My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 185 - 185: Facing The Yanderes.

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Slowly the fire Victor created began to fade, and soon all that remained as evidence of the girl ’s parents were the two burnt scorch marks on the rug in the shape of humans.

The smile on her face as she watched her own ’parents ’ disappear was not an innocent girl ’s smile.

There was no more innocence in this girl; her innocence had been stolen from her by the beings she had called family. 

Years of physical and psychological abuse had resulted in a girl being mentally broken. It was even questionable whether the best psychiatrists in the world could fix the girl now.

When the girl ’s parents vanished from existence, Victor looked at the girl with neutral eyes and spoke in an indifferent tone that sent a slight shiver down the girl ’s spine:

”Done. ”

”Huh? ” She didn ’t understand what he was talking about.

Victor repeated with the same indifferent tone, but this time with some kindness in it. He decided that he didn ’t need to be so severe and rigid with the girl. After all, she didn ’t do anything wrong:

”They are dead. No one will bother you anymore… Never again. ” Victor refused to call those garbage ’parents ’. They were not ’parents. ’  If there was a category to define who was garbage, Victor was absolutely sure that those two beings would fall into that category.

”Oh… ” The girl opened her mouth wide since she just now realized what Victor was talking about.

She looked at the burned part of the ground that was the only thing left of her parents and spoke in a melancholic voice, ”…Yes…They ’re gone…Forever… ”

”Thank you… ” She thanked Victor without turning to him and just continued to stare at the mark on the floor with her lifeless eyes.

Her emotions were quite confused. In just a few seconds that this man visited her, all her problems, all the suffering she went through was gone like leaves in the wind.

The man felt like a hurricane that had passed and had taken everything she hated most away, and now she felt a small sense of relief…and loneliness.

’What should I do now? ’

The change was so sudden that she didn ’t have time to process it all.

’What should I do now? ’ She asked herself again.

Her head was in a cyclical state, like a broken record that kept repeating.

’What should I do now? ’

The answer to that question seemed to be more challenging than the hardest math problem in the world.

Victor looked at the clock at the girl ’s house, seeing that it was a few minutes to dawn, he said:

”Girl. ”

”…? ” The girl stopped her confused thoughts and looked at Victor.

”It ’s time for me to leave. ”

Victor ’s words were like a nuclear bomb that shook the girl ’s little world.

”…What…? ” She opened her eyes wide:

”You ’re leaving…? ” She asked carefully as if she were asking a forbidden question.

”Yes, I am. ” Victor spoke in a neutral tone.

”!!! ” The girl ’s whole body visibly trembled, and a look of panic appeared on her face.

What would she do if he went away to a faraway place where she could never see him again?

”But don ’t worry, I ’ll send some trustworthy people to-. ” Victor was going to say that he wouldn ’t leave the girl helpless and would send someone to help her, but he couldn ’t continue because the girl interrupted him.

”N-Noo… ” She grabbed Victor ’s arm tightly.

That wasn ’t fair! This man just came into her life and messed it up, and now he was leaving?

She was so grateful that he helped her, but… She didn ’t want to be alone…

”… ” Victor narrowed his eyes slightly when he saw this reaction.

The girl looked at Victor with a lifeless look, but one that held a deep melancholy: 

”I can ’t go with you…? ” She asked carefully.

”You don ’t even know where I ’m going. ” Victor displayed an amused little smile.

”It doesn ’t matter… Wherever you are, I ’ll go with you. ” The girl spoke as she looked into Victor ’s red eyes.

She didn ’t care where this man went; she just wanted to be close to him…

”Oh? ” Victor raised an eyebrow curiously, but he needed to be sure of something, prompting his eyes to glow slightly:

”Remember the choice you made, girl… ” He flashed a small smile that showed all of his sharp teeth.

”…? ” The girl continued to look into Victor ’s blood-red eyes without understanding anything.

”Girl, life is about decisions. When you make one decision, the other decision you didn ’t choose is automatically erased. That ’s how the world works… ”

”Remember, Girl. You chose to be saved and not be reborn. ”

”!!! ” the girl ’s eyes widened, and she finally understood what he meant:

”I-… ” She bit her lip, and for the first time, very visible emotions appeared in her lifeless eyes. Frustration, sadness, and regret.

She felt sad that she was going to part with Victor.

She felt regret for not having thought through the choice she made.

And she felt a little frustration, a frustration that kept mumbling to her,

’This isn ’t fair…This isn ’t fair…This isn ’t fair… Why can ’t I go with him? Why? Why? ’ She was not a spoiled girl.

Far from it, she was very humble, but… The feeling of finding something ’important ’ and suddenly having that ’something ’ taken away from you was very frustrating!

In that dark room, this man was the one who looked her in the eye, and he was the one who helped her.

’Why can ’t I be with him!? ’

The girl opened her mouth and slowly started uttering words to express her feelings:

”…Can ’t I be greedy and choose both? ” She didn ’t want to be separated from Victor…

”… ” Victor ’s smile widened:

”Of course you can. ”

”Eh…? ” The girl didn ’t understand anything now, her whole brain stopped working, and she just looked at Victor with a slightly annoyed look. That ’s not what he said a few seconds ago!

”No need to be so surprised, Girl. ”

”… ” The girl continued watching Victor, waiting for his next words.

”I ’m a vampire, that ’s the kind of being I am. ” While still wearing the same smile that showed his sharp teeth, he said, ”a selfish, greedy being, who just does what he wants. ”

The girl opened her eyes a little wider when she heard what Victor said:

”…You seem to be quite free… ” She couldn ’t help saying that. Somehow, she envied it a little.

She couldn ’t imagine her life like that. How was she going to do what she wanted if she didn ’t have the resources or the strength to do it? In the end, she thought this man could do whatever he wanted because he was strong.

”Yes, indeed. ” Victor displayed an amused little smile.

”I wish to be free like that too… ” She looked at Victor with a look of a dog that had been abandoned by its owner.

”Hahahaha. ” Victor laughed amusedly.

He started stroking the girl ’s head, ”Soon… You will be too. ”

”… ” The girl ’s whole body visibly trembled, but this time, it was due to the kind gesture she had never received from anyone before in her life.

She felt so warm, so calm… she felt at peace.

’I like this… ’ She couldn ’t help thinking about it when she felt Victor stroking her black hair.

Victor suddenly pulled the girl a little closer to him, lifted the girl ’s chin, and made her look into his blood-red eyes:

”You will be reborn, Girl… ” Victor narrowed his eyes a little. He didn ’t like that. He didn ’t like that the girl didn ’t have a proper name:

”Wrong… Your name is not Girl or Dog… ”

”… ” The girl ’s body shook slightly when she heard the name ’dog ’, but continued looking at Victor, waiting for his next words.

Victor seemed to be thinking about something for a few seconds, and then he flashed a small smile:

”As of today, you are my personal Maid, the first member of my Clan, Eve Alucard. ” Finished with what he had to say, he opened his mouth wide and:


Victor bit Eve ’s neck, and due to transforming Bruna a few hours ago, Victor already knew what to do and just needed to repeat the same process and let his instincts take control.

”Eve… ” Slowly the girl ’s eyes opened wide. She didn ’t mind the slight pain of having her neck bitten since she was used to worse pain.

”Eve… ” She repeated her name, ”My name is Eve… ”

Little tears began to fall from her eyes when she realized what was happening:

Her eyes turned blood red, and she bit Victor ’s neck.

Gulp, Gulp.

She started drinking Victor ’s blood like a ravenous beast. She had never experienced anything so good in her life before!

A few minutes passed, and the girl was satisfied.

Slowly her eyes began to close, like a child who had become completely tired. The last thing she said before falling into the sea of ​​unconsciousness was:

”My Name is Eve… Eve Alucard… ”

Atop the tall buildings of New York, two silhouettes could be seen jumping from building to building with relative ease.

Victor was on his way home while princess carrying a girl who was wearing a maid ’s outfit, just like Kaguya ’s.

The Maid, who was called Eve, looked quite different from when Victor first met her.

Before the transformation, Eve was 150 cm tall, had long black hair that reached the floor, and a malnourished body. 

She had now evolved to a height of 168 cm tall, and the girl ’s messy hair that reached the floor acquired a healthier tone.

The girl ’s malnourished body grew thanks to drinking Victor ’s blood. Her body became healthier, and she finally looked like an 18 year old girl.

She was only 3 centimeters taller than Kaguya…

Yes, Kaguya hadn ’t noticed her own height change, considering she was surrounded by tall people. Before she drank Victor ’s blood, she was 160CM tall, but after she woke up from her coma, she had grown 5CM, but she just never realized it…

After all, by the standards of those around Victor, she was still short…

Her own master was 195 cm tall! Her master ’s wives were around 175 – 180 CM tall!

She and Lacus were the only short women, but Kaguya didn ’t come into contact with Lacus very much, and because of that, she couldn ’t notice her height changes.

Victor knew that the vampire ’s bites pushed the physical body to its fullest potential, as that was what happened to him when he first transformed.

But he didn ’t expect the girl ’s change to be nearly the same as his.

’But I think it makes sense. After all, she was just in a very deplorable state previously, ’ Victor thought.

”Master, is everything alright? ” Kaguya asked.

”…? ” Victor didn ’t understand why Kaguya asked.

Kaguya elaborated, ”You didn ’t test her like you did with Bruna, are you sure she ’ll be useful? ”

”Yes, she will. ” Victor ’s smile widened. He could see clearly through the girl ’s lifeless eyes that Eve had an immense anger inside her. If she could harness and control that anger, she would become very strong.

And not only that, Eve had something quite peculiar… She was a lot like his wives, and he could tell that in the future, Eve would turn into something terrifying.

Somehow he couldn ’t help but be excited.

”… ” Kaguya nodded when she heard what Victor said. She looked at the Maid that was being carried by Victor and thought:

’Master… Don ’t you see what you just did by naming this girl ’Alucard ’?… I hope his wives don ’t freak out too much. ’ Who did Kaguya want to fool? It was obvious that Victor ’s wives were going to freak out when they found out that Victor had named a random girl to be part of his Clan.

Not even his wives were part of his Clan yet!

Officially, there were only two members of Clan Alucard. One was Victor, and the other was Eve…


Kaguya sighed a little, deciding that by the time she got home, she was going to be in Victor ’s shadow. She didn ’t want to participate in the chaos that was going to happen.

Victor looked at Eve again with his eyes; ’That irregularity in her body… ’ He was wondering what happened to that silhouette. Did the vampire transformation change anything? He was curious about it…

”Oh? ” Victor just noticed that the silhouette of the woman who had been floating beside Eve disappeared. He started to look for any irregularities in Eve ’s body, but he found nothing.

’Hmm, could it be that when she turned into a vampire, the woman ’s silhouette merged with her body? ’ Victor thought that was quite likely to happen, but he wasn ’t entirely sure.

”Well, I ’ll think about it in the future. ” Victor had a little feeling this wasn ’t a bad thing for him.


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