My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 208 - 208: An Innocent Smile.

”…I ’m Adam ’s eldest son. ”

”… ” Victor ’s aura disappeared as if it had never been there, and he turned to look straight ahead.

”I see. ” He picked up the wineglass and drank it again in one gulp.

’The old man ’s son, huh… ’ Victor didn ’t know what to think of Johnny. For him, Adam is like a friend who watched him grow up, he had a lot of respect for the old man, and even he didn ’t know of Johnny ’s existence.

’Do Edward and Leona know about him? ’ Victor thought to himself and felt it was very likely that the two of them didn ’t know about their older brother. After all, knowing his friends, he was sure they would ’ve talked about it to Victor, even if it was casually, without saying anything on werewolf matters.

’That old man, did he just go around making children with any werewolf woman he found? ’ Victor had a feeling that was entirely possible since that old man had the same playboy feeling he felt from his friend Andrew.

”… ” When Victor fell into his thoughts, the people around him were still watching cautiously, and curiously, this was the first time they had seen a Count in person, so they were dying of curiosity!

But they know they shouldn ’t exaggerate too much, considering Counts are known to be beings that can easily lose control and destroy a country.

Victor looked at Eddy and asked, 

”Hey, little fox. Do you have more drinks of other flavors? ”

”…Eh? ” Eddy was taken aback, but he quickly said, ”I do. ”

”Good. I want more drinks. ” Victor was curious about the tastes of the drinks.

”Okay. ” Eddy, as an excellent professional, started to make several drinks for Victor.

Victor, ”About the payment-. ” He was about to say something, but Esther suddenly said:

”It ’s on the house. ”

”…Oh? ” Victor looked at Esther with a curious expression as the woman walked over to Victor ’s vacant side and sat on the bench.

”You can take anything, and nothing will be charged. ” She felt like she would be fucked over later if Ruby found out that she demanded anything from her husband.

”…. ” Johnny and everyone else squinted a little when they heard Esther ’s words. Isn ’t that some very special treatment?

They couldn ’t help but think about it.

”How nice of you, Witch. ” Victor flashed a small smile.

”That ’s the least I can do for someone of your status. ” She flashed a small smile.

[Hmm… Hmm.] Kaguya was feeling satisfied. [As expected, this woman is a good person.]

[Like I said, don ’t sell yourself easily because someone praised our master!] Bruna was irritated again.

[Kaguya is cheap…] Eve agreed with Bruna.

[I ’m not!] Kaguya spoke in a cold tone

”… ” Victor was silent, he was feeling strange that someone had treated him ’specially ’, this was the first time he felt it so clearly, but it wasn ’t a bad feeling.

”… ” The audience that knew Johnny looked at the man with a slight look of disdain.

”… So when it ’s a Count in person, the White Wolf doesn ’t have the same courage as always. ” Someone spoke in contempt when they saw Johnny ’s passive attitude, as this person was clearly wanting to see this circus burn.

”Indeed, indeed. ” A man agreed with his partner and said:

”Yes, I thought he would attack Count Alucard like he did Countess Scathach ’s daughter. ”

”!!! ” Eddy and Esther looked at the group with a panicked face, while they had a look that said, you motherfuckers pay attention to your mouth!

”Alucard-. ” Esther quickly tried to talk to Victor, but she froze when she saw the man ’s face.

’His face disappeared… ’ She swallowed and unconsciously pulled away from Victor.

”…Oh… ” A dark pressure descended throughout the establishment.

People fell to the ground, they felt as if the gravity of the place was increased several times, people ’s faces turned pale with fear, these beings ’ bodies froze in pure terror, they couldn ’t move!!

Just what is this man? Wrong, what is this monster!?

”… ” Cold sweat started to run down Johnny ’s face.

Silently, Eddy started to back away from the counter. He just couldn ’t stand Victor ’s face for long since he felt like something inside him was going to break if he continued.

Victor set his wineglass on the counter and looked at Johnny.


Johnny swallowed hard when he saw Victor ’s face:

”Tell me, is this story true? ” Victor asked. Wrong, he ordered.

Johnny would deny it, but it was pretty apparent that Victor had already decided this story was true.

”I-… ” Before Johnny could respond, people heard the voice:

”Johnny, what ’s going on? ”

”… ” Everyone, including Victor, looked at the woman who spoke.

And then they saw an adult woman who was wearing a black dress that highlighted her curvy body.

”Roberta-… ” Johnny was going to tell Roberta to get out of this place as quickly as possible, but he froze when he saw Victor standing in front of the woman.

’When did he get to that place!? ’

Victor stared at the woman. She had a seductive aura around her and that, at the same time, held melancholy.

The woman lifted her face a little and looked at Victor ’s face without fear:

”Ara, you have a pretty face… ” She smiled vacantly as she looked at Victor with empty eyes.

Victor ’s eyes twitched for a few seconds but then returned to normal:

”… ” Victor lightly touched the woman ’s face and lifted her head, as he looked deeply into the woman ’s eyes:

”Your eyes… ” Victor seemed to have noticed something, ”Your violet eyes are just like my wife ’s. ”

Unlike Elizabeth, who also had violet eyes, Victor felt nothing when he looked into Roberta ’s eyes, and he didn ’t feel a sense of ’familiarity ’. He didn ’t feel that same feeling that he knew those eyes held, though it was a similar feeling he now recognizes when he looks at this woman.

And he also noticed something, this woman, she had the same silhouette of that chaotic aura that he saw before coming down to this place.

”She must be a lucky woman to have you as her husband. ” The woman spoke with a ’gentle ’ smile.

Victor ignored the woman and asked, ”What ’s your name, witch? ” Despite having heard the name of Johnny ’s wife, Victor still asked since he wanted to hear it straight from the woman ’s mouth.

”…? ” Esther ’s eyes twitched a little, was she harboring another witch and didn ’t know? Did she go blind?

It may seem strange, but Esther trusted Alucard ’s judgment, despite knowing him for a few seconds.

Why did she trust him?

Well, he discovered Eddy ’s secret like it was no big deal, and she made sure to put in several wards to hide Eddy ’s race, and yet… This man found out.

She didn ’t know how, but this man had something that could look past deception.

”Roberta. ” The moment she said that Victor saw something in the woman ’s aura, and, just for a few seconds, the woman ’s aura seemed to have split in two, one chaotic and one human.

”Interesting… ” Victor ’s smile grew a little, ”Interesting indeed. ”

”Grr… ” Seeing Victor too close to Roberta, Johnny started to get irritated, the sense of protecting what is precious to him started to trigger, and he saw Victor as an enemy.

Hair began to grow on Johnny ’s body, and slowly, he began to transform into his werewolf form.

”… ” Victor looked out of the corner of his eye at Johnny and spoke in a voice that sent shivers through everyone around him:

”Stay, dog. ”

”… ” Johnny couldn ’t move, he was paralyzed.

”If you move, you die. If you bark, you die. If you dare to leave this place, you die. ” It was a warning that completely pierced Johnny ’s entire being.

Victor didn ’t give a damn if this man was Adam ’s son. Yes, he may lose Adam ’s friendship, maybe Leona and Edward, but…

He didn ’t care, he needed to understand what this man did to his wife, and depending on what happened, there ’s only one fate… Death.

That never changed. Even Maria, who spent a lot of time with the group, would die if it wasn ’t for Sasha.

Victor has no mercy.

Especially when he gets angry.

And why is he acting like this if he ’s not even sure what that man said was true?

He didn ’t need to be sure. Esther, Eddy, and Johnny ’s hesitation was all the certainty he needed.

In that little second, the aforementioned ones acted as if they were trying to hide something.

He doesn ’t know the details, but he does know that this man attacked his wife, and he needs to know what happened and why Ruby didn ’t say anything to him.

But first…

Victor looked back at Roberta and looked into the woman ’s violet eyes:

”…Tell me, are you awake? ” He asked a question.

”…? ” She cutely turned her face, ”What are you talking about? I ’m awake, look I ’m awake now, right? ” She completely misunderstood Victor ’s question.

”… Hmm. ” Victor seemed to be thinking about something.

”What is your real name? ” he asked with his eyes glowing blood red.

Roberta seemed to freeze and said:

”Roberta. ” In a monotone.

”… ” Victor again saw her aura split in two and return to normal. It was as if it was done unconsciously like she was rejecting that name.

’…This woman… ’ Victor narrowed his eyes a little, he more or less could understand what was happening, but at the same time, he didn ’t understand anything. The only thing he knew was…

This woman is in a similar situation to his Maid, with the only difference being that she seems to be in a much deeper abyss.

Much deeper, an abyss few could understand.

”Eve. ” Victor called someone.

Soon a maid with long black hair steps out of his shadow.

”Yes, My Master. ”

”What do you think of her? ” Victor pointed at Roberta.

”… ” Eve looked at Roberta.

”…? ” Roberta woke up from her stupor and realized she was Charmed by the man in front of her, as she made an annoyed face:

”You don ’t need to charm me with your power, just ask me something, and I ’ll answer, no need to be rude. ” She seemed to pout.

”Oh? ” Victor liked the woman ’s courage a little.

After observing the woman ’s entire body, Eve spoke:

”Is she thick? ”

”…. ” An even greater silence fell on the place.

And a thought popped into everyone ’s head.

Just what ’s going on? What is this man trying to do!?

”…That ’s not what I ’m talking about… ” Victor ’s face returned to normal, and he facepalmed.

”…Ugh. This place stinks. ” Eve cupped her nose as she brushed something away with her foot.

She was disgusted with this place and, for some reason, wanted to throw up. ’I want to go back to the master ’s shadow, but the master called me… Hmm… This woman, she is strange… Well, I ’m hungry. ’

Maid ’s thoughts were all random.

”… ” Esther ’s eyes narrowed a little when she heard what Eve said.

Victor ’s aura seemed to diminish, and soon everyone could breathe again.

Victor looked at Johnny:

”Where did you find her? ”

”Grr, that ’s none of your-. ”

Victor appeared in front of Johnny and lifted him by the neck:

”That wasn ’t a question. ” His eyes began to glow blood red:

”Answer me. ”

Johnny is paralyzed like a robot, his eyes start to glow blood red, and soon he starts talking:

”I do not know. ”

”…Huh…? ”

Victor made an annoyed face:

”Are you lying to me? ”

”I am not. ”

”??? ” Question marks began to appear in Esther, Eddy, and Victor ’s heads.

”What the fuck is going on here? ” Victor dropped Johnny to the floor.

He looked at Esther, ”Witch, do you know something? ”

”…? ” Esther looked at Victor as she put her hand on her chin and started to think, ”Hmm, I remember she showed up with Johnny… Hmmmm? ”

”I can ’t remember. ” Esther made a strange face, she looked at Eddy:

”Eddy? ”

”…Hmm, I remember when Jinsei showed up, she was together with Jinsei? ” Eddy started to think and tried to remember when this woman had appeared, but he couldn ’t.

”Hmm? ” Eddy looked the most confused of all. How could he not know anything? He was something of a best friend to Johnny, and he knew almost everything about the man ’s life, but why couldn ’t he remember this woman?

”…Do you have no memories of how this woman got here? ” Victor looked at the group unbelievably. Are they trying to trick him?

But from the look on the group ’s eyes, Victor understood that they weren ’t trying to trick him.

”… ” Victor, Eddy, Esther, and even Johnny, who had recovered, looked at Roberta with a strange look.

Roberta just showed a kind smile and said:

”Ara? What ’s happening? Why are you looking at me like that? ” she asked seductively.

”… ” Victor looked at Johnny with a neutral gaze and pointed at the woman with his finger.

”She ’s your lover or fuck friend or something, correct? Do you remember fucking her? ”

”… ” Everyone was silent. Can ’t you be a little more gentle with words!? Everyone wanted to speak but remained silent.

”…Hmm, I remember last night she and I went to the bedroom, but… Huh? ” Johnny made a strange face:

”I just remember waking up the other day. ”

Victor looked at Johnny with an unbelievable look.

’Seriously, what the fuck is going on here? And why do I always get myself into strange situations? Perhaps, I should contain my curiosity more. ’


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