My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 206 - 206: Vampire Meets Wolf And Fox.

her ’s eyes gleamed widely.

”H-How!? ”

”Who knows? ” Victor flashed his usual smile.

[Little fox…?] Kaguya didn ’t understand why her master called him that, but after she thought for a while, her eyes widened.

[Don ’t tell me…] She stared at the man with a serious look.

”… ” An awkward silence fell around. No one knew what to do, so they just kept looking at Victor, who was sitting with a small smile on his face as he looked at the man.

”Hello, little fox? Give me anything suitable for a vampire. ”

”O-Okay. ” Despite being surprised, Eddy did as Victor asked.

Victor looked at Esther out of the corner of his eye, ”Witch, sit with me for a while, let ’s have a drink. ”

”… Okay. ”

Internally, Esther was cursing Natalia for letting this man come to this place.

”What is it? ” Victor asked curiously as he looked at the drink in front of him. The drink was in a wine glass, the liquid was red, and it had some ice in it.

”That ’s a special vampire Drink. ”

”…This is blood, right? ” Victor looked at Eddy.

”Wrong. Actually… This is blood, but different. ” He was going to deny it, but he couldn ’t deny that it was blood, so in the end, he gave up.

”Oh? ”

”Go ahead and try it. ”

”Okay. ”

Victor took the glass and drank it all in one gulp.

”Oh? It tastes like orange. ”

”As you know, vampires have only one meal, blood. So we tried everything to explore new flavors derived from blood. ” Esther began to explain:

”What you drank is basically blood, but it has magic inside to slightly change the taste to simulate the flavor of normal food. ”

”Ohhhh, this is interesting. ”

”Indeed. Us-… Wait, I have a call. ” Esther was going to say something, but when she felt her cell phone vibrate in her pocket, she stopped what she was going to say and got up from the place.

Moving away from Victor, she removed her cell phone and put a little isolation spell around her, and, looking at the name on the cell, she answered the phone and said:

”Ruby? ”

”Esther, don ’t hit on my husband, or I ’ll kill you. ”

”… ”

”That ’s a very appropriate way to start a conversation. ”

”… ” Ruby didn ’t answer, while she just stayed silent.

Feeling a shiver down her spine, Esther quickly said, ”Look, I know, okay? I have no interest in that sort of thing, ” she lied. She was only interested in that kind of thing when the man was under her complete control. She enjoyed it more that way and liked to treat men as her personal toy.

And that ’s something inevitable when you live for a long time since you end up picking up some weird fetishes. Esther ’s fetish was being in control of everything.

”And he didn ’t seem interested in me even though I was naked. ”

”… ”

’Shit. ’ Esther cursed her mouth now.

Ruby ’s voice came out colder and darker than usual, ”We ’ll talk later. ” She suddenly hung up the phone.

”Ruby? Ruby!? ” Esther looked at her cell phone and saw that the call had ended.

”Fuck! ” She was getting a bad feeling about this.

Esther didn ’t have much time to grieve because when she turned to face the entrance to the nightclub, she saw a tall, white-haired man enter.

’Fuck, Johnny? He came at a worse time. ’

’Hmm, it took a while, but I managed to convince all the girls to move to my house. As long as Anderson is in town, that is the safest place for them. ’ Johnny didn ’t trust Anderson at all.

’I ’ll wait for Roberta today, Judy, and Jinsei is already home. ”

’Hmm? ’ Johnny looked at his usual seat and saw a man sitting there, he made a slightly annoyed expression, and as usual, he tapped the man on the shoulder and said:

”Hey Buddy, this seat is booked. Why don ’t you get off? ”

”… ” The environment that was already silent became even more silent, and it was as if no one dared to breathe.

”Oh. ” The man turned his face and looked at Johnny, he had a small smile on his face, a smile that promised trouble, but when the man looked at Johnny, his face became neutral.

Seeing the man ’s black hair, blood-red eyes, pale skin, and the suit he was wearing, the man understood something upon seeing this man ’s very visible features.

”Alucard, the fifth count… ”

”Johnny! How are you, friend? Why don ’t you sit here!? ” Eddy spoke as he pointed to a spot, his gaze said, ’don ’t cause fuckin ’ trouble! ’

”Okay. ”

’He gave up!? ’ The crowd that knew Johnny was surprised by the man ’s decision.

The man continued to stare at Johnny with a neutral gaze:

”What ’s your name? ”

”My name is Johnny, The White Wolf, a mercenary. I can do anything for the right price, but I will never kill children. ” He spoke in a neutral tone as he held up his hand for Eddy to give him a drink.

”Hmm… ” The man tapped his finger lightly on the counter:

”Hey, look at me. ”

”Hmm-… ” When Johnny looked into the man ’s eyes, he froze like a robot.

”What is your full name? ”

”Jonathan Lykos. ”

”Lykos, huh… ” He closed his eyes.

”What-… What was that? ” He quickly turned away from Victor and looked at the man with a neutral but menacing gaze:

’I was just charmed? I? An alpha werewolf who should have resistance to this!? Just how strong is he? ’

”… ” Eddy and Esther, who were watching their conversation, were shocked by what just happened and unconsciously felt a chill down their spine.

After all, what Victor just did was impossible in their view. He just charmed a werewolf who should have a natural resistance to this power.

And it ’s not just any werewolf, it ’s an Alpha werewolf!

When they understood that they asked themselves the same question as Johnny: How strong is this man?

”To think I would find a relative of the old man here. ”

”Old? ”

”Tell me, what are you of his? The son? The uncle? The grandfather? ” This time, Victor asked normally as he took his wineglass from him and rocked it back and forth.

”What old man are you talking about? ”

”…Don ’t pretend to misunderstand. ” Victor looked at Johnny out of the corner of his eye, ”You know very well who I ’m talking about. ”

”… I do not understand. ” He continued to play dumb.

”… ” Victor ’s eyes narrowed, and a black aura began to leave his body.


Everyone who felt this aura unconsciously swallowed and took a step back.

”I ’m talking about the alpha werewolf, Adam William Lykos. What are you to him? ”

”… ” A cold sweat came down on Johnny ’s forehead. He knew that if he answered an answer that didn ’t satisfy this man, something… Something terrible was going to happen.

”…I ’m Adam ’s eldest son. ”

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