My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 178 - 178: If My God Ordered It I Will Do It.

n ugly performance. ’ Her eyes gleamed with determination, then she stood up again.

’I will do it, I can do it! ’ She was very good at motivating herself.

’That ’s the downside of growing to maturity quickly, huh? She looks like a baby learning to walk. ’ Victor thought as he watched Bruna ’s performance.

”Master, was this really a good idea? ” Kaguya asked as she looked at Bruna.

”What? ” He looked at Kaguya.

Kaguya looked at Victor and replied, ”To send a newborn vampire to attack a group of experienced wolves? ”

”…Oh. ” Victor just realized what he did.

”Even though she ’s a vampire you created, she was a human not long ago. She definitely won ’t-, ” Kaguya wanted to point out that there ’s no way a newborn vampire could learn to control her new powers so easily.


The two look towards Bruna and soon see the woman running at high speed towards the village:

”HAHAHAHA, I CAN DO IT! ” Soon she started running towards the wolf village while destroying all the trees on her way, looking like an unstoppable force.

”You were saying, my Maid? ” Victor displayed a small smile.

”… ” Kaguya turned her face and said, ”Nothing. ”

Victor ’s smile grew, he approached Kaguya and began stroking her head:

”… ” Kaguya showed a small imperceptive smile when she felt Victor stroking her.

”You ’re right about something, my Maid. ”

”Hmm? ” Kaguya looked at Victor.

”It ’s unwise to let my Nun fight those wolves alone, it ’s like sending a child to fight adults. ”

”Right-. ” Kaguya was going to say something, but Victor interrupted her, saying:

”But we will be there, right? ”

”… ” She showed a small smile when she heard what Victor said.

”And in the not-too-distant future, this Maid will be commanded by you. Try to train her well. ” Victor stopped stroking Kaguya ’s head and started walking towards the village, his eyes glowing blood red. He was watching what his Maid was doing.

”Oh? ” Kaguya flashed a cool little smile, somehow she started to get excited when she heard she was going to train a Maid; ’I ’ll make her a Perfect Maid… ’ Kaguya ’s eyes gleamed with determination.


Loud sounds of things being destroyed were approaching the village.

”What is that? ” A tall man who was cleaning the meat of a deer spoke.

”Something is approaching us. ” His friend spoke as he looked straight ahead, ”Get ready. ” The man ’s body began to change, his hairs grew longer, and his appearance became more animalistic.

”Yes. ” The man prepared in the same way as his friend.

”What is that! What is that sound!? ” Several men began to approach the two.

”Something is approaching at high speed, get ready. ”

”Grr… ” He didn ’t have to say many things, and soon all the men were shifting.

”This stench… It ’s a vampire! ” Someone who had a sharper nose spoke up.

”Only one? ”

”Yes… ” The man spoke with uncertainty.

”You are not sure!? ”

”To be honest, this vampire ’s stench is mixed with the stench of blood, I can ’t tell. ”

”Idiot, vampires always reek of blood. ”

”I know, But-… ” The man was going to say something, but he couldn ’t finish speaking because soon everyone heard the sound coming closer.

And before they could say anything, they saw a woman in a Maid dress running towards them with her eyes glowing blood red.

”A maid? ”

When Bruna saw the men, she clenched her fist tightly and put more strength in her legs, and in the blink of an eye, she was gone.

”Tsk is just a woman. ”


As if it were a car hitting a human, Bruna hit the man all over his body, and the man flew away.


The man hit a house and coughed up some blood.

”Thanks for stopping me…Now, Die! ” She closed her fist and attacked the nearest wolf.

The wolf tried to dodge the attack, but still, the fist hit his stomach, and, much like his friend, he flew away, but unlike the other one that seemed more damaged, this man suffered less damage.

”It ’s just a Maid, let ’s kill her! ” One of the men spoke.

The others nodded and began to surround Bruna.

”Hmm… ” Bruna started to panic, she had never fought before, and now she was here surrounded by men who seemed used to fighting.

But despite being panicked, she didn ’t show it on her face.

Someone suddenly attacked Bruna.

Bruna looked at the wolfman, and for some reason, he seemed very slow to her, ”He ’s so slow… ” Despite not understanding what was going on.

Bruna dodged the attack and attacked the man ’s face.


The man flew away.

”Wow… ” Bruna looked at her fists in shock. Was this her new strength?

She looked in the direction Victor was standing and flashed a grateful smile,

”Kill her! ”

The other wolves started to attack her.

Bruna looked at the wolves.

Again Bruna ’s world started to slow down as she dodged all the attacks and took the chance to attack again.


The wolves ’ bodies flew away again.

It was pretty obvious that she didn ’t know what she was doing, and she was just fighting in a messy way, but because of the power difference, she was managing to fight better than the wolves.

And this result was also only possible because the wolves didn ’t have an alpha, and they were severely weakened thanks to that.

But even with all these disadvantages, it was still impressive for a vampire that was just changed a few hours ago to fight multiple enemies at once.

”Not bad. ” Victor exhibited a small smile. He was talking about the strength the woman was showing.

’Vampires from my bloodline seem to be stronger initially than vampires from Vlad ’s bloodline… ’ He thought.

”…This is absurd. She ’s so strong even though she ’s just a newborn vampire? ” With a slight estimate, Kaguya could see that she had the power of a 150-200 year old vampire.

In other words, she had almost the same physical power as Kaguya, but everything else was a total mess. However, that made sense because Bruna had just been turned into a vampire and had no prior combat experience.

’She has the power, but she has no idea what she ’s doing. ’ Kaguya looked at Victor:

’Is this the influence of my master ’s blood? ’


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