My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 204 - 204: Bet And Legs Are Justice.

”Finally, we finished organizing half of the stuff… ” Violet spoke in an annoyed voice. She wasn ’t tired, she was a vampire after all, so how could she be tired from this little exercise?

”Now… just dealing with this… ” She looked at a pile of things Ruby said she would want.

She could see several empty pods that were broken, several computers, even the underground wiring she was carrying.

’but what the fuck is she going to do with it? ’ Violet looked at the cables she had pulled out of the floor and really couldn ’t understand Ruby ’s head. Couldn ’t she just buy other cables?

”Ruby… ”

”I know what you ’re going to ask, and yes, I need those cables, ” Ruby spoke without looking at Violet as she was writing something on a spreadsheet.

”Why!? ” Violet asked.

”… ” Ruby looked at Violet with a neutral gaze:

”These cables are specifically made for these computers, the engineers at this place made this place thinking of everything, so if someone wants to steal the computers,  they would have to steal the cables too. ”

Ruby walks over to a CPU and shows Violet the CPU connections:

”See? The inputs on these computers were specially made for these cables, meaning if I need the computer, I ’ll need to get everything. ”

”…Ugh. ” Despite not being very good with technology, Violet could understand a bit what Ruby is talking about:

Ruby spoke with a neutral face, ”Just do your job without complaining, when you least expect it,  everything will be over. ”

”Yes, yes. ” Violet pouted, she really didn ’t want to do that, but she couldn ’t say no since it was Ruby ’s request. After all, the woman has helped her several times in the past.

This little bit of help is nothing.

Violet is maturing…

”Changing the subject… ” Violet looked around, ”Why is Darling taking so long? Wasn ’t he just checking out the place? ”

Ruby stops searching and looks around,  ”… You ’re right, he should be here by now. ”

”… Something happened? ” Violet asked.

”I doubt it. We don ’t feel anything, and this is Darling we ’re talking about, he can handle anything with a smile on his face. ”

”That ’s true… ” Violet started to think,  and soon a perverted thought popped into her head, the image of Victor doing inappropriate things with Sasha in a hidden room pops into her mind:

”Is he doing that to Sasha? ”


”… ” Violet looked at Ruby,  who broke her pen again with a small imperceptible smile on her face.

Ruby adjusts her glasses and speaks in a professional voice,  ”…I doubt it, he ’s not a man who would do those things without a proper date, he ’s too old-fashioned for some things. ”

”… Indeed. ”

Suddenly the girls heard:

”Bruna, you are doing it wrong, you should take this here and put it here, and you separate these two and make a connection between the negative and the positive, ” Eve told Bruna, while they seemed to be fixing some cables.

”Huh…? ”

”…Did you not understand anything I said? ”

”Of course not. ” She spoke in a completely honest tone.

”… ” Eve didn ’t say anything and just looked at Bruna as if she was looking at a dumb person.

”… Do not look at me like that! And how do you know these things!? ”

”I learned by reading books. ”

”You don ’t learn to work with this kind of equipment by reading ordinary books! ”

”I know, but despite being different, they follow a similar logic, so you just need to connect the dots. ”

”… Whoaaw. You are a smart Maid. ” June spoke while looking at Eve.

”Thanks. ” Eve spoke in a dry tone. She didn ’t take the woman ’s praise to heart since the only one who could move her heart seemed to be Victor.

”…Ugh, you ’re colder than the women of Clan Scarlet. ” June pouted.

”Okay. ” Eve talked and lost interest in June, and soon she started doing the things her master asked her to do.

”Back to what I was saying, Bruna. ”

”Yes? ” Bruna,  who was holding two cables,  spoke.

”Connect these two cables-. ” Eve was going to explain Bruna again in a way that even a baby could understand, but she stopped talking when she heard June ’s voice.

”I forgot to ask something. ”

”… ” Eve and Bruna looked at June with a neutral gaze.

”Who are you? From the Maid ’s dress, I can tell you are a Maid, but what are your names? ” June asked with a curious look.

”My name is Bruna Francesca. ” Bruna spoke in a neutral tone.

”… ” Eve looked at Bruna with a dry look; ’Woman, why did you say your name to a stranger? What if she uses that information against you? You need to be more careful. ’

Eve was quite suspicious of everyone who wasn ’t Victor, but that ’s only natural considering what happened to her.

Even though her master called this woman, and she showed up from some weird light shows, Eve didn ’t trust her.

”Oh, you have a nice name. ” June spoke with a gentle smile.

”Thanks. ” Bruno smiled a little.

”And you,  what is your name? ”

”… ” Eve was silent, she didn ’t want to tell her name, but she didn ’t want to be rude to the woman. She understands that the woman is somehow related to her master, and she needs to be careful when interacting with the woman so as not to offend her. After all, her master did not give any order on how to treat the woman.

Ruby narrowed her eyes a little when she saw Eve ’s neutral face. Even though she didn ’t show any emotions, Ruby could see a little of her feelings.

”It ’s okay, Maid. You can tell her, despite what she is, she ’s reliable… ”

”What do you mean ’what I am ’! ” June stomped to the floor in irritation.

”… ” Eve looked at Ruby with her neutral eyes as she stared into the woman ’s cold eyes for a long time.

’If it ’s the master ’s wife who spoke… ’ In the hierarchy rank of Eve ’s head, Victor was at the top, and below him would come his wives.

And Eve saw how much her master loves his wives.

Because of this, reluctantly, she spoke:

”My name is Eve Alucard, nice to meet you. ” She gave a greeting worthy of a professional maid.

”…Eh? ” June opened her mouth in shock when she heard the name of the woman in front of her.

She pointed at Eve with a trembling finger:

”A-Alucard, are you a member of the count ’s clan? ” she asked carefully.

”Yeah…? ”

”…Holy fuck… ” June looked at Victor ’s wives, Violet and Ruby.

Seeing the slight hint of annoyance coming from Victor ’s wives, she spoke:

”Well, that ’s interesting… ” She could smell family affairs, too bad she didn ’t have popcorn to fully enjoy the situation!

”Anyway, girls. Back to work. ” Ruby quickly changed the subject.

”Yes! ”

Victor was sitting on an ice throne as he looked at the painting that was in front of him.

He was mainly looking at the image of the formless being.

’Vlad… My friend, what did you do in the past that made the ancient hunters paint a painting just to warn of your danger? ’ Victor flashed a small smile that showed his sharp teeth. He was really curious about what had happened. It ’s a shame there isn ’t any hunter who lived long enough to tell him.

’Maybe I ’ll ask Vlad the next time I see him. ’ Victor thought with a small smile.

Step, Step.

Hearing footsteps approaching him, Victor stopped his thoughts and looked at the sound:

”Darling/Master. ” The two spoke at the same time.

”Hey, did you girls find anything else? ” Victor showed a gentle smile.

”We didn ’t find anything, it seems this is the only place, ” Sasha spoke for her and Kaguya.

The two girls ran around the place looking for something, but they didn ’t find anything. The only trace of activity in this place was the floor that was a little scratched due to the furniture being dragged from one side to the other and the books with questionable contents.

”I see… ” Victor spoke with a neutral face.

”I wonder what they did in this place, ” Kaguya asked.

”Probably to some sort of secret research? ” Victor spoke.

”Yes, I think so. ” Victor continued.

”… ” He stared at the painting again, and suddenly Victor made a move!

… He takes out his cell phone and takes several pictures of the painting.

Flash, Flash.

”…why are you taking pictures, Darling? ”

”I want to show Vlad, and if possible, use it to tease him. ”

”…huh? ”

”I mean, isn ’t that funny? ” Victor flashed a small smile.

”He was so scary that the hunters created a painting just for him. ”

”… ” The girls couldn ’t see what Victor found funny.

”I bet he will love these pictures. ” Victor ’s smile wasn ’t pretty.

”… ” This man ’s sense of humor is completely broken.

The two felt like sighing.

After taking several photos, Victor put his cell phone in his pocket and turned around:

”Let ’s get out of this place, the girls must have finished preparing everything. ”

”Yes. ” Kaguya and Sasha spoke.

Victor undoes the ice throne and starts walking towards the exit of this place.

”… ” Kaguya and Sasha looked at the books on the floor, a little afraid to leave them. They won ’t lie to themselves, they are a little curious about the contents of the books, but they were too embarrassed to get the books now.

’We ’ll come back later. ’ The two thought at the same time.

With Kaguya ’s darkness and Sasha ’s lightning, they could easily travel to this place and get the books later.

As Victor and the group were preparing to return home, an interesting encounter was taking place between a Vampire Count and a Vampire Ex-Count.

”Hello, Agnes. I came to visit you, Bitch. ” Natashia spoke with a small smile on her face.

A vein popped in Agnes ’ head when she saw the long golden-haired woman in front of her, ”What do you want Natashia? ”

”Oh, it ’s no big deal, I just want my husband ’s address. ”

”Oh, is that just it? ”

”Yes. ”

”Victor lives in the US, his address is… ” Agnes started to explain Victor ’s address, and she even described the landmarks and the people Victor knew.

A few minutes pass, and Agnes finishes explaining everything related to Victor…

”I see, I see. ” Natashia nodded her head, indicating that she understood everything.

”Is that all? ” Agnes said.

”Yes… But, how do you know all this about my husband? ” Natashia narrowed her eyes, don ’t tell me she ’s also interested in her husband?

”Oh, this information is not mine. It ’s my daughter ’s, I saw it in her diary. ”

”Oh… As expected of your daughter, she ’s a good girl. ” Natashia nodded satisfied, she was proud of Violet!

”Indeed. ” Agnes smiled, pleased with her daughter. She learned correctly! The teachings she gave were not in vain!

Although she didn ’t teach anything… This is all genetics! Genetics!

Important things must be said twice!

”Anyway, I ’ll be off. Thanks for letting me know, bitch. ”

”…Stop calling me Bitch, bitch! ”

”Hahahaha, the day you stop being a hedonistic bitch, I ’ll stop calling you Bitch, bitch. ”

”…But I am no longer a hedonist. ”

”…What? ” Natashia couldn ’t believe what she heard; she even cleaned her ear a little:

”Tell me again, what are you not anymore? ”

”I am no longer hedonistic! ” Agnes stomped on the floor since she was getting stressed dealing with Natashia.

”… ” Natashia looked at Agnes with a look that didn ’t believe the woman.

”… Pfft… ” Natashia tried to hold back her laugh, but she couldn ’t, ”HAHAHAHAHAHA! ”

”Why are you laughing!? ”

”I mean, Pfft… ” She held back her laugh as long as possible:

”The probability of you stopping being a hedonist is the same as hell freezing over, which is impossible. ”


”Bitch! Stop laughing, I ’m not the same as I used to be! I changed! ” Warm air began to come out of Agnes ’s body.

”… ” Natashia suddenly stopped laughing and looked at Agnes with a serious look:

”Agnes, people don ’t change. They just wear a mask, just like you are doing now. ”

”…Huh? ” Agnes didn ’t understand anything.

”You think you ’ve changed for your husband ’s sake, but you haven ’t changed completely. You ’ve just hidden your true self. ”

”…? ” Agnes still didn ’t understand.

”…Sigh, you don ’t understand, huh? Well, I think that ’s natural. ” Natashia sighed in disappointment.

”What the hell are you talking about, woman!? ” Agnes looked quite frustrated.

”… ” Natashia looked at Agnes with a neutral look, ”And I thought I was crazy for having two personalities, but you ’re crazier than me. ”

She somehow flashed a happy smile, she wasn ’t the only crazy one out there!

”Anyway, I must go. I need to visit my husband. ”

Rumble, Rumble!

”Wait, explain what you mean! ”

”It ’s no use explaining now. You won ’t understand, you ’ll probably understand what I ’m talking about when… ” Natashia looked like she was going to say something, but she decided it wasn ’t a good idea since she would just annoy the woman for no reason. :

”In the future, you will understand. ”

”Stop this inexplicable talk! And explain the fucking question! ” What Agnes hated most was this philosophical talk. If you want to say something, just say it damn it!

”HAHAHAHAH~! This is better, you will be more stressed! ”

”Bitch! ”

Rumble, Rumble!

”See ya, Agnes. I will see you in the future. ” When Natashia said that, she disappeared from Agnes ’ vision.

”… ” Agnes narrowed her eyes several times when she saw that Natashia didn ’t tell her what she was thinking, now she was curious! Damn it!

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