My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 182 - 182: Hes Coming For You.

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”MONSTER!!!! ”

The man swung his hammer in Victor ’s direction with all the strength he could muster in just a few seconds…

Rumble, Rumble.

However, Victor ’s body started to crackle in golden lightning as his world began to slow to a crawl.

’So slow… ’ Victor thought as he watched the hammer approaching him.

With an impressive display of dexterity, Victor jumped over the hammer, narrowly dodging by millimeters. As he was going over it, he looked at the hammer and saw that it was summoning several trees from the ground. He also saw various weird runes on the hammer.

’I see… ’ He seemed to understand something, but he decided that it wasn ’t that important.

He turned back to look at the man midair then dropped in front of him.

Time seemed to return to normal.


The swing of the hammer created a powerful gust of wind that swept towards the village and destroyed several houses.

”Wha-. ” The man was shocked to see Victor standing in front of him, yet before he could say or do anything, he felt Victor ’s fist impact his face, without even seeing it coming.


Crack, Crack!

Victor ’s punch was so hard that the bones in his face shattered and collapsed inward, while the force carried through and sent the man skyward!

Rumble, Rumble!

Lightning began to crackle around Victor again: 

”My Maids. ”

”Kill them all. ” He ordered.

”Yes, My Master. ”

Kaguya was the first to speak as she bowed, followed by Bruna saying the same while imitating Kaguya ’s gesture.

”Yes, My Master. ”

Hearing what he wanted from his Maids, Victor looked up at the sky, his eyes glowing blood red.


A sound attributable to a sonic boom was heard, and in less time than it took to blink, Victor was flying through the sky.

He almost instantaneously caught up with the man who was trying to adjust his bearings and center of gravity in the air.

”Huh? ” The man was shocked when he saw Victor ’s face in front of him.

”Don ’t disappoint me, little wolf, ” Victor said, however from the man ’s expression, he understood that the man couldn ’t understand anything he said.

Which was a shame, but soon, he ’d understand.

From the elder ’s point of view, Victor suddenly disappeared, reappearing just behind the man ’s back, delivering a devastating cross and sending him further towards the sky.


The man coughed up blood as he felt his back being hit.

Crack, Crack!

’My ribs! ’ He felt his bones being shattered! Victor easily nullified the werewolf ’s natural defenses with sheer power!

’Fuck! I need to readjust my center of gravity! Or else I ’ll-. ’ He couldn ’t finish his thinking.

Why? Because he saw Victor in front of him waiting for him…Victor looked like a man who had been waiting for someone for a long time.

”What took you so long? ” Victor exhibited a big sadistic smile as his gloves began to glow crazily.

Rumble, Rumble!

Victor ’s fist began to glow with golden lightning.

”NOW!! ”

Just like the other time, the man didn ’t have time to react, nor could he even perceive Victor ’s punch that hit so hard he felt his world spin.

This was just a small act of revenge; after all, Victor didn ’t like it when someone punched his Maid in the face. He was a petty and contradictory man at times, as despite wanting to see the people close to him evolve in strength, he was still very overprotective with them.


An explosion of air occurred when Victor hit the man, evident from the vacuum created due to the sheer speed of Victor ’s fist, causing the man to rocket towards the ground.

”Let ’s heat things up. ”

Victor ’s hands began to go up in flames as he pointed them towards the sky, and soon something happened.


A gigantic fireball was created! The dark night suddenly became clear as if it were day, as it looked like Victor was holding a sun in his hands!

”Burn. ” Victor threw the fireball towards the wolf.

”…Holy fuck… ” Bruna was a Nun, she was not used to speaking bad words, but in this case, she couldn ’t help it. After all, she just couldn ’t believe what she was seeing.

”Focus on the fight, Lusty Maid. ” Kaguya dodged an attack from one of the wolves, ”And try to learn something by watching me. ” Kaguya ordered in a tone that didn ’t allow for refusal.

”…huh? Y-Yes! ” Somehow, she started to stutter, and she was taken aback by Kaguya ’s sudden voice.

Bruna looked at the wolves and then went back to fighting. This time, Kaguya wasn ’t using all her power and was using these wolves as a demonstration to teach Bruna.

And when she needed to, she protected Bruna since she couldn ’t let Bruna die on her watch, which would further damage her reputation as a hardworking Maid.

Of course, she hadn ’t forgotten her master ’s order! She would kill everyone, that was inevitable.

Why? Because her master ordered it!

Was she not a good maid? She was the perfect maid!

”Ugh, this maid! She is so annoying! ” A werewolf growled angrily!

”Slippery! ” Another spoke as he attacked Kaguya.

”Use the fire, kill her! ” Someone had a brilliant idea! If she was a vampire, she had a weakness to fire, right!?

So use fire!

”Humpf. ” Kaguya snorted disdainfully. She was immune to fire, you know? Despite not having the last name, she was still part of Clan Snow.


Suddenly everyone heard a gigantic explosion.

Kaguya glanced at the explosion briefly; ’As expected, My master has taken up a hobby of explosions… ’ She thought when she saw Victor ’s smile.

”He ’s a monster… ” A werewolf commented in disbelief.

”It ’s all right! Elder can win… Probably. ” He didn ’t look very confident, maybe he was waking up to reality?

”Of course, the Elder can win! ” This one was completely in an illusion.

Kaguya ’s face twitched when she heard the wolf say that, ”Hah! Worms, stop daydreaming! ” She said while wearing a face of disdain.

For some reason, the wolf ’s words seemed to offend her very much. Normally, she was not like that! She was usually calm and rational!

Kaguya appeared in front of the wolf who said such nonsense and cut him into several pieces!

”Bitch! ” A wolf that was beside the man that Kaguya killed attacked her in rage.

But suddenly, Bruna appeared and punched the wolf, ”HAH! ”


And just like always, she had ridiculous strength, and this time her strength was so great that it pierced the man ’s chest.

”Eh? ” Bruna looked in shock at the hole she created in the werewolf ’s body.

”Oh… ” Kaguya exhibited a small smile as she realized that Bruna ’s attack, although the same as before, was different at the same time, and, this time, she used her whole body to attack.

Because of that, the attack came out much stronger than expected.

’She ’s learning, that ’s good. ’ It was not quite as ridiculous a pace as Victor ’s, but it was fast paced for an ordinary noble vampire, as expected of someone raised with her master ’s blood!

Kaguya was proud as if the achievement was hers!

’But…this is ridiculous… ’ Kaguya couldn ’t help but think about it; ’She ’s just a newborn and managed to pierce the skin of a werewolf who was in a full transformation. ’ 

Kaguya couldn ’t help but think that her master ’s blood was a very unfair tool, but it was not like she was complaining, considering, thanks to drinking her master ’s blood, she could feel the obvious yet small changes in her power.

”Hmmm? ” Kaguya looked down.

Quake, Quake, Quake.

The Earth around everyone started to shake, and suddenly it felt like an earthquake was happening!

”DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE ME!! ” Everyone could hear a scream like a roar.


”What… ” Kaguya was a little shocked. She heard that wolves had exotic powers, but this was just absurd.

’I thought he could just grow normal trees… ’ She thought.

A gigantic tree was created, and everyone could see that on top of that tree was a werewolf with fur black as night, who was holding a big hammer on his shoulder.


The wolf at the top of the tree roared into the air.

His roar was so loud that everyone unconsciously put their hands over their ears.

”Ugh! That ’s so loud! ” As supernatural creatures, everyone had sensitive ears.

Although werewolves were the ones suffering the most as their senses of hearing and smell were far superior to vampires.

”…. ” A moment of silence descended on the spot.

And suddenly everyone heard!

”HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~! ” A laugh so loud and sinister that it made everyone shiver.

”!!!? ” Everyone looked towards the sky, only to see Victor laughing a lot.

”Splendid! This is how it has to be! If it weren ’t, it wouldn ’t be fun! ” Victor assumed an open chest position.

The magic circle of Victor ’s hand started to glow a dangerous red as he raised his hand to the sky once more.


An icy air began to gather in his hand, and soon a large icy greatsword was created!

Victor swung the Greatsword several times, and with every swing he made, gusts of wind would be released.

”Good! ” Feeling satisfied with the greatsword he created, he pointed the greatsword at the wolf.

”Let ’s dance! ”

The werewolf ’s eyes flashed gold, ”Come, I will defeat you! ” 

The werewolf roared as he braced himself.

”That ’s the spirit! ”

Victor created an ice platform behind him, placed the ice sword in front of him, and, using the platform for support, pushed off and sped towards the werewolf.


Several sonic booms could be heard as Victor tore through the air, and in less time than it took to blink, Victor was in front of the man.

”NOW!!!! ”

”Fuck-. ” The werewolf didn ’t expect this absurd speed and quickly used his hammer to defend against Victor ’s attack.


A noise reminiscent of two metals colliding was heard, the werewolf barely managed to hold on for a few seconds, but Victor ’s strength was much superior due to the momentum he ’d picked up.

The werewolf quickly lost his balance and shot towards the ground!

”Ugh! ” Using his legs, the werewolf struggled to stand up!

Crack, Crack!

The ground around the man broke into a spider ’s web pattern.

”lets go, lets go, lets go! Let ’s fight! Let ’s have fun! Do not disappoint me! ” With every word Victor spoke, the pressure emanating from his body grew stronger, his eyes grew more insane, and his smile grew even wider.

Clang, Clang, Clang!

And not only that, with every word he spoke, Victor brandished his sword towards the man.


And every time the ice sword hit the hammer, a small explosion happened, echoing in the surroundings.

Victor ’s curiosity about the hammer grew with every swing of the sword he had made. 

”Damn monster! ” The werewolf had met a lot of battle maniacs, but this was the first time he ’d seen one this crazy. Seriously, what was his problem!?

The werewolf ’s eyes began to glow golden, and soon several trees began to be created around him, the trees managing to pierce Victor ’s body, lifting him into the air.

Roots and branches began to grow inside Victor ’s body like a parasite, piercing through his skin from within, and as Victor ’s entire body was pierced, a bloody spectacle took place.


However, he didn ’t care, as his smile just grew bigger:

”More! ” His eyes glowed blood red, and soon.


His body went up in flames!

”!!! ” The werewolf ’s whole body shook, and he was really wondering what was wrong with this man. He was just too insane!

’Tsk, if I had an Alpha, I could use all my power! ’ He really thought he would win if he had an Alpha.

Victor dropped to the ground and looked at the man.

Victor ’s gaze made the man ’s entire existence shake.

”Tsk, fuck it! I just have to buy another one later! ” He seemed to have decided something.

The man set his hammer to the sky and screamed, and soon something interesting started to happen.

The hammer ’s runes started to glow crazily:

”… ” Victor stopped walking and looked at the hammer with a big smile on his face.

”It ’s not as strong as the real thing… But whatever. ” 

”Malleus Hephaestus! ”


A red fire began to cover the man ’s hammer as the hammer grew in size and took on a frightening appearance. Strange runes that were glowing red and a very noble golden design all hinted that this weapon was not normal!

”Oh? ” Victor became even more interested in the man ’s weapon while he looked at the bloody red flame:

’That flame is not normal either… ’ 

”Die!! ” The man swung the hammer down, hitting the ground like a meteor.

”…? ” For a moment, Victor didn ’t understand, but then he felt something approaching from beneath the Earth.

He also felt trees curling around his feet as if they were preventing him from moving.

”I got you. ” The werewolf smirked as if victorious, even though this man was a vampire with resistance to sunlight and fire.

He wouldn ’t stand a chance against this special fire, considering this red fire wasn ’t just any ordinary fire. They were the flames of a god!

He will definitely die!

”…? ” Victor looked at the werewolf blankly. Then, with the same smile on his face, he said: 

”Little Wolf, I haven ’t even used half my power yet. ”

”What…? ”

”Time to end this little game. ”

The magic circle of Victor ’s hand began to glow differently than before:

”Let me show you the meaning of despair. ”


A pillar of fire came out of the body of Victor.

And in less than a few seconds, Victor appeared in front of the werewolf with a completely changed appearance.

He was in his vampire Count form!

”… H-How … How can you take this form! ”

A pillar of red fire appeared behind Victor, but Victor didn ’t care and just looked at the werewolf, then said:

”Tsk, Tsk. ” He held up his finger, wagging it from side to side:

”The question you should be asking is: Why didn ’t you use this transformation before? ” Victor ’s smile grew, ”Do you not remember what I am? ”


”A vampire count… ” The werewolf ’s eyes widened as he finally understood, Victor was a vampire count, which meant he could already assume the form of a vampire count. After all, it was common sense that all vampire counts had a special transformation.

And with this monster, it shouldn ’t be different…

”Correct answer. ” Victor grabbed the werewolf by his neck and lifted him off the ground:

”Wait, wait-. ” The man tried to say something, but Victor didn ’t care.

”Say hello to Satan, tell him one day, I ’ll kick his fat ass… If he exists, of course. ”


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