On top of a building with over 30 floors.

Fred was cornered by Mizuki, looking like a helpless lamb that was powerlessly awaiting slaughter by a predator!

”…Okay, Milf…I ’m sorry, okay? Let ’s talk? Please? ” Fred spoke with a strained smile as he looked back with a bit of fear. Despite being an Altair fan, he couldn ’t take a leap of faith from such a high place!

He would die if he did! He wasn ’t a game character!

Veins began to pop in Mizuki ’s head. The man just threw gasoline on the fire!

”Stop calling me Milf! ” Mizuki stomped the ground angrily!


The ground broke in a spider web pattern from the force!

”Hiii! ” Fred dropped to the ground in fear:

”As expected of a gorilla-. ”

”What did you say…? ” Mizuki looked at Fred with a look that sent shivers all over Fred ’s spine.


”N-Nothing. ”

”He really doesn ’t learn. ” Victor laughed while sitting on top of the water tank on the roof of the same building where Mizuki and Fred were standing, watching the whole situation with an amused smile.

”…Why does this sound like a scene straight out of a romantic comedy? ” Edward spoke with a strange face.

”What do you mean? ”

”I ’m talking about that clichéd plot of a dumb protagonist who wins over the heroine Tsundere. ” Edward felt that this situation was very similar to what he saw in anime.

”…Huh? ” Victor didn ’t understand anything Edward said.

”Ugh… ” Edward facepalmed a few times. He really wished his friend was a cultured man like Fred, he didn ’t need to be so extreme like Fred but just knowing a few things he made references to would help.

Edward took his hand away from his face and said:

”…It ’s decided, when you have time, we ’ll go watch anime. ” Edward nodded with determination; he wasn ’t going to let his friend go the wrong way! He needed to experience the culture!

The brothers are united, and if one goes to the dark side, everyone comes along with him!

”…I don ’t understand how you came to that decision, but okay. ” It wasn ’t like Victor had much to do besides train and spend time with his wives.

The life of a vampire Count was surprisingly easy…

’Billions of dollars in the account, three beautiful vampire wives, the cute master/mother-in-law… life was beautiful~. ’ He thought with fun.

His brain promptly ignored all the torture/training he had to go through. Sometimes the mind was quite convenient.

Rumble, Rumble!

Suddenly lightning sounds and a scream of rage was heard:

”I will kill him! You piece of shit! ”

”Fuck… I should control my mouth… ” Fred broke out in a cold sweat.

”Hmm? ” Victor came out of his thoughts and looked at Mizuki, who had a completely enraged face, as she was holding a giant odachi that was covered in lightning.

”Oh shit… ” Edward said.

”…What did that idiot do? ” Victor asked, and then he looked at odachi with curious eyes. He has a vague memory of being hit by that odachi in the past.

’That woman, does she have the same fighting style as me? ’ He thought about it because an odachi was very similar to the greatsword he used.

’Ugh, my body is itching to have a rematch! ’ Victor was quite honest with his thoughts.

”He did the usual stuff, you know he ’s an expert at pissing off women, ” Edward spoke.

”That ’s why women run away from him even though he looks decent… ” Victor flashed a slight smile.

Victor promptly ignored the way Fred dressed. After all, that wasn ’t a bad thing for him.

It ’s not something he ’d want to wear, but he wouldn ’t point fingers at things his friends liked to wear.

”Indeed. ” Edward displayed the same smile as Victor.

”Well, we can ’t let him die, despite being an idiot, he ’s still our friend. ” When Victor was about to get up, Edward just held up his hand in a stopping motion.

”I ’ll take care of it. That woman is a hunter and uses weapons that are your natural weakness, it ’s too risky for you to interfere. ”

”Oh? ” Victor looked at Edward with curious eyes and completely ignored what he said about Mizuki. After all, for Victor, it didn ’t matter. In fact, he liked it. The more complicated and difficult the fight was, the more he would evolve and get stronger.

”What are you going to do? ” Victor asked.

”… Just observe. ” Edward disappeared.

”Die! ” Mizuki was completely enraged. She had never been humiliated this much! She just put up with this man because it was her mission to recruit him into the organization she worked for!

She was sick of putting up with this rude man!

”Hiii! ” Fred closed his eyes and put his hand in front of him, an instinctive gesture of self-defense.

As her odachi approached to cut Fred ’s head vertically down the middle, as if he were a hero who arrived late to save the day, Edward appeared and grabbed Mizuki ’s blade.


The sound of the blade hitting metal was heard.

”Enough. ” Edward looked at Mizuki with his blue eyes.

”Heh~. ” Victor ’s smile grew when he saw Edward ’s current appearance.

His face took on a more animalistic appearance, his teeth were sharper, white fur rose from his arms, and he seemed to have more defined muscles. The pressure he emanated from his body indicated that a predator was among them!

An Alpha Werewolf!

”… ” Mizuki was a little shocked internally. Even though she didn ’t put much force into her attack, this man still held back her attack like it was nothing!

”Edward…? ” Fred looked at his friend ’s back, and, for some reason, he felt like those heroines who were saved by the hero at the last moment.

badump, Badump. (Doki, Doki)

His heart began to pound quickly.

”Thanks-. ” When he was going to thank Edward, he heard:

”Even though he ’s an idiot whose personality is a plague from a woman ’s perspective, he ’s still my friend, so I won ’t stand by and watch you kill him. ” Edward stood and pushed her odachi ’s blade away.

”Oyy!!! I ’m not like that! ” Fred protested strongly; he wasn ’t that kind of man!

Edward slowly turned his face and looked at Fred:

”Shut-up, stop making a mess, and most importantly, apologize to her. ”


”Y-Yes… ” Somehow Fred felt he should obey Edward now. The feeling he was emanating from his body was too dangerous.

Fred looked at Mizuki.

A mature Japanese woman, who had a curvaceous body and large breasts, long black hair, and who wore a white professional suit, she exuded a mature woman feeling that could only be found in experienced women.

”I ’m sorry, Milf-. ”


Edward smacked his friend on the head.

”She has a name! Apologize correctly, or I will burn your entire manga collection! ”

”…M-Monster, don ’t you dare! ” How could he commit such a great crime so naturally!?

The threat Edward made was more impactful than his current appearance.

”… ” Edward just stared at Fred with a neutral gaze.

”Ugh… ” Fred realized that his friend wasn ’t kidding. Fearing for his precious possessions, he looked at Mizuki:

”I ’m sorry, Mizuki. ” He seemed quite sincere when apologizing.

”…Fine… ” Mizuki wasn ’t an irrational woman and accepted Fred ’s apology.

She undid the spell that created her odachi and turned her face away. She was still annoyed but seeing the man sincerely apologizing, she became a little calmer.

”See? You can do it when you want. ” Edward smiled in satisfaction, and soon he undid his transformation.

”…Shut up, I don ’t do it consciously, okay? Things somehow always end like this with this woman, she has a short fuse. ”

”… Aren ’t you the one who teases her without knowing? ” Edward spoke.

”… ” Fred used his right to remain silent. He ’ll be honest, he didn ’t know how to treat women, and he ’d never received this divine knowledge from anyone. Anime didn ’t help much either, so, because of that, he was just being himself.

It wasn ’t like he was trying to insult Mizuki.

”I still don ’t understand these talismans, are they different from the techniques that normal hunters use? ”

”!!! ” She was startled when she heard Victor ’s voice near her ear, and unconsciously she jumped back as she prepared to do battle.

”Oh? ” Victor flashed a small smile when he saw a hint of embarrassment on the woman ’s face. If she reacted like that, it was because she saw him as a man, not a creature she must kill, and that was something Victor didn ’t understand.

”I thought you hated vampires like other hunters. ” And as he didn ’t understand something, he asked his question directly.

Mizuki was surprised by Victor ’s honesty, ”…Yes, I hate them. But for some reason, you and your friends don ’t seem like supernatural beings to me… You guys are very-. ”

”Normal? ”

”Yes… ” Mizuki felt that Victor was very different from the vampires she encountered. He seemed calmer, and he didn ’t look at her like she was cattle that should be fed upon.

”That ’s obvious, ” Edward was the one to speak this time.

”Huh? ” Mizuki looked at Edward.

”Victor was a human before, and I grew up away from werewolf society, so, because of that, we ’re different from our peers, ” Edward told the truth. His only interactions with the supernatural world were when his father told him something, but he knew the basics of every faction in the supernatural world.

After all, their father Adam did not want his children to be unaware of these basics.

The environment and other influences are what shape an individual ’s personality. Because of that, even though Victor had turned into a different race, it wasn ’t like he was going to change his attitude all of a sudden.

The same went for Edward since he grew up among humans and wouldn ’t act like Emo that would turn away from his friends just because he was a wolf.

”… Eh…? ” She looked at Victor in disbelief, ” You were once human…? ”

”Yeah. ” Victor displayed a small smile.

”Bullshit! ” Mizuki screamed with all her strength.

”Huh? ”

”There ’s no way a plebeian vampire can become a vampire Count! You won ’t deceive me! ” She refused to believe such irrationality.

Had a plebeian vampire, the weakest vampire in the vampire hierarchy, grown up enough to become a vampire Count? And he was transformed not too long ago!

It ’s impossible!

She would not believe such a lie! She was not dumb!

”…Hahaha, ” Victor chuckled amusedly.

”Why are you laughing!? ” Mizuki somehow started to get annoyed again.

”I apologize. It ’s just that you had a pretty cute reaction just now. ”

”…Huh…? ” When Mizuki registered Victor ’s words, she reacted:

”O-Oh, thanks, I think. ” She turned her face away and looked at the buildings. For some reason, she didn ’t know how to react to those sudden words.

”… ” Edward and Fred looked at this situation with their mouths open.

Edward looked at Fred, ”See? That is how you have to treat a woman, if you were a woman, you ’d run away from yourself as well. ”

”Oof. ” Fred felt that his friend was denying his entire existence, as he looked at Victor and said:

”… It ’s impossible. I ’m not a natural Playboy… ”

”He ’s not a playboy… Anna just taught him to treat a woman well and sincerely. ” Edward spoke.

”…Instead of becoming a hunter, shouldn ’t I be Anna ’s student? ” Fred thought it would be a good idea. He felt he would gain more by becoming Anna ’s disciple than by becoming a hunter.

But the real reason was: he wanted to be a natural playboy too!


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