My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 163: Do you believe in god?

Hidden in the woods in a place a little ways away from Victor ’s fight against Father Bruno and his subordinates was a man holding a camera in his hand. He appeared to be a journalist.

”This is great news! Great news! Tomorrow, I will become the best-known journalist in the world. ”

The man began taking several pictures of Victor and Father Bruno.

He made sure to get several good angles of the two beings.

”I can already imagine the news. ” He made a dramatic gesture.

”A great genocide! A hero was born to fight the monster! ”

”Or, a priest fighting a demon who came out of hell. ”

For some reason, the man felt that if he cast Victor as a villain, he would sell a lot more.

And he wouldn ’t deny that he was a little annoyed with Victor either.

’What is this man? Why is he so attractive? ’ For some reason, he felt like slapping Victor in the face.

But he wouldn ’t dare do that since, even though Victor was attractive, he became scary as hell when his face changed to look like a monster.

”That ’s an awful headline for news, I don ’t think it would attract attention. ” Suddenly a voice spoke.

”What are you talking about? Anything would get attention when I put the word ’genocide ’! Bored netizens love that kind of news! ” The man was so focused on his vision of success that he didn ’t even realize the voice that spoke to him wasn ’t his.

”Hmm, I think you may be a little bit right, humans are one of the most hypocritical creatures out there. ”

”Right!? I just need to put up some kind of flashy headline, and I ’ll make loads of money! ”

In a way, this journalist was stupid. Didn ’t he realize that, by doing that, he would draw the attention of these scary beings to him?

”Don ’t forget the women. ” The voice spoke.

”Of course! This is the most important part, I can imagine! The moment I become famous, it will rain women wanting to spread their pussy for me-. ” The man stopped talking, his face broke out in a cold sweat, he turned his face slowly.

”… Ara. Go on, I was interested in what you were going to say. ” Natalia flashed a ’gentle ’ smile that sent a little shiver down the man ’s spine. She didn ’t like the part about the women the man talked about at all.

She wouldn ’t deny that there were a lot of Gold Diggers out there, but this man was just very rude.

”Oh… ” He opened his mouth in shock, he had never seen such a beautiful woman in his life, and he had taken pictures of many models. But unlike those fake women, he could tell the woman in front of him was natural.

Unconsciously, he couldn ’t help wanting this woman for himself. ’If I become famous, will she spread her legs for me too? ’ He was a very delusional man.

Noticing the face of the man who was looking at her with lustful desires, Natalia ’s face distorted into pure disgust.

”Disgusting creature. ”

She raised her hand, and a portal appeared in front of the man.

”H-Huh? What is that? ” The man looked at the portal with shocked eyes.

”Initially, I was just going to hit your head hard enough for you to forget about what happened here, but I changed my mind. ”

”What do you mean? ” He looked at the woman with wary eyes.

”Just disappear into the void of space, trash. ” She flashed a cold smile.

”Huh? ”

Before the man could understand anything, Natalia kicked the man toward the portal.

”!!! ” When the man passed through the portal, he suddenly found himself in the emptiness of space, and the last vision he saw before the end of his life was the beautiful vision of the planet he lived on.

Natalia closed the portal.

”… Oops. ” Natalia facepalmed when she realized what she ’d just done.

”My father warned me several times to control my temper. I can ’t go around killing every man who looks at me with lascivious eyes, or I would literally end up killing every man in this world. After all, I ’m very beautiful. ” She was a little narcissistic too.


”I ’m still far from being a good clan leader. ” She sighed a little at the end.

Thinking about the man she just threw into the void of space again.

”… ” Natalia shuddered as she remembered the man ’s gaze, she felt very disgusted:

”Well, whatever. No one will miss this worm anyway. ”

Natalia was raised among vampires, and like them, she didn ’t have any attachment to humans. Every now and then, she might feel a slight need to offer her aid to them, just like she did when she helped the couple who ’lent ’ the room to Victor and Violet on their first date, but those were just momentary actions. She wouldn ’t go out of her way to help every human she met, the proof of which was when she saw the massacre Victor was causing, she felt nothing.

In the end, she was a pretty selfish maid too…

Natalia turned around, created a portal, and then disappeared. Her destination was the nearest television network, where she would investigate if these reporters knew anything about this incident.

Inside Sasha ’s old mansion.

Violet and Ruby were looking around as they seemed to be looking for something.

”I found Maria, ” Violet said.

Ruby looked at Violet and saw the maid lying on the floor.

”Is she fine? ”

Violet checked the woman ’s body and saw that she had no visible wounds, ”Yes, she ’s just unconscious. ”

”… ” Ruby narrowed her eyes a little when she heard what Violet said.

Violet narrowed her eyes a little when she saw Ruby ’s reaction:

”I know that look, tell me what you ’re thinking Ruby. ”

Ruby looked at Violet for a few seconds, and then she spoke her thoughts, ”…I just thought it was weird. Kaguya was seriously injured, according to Sasha, but why didn ’t this maid suffer at all? ”

”… ” Violet was silent now that she stopped to think about it; ’That ’s true, if Maria had also fought the hunters, she should have been hurt too, but why is she okay? Did the hunters ignore her on purpose? ’

”Initially, I didn ’t take any action against Maria because she was Sasha ’s personal revenge. Because of the respect I have for Sasha, I haven ’t done anything yet, but… If this woman proves to be a danger to us, I will eliminate her. ” Ruby spoke her thoughts to Violet.

”I agree with you. ” Violet had the same thoughts as Ruby on this subject.

”Keep an eye on her, ” Ruby spoke.

”Okay. ”


Quake, Quake!

Sounds of several explosions followed by the earth shaking were felt by the two women.

”…Darling, are you playing around again? ” Violet spoke. Her thinking was simple, she knew Victor ’s personality. She knew he liked to play with his opponent and enjoyed fighting, but…

’He ’s extremely angry, he shouldn ’t be in the mood to play with some dogs of the church. ’

”They seem to be stronger, don ’t you remember that golden magic circle? ” asked Ruby

”That attack could kill a normal adult noble vampire easily. ”

”Hmm. You think? I could handle it easily. ” Violet replied. It wasn ’t arrogance, it was an undeniable fact.

”We ’re not normal, Violet. ” Ruby showed a small smile.

”You ’re right about that. ” Violet laughed a little too.

”Anyway, get that maid up. ” Ruby trusted Victor completely and knew he would win against the hunters, so, because of that, she should finish her job quickly.

Violet lifted Maria up and held her like a sack of potatoes, then she turned and followed Ruby.

Ruby walked towards the corpses that were piled up.

”… ” As she walked, Ruby looked around, and she saw that the place was a total mess. She could see heads on the floor, guts on the walls, and pieces of flesh splattered all over the place, owing to the slaughter that had happened here. However:

’There ’s very little blood in this place… ’ Ruby realized that, despite having many dead bodies, the place didn ’t have much blood on the floor, and she also noticed that some bodies were completely dry like mummies.

’Darling is feeding on these worms? ’ Ruby displayed a slight hint of annoyance on her face.

She turned her face and looked at a group of corpses piled on top of each other, and, as she stopped in front of the bodies that had the appearance of hunters, she grabbed a man ’s arm and pulled. Just by the wet dog stench, she could tell the man ’s identity.

”A werewolf, and he is alone. ” A normal werewolf would never walk alone, and if he was alone, that meant he was an Omega, a lone wolf. She saw the gear the man was wearing and realized he was standard mercenary gear.

Ruby ’s face twitched a little since she knew that the only information network that hired mercenaries around here was where she was in the afternoon with Natalia.

The Lost Club.

She took her cell phone out and sent a message to Madam, the message content was:

”I want information on the recent contract request to capture the heiress of Clan Fulger. ”

A few seconds passed, and she received the message from Madam.

”Okay, I ’ll compile the information and send it to you soon. ”

’Oh? She didn ’t ask nonsense, huh? ’ Ruby really liked that attitude.

”What are you doing Ruby? ” Violet asked.

”Oh, it ’s nothing. ” Ruby put her cell phone away. ”I was just curious about the werewolf that helped the hunters. ”

”Tsk, these dogs, can ’t they keep their muzzle out of places they aren ’t welcome? ” Violet approached the hunters ’ corpses and looked at the body of Zandriel with her eyes wide open.

”You are right. ” Ruby agreed with Violet ’s words.

”…Ruby, look into this man ’s eyes. ” She pointed to Zandriel.

”… That is, ” Ruby narrowed her eyes:

”A vampire? ”

”Are those hypocrites using vampires as soldiers? ” Violet asked.

”…Hmm, that ’s not impossible. ” Ruby didn ’t doubt the ability of humans to do shit; they always found a way to make the situation worse.

Ruby seemed to think for a few seconds, and as soon as she made a decision, she froze Zandriel ’s body and lifted him up, ”I ’ll take this body with me. ”

”Huh? Why? ” Violet didn ’t understand why she bothered to take this man ’s body.

”A vampire is working for hunters, so he sure must be special to be accepted by those hypocrites. ”

”Oh. ” Violet thought Ruby ’s thinking made sense.

”I ’ll have someone check his body, who knows? Maybe we ’ve found something, at worst, we ’ve done useless work, but it ’s best to be a little cautious. ”

”You ’re too cautious Ruby, you don ’t even look like you ’re Scathach ’s daughter. ” Violet laughed a little in amusement.

Ruby ’s eyes twitched, ”You ’re too reckless! Just shut up and do your job! ”

”Yes, Yes. ” Violet ’s smile grew.

”Hmph. ” Ruby turned her face away in annoyance.

”What do we do with this man? ” Violet pointed to Julian ’s body.

With the priest ’s robes, it was pretty obvious that the man was a hunter, just like Zandriel.

”Hmm? Oh… ” Ruby flashed a big smile, ”He ’s going to be our worldwide celebrity. ”

”Oh? I like that smile. ”


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