My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 166: Clan Scarlett arrives.

r> ”In fact, she ’s running away from her responsibilities, the king is insisting she make an army, and she told him to fuck off several times. ”

”… Mother. ” This time, Ruby didn ’t hide it and visibly sighed.

”I don ’t want to make an army! It ’s annoying to deal with those beginners! And it ’s also a lot of responsibility! ”

Why is she acting like a spoiled brat? Just accept it! With your experience, it should be easy to make an army! And just throw the responsibility at someone else like you always do! Ruby wanted to say it out loud, but again she was silent.

… Sometimes, she just wanted to be like Victor and speak her mind.

But she couldn ’t do that…


She sighed again.

Ruby was about to leave the room, but before leaving the room, she said, ”You must know about this already, but I ’ll tell you anyway. ”

”… ” The group looked at Ruby again.

”Up there is my husband ’s parents ’ house. They are ordinary humans, but they know of the existence of vampires. Because of that, they won ’t be shocked by your sudden appearance, but we shouldn ’t involve the parents of my husband in vampire affairs. ”

Ruby looked at the group seriously, ”Keep that in mind, okay? Don ’t involve my husband ’s parents in this chaotic world. ”

”No need to repeat it, we know about it, ” Lacus spoke.

”Yes, ” Siena spoke.

”Yes, I know. We shouldn ’t talk about vampire stuff, right? ” Pepper spoke in a lazy tone.

”… ” Ruby continued to look at her sisters with a dry look.

”Okay. ” In the end, she decided to trust her sisters.

When Ruby was about to walk to the exit of the room, suddenly the door was opened again, and Kaguya appeared in the doorway, with her master Victor who was holding a cat for some strange reason.

”Sup, Girls. ”

”Victor! ” Pepper suddenly got up and screamed.

”Hey, Pepper. It ’s been a few days, huh? How are you? ” Victor displayed a small smile.

”I am fine! ” Pepper laughed.

”That ’s good. ” Victor looked around, and, seeing the bags the girls had brought, he said, ”I see you guys are going to spend some time here, huh? ”

”Yeah, is there a problem with that? ” This time it was Scathach, who was facing Victor, who spoke.

Victor turned his face to Scathach and flashed a gentle smile, ”Of course not. You can stay as long as you like. ”

”…good. ” Scathach exhibited a small, satisfied smile.

”Meow~ ” Translation: Ladies.

”Neko-chan… ” Pepper looked at Zack with a cute look.

”He ’s cute, isn ’t he? ” Victor laughed while he brought Zack to Pepper and gave the cat to her.

Pepper picked up the cat and looked into his eyes, ”…Meow? ” Translation: What?

”Ughyaaaa, he is so cute! He is so fragrant! I want him for myself! ” She started to hug Zack between her breasts.

”M-Meow, Meow! ” Translation: I give up! I give up!

”Hahaha, he was stinking before, you know? He ’s only recently had a shower. ” Victor spoke, but Pepper didn ’t seem to be listening to him.

Scathach stopped staring at Victor and looked at Kaguya.

”Oh? ” She seemed to understand something, then she started looking Kaguya up and down as if assessing her; ’I see, she took his blood, huh? ’

”… ” Kaguya remained silent, but internally, she was feeling uncomfortable with Scathach ’s gaze.

Lacus crept up to Victor ’s side and asked, ”Hey, Victor… How about we train together? ”

”Oh? ” Victor ’s smile grew when he heard Lacus ’ proposal.

”I would never refuse a request like that. ” He said.

”… ” Lacus exhibited a small smile.

”If we ’re going to train, how about calling Siena too? ” He asked.

”Eh? ” Siena was surprised that her name was brought up in the conversation without her knowing.

”Oh, that ’s a good idea, it ’s been years since I ’ve seen her train. ” Scathach suddenly spoke,

”W-Wait, I don ’t want to train! ” Siena started to get desperate. She didn ’t want to train with Victor!

”Heh~? ” Scathach ’s smile widened.

”!!! ” Siena felt her whole body tremble when she saw her mother ’s smile.

”…Fine, I will too. ” She gave up because she knew she couldn ’t run away when her mother said something.

Victor looked at Scathach, ”Will you come too, Scathach? ”

”If I go… It won ’t be a practice, you know? ” Scathach spoke in a neutral tone. It wasn ’t arrogance or pride, just an undeniable fact.

She was the strongest in the room, and no one could deny that.

”That ’s the point. ” Victor ’s smile grew.

”… ” Scathach ’s smile grew when she saw Victor ’s expression; ’Ah~, as expected, when I ’m with him, things are always interesting~. ’ She thought inwardly.

”In this case, the entire Scarlett family will train today. ” Scathach rose from her throne since, somehow, she was getting excited.

”…Huh? ” Ruby and Pepper, who were suddenly caught in the crossfire, could only say that.

In another room, Sasha and Maria were talking.

”What did you say…? ” Sasha ’s eyes glowed blood red.

”…Please let me see Carlos, ” Maria repeated what she said a few seconds ago.

”Do you know where he is? ” Sasha asked in an orderly tone.

”Yes. It is at address XxXxX. ” Maria told the address where Carlos would be waiting for her.

”… ” Sasha listened in silence, and then she said,

”How do you know this information? ”

”Father Julian spoke to me, and because of this sudden information, I was knocked out. ” She spoke in a monotone.

”… ” Sasha was silent, and she started to think; ’No matter how I look at it… This is clearly a trap. What do I do? ’

Not wanting to repeat the same mistakes from the past, Sasha made her decision; ’I will talk to my husband and the girls first, and then I will ask them to follow me. ’

With the mistake of the past, she understood that she shouldn ’t be walking alone since she seemed to be being targeted after all.

”Okay, I allow you to go visit Carlos. ”

”… Thanks, ” Maria spoke, but she didn ’t look too happy.

”Today is too late. ” Sasha continued, ”You will go tomorrow. ”

”Yes, Master… ”


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