My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 150: The Sweet Taste of Revenge.

They opened their mouths in pure shock.

”…Hmm, the king is that one, right? The Big Boss, the one with the biggest dick, the one who is the progenitor of the entire race of vampires? ” Fred spoke.

”… ” What is this description? Everyone but Victor thought at the same time.

”… Pfft… HAHAHAHAHA! ” Victor couldn ’t help but laugh a lot, ”You ’re correct; he ’s that guy. ”

”Dude, you ’re crazy… Why did you attack him? ” Fred couldn ’t understand Victor ’s thought process. Why would he willingly poke a dragon with a short stick? Is he crazy?

”Well, I wanted to catch a glimpse of the top. ”

”…? ” Fred didn ’t understand what Victor meant.

”He ’s the strongest vampire, you know? Aren ’t you interested? ” Victor spoke with a strange look like he couldn ’t understand why no one understood him.

”Of course not! Who is mad enough to attack the king of an entire race in his own castle?! ” Fred yelled because, for him, that kind of attitude was just asking to be killed! His friend is crazy!

”… ” Edward, Leona, Mizuki, and even Violet couldn ’t help nodding their heads in agreement with Fred ’s words.

”…Hmm, me? ” Victor pointed to himself as he smiled innocently.

”Sigh… ” Somehow Fred felt very tired.

”…I don ’t know how to say this, but somehow, this is a lot like you. ” Edward flashed a small smile.

”What do you mean? ” Mizuki asked Edward.

”… ” Edward looked at Victor as if asking permission to say something.

Victor nodded in agreement since he really didn ’t care that much, even if Mizuki was an ’enemy ’ general, knowing this information wouldn ’t change anything.

After all, he was a completely different person than he was in the past… At least, that ’s what he thought of himself.

”Victor was always a man who gave me a feeling of someone who liked to fight. Even when he watched UFC with me when we were younger, he always had a little smile on his face like he was enjoying what he was seeing. ”

”Oh… He was always like this, huh? ” Mizuki said and felt like she got some useful information, that kind of information said a lot about the current Count ’s personality.

Basically, he was a battle maniac, something the Hunters would want to avoid at all costs. After all, this type of individual was just too irritating to deal with…

”… I do not remember this, ” Victor spoke.

”Well, you were very focused on the fights in the past. ” Edward continued.

”Oh… ” Victor thought it made sense, considering he tends to forget about things when focused on something fun.

”But this is a weird situation; I never thought a vampire would grow up with werewolves. ” Mizuki completely misunderstood the situation.

”… Well, we are special. ” Victor chuckled and didn ’t correct her misunderstanding.

”… ” Leona and Edward nodded their heads, confirming Victor ’s words.

”Talk is good and all, but bitch, isn ’t it time for you to go home? ” Violet suddenly spoke because she couldn ’t stand her jealousy anymore.

”Huh? ” Mizuki looked at Violet.

”Take this man with you and go have fun; he seems quite interested in your breasts. ” Violet pointed to Fred, who was occasionally staring at Mizuki ’s breasts.

He was trying to cover it up, but he wasn ’t doing a good job.

”… ” Mizuki looked at Fred with an annoyed look.

”…What? You cannot blame a virgin man for this! Do you know how difficult it is to breathe the same air as a seductive Milf!? And I ’m still waiting for my baptism! I want to take a bath with the sacred liquids! ”

Veins started to pop in Mizuki ’s head, ”Forget about this sacred liquid thing! If you don ’t forget… ” Her eyes glittered dangerously:

”I will cut your dick! ”

”HIII! ” Fred suddenly got up, stood at attention, and then saluted like a soldier.

”Yes, Mom! I will stop! I promise I ’ll never look at your breasts again and imagine me playing with them and doing this and that! ”

”… ” Victor, Leona, and Edward facepalmed.

’This idiot… ’ The three of them thought at the same time.

”He just dug his own grave, huh? ” Violet laughed in amusement.

Mizuki ’s face took on a slight shade of red, ”B-Bastard! I ’ll kill you! ”


She hit the ice table, downright furious!

”That ’s it; I ’m out. ” Fred ran out of the store.

”Why are you running!? Let me cut your dick! ” Mizuki climbed onto the table and ran towards Fred.

”N-Nooooo! ” Fred quickly ran out of the store!

”Police, Police! I ’m being chased by a hot milf! Help me! ” He started yelling for everyone to hear.

”S-Shut-up! Stop yelling! You bastard! ” Mizuki started chasing Fred.


”I can ’t let that fool die; I ’ll go get him… ” Victor sighed, but he didn ’t seem very motivated as he got up from his chair.

”That ’s true; even though he ’s a fool, he ’s still our friend. ” Leona agreed with Victor, but despite saying that, she didn ’t get up to help Fred…

”I will go too. ” Edward stood up.

”Oh? ” Victor was interested now, considering he wanted to see the werewolf ’s abilities.

”While I ’m gone. ” He looked at Violet, ”Honey. Can you take care of Zack? ”

”Sure, but… will he accept this? ” Violet looked at Zack.

”Meow? ” Zack looked at Violet too.

”Meow. ” Translation: Take care of me, Madam.

He was a gentleman cat…

”It seems so. ” Victor displayed an amused smile.

”Okay, I ’ll take care of him… ” Violet displayed a gentle smile.

”Let ’s go. ” Victor looked at Edward,

”Okay. ”

Soon the two tall men exited the store, and the moment they left the store, they disappeared.

Leona looked at Violet, who was stroking Zack, and realized she was alone with the woman…


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