My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 140: Victor returned home. 2

The moment Victor came out of the portal, he looked around and saw that he was underground. He took a deep breath:

”Home Sweet Home. ” he let out the breath he inhaled and laughed a little.

He looked around and saw that the place was a mess like it had been abandoned.

”June, can you organize this place? Use your powers. ” Violet spoke when she noticed that little detail too.

”Yes, Yes, ” June spoke up.

”Now that I think about it, why are you still here June? ” Victor asked.

”I have some information to give to Lady Sasha, but the opportunity to do so has yet to come. ” June raised her hands, and several magic circles began to cover the basement, and as if by magic, the whole place was clean.

”Ahh, that makes sense, ” Victor said.

After all, a lot of things happened in a short time again, and the girls probably didn ’t have time to talk properly.

Kaguya came out of Victor ’s shadows and said, ”What do we do, master? ”

”Hmm, I need to talk to my parents, Ruby, Sasha, and Violet are coming with me. I want to properly introduce you to my parents. The rest will stay here and settle down. ”

”… Eh? ” Violet, Ruby, and Sasha didn ’t know how to react.

Victor looked at his wives with a strange look, ”What is that surprised look? ”

”…Are you going to introduce us to your parents…? ” Ruby asked.

”Of course. They ’re your in-laws too. I know Ruby and Sasha have done this before, but I want to do it properly. ”

”Darling… ” Ruby, Violet, and Sasha all flashed a loving smile.

”Let ’s go? ” Victor displayed a gentle smile.

”Yes! ” Soon they walked towards another exit that led towards the street.

”Kaguya, don ’t forget to update the vampires who are protecting my parents about what happened, ” Victor spoke as he walked.

”Yes, Master. ” Kaguya understood her orders, ”Natalia, Maria, help me with the bags, and you June, help me too. ”

”Eh…? But I ’m not a maid. ”

”… ” Natalia, Maria, and Kaguya looked at June with a dry look.

”…Fine…I ’ll do it. ” June walked towards the bags, ”A witch working for free. If my sisters heard that, they would laugh at me… ” She muttered.

”Oh…? Are you working for free? How funny… ” Natalia flashed a small ’gentle ’ smile.

”…I ’m just going to take the bags, right!? Fine! Ugh… ” If there ’s one thing June has learned, it ’s that Natalia is a black belly! Never tease that smiling maid! She may look kind, but she has the personality of a demon!

Current location, in front of Victor ’s house. Current time, night.

”Has the door decreased in size…? ”

”Darling, it ’s you who grew in size… ”

”Oh, that ’s true. ”

”… ” Ruby didn ’t know what to say to her husband ’s attitude… Don ’t tell me…

”Darling, are you nervous? ” Ruby showed an amused smile.

”N-Nervous? Me? Hahahaha! I am the man who gladly went into the lion ’s mouth (Scathach). How can I be nervous? ”

”… ” Violet and Ruby just flashed a small amused smile when they saw how Victor was acting.

”…This is somehow very familiar… ” Sasha spoke, she thought for a moment, and then remembered the first time she was here with Ruby.

”Oh, he ’s reacting the same way as Ruby. ”

”…? ” Victor looked at Sasha, ”What are you talking about? ”

”When-. ” When Sasha was going to say how Ruby reacted the first time they came here.

”She ’s not saying anything! Why don ’t you knock on the door, Darling? ” Ruby quickly covered Sasha ’s mouth and spoke with a gentle smile towards Victor.

”Okay… ” Victor looked at the door again. To be honest, he was freaking out since he didn ’t know how his family would react and that scared him.

”HmmmmHmmm ” Sasha tried to say something, but only indecipherable sounds were produced.

”Pfft… You guys are still kids. ” Violet was feeling like she had the high ground.

Ruby looked at Violet menacingly, ”I wonder who was crying at night-. ”

Before Ruby could continue, Violet quickly covered Ruby ’s mouth with her hand:

”We promised not to tell anyone about this, right…? ” Violet ’s eyes were dark as a black hole, but Ruby wasn ’t intimidated.

She just kept looking at Violet with a look that said, ’Go on, I know all your secrets! I bet he ’ll love knowing about this and that! ’

”… ” Violet was thinking of a way to permanently silence her childhood friends.

”AHHHH! Whatever! ” Victor freaked out! And he made a move that shocked his wives…

He clicked on the bell.

Din-don, Din-don!

”… ” An uncomfortable silence fell in the area, as a cold sweat began to fall from Violet, Ruby, and Sasha ’s faces.

”Yes. Give me a second. ”

When Victor heard his mother ’s voice, his whole body visibly trembled, but he still kept his expression neutral.

”… ” Violet, Sasha, and Ruby just stared at the door as if a terrifying enemy was going to step out of the door at any moment.

And suddenly!

The door was opened…

”Hmm? Why is there a black wall in front of my door? Is someone pranking me!? ” Somehow Anna got annoyed. Who was the idiot who built a wall in front of her door!?

She knows she is not loved by her neighbors but is she so hated that they take the time to build a wall in front of her door!?

When she touched the wall, instead of feeling the concrete sensation, she felt a toned body.

”Ara… ” She touched the body again to see how toned and muscular it was, and then she looked up.

”Hello, Mother. ” Victor displayed a rather strained smile.

When she saw Victor ’s face, her brain seemed to have stopped working, and her mind went blank.

”… ” An even more uncomfortable silence fell around.

”Mother…? ”

Hearing her son ’s voice. Anna ’s brain seems to have reset, and she touches her head like she has a headache:

”Ouch. My head hurts. It seems like I ’ve worked too hard these days, somehow I ’m seeing visions of my son ’s face, but his eyes were blood red, and he looked more mature, and he also got taller… As expected, I am working too much. ” She refused to see reality.

Somehow Victor started to get more nervous, and he said without thinking:

”Good evening Mother! As you can see, I came back from my honeymoon, which was in another world! And I kind of accidentally turned into a vampire! But it ’s alright! I have three wives now! ” He looked like a machine gun of honesty.

”… Eh? ”

”DD-Darling, you ’re rushing too fast! ” Violet started to get nervous.

”Y-Yes, why did you suddenly throw the whole truth at her!? ” Sasha was feeling the same as she looked to Ruby for support, but…

She froze… She literally turned into an ice structure.

”Ehhh? Ruby! You turned into a sculpture! Come back! ” Sasha yelled.

”…The ice was created out of nothing… ” Anna spoke in pure disbelief.

”Don ’t worry, I ’ll unfreeze it! ” Violet ’s hands started to catch fire.

”F-Fire… ” She looked like a parrot that just repeated everything she saw.

”With lightning, it ’s faster! ” Sasha ’s hands began to glow with lightning.

”L-Lightning. ”

”That ’s not how physics works! Of course, fire is better for melting ice! ” Violet screamed.

”Oh. Violet, do you know about physics!? ” Somehow, Sasha was impressed.

”Don ’t look at me like I ’m a monkey, of course I know what physics is! I studied! ”

”Girls, you made it worse! Look, her brain stopped working! ” Victor pointed to his mother.

”Huh? ” The women look at Anna, who has her eyes focused on Violet ’s hands.

”Fuck. ” The two spoke at the same time.

”… ” Victor facepalmed.

Unable to deal with the sequence of events, Anna ’s brain made the best decision possible.

It shut down.

And slowly, she closed her eyes and fell in slow motion.

”M-Mother!? ” Victor quickly caught his mother, who seemed to have passed out.

”So why did you let a general into our territory? ” Edward asked as he was looking at the back door where Fred walked in with Mizuki.

”I can ’t kick her out with Fred around, right? ” Leona spoke.

”That ’s true… But. ” Edward looked at his sister:

”Father won ’t like this… ”

Leona ’s eyes twitched a little, ”It ’s not like we ’re enemies of the hunters, why wouldn ’t he like it? ”

”You know how territorial we are as wolves. ”

”That ’s true. ” Leona nodded in agreement.

”And even though we ’re not their enemies. We are not their friends either. Remember, they were created to hunt creatures of the night, and we are creatures of the night. ” Edward looked into the bedroom.

”… ” Leona was silent.

”Hunters are only focused on vampires right now because they ’re the ones who attack humans often, but what will happen when hunters exterminate vampires? ”

”…They ’ll aim at us… ” Leona growled in an annoyed way. She knew how much humans hated things they couldn ’t control or were afraid of.

”Yes… Although this is a matter for the future. ” Edward very much doubted that the vampire race would be wiped out by the hunters. After all, most vampires live in another world, a place that is difficult for hunters to access.

And there are those ancient, powerful vampires who are called vampire Counts, and they are enough to wipe out an entire country with only a fraction of their power.

”Hmm…I wonder what they want with Fred. ” Leona narrowed her eyes dangerously.

”Probably-. ” When Edward was going to say something, he suddenly heard a scream.

”I accept! ”

”…That idiot… ” Edward did facepalm, he knew his friend was an idiot, but he didn ’t expect him to be such an idiot.

”Huh? ” Leona didn ’t understand what had happened.

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