My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 204 - 204: Bet And Legs Are Justice.

was going to use this opportunity to do this and that with Victor.

After all, it ’s not just men who are interested in this, women are too!

Eve, who heard what her master said, thought; ’Do what you want with the master… ’ if this request was made to her, she would say that she wanted to spend some time alone with Victor, she never came into contact with people, and suddenly found herself surrounded by several people, she feels weird…

The feeling isn ’t bad…

But she feels weird…

Rumble, Rumble!

Lightning sounds began to be heard coming from Sasha ’s body.

”I ’m in, I ’ll fucking participate! ” 

”… ” Everyone was surprised at Sasha ’s sudden excitement while she was displaying a smile very similar to Natashia now! She ’s definitely not thinking of anything good!

As expected, the apple doesn ’t fall too far from the tree! Like mother, like daughter!

”Hahahaha, that ’s good, now let ’s get started. ”

Rumble, Rumble.

Victor ’s body began to be covered by lightning as well.

And in the blink of an eye, the two disappeared!

”… Whooa. ” June opened her mouth in absolute shock when she saw the entire room glowing in golden light. It was quite an impressive light show, and what was most impressive was…

’Work just got a lot easier! ’ She thought as she saw the mountain of items piling up.

If work is over, what does it mean?

’Easy money! ’ June ’s eyes seemed to have turned into dollar signs.

”… Well, let ’s get back to work. Now that Darling and Sasha are motivated, work will be easier. ”

”I ’ll help too, I can ’t let my master do everything. ” Kaguya volunteered.

”That ’s good, come on. Your power is definitely useful. ”

”…Just remember, I can ’t carry many things in my shadow. ” Kaguya felt weird when she saw Ruby ’s gaze on her since she felt she was definitely not planning anything good!

”Don ’t worry, you ’ll only get small items. ” Ruby flashed a small smile.

’I hope so. ’ Kaguya thought internally.

At Adam ’s house.

”Strange… ” Adam said to himself.

”What is strange? ” Anderson, who was sitting next to Adam, asked.

”I mean, that boy went out with the intention of fighting, and I haven ’t heard any information of a city being blown up or anything like that yet. ” As an ex-general, he had plenty of informants in town,

”… ” Anderson opened his mouth a little. Why is he thinking that a city is going to be blown up? Is the new count a terrorist?

But when he thought that, he remembered the damage done to the small village of wolves.

”Make sense… ” In some strange way, Anderson agreed with Adam, why hasn ’t any city blown up yet?

”Right? The way he left this place, I was thinking he was going to blow up a town or two, but nothing has been reported to me yet. So where did they go? ” Adam stroked his mustache that he ’d tended so carefully all these years.

”Hmm, I guess we can just wait, he ’ll be back any minute now. ” Anderson wasn ’t too worried since he could more or less understand Victor ’s personality, and basically, Victor was…

Like a werewolf…

He liked to fight!

’It ’s too bad he ’s a vampire, he would get along very well with wolves! ’

”… ” Adam looked at Anderson:

”Are you really going to fight him? ”

”What a stupid question. ” Anderson ’s eyes gleamed bright blue, ”Of course, I will. ”

”I see… In this case, fight far from my house. I don ’t want dust in my garden. ”

”…Sure. ”

Suddenly, the two heard a cry:


”… ” The two looked at Liza, who was training very diligently with a blank expression.

She was training in some kind of weird martial arts, it was a mixture of various martial arts, but they seem to be adapted for werewolves?

Despite not showing anything on her face, the two could say something:

”She ’s definitely pissed off. ” Anderson said because he could see that Liza was giving off an aura that said, ’don ’t come near me, I don ’t want to talk! ’

”Indeed. ” Adam agreed.

”…But that ’s a good thing. She lost easily to a vampire, maybe it helped in her motivation to get stronger. ”

”Yes. ” Adam agreed with what Anderson said.

’I will kill him! I will kill you! He embarrassed me! That bastard! ’ That was all that was on Liza ’s mind now.

Several hours passed, and then the next night arrived, and Victor and the girls had finished organizing everything.

”Finally, we ’re done with everything… ” Eve spoke the group ’s thoughts.

”… ” The group nodded, as they didn ’t expect it would be so much work.

”I won! ” Sasha was very excited while she was jumping around like a kid who had beaten her outspoken rival.

”… ” Victor flashed a small smile when he saw Sasha ’s excitement.

He wasn ’t the least bit upset about losing.

The score was 501 for Sasha and 499 for Victor.

At the last moment, Victor was going to beat Sasha, but… He lost his focus when he saw Sasha ’s body was completely sweaty, her clothes were sticking to her body, and he could see those thick legs that he loves so much were glued to the black Lycra pants she was wearing.

He could even get a glimpse of her rather provocative black panties.

With this view of his wife, how can he not lose focus?

’Is she going to pin me down with those legs…? ’ Despite losing, Victor didn ’t feel it was a defeat, and he was pretty excited, to be honest.

”Darling, you didn ’t let her win, did you? ” Ruby asked with a neutral look.

”Of course not, I used my lightning to the fullest, but I ’m not at Sasha ’s level of control yet. After all, she ’s been using lightning for her entire life. ”

”Good. ” Ruby smiled, satisfied.

It wasn ’t a lie. Victor used everything he had, sometimes he was faster than Sasha because he used Scathach ’s technique with lightning together, but it proved an extremely difficult task to do delicate work, and he almost broke the equipment several times from putting too much force.

But who was Victor? He was a monster, an irregularity.

Just by watching Sasha work, he could more or less mimic what she was doing. Although he felt uncomfortable when he did it, it was as if something was wrong with him himself.

But he didn ’t really care and kept watching the way his wife used the lightning, and it turned out that he learned a lot and improved. He started out losing, but with time he increased his pace, and when he was about to win, that divine vision showed before him.

’Legs… ’ He stared at Sasha ’s legs for a few seconds, looking forward to the future…


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