My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 172 - 172: Scathach And Victor.

Two women were looking at each other as if sizing each other up.

’… Her tits are so big… What are those thick legs? Her skin is so perfect… Is it because she ’s a vampire that she ’s so beautiful? ’ Anna felt like she was standing in front of a goddess. For Anna, the woman in front of her simply had no signs of aging. She had no wrinkles, no skin defects, sagging, nothing!

Unlike Ruby, who was still young and had a very youthful beauty, her mother was very different and had a mature beauty.

’Victor ’s mother, huh…? She ’s a lot like him… ’ Scathach ’s first impression of Anna was that the woman was a lot like Victor.

They even had the same blue sapphire eyes that Victor had lost due to the effects of his blood.

She didn ’t have much to think about Anna, considering this was her first encounter with the woman.

”Nice to meet you, Anna Walker. I am Scathach Scarlett, mother of Ruby. ” Scathach presented herself correctly.

”Ara. ” Anna flashed a gentle smile, ”Nice to meet you. As you may know, I ’m Anna Walker, Victor ’s mother. ”

”Before anything, ” Anna spoke in a professional tone.

”I ’ll start by apologizing for any possible problems my son may have caused you. ” She presented herself as a very respectable mother.

”Hahaha~, it ’s okay, it ’s okay, he hasn ’t caused any problems. ” Scathach chuckled playfully. Problems? She couldn ’t remember Victor causing her any problems.

”… ” The three wives looked at this conversation with heavy, deadpanned expressions. Intervene in a game between two vampire clans, fight and kill someone who was affiliated with Clan Fulger. Then, dare to attack the king in his own castle.

How did he not cause so much trouble!? He was the personification of problems!

Literally, this man couldn ’t go two days without causing some kind of chaos!

Siena and Lacus wanted to scream this when they heard what their mother said to Anna.

”… ” Kaguya, who was quieter after the past incident, looked at all of this with a slight smile on her face.

She couldn ’t help but think about Victor ’s words.

”You ’ve slept for 700 years, my Maid. ” She felt her body tremble every time she remembered those words.

’I ’m glad that was a lie, I didn ’t want to spend 700 years away from my master… I want to see his entire development as a vampire. ’ She thought with a small smile on her face,

Kaguya scratched her throat a little, which was starting to feel dry, and looked at Pepper, who was making a strange expression.

”Funnnn, ” Pepper was glaring at Victor ’s mother with a cute look, as she seemed to be looking for some evidence that the woman she was now looking at was actually Victor ’s mother.

But it didn ’t take her long to find obvious evidence like the woman ’s eyes and their faces that looked a little alike.

’They ’re definitely mother and son… ’ She thought with a slightly sad expression. Somehow, seeing Victor ’s mother, she couldn ’t help but remember her past.

”… ” Victor and Ruby were looking at this scene with a slightly nervous look.

’Why is my mother here? Shouldn ’t she be up there!? ’ Victor was freaking out internally.

’Mother, please don ’t tease her… Don ’t tease her… ’ Somehow, Ruby was preoccupied with something else.

”Umu, that ’s a good thing. ” She nodded satisfied,

”… ” Pepper ’s eyes started to sparkle when she heard what Anna said. ’So that ’s where he got that ’Umu ’ thing from. ’

She had already heard about it from Ruby, but seeing it in person was something else entirely. She felt like she was unraveling all of Victor ’s dark secrets!

”Just out of curiosity, what are they doing? ” Anna looked at Victor, and the girls:

”And who are these girls? ”

”They were training. And, these girls are my daughters. ” Scathach replied as she looked at the girls.

Her eyes fell on Siena:

”The tallest is Siena Scarlett, she is my eldest daughter. ”

”Hi, ” Siena spoke with a little smile on her face, as she didn ’t know what to say in front of Anna, she just made a normal gesture.

Scathach looked at Lacus with a small smile on her face:

”The smallest is Lacus Scarlett, she is my middle child. ”

”Hello, ” Lacus spoke in a neutral tone, and, same as Siena, she didn ’t quite know what to say.

Scathach looked at Pepper with an amused smile since she could even imagine what her daughter was thinking as she looked at Victor ’s mother.

”And the one who ’s looking at you with a piercing gaze is my second youngest child, Pepper Scarlett. ”

”Fue…? ” Seeing Anna ’s gaze on her, Pepper somehow started to panic and said, ”Nice to meet you, I ’m Peppesh! ”

”… ” The Group looked at this with an amused look:

’… She bit her tongue… she definitely bit her tongue… ’ Everyone thought inwardly.

”She is so cute! ” Anna ’s eyes seemed to be glowing when she saw Pepper ’s reaction; she wanted to hug that girl so much!

Unlike the other two sisters, this one seems to be more like a child in Anna ’s eyes.

Anna ’s maternal instincts were somehow activated!

”Wawawawawawawa! ” Pepper started to freak out when she saw Anna ’s gaze, and since she didn ’t know what to do, she hid behind Siena.

”Despite reacting like that, she is over 100 years old, you know? ” Scathach exhibited a small smile.

”… ” Anna opened her mouth wide in shock, that girl is older than me!? She couldn ’t see that in Pepper since her attitude was like a child.

’I think because it ’s a breed that lives a long time, children of that breed develop more slowly? ” Anna thought it was quite possible that what she thought was true.

After all, she had seen something similar in the movies of that hobbit who was in search of rings, and she remembered that in those movies, the races that lived a long time took longer to grow mentally. She watched those movies with Victor and Leon from time to time.

She wasn ’t addicted to movies like Victor and Leon, but she watched them sometimes just to have fun with her family.

Scathach looked at Ruby:

”I don ’t need to introduce my youngest daughter, right? I think you know her well. ”

”Y-Yeah. ” Anna woke up from her stupor and looked at Ruby with a gentle look.

”Hi, Mother… ” Ruby smiled gently and continued, ”May I ask how you got to this place? ” For a few seconds, she looked at Violet and Sasha, who were at the top of the stairs…

”… ” Violet and Sasha turned their faces and started whistling as if they hadn ’t done anything wrong.

In a way, it was Violet ’s fault for not paying attention to what she was talking about, but the girls wouldn ’t blame Violet for that, and the white-haired woman herself knew it too.

’Ugh, those girls… ’ Ruby already felt the headache coming thousands of miles away. It was a common consensus among wives that they shouldn ’t let Victor ’s parents get too involved in the supernatural world.

As ordinary humans, they ’d better stay out of this world.

They may know about this world, but they should never actively participate in the vampire world. It was better for their own safety and also for their husband ’s mental health.

After all, they knew that if anything were to happen to Anna and Leon, Victor would go crazy, literally speaking.

’Well, I think it ’s okay, she just went underground, it ’s not like she went to Nightingale. ’ Ruby thought.

Anna looked at the four red-haired girls, and her eyes couldn ’t help but soften as she exhibited a gentle smile and spoke to Scathach.

”You had three more beautiful daughters? How lucky… I wanted to have a daughter too, but as a son was born, I had no choice but to raise him. ” She spoke with a disappointed face.

’Oof. ’ Somehow, Victor felt this arrow that Anna unconsciously released.

”Hmmm? ” Realizing that the woman got something wrong, Scathach corrected her, ”No, they are not my blood children, they are my adopted daughters, the only blood child I had was Ruby. ”

”Oh… ” Anna looked at Ruby and then looked at Scathach and repeated this process over and over again.

”Yes, you are a copy of each other… ” The only visible difference between the two women was the atmosphere around them and their clothes.

Scathach had a mature woman ’s atmosphere, and her gaze was as if she were looking down on everyone. She had the feel of a proud warrior.

Ruby had a more youthful atmosphere, she was like a flower that had just been born, and the look on her face was always cold as ice itself.

”Thanks, I think. ” Scathach didn ’t know how to respond to those words.

”M-Mother, what are you doing here? ” Victor suddenly appeared beside Anna.

Anna looked at Victor with a slight expression of shock since she was still trying to get used to her son ’s ridiculous actions.

In a moment, Victor was away, and now he was beside her. What he just did was supposed to be impossible!

But as she saw with her own eyes, she had no choice but to accept and move on.

It ’s okay, humans can get used to anything!

”Walking? Looking around? Apparently, I ’m on a tour. ” She was honest as always.

”I see, I see-. ” Victor was about to say something when Anna suddenly looked at him:

”So this is where you were ’sleeping ’, huh? ” She wore a sly smile, like a mother who had discovered her child ’s little lie.

”Well… ” He scratched his head a little and didn ’t know what to say to that.

”Anyway-. ” When he was about to say something to change the subject, Scathach interrupted him.

”Victor, are you going to use gauntlets now? ”

”Huh? ” Victor looked at Scathach and, seeing the look she was giving him as she stared at the ice gauntlets, he flashed a small smile.

”… ” Anna ’s eyes twitched when she saw Victor smile. She could see very well that it wasn ’t a smile anyone would give their mother-in-law.

”Yeah, I realized that using a greatsword while fighting a lot of opponents who know how to work as a team puts me at a disadvantage, so I was thinking about training my martial arts. ”

”Heh~, in that case, why don ’t you use the spear? ”

”Spear? ”

”Yeah, the spear is a great weapon for group control and single combat. ”

”Oh? ” Victor looked interested.

”… ” The two smiled at each other.

”In that case, will you teach me? ”

”Do you really need to ask? ” Scathach reached out, and soon an ice spear was created.

Victor copied Scathach ’s motion, and soon an ice spear of his own was created.

As they smiled at each other, the two suddenly disappeared and then reappeared a little apart from the group.

Soon, Scathach began to explain the basics of Spearmanship to Victor.

”… ” Anna, who was looking at all this, just looked at her son with a dry look.

’Don ’t tell me… No, no… I ’m just imagining things… I ’m just imagining things, right? RIGHT!? Please, someone just say yes! ’ She was in a state of absolute denial and refused to believe what she was thinking right now.

She looked at the woman with the long red hair. ’Don ’t tell me she is too? ’ She had seen the smile the woman gave her son…

And that smile was definitely not a smile a mother-in-law would give her son-in-law!

”Mother, how about you go upstairs, and we ’ll go get some food for you? ”

”Umu? ” Anna left her thoughts and looked at Ruby.

’I need to get her out of here, when my mother starts training with Victor, they will both get lost in it and will definitely start to get hurt. ’ Ruby wanted to keep Anna from seeing her son all broken down.

”…Hmm. ” Anna seemed to be thinking.

”… ” Ruby looked to Violet and Sasha with a pleading look, like she was asking for their help.

Violet and Sasha nodded and seemed to have understood Ruby ’s gaze.

”Mother, we still have to introduce Lacus, Siena, and Pepper to you. After all, they will also be your family in the future. ” Violet suddenly spoke.

”Huh? ” Lacus and Siena spoke at the same time since they couldn ’t understand why their names were mentioned in the conversation.

”Family… ” Pepper muttered

”Oh, that ’s a good idea. ” Anna looked at the girls, her eyes gleaming with curiosity,

”Ugh, I don ’t want to get involved with-. ” Siena was about to say that she didn ’t want to get involved with humans, but she stopped when she saw the gaze of Ruby, Violet, and Sasha.

Ruby approached Siena at high speed and spoke into her ear:

”Didn ’t you not want to train, Big sis? This is a good opportunity to get away from training, right? ”

”Oh! You are right! Let ’s go! ” Siena wasted no time and ran out of the room!

”…Why is she in such a hurry? ” Anna asked curiously.

”Who knows? ” Violet, Sasha, and Ruby spoke at the same time.


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