My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 181 - 181: He Is Completely Insane!

”Now, show me, My Maid. Show me a bloody spectacle! ” Victor ’s voice echoed across the battlefield.

”…Yes, My Master. ” Kaguya ’s smile grew, as, somehow, when she felt Victor around, she was filled with power!

The power of Kaguya ’s darkness started to swirl around her, and with an explosion, her power spread around, as everything around Kaguya became pure darkness. It was as if she had created her own territory for herself!

Kaguya ’s hair started to float in the air, and just like her hair, Kaguya also began to float in the air, only a few inches off the ground like she was rejecting gravity.

”Wolves… ” The man who was wearing animal skin clothing raised his hammer into the air.

”Kill her! ” He pointed his hammer at Kaguya.


Roars from several werewolves could be heard all around.

”I will kill her! ”

”Rip your meat! ”

”Her head is mine! ”

Dum, Dum, Dum!

With every step the wolves took towards Kaguya, a thunderous sound was heard all around.

It was like an army was marching towards an enemy!

”Let ’s dance, Dogs. ” Kaguya ’s eyes began to glow blood red, and as if her hair had a life of its own, Kaguya ’s hair pointed towards the wolves.

When the wolves were about to arrive in Kaguya ’s territory, something happened.

Trunks of trees began to be created in the ground.

”Oh? ” Victor looked at it quite interestedly. He looked at the man who was carrying the hammer with a curious look; ’I thought wolves only had greater physical power than vampires, but it looks like I was wrong. ’

He began to watch the fight with interested eyes, while his attention was more focused on the powers he could see in the wolf ’s leg and claws; ’What is this? Is it some kind of power to increase physical strength? ’

He still couldn ’t understand what he was seeing.

”Useless, no one can escape my darkness. ” Kaguya raised her hand upwards in a gesture of ascent, and soon all the wood created by the man began to be devoured by the darkness.

”Hahaha, that wasn ’t the goal. ” The man smiled, pointed the hammer to a place nearby, and suddenly a tree grew.

One of the wolves jumped onto the tree ’s branches, and with one thrust, they flew towards Kaguya.

Kaguya used her hair to defend herself, and soon a loud sound as if two metals colliding was heard.


”Grrr! ” The werewolf growled as his eyes flashed gold.

Kaguya ignored this and looked at the wolf ’s claws and saw that its claws were covered in a kind of green energy.

”… ” Kaguya had a bad feeling about this energy.

Another tree was created around Kaguya, and just like before, a werewolf jumped on top of the tree.

This werewolf looked different since his whole hand seemed to be covered in some kind of weird metal.

”Die! ” He repeated the same action as his fellow wolf and attacked Kaguya ’s face.

But Kaguya defended with the swords of darkness she was holding in her hands, and using this technique, she had an almost perfect defense thanks to her hair that acted as weapons.

Although the purpose of this technique was more to exterminate a huge amount of enemies.

A very striking technique for a family of Assasins/Ninjas.

”Tsk. ” The wolf clicked his tongue in annoyance when he realized the woman had defended his attack.

”…? ” Sensing something approaching, Kaguya looked to the side for a few seconds and saw the other wolves as she was being surrounded.

Suddenly, Kaguya felt two more wolves jumping towards her.

She managed to defend the attack of the first wolf when she controlled the darkness of the ground and created a kind of barrier, but the other wolf managed to get past Kaguya ’s defenses and attacked her face with claws that seemed to be covered by some kind of stone.

But when the wolf ’s attack was about to land on Kaguya ’s face, the maid exhibited a small, cold smile, and soon she was gone.

”Wha-. ” And before everyone could understand anything, an explosion of darkness happened where Kaguya was!


Cut, Cut, Cut.

All the wolves were ripped into several pieces as flesh and guts began to fall towards the ground.

”ROOOOOOOOOOAR! ” Upon seeing this sight, the surviving wolves roared in fury!

”Tsk, does the lack of an Alpha make us so weak? ” The man with the hammer looked pissed off. He knew if they had an Alpha, the result wouldn ’t be the same, since werewolves were much stronger in close combat than vampires, they would definitely win if they had an alpha wolf.

Kaguya emerged from the shadows, her whole body covered in darkness, while she was on all fours like a demonic beast. She lifted her face and looked at the wolves with her eyes glowing blood red, and flashed a big smile that showed off her sharp teeth:

”AHHHHHHHH! ” She screamed in a demonic voice that seemed to cover the entire village.


Some wolves gulped as they felt the bloody pressure on their bodies.

And then something strange started to happen.

Hands of darkness came out of the ground and rushed towards all the werewolves.

”Fuck-. ” A wolf that was closest to Kaguya suddenly had his body pierced by the hands of darkness, and soon he had his heart ripped out.

The hand of darkness that attacked the wolf turned into a blade and diced the wolf into several pieces!

”AHHHHHHH-. ” Some wolves screamed with an animal roar as they all had their bodies pierced.

Some wolves tried to resist:

”Useless! ” A wolf attacked the hand of shadows that approached him, with his claws. This seemed effective at first as the hand of darkness was undone, but soon another hand was reborn in place.

And before the wolf could process what had happened, the shadow hand turned into a blade and left him in the same state as its previous victims, sliced into pieces.

”I am a shadow, a darkness. ” Kaguya slowly rose from the position she was in, ”And you can never overcome the darkness. ”

Kaguya positioned her two swords made of darkness forward, ”You will die here today, and that is inevitable. ” The two swords began to emanate a dark and heavy power, and soon Kaguya made her move, severing the very air in front of her with a downward slash.


Dark power shot out of the blade and flew toward the wolves.

”!!! ” All the wolves quickly jumped in different directions to dodge the attack as they looked to where Kaguya had been, only to realize the maid had disappeared.

”Where is she? ”

”Find her! ”

”Fast! ”

But they didn ’t have to look far, and the maid was soon found.

Kaguya snapped out of the attack she unleashed and jumped into the air.

The moment she ascended, the darkness in her body began to tremble violently.


Sharp thorns shot out from all over her body and spread around.

”I-. ”

”Fuck-. ”

More than 10 werewolves were pierced like a skewer, and it could be seen that something dark was entering these men ’s bodies:

Kaguya ’s eyes sparkled, and then she said,

”Detonate. ”

As if it were a divine order, the bodies of the skewered wolves slowly began to grow, reaching a certain threshold before finally:


Blood, guts, severed arms and legs began to fall from the sky.

Was a bloody spectacle created just the way Victor wanted it, and what was her master ’s reaction?

”HAHAHAHAHAHA~! ” Victor clapped his hands as he laughed. He was having so much fun.

Kaguya exhibited a small smile when she heard her master ’s laugh of amusement, but she couldn ’t really appreciate that moment because she suddenly felt someone appearing beside her and punching her face.

”Fuck-. ” She couldn ’t react in time.


Kaguya flew towards a tree, and all her territory was undone.

”That ’s enough, do you know how difficult it is to raise so many wolves? ” Of the 300 Wolves they had in this small village, now only 100 remained. More than half were killed by Kaguya.

”Hmm… ” Victor ’s smile died, and he looked at the man, the skin on his face had completely disappeared, and the only thing visible were his eyes.

He didn ’t like that his entertainment had been interrupted, and to make his mood even worse, this man punched Kaguya in the face.

He looked at his Maid, and saw that she was fine, she just had a small scratch that quickly healed.

The man looked towards the forest where Victor was standing:

”Count Alucard, may I ask why you are attacking this small village? I don ’t remember offending anyone of your position. ” He spoke in a neutral voice. He didn ’t need to scream since he knew that with ’s Victor ’s senses, the vampire could easily hear.

Victor ’s face returned to a neutral expression as he took a step towards the village and disappeared from his position.

Soon he was in front of the man.

When Victor arrived at the village, all the wolves were suddenly silent and looked at the man with apprehensive eyes.

He didn ’t do anything, but just standing there gave all the werewolves a bad feeling.

Kaguya suddenly appeared beside Victor and said, ”Master, you don ’t need to interfere-. ” She would say she could handle them alone, and that was true. She could handle all these werewolves, but she didn ’t know if she could handle that man with the hammer.

He appeared to be a more experienced werewolf than the others.

But she couldn ’t go on because soon she felt Victor ’s hand in her hair, he didn ’t even care if her hair was razor-sharp.

”… ” Unconsciously, Kaguya stopped using her power, and soon she returned to normal.

”Nice job, My Maid. ”

”… ” Kaguya felt a sense of accomplishment rush through her whole body. But, she knew she didn ’t do a perfect job. After all, some dogs were still alive.

’I need to try harder. ’ She had never failed before, and with that failure, it served as motivation to get better and become a perfect maid.

”… ” Is he ignoring me? The man thought when he saw that Victor wasn ’t paying attention to him.

”You asked me if you offended me in something, correct? ” Victor turned his eyes to the man with the hammer.

”!!! ” The man felt his whole body shudder as he felt Victor ’s gaze.

”Y-Yes. ” He couldn ’t help but stutter a little.

”The answer to your question is, ” Victor turned to face the man and flashed a small smile:

”You did not do anything. ”

”…Huh? ” So why is he attacking my village?

”You know? I was just on my walk, and by chance, I heard a woman scream. ” Victor looked at Kaguya.

Kaguya nodded to her head and took Bruna out of her shadow.

”Cough! Why is that place so weird!? ” That was the first thing Bruna said when she came out of Kaguya ’s shadows.

”Some events happened, and I got a Maid, and somehow, I ended up here. ” He was too lazy to explain.

”… ” The man was speechless. How come some events happened, and you ended up here!? Why are you treating this so casually!? The man was internally freaking out, but he just remained with a neutral face.

”So… If you want to blame someone, blame fate, she ’s a bitch sometimes. ” Victor displayed a small smile.

Veins began to pop in the man ’s head when he saw Victor ’s smile:

”…Are you telling me you slaughtered half the village by some coincidence of fate? ”

Victor ’s smile grew so distorted that it sent shivers through all the wolves:

”Yeah. ”

”… ” His answer left all the werewolves speechless.

Of course, Victor didn ’t just have that reason. He simply felt disgusted with these beings, and his very existence rejected these men. Instead of seeking strength for themselves, they did this kind of disgusting thing.

That was one of the triggers that made Victor come to this place.

”A question? ” Victor spoke.

”Did you order these men to capture the nuns? ”

”…? ” The man did not understand the question.

”Answer me. ” Victor ’s eyes gleamed dangerously.

”Yes, it was me. ” The man responded unconsciously.

”I see… ” Victor ’s response was neutral, but it was different for his Maids.

Bruna looked at the man with a look of hatred.

Kaguya looked at the man with a look of disgust.

”!!!? ” The man quickly punched himself in the face and woke up.

”Oh? ” Victor ’s smile grew when he saw what the man had done.

”…Y-You…What are you? ” He couldn ’t believe he was almost Charm by a vampire!

”The beings call me many things… ” Victor walked towards the man, ”A king, a vampire Count, a monster… ”


The man took a step back as, for some reason, Victor looked too big for him.

”The question is…what am I to you? ”

”And that question, I can answer for you. ”

”… ” The man gulped when he saw a sight he would never forget in his life. Victors face slowly began to darken until the only thing visible was his eyes, and his mouth that grew into a distorted smile:

”I am your death. ”

”MONSTER!!!! ” The man swung the hammer toward Victor.


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