The reward in this case being anything that catches the attention of the leader of Clan Amon, who was a very skilled assassin.

They were the ones who sent the assassins to Scathach ’s mansion.

And that Clan was now on fire.

”Hiiii! What is that!? What is this monster!? ” Clan leader Amon screamed in fear as he watched a formless monster covered in fire walking towards him.

All around him was a sea of flame. Vampires were running for their lives, but the cocoon of fire around Clan Amon ’s mansion prevented any vampires from leaving or entering.

And those who tried to pass through the cocoon only had one fate… Death.

Victor ’s eyes glowed blood red, ”You know… Normally, I ’d like a good fight, or even have fun playing with you guys a little bit, but… ” Despite his body on fire, his voice was so cold it sent shivers down Clan leader Amon ’s spine.

”You are not worthy. ”

Seeing the distorted smile on the man ’s face, the Clan leader tried to negotiate:

”W-Wait, why are you doing this!? We ’re just a clan of assassins, we ’ve been hired! ”

”And? ”

”We have nothing to do with this! Count Alucard, someone else hired us to attack your house, we were just tools! ”

”And? ” Victor continued walking towards the man.

”Hiiii! ” The man was terrified.

”We can provide information on our contractor! ”

”No need, I already know everything. You were going to say that a man with a hood hired you, right? ”

”Y-Yes… ”

”And that this man offered a rare specimen of a monster that lives in the West, and you got interested in it. Because of that, you decided to accept the contract to try and kill me, right? ” Every word Victor said, his image became more distorted by fire, and his monstrous smile grew.


The clan leader gulped and didn ’t answer Victor ’s question, but that didn ’t matter in front of Victor.

”Answer me. ” One look was enough to bend the man ’s will.

”Yes… ”

Victor stopped in front of the man.

The man knelt, seeing the image of Victor completely ablaze in front of him, his eyes opened wide:

”A monster… ”

Victor ’s sadistic smile only grew, and he pointed his palm at the man:

”Turn to Ashes. ”


A barrage of fire shot out of Victor ’s hand.

’Ahhh… I shouldn ’t have taken this job… ’ These were the clan leader ’s last thoughts.

Seeing that there was nothing left of the clan leader, Victor looked around at the remaining vampires.

When the vampires felt Victor ’s gaze, they quickly began to speak.

”Count Alucard, please, we didn ’t do anything! It was all orders from the former leader! ”

”Yes, Yes! We didn ’t want to face you! ”

”It was all a plan by the former leader. He was the one who accepted the contract, we are innocent. ”

The vampires began to put all the blame on the leader and tried to save themselves.

Seeing this pathetic display, Victor ’s mood only worsened again.

”Silence. ” Victor ’s voice silenced all the vampires.

”…? ” The vampires started to feel the temperature around them increasing, and they also found they couldn ’t speak!

He took a deep breath and slowly let the air out of his lungs, visualizing an image in his mind. He visualized his entire surroundings on fire like he was inside a sun, then he said:

”…All creation turns to ashes. ”

Suddenly, everything around Victor lit up with fire, and that fire slowly began to expand and reduce everything around him to ash.

”!!! ” The vampires ran for their lives and tried to escape, but it was useless as they soon ran into a wall of fire.

They looked back, and seeing that wave of fire approaching, they internally cursed their leader for bringing this monster to their door.

When Victor ’s power turned everything to ash, a silence fell over the area.

”Finally, a bit of silence, ” Victor spoke as he looked around and saw that all the structures and the corpses of the vampires turned to ash. He noticed that the ground had also turned black as if it were burnt, and he waved the flames away, dispelling them, extremely satisfied when he realized that he managed to control his attack even though it was the first time he had tried to do something like that.

He was satisfied that he didn ’t blast everything as usual. After all, this area can be used later by the king, right? He is doing his job as a Count!

If the king heard that, he would say something like, ”Do you think a Count ’s job is to eliminate an entire clan and create plains with their powers? ”

Though Victor probably wouldn ’t mind what the king said.

”HmmmHmmm. I learned something new today. As expected, by visualizing what I want to do in my head, it ’s much easier when doing large scale attacks. Living and learning~. ”

Suddenly Victor stopped walking.

”Heh~… ” Victor looked up, his eyes glowing blood red, and soon his world became shades of red.

Like a telescope ’s zoom, his vision rose to the sky, and he found an animal that was bathed in black energy.

This was the first time he saw this type of energy in beings.

Rumble, Rumble.

Victor ’s body was spontaneously covered in lightning, and at a speed faster than a blink of an eye, he was in front of the black owl, grabbing it by the head.

The owl started to thrash around, but Victor didn ’t care. He just stared steadily into the owl ’s eyes.

Having heard about the observation tools the witches created, Victor knew the enemy was looking through that owl ’s eyes.

”I don ’t know who you are… I don ’t care either… ” slowly, the skin on Victor ’s face began to disappear, ”But you ’d better hide… Because the moment I find you. .. ”

Victor ’s face seemed to have lost its shape, and only a black outline with red eyes and sharp teeth was seen, sporting a distorted smile for the owl.

”I will devour you. ”

Victor ’s mouth had grown disproportionately to his body, and then, he swallowed the whole owl.

”Hmm~, it tastes like bread and cheese… I ’ll catch more of these owls and eat them if I come across them~. ”

”I must go back to Scathach, she must be finished too. ” After completely getting rid of what was bothering him, Victor felt much lighter.


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