My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 177 - 177: Everything Is Permitted.

tor thought he should do the same thing Violet did in the ritual.

’Violet bit me, and then she broke my neck, so I came back to life? But vampires aren ’t undead… Is there a reason to break your neck after the ritual?… That ’s stupid, why am I using the ritual as an example? I ’m not doing the ritual. This is a totally different method. ’

Victor had a lot of doubt in his head, but his doubts died when the woman ’s sapphire blue eyes slowly turned blood red, her teeth changed, and as if possessed by something, she bit down on Victor ’s neck with great fervor.

”Oh? ” Victor just smiled and let her do what she wanted for now. He was interested in what was going on.

Gulp, Gulp.

She started drinking Victor ’s blood like she was very thirsty.

’…Interesting… ’ Victor could feel a small connection forming in his consciousness. It was different from the connection he had with his wives and was something more along the lines of sharing a connection with one ’s own child?

He was the ’father ’, and the woman who was part of the bond was the ’daughter ’, that was the feeling he was feeling…

Victor felt strange. He couldn ’t explain well what he was feeling. Despite feeling that the woman was his ’Daughter ’, he also felt that this was not all.

He started thinking about Vlad. After all, he was the only being he knew who had the same blood as him.

’Vlad is considered the progenitor of vampires, and he has the blood of the Night King, who is able to create vampires without the restriction of a ritual. ’ Victor ’s head started to spin, and then he noticed something:

’Did I just raise a new generation of vampires that wasn ’t related to Vlad? ’ Victor thought about it because he instinctively knew he was of no relation to anyone.

The proof was that when he was turned into a vampire, his blood ’swallowed ’ all the arrogant bloodlines that attempted to change him.

A king could not be below the others. As someone who had the blood of the Night King, he knew that what he had just done here was something significant to himself.


’Hmm, I can ’t understand. ’ He couldn ’t understand this ’important ’ feeling. He thought and reflected, but even then, he still couldn ’t understand what this important feeling was.

Victor ’s face took on an annoyed expression. He felt that something very important to him was happening right now, but he couldn ’t comprehend what it was, and it was frustrating him.

”Something worries you, Angel? ” The woman stopped drinking Victor ’s blood and looked at Victor with her blood-red eyes.

”… A-Ang-. ” For a moment, Victor gasped and completely lost the train of thought he was having. He never thought anyone would call him ’Angel ’. After all, the attitudes he had had up till now were so far removed from anything remotely ’angelic ’.

”Angel? ” The woman looked at him, confused.

”…Just call me Victor, Nun. ”

”Angel ’s name is Victor? ”

Victor ’s eyes twitched a little, ”…Forget about this ’angel ’ thing, I ’m not an angel, I ’m above it. ” He spoke with a small, confident smile.

”Oh… ” The woman ’s eyes seemed to glow with understanding, and then she spoke:

”I never thought I was in the presence of God! ”

”… ” Victor stopped walking.

Victor felt that he was suddenly deaf, while his world even spun a little.

The only thing that crossed his mind now was, ’Why did I get promoted all of a sudden? ’ He started to think about the reasons.

’Fuck! Is it because I said I was above an angel!? ’

He looked at the woman, and seeing her fanatical gaze, he thought, ’Whatever. ’

He decided to ignore it, so he turned and walked towards the church exit.

Three hours later.

Victor was walking towards a place while being accompanied by two Maids.

One of the Maids was a woman with long black hair that reached to her ass. She had pale skin and blood-red eyes. She was wearing a Maid outfit that had slight oriental features.

And that uniform just highlighted her curvaceous body that was further developed after she ’d turned into a vampire.

Previously, the woman was 170 CM tall and had C-Cup breasts. She was very pretty for a human woman.

But after the transformation, the woman grew to a height of 183 cm, and her whole body looked curvy, and her breasts grew to incredible, I-Cup.

They were bigger than Scathach and Ruby ’s!

If before she was a very beautiful woman, now she was an unearthly beauty that could delight any male.

This woman ’s name was Bruna Francesca, Victor ’s new Maid.

”Ugh, these clothes are squeezing my breasts. ”

”Stop whining, Lusty Maid, ” Kaguya spoke in a cold tone.

”Stop calling me Lusty Maid… ” She pouted.

”… ” Kaguya was silent.

It had only been a few hours since the two met, and they already had a great relationship.

Victor glanced at his Maid; ’Her evolution process was faster than mine. ’

Victor remembered that it took him a week to fully mature as a vampire, but his Maid only took a few hours:

’How different are the vampires I created from the vampires Vlad created? ’ Victor was quite curious, so he decided to keep an eye on the woman he had turned.

Victor stopped walking suddenly and asked:

”Nun, I forgot to ask, but do you have any family? ”

”I don ’t have any family, God. I ’m an orphan, and my orphanage was closed long ago. ”

”…Stop calling me God… ” For Victor, that title was ten thousand times worse than Angel, ”Just call me Master or something. ” Victor turned around with a slightly annoyed face.

”Yes… Master… ” She displayed a small happy smile, but her eyes betrayed her true thoughts, showing that she wouldn ’t give up on calling him that. To her, Victor was her ’god ’, her ’angel ’, he was her ’everything ’.

”Better… ” Victor flashed a small smile and started walking again.

Veins started popping in Kaguya ’s head, and soon she turned away: 

”Tsk… I must kill this Lusty Maid if I have the chance… ”

”Hmm? What did you say, Kaguya? ”

”Nothing. ”

”Oh. ” Bruna exhibited a gentle smile and looked straight ahead but noticed that her master had stopped walking:

”Master? ” 

Victor looked straight ahead, while his eyes were glowing blood-red:

”I found you, worms~ ” Victor ’s smile was anything but angelic now.


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