My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 193 - 193: The Power Of Alucard. 2

When Victor threw Maria to his wife, he said,

”Now that the hassle is gone. ” Victor cracked his neck a little as he looked at Carlos with his eyes glowing blood red.

”Let ’s continue! ”

”Alucard, you ’re overestimating yourself-, ” Carlos was about to say something, but he was interrupted by a punch so hard it made him fly into the sky.

”Wha-, ” The man quickly tried to fix his center of gravity in midair.

Rumble, Rumble.

”What were you saying? ” He heard someone ’s voice behind him.

When Carlos would try to turn his face in the direction of the voice, he felt a punch in his ribs and rapidly flew up again, and before he could do anything.

Victor appeared beside him and attacked him.

’Ugh… He ’s too fast! ’ Carlos couldn ’t react to Victor ’s speed.

This same attack was repeated, over and over, and Victor looked like a golden beam of light attacking Carlos!

”Let ’s increase the speed! ” Victor yelled with a big smile on his face!

He disappeared again, leaving lightning trails in the air, and began attacking Carlos in all parts of his body.


Heads, legs, knees, ears, eyes, dick, Victor attacked Carlos ’s entire body with such force that the man ’s body began to break.

The man was being bathed in his own blood! And he couldn ’t do anything!

”Enough-. ” When Carlos was about to say or do something, Victor suddenly appeared in front of him and grabbed him by the neck.

”Tell me, have you ever tried getting punched at Mach 10? ”

”H-Huh…? ”

Not letting Carlos have time to think, Victor froze Carlos ’ body and threw him upward.

’I can ’t move! ’ Carlos started to struggle like a pig. He felt frustrated! He just couldn ’t react!

He didn ’t specialize in aerial fighting! He ’s another ground fighter!

”Ready… ” Victor assumed a position like he was about to run an Olympic 100m sprint!

Rumble, Rumble!

Lightning began to cover Victor ’s body, and slowly Victor ’s red eyes began to turn a golden tinge.

”What is my Darling doing? ” Sasha asked as she looked up at the sky.

”Hmm… Don ’t tell me… ” Ruby opened her eyes wide when she saw Victor ’s running position, ”Since when can he do this? ”

”Do what? ” Violet asked.

”Maria, are you alright? ” Luna asked.

”Y-Yes… ” She spoke in a difficult voice.

”…No, you ’re not fine. Lady Sasha, can you do something? ”

”Hmm? Oh, I forgot. ” Sasha approached Maria and presented her wrist to the woman to bite

Suddenly, everyone heard a thunderclap so loud they had to cover their ears.


Victor ’s body was covered with lightning, while the lightning seemed much denser and stronger than before.

”GO! ”


Victor flew into the sky like a golden rocket towards Carlos, and halfway through, everyone heard three sonic booms.

”That ’s not enough! Faster! ”

This time the sound was much louder than before.


”MORE! ”


Victor clenched his fist, he covered his fist with the power of ice, and in the blink of an eye, he was in front of Carlos.

Carlos ’s perception began to slow, and he looked into Victor ’s red, golden-tinted eyes with fear visible in his eyes:

’I will die! I will die! I will die! ’

That ’s what he thought, but the moment he thought it, a dissatisfaction rose inside him:

’I do not want to die! ’ Slowly a dark power in his arm began to grow.


Victor ’s fist connected with Carlos ’ chest, and a massive explosion ensued.


The air pressure spread, and all the clouds in the sky disappeared, and the result of the attack on Carlos ’ body was…

Every part of Carlos ’ chest disappeared from existence.

”This is fucking bullshit. ” Luna couldn ’t help but say when she saw what Victor did.

”You get used to it… ” Violet and Ruby spoke at the same time.

”… ” Luna wanted to scream. He ’s never done that before, you know!? Why aren ’t you guys reacting!?

Well, the wives just had the thought, if it ’s Victor who did it, then it ’s normal.

They were tired of reacting to anything he did.

”What did Darling do? ” Sasha asked in curiosity because she couldn ’t see what had happened since she was feeding Maria her blood.

”He punched someone at a speed of Mach around 10, ” Ruby spoke in a dry tone. She didn ’t know exactly what speed he had achieved, but just from the sonic booms, she knew it was around what she ’d guessed.

”…Huh? ” Sasha thought she went deaf all of a sudden. Did she just say that Victor punched someone at a speed of Mach 10?

What is he? Not even her family can do that!

That is a fucking bullshit!

Suddenly everyone heard:

”HAHAHAHA~. ” Victor chuckled in amusement. He enjoyed doing this; he must do this more often!


Victor coughed blood, then, as he looked at his blood, ”Oh? I suffered damage… Well, it ’s to be expected, I hit that speed, and I suddenly stopped in mid-air. That kind of action must have a consequence. ”

He also felt his fist, and his whole body was aching a little, but…

Victor didn ’t care too much, considering that, in less than a few seconds, all the damage he suffered was healed.

Victor looked at Carlos ’ flying body.

”What are you waiting for? Wake up! ” Victor yelled with an annoyed face, ”The fun isn ’t over! ”

”Fucker! ” The dark power in Carlos ’ right arm began to grow and soon covered his entire body.

He positioned himself in midair and looked at Victor, a hint of fear creeping across Carlos ’ face when he saw Victor ’s smile, but he ignored it as if it were an illusion and then threw a gigantic black beam of power in Victor ’s direction.

Victor looked at the black power beam with a bored look:

”Too slow. ”

Rumble, Rumble.

Victor ’s body was soon covered by lightning again.

And he disappeared, leaving behind a golden trail.

”Tsk. ” Carlos clicked his tongue in annoyance when he saw that Victor easily dodged his power, as the power that was covering his body disappeared, and the power of his arm created a black wing that looked like an angel ’s wing.

”Oh…? That black power speeds up your regeneration, huh. ” Victor spoke a little away from Carlos as he looked at his back.

Carlos quickly turned and looked for Victor, but he found nothing.

”Where are you!? Stop hiding like a coward! ” He growled angrily.

Victor appears in front of Carlos, ”Hahaha~ ” He laughed lightly as if listening to a funny joke, ”Hiding? Me? Looks like the punch I gave you earlier made you stupid. ”

A vein popped in Carlos ’ head:

”Fuck off! ”

Carlos quickly closed his golden fist and attacked Victor!

An immense wind pressure rushed towards Victor, and that wind seemed to carry a slightly golden color with it.

Victor looked at the air pressure coming towards him with a neutral gaze:

”I ’ll show you the difference between us. ” The magic circle of Victor ’s glove began to glow like crazy as hot air started coming out of Victor ’s body.

Victor breathed in a little and exhaled, allowing a small puff of flames came out of his mouth. He then closed his eyes and concentrated on his power:

When the wind pressure reached in front of Victor, he opened his eyes which were glowing blood-red:



A gigantic fireball was created.

”…W-What-. ”

Air pressure hit the fireball, but nothing happened.

Victor lifted the fireball up and looked at Carlos with his red eyes glowing.


Carlos gulped as he looked at the fireball and felt an instinctive fear of that power.

”Don ’t lose focus, don ’t bite your tongue, don ’t despair, the fight has just begun. ”

With every word Victor spoke, the fireball grew and grew.

”… ” Carlos ’ spine trembled as the fireball increased in size

And soon, Victor looked like he was holding a sun.

”Don ’t disappoint me like others of your kind, Mongrel. ”

A feeling of fear covered Carlos ’ entire body, and he yelled, 

”Monster!! What are you?! How can you use that kind of power and not feel anything? ”

”I ’m built different, Mongrel. ”

”…H-Huh? ”

”… He ’s overreacting… ” Luna spoke with a lifeless look.

”Yeah, he ’s overreacting… ” Violet spoke with the same look.

”…Yes. ” Ruby just nodded while having the same look on her face.

Punching others at Mach 10 speed is okay, but creating a gigantic fireball is a big ’NOOO! ’

Imagine the damage this will do if it falls to the ground!?

Gulp, Gulp.

The three look at the source of the noise and see Sasha giving her blood to Maria.

”The wounds are taking a while to heal, huh, ” Ruby spoke as she looked at Maria ’s burned body.

”Yes, but she ’s more stable now. ”

”The power of hunters is very dangerous for Ghouls. The only reason for a ghoul to have survived is because it is stronger than normal. ” Sasha said:

”If this keeps up, it ’s going to take years for her to get back to normal… ” Sasha ’s eyes narrowed a little.

”Take it. ” Ruby threw something at Sasha.

Sasha raised her hand and caught the item, ”A vial of blood? ”

”It ’s not just any blood, it ’s our husband ’s blood. ”

”…I don ’t want to give her Darling ’s blood, ” Sasha spoke.

”Don ’t worry, the effect will be a little better than normal blood. After all, she ’s not drinking straight from the source. ” Ruby spoke in a neutral tone.

”…You seem pretty sure of what you ’re talking about. ”

”Of course I am. ” Ruby flashed a sly smile.

”…Don ’t use our husband ’s blood in your experiments, Ruby, ” Sasha spoke.

Ruby ’s eyes grew cold, ”…Do you trust me so little? I experimented on myself, I did two tests, I drank my husband ’s blood straight from the source, and I drank his blood from a vial. ”

”The result? The blood in the bottle is much weaker for some reason. The blood doesn ’t give the same nutrients and power, unlike drinking straight from the source. Don ’t you remember telling us about this in the past? ”

”… ” Sasha was silent while she thought a little about the past and remembered that this happened when she was coming to the vampire world with Ruby. A look of recognition appeared on Sasha ’s face.

”Satisfied? Now, just give the damn blood to your Maid. ” Ruby turned her face away.

”I ’m sorry Ruby… ” She spoke in a gentler voice, ”I just don ’t like it when people use some part of my husband ’s body in an experiment. ”

Ruby looked at Sasha with the same cold gaze, ”I ’m not just anyone, Sasha. I ’m his wife. ”

”… ” Sasha was silent again.

Ruby ’s eyes began to go lifeless, looking like endless darkness, ”And just like you, I don ’t like it either. Because of that, I must know everything about my Darling, everything about his body, I must know everything about anything related to his blood so that in the future, something like these Mongrels won ’t be born using my husband ’s blood as an experiment. ”

”That ’s a good thought… ” Sasha spoke up.

”Right? Now, do your thing. ” Ruby turns her face away.

”Yes. ”

”… ” Violet, who was watching all this, just displayed a small satisfied smile. She decided not to interfere because she knew that the girls, despite having disagreements and arguments once in a while, will reconcile quickly. After all, they ’ve known each other for a long time.

Soon she heard Victor ’s voice:

”Burn. ” Victor threw the massive sun-like fireball towards Carlos, while this fireball seemed to be much bigger than the one before!

Violet looked at Victor with loving eyes; ’he is so amazing~. Oops, I can ’t, if this keeps up, I ’m going to get wet. Focus, Focus. ’ She patted her face lightly.

She always liked it when Victor used her power, and unconsciously, she felt that way.

”Are you crazy!? Are you trying to erase this city from the map!? ”


His crazy laugh told Carlos everything he needed to know.

”Tsk. ” Carlos glanced at the mansion for a few seconds, and seeing that the power was going towards the mansion, he got even angrier.

Carlos ’ eyes began to glow blood red, and at the same time, the power of his golden fist began to grow.

”Haziel! My guardian angel, protect me-. ”


”Tsk, Tsk. ”

Victor appeared beside Carlos, and he tapped him on the shoulder and looked at Carlos like he ’s an old friend.

”Why are you going to defend yourself? Just take the attack like a good boy. ”

”Eh-…? ”

Victor covered his fist with ice and attacked Carlos ’ stomach.


”Cough! ” Carlos spat blood from his mouth.

And then he flew towards the mansion, where the roof was destroyed and fell to the ground.

Victor looked at the fireball and displayed a small smile, and soon he disappeared, leaving behind lightning trails.

Victor appeared in the air and looked at his attack that was getting close to the mansion.



”Ahhhh~, it ’s so beautiful. Can ’t this be considered a work of art? ”

”HAHAHAHAHA~ ” Victor chuckled as he clapped his hands, while he felt he was acquiring a taste for destruction.


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