My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 219 - 219: So Much Chaos.

Chapter 218: Cute.

Somewhere in Sweden.

Looking at the sky that was starting to get a little clearer, Victor spoke aloud:

”It will be dawn any moment, let ’s stop for a while and rest. ”

”… That ’s a good idea. ”

It was times like these that Ruby envied the Snow Clan trait! Only at those times, and at times when she had to wear that suffocating cloak.

Seeing that Ruby agreed with his idea, Victor began to slow down and stopped in midair, and then he began to float.

Like an eagle, Victor ’s eyes looked to the ground as if looking for prey.

He felt his eyes ’ZOOM ’ to the spot he wanted.

”Hmm… ” He saw a tall building and saw that the presidential suite in that building was empty.

”Hold on. ”

”… I already am. ”

”Hold on tighter. ”

”…Fine. ” Ruby did as Victor asked and held him tighter.

Feeling something soft on his chest, he flashed a small smile:

”Good. ”

He definitely didn ’t do it because he wanted to feel that soft something more… He definitely didn ’t do it because of that.

… Who does he want to fool?

Since Victor knew he needed a reason for Ruby to hold on to him so tightly, he did something obvious.

He let gravity do its work.

”!!! ” Feeling her fall at high speed towards the ground, she held on tighter to Victor.

”… ” Victor ’s smile grew a little, and he continued to fall for a few seconds until he approached the same altitude of the building. He then turned in mid-air as if he were a cat that was going to land on its feet and kicked a little ice shelf he created.

And with the impulse of that act, he flew to the balcony of the building.

”…D-Darling, we ’re going to crash. ” Ruby stuttered a little when she saw the building approaching them, and Victor wasn ’t slowing down.

”… ” Victor didn ’t say anything and just continued with the same smile as the building got closer and closer.

”Darling! ” Ruby was getting anxious, she wasn ’t scared, she knew she wasn ’t going to die, but it was going to hurt a lot, and she would have to pay for the damages that she and her husband caused to the owner!

She was very responsible for not ignoring the trouble she caused!

But when she thought about it, she felt her speed slow, and like magic, they landed softly on the building ’s balcony.

”…? ” She noticed that when they were a few meters away from hitting the building, their speed began to slow down unnaturally as if everything was going according to plan.

Victor landed softly on the floor and then let Ruby out of his arms.

Ruby stood on the floor and stretched her body a little.

”Ugh, staying in that same position for a few hours made the body stiff. ”

”… ” Victor watched Ruby silently. Her hair was a bit messy from the trip, her clothes were messy too, but despite all that, she still exuded a natural charm that attracted him.

Mainly that frontal area that had a destructive power capable of overthrowing countries.

”…? ” Ruby looked at Victor and saw him staring at her body with a neutral gaze.

”What? Is there something wrong with me? ” she asked as she looked at her body.

”… ” Victor closed his eyes, and displayed a gentle smile, then he spoke in an easy to understand way:

”There ’s nothing wrong with you, I was just admiring my wife. ”

”Wha-… ” Before Ruby could react to Victor ’s words, the man turned and walked over and jumped onto the porch screen.

He turned to Ruby and said, ”Wait for me here. ”

”…where are you going, Darling? ” Ruby asked in a cold voice that held a little shame.

”I will rent this room. ”

”…Oh, but are they open at this hour? ” Ruby asked.

”Of course, they will be, from what I could see from afar, this is a 5-star hotel, and this area where we are is an area of ​​people who have money which means-. ” Victor was going to explain his reasoning, but Ruby suddenly continued.

”That they would lose money if they didn ’t leave the hotel open 24/7. After all, the rich don ’t have hours, and those kinds of people always bring women to this type of hotel. ”

”Exactly. ” He flashed a small smile.

”…Oh, I ’m sorry about that, it ’s just a habit. ” She knew people got upset when she interrupted them. She wouldn ’t be apologizing if it was with someone else, but since it was her husband, she felt like she should do that, despite her usual attitude…

”No need to apologize. ” Victor flashed a gentle smile:

”That ’s just your way, and I love it. ”

”… ” Ruby ’s cheeks turned slightly red, but she managed to keep her poker face.

Victor flashed a loving smile and said, ”I ’ll see you soon. ”

He took a little step back, and as if he were a suicidal madman, he started to fall towards the ground.

… He was definitely having fun with his physical abilities.

Seeing that Victor was gone, Ruby crouched on the floor in a fetal position and placed her hands on her head.

”Ughyaaaaaaa! ”

For a moment, she seemed to scream like Pepper.

”This is so embarrassing! This is so embarrassing! This is so embarrassing! ” She felt like she was about to do something lewd, something inappropriate, and extremely perverted!

She ’s not like that! She is a lady! A noble woman!

… A funny thing, she considered sleeping together naked as something not lewd, the daughters of Scathach had twisted views of common sense…

Remembering Victor ’s words:

”There ’s nothing wrong with you, I was just admiring my wife. ”

Ruby ’s cheeks started to burn as her face turned completely red, and she started rolling this way and that!


In some weird way, she thought that Victor ’s words were having more of an effect today! She was not usually like that! She usually didn ’t get so anxious with just a few kind words.

She stopped rolling and looked at the sky:

”Seriously… What ’s happening to me…? ” She couldn ’t understand this feeling of anxiety, this feeling of anticipation, this feeling of love that was overflowing her entire being.

Looking at the sky that was almost dawning, she thought; ’That ’s not a bad feeling… ’

’Cute. ’

”!!!? ” Hearing the thoughts of someone she knew all too well, she quickly stood up and looked out onto the porch.

”Darling!? ” Her face was completely red, ’don ’t tell me he saw this embarrassing display!? ’

”…. ” A silence fell on the place, a few minutes passed, and Victor still didn ’t appear.

”…Am I imagining things? ” Ruby ’s expression morphed into one of confusion, and she swore she heard Victor ’s voice in her head.

Was she finally going crazy? It was time, wasn ’t it?

I mean, her mother, her older sister, her younger sister, her middle sister, her childhood friends, and even her own husband were crazy people!

It would be a divine miracle if she didn ’t become like them too.

”Well… I must be imagining things. ” Ruby got up from the floor and straightened her appearance, soon she turned around, but when she did, she saw Victor standing at the porch entrance.

”…Eh? ” Ruby ’s entire body froze.

He was leaning against the porch entrance with his arms crossed, and he had a gentle smile on his face:

”…How can I say, this is the second time this has happened. ”

Ruby ’s entire face turned completely red as she pointed her finger at him and said:

”HH-HOW!? ”

”…? ” Victor, at first, didn ’t understand the meaning of her question, but after some thought, he finally understood that she was asking how he could be so fast.

Victor touched his chest and spoke in a noble voice, ”I am the fastest man alive. ” Lightning seemed to dance around Victor as if confirming his words.

It wasn ’t arrogance or pride. It was confidence. He had confidence that no man could surpass him in terms of speed, and if anyone ever surpassed him, he would be very happy to fight that person!

He specified ’man ’ because he knew that his mother-in-law was a monster in terms of speed…

That ’s why he said he was the fastest ’man ’ alive, not the fastest ’being ’ alive, considering there was a woman who was definitely the fastest woman alive.

… This was something Victor hid from everyone, but he was quite interested in fighting Natashia again, although he didn ’t do it now because he knew he would lose miserably since she was no longer ’Natasha ’.

She was ’Natashia ’, the real countess.

Seeing Ruby ’s shocked face still, he added:

”And going down to the front desk, convincing a few people was a pretty quick and simple thing to do for us as vampires. ”

A vein popped in Ruby ’s head, ”… This is no time for references! ” She was freaking out for the first time, as she was very ashamed and angry, and because she was ashamed, she swore that if she saw a hole, she would want to get into it and stay there forever!

”What are you talking about? ” Victor didn ’t understand.

”UGHHHH! ” She shook her head furiously; her husband being so uncultured was something that bothered her too!

Seeing Ruby ’s reaction, he couldn ’t help but think, ’Has she finally joined the club? ’ Should he congratulate her and buy some kind of blood cake?

Victor didn ’t know, but…

Seeing Ruby ’s reaction: ’Cute. ’ He couldn ’t help but think about it, she might be cold as an iceberg, but he knew that behind all that ice, there was someone very loving and precious.

”… ” Victor was just silent as he watched his wife freak out, while he was enjoying the beginning of the couple ’s trip a lot.

While Victor was enjoying his trip, a little chaos was happening with his Maids.

”Master left… Master went out… Master went out… Master went out… Master went out… Master went out… Master went out… Master out… Master out… Master out… ” Eve was in the fetal position, she was in the corner of the room, and she kept repeating those words like a broken record.

An aura of depression seemed to surround her.

”He abandoned me… He abandoned me… He abandoned me… He abandoned me… He abandoned me… He abandoned me… ” The same thing happened with Bruna, but she was still better than Eve.

She could still stand, but her despairing face was downright terrifying in Kaguya ’s opinion.

”…Well, shit… ” Kaguya said. She didn ’t expect the news of Victor being away for a few days would cause such chaos. Now, even if she wanted to, she couldn ’t leave this mansion.

Kaguya just arrived in this room and saw the two Maids talking together, so she thought it was a good idea, and said:

”Master is out, he ’ll be back in at least a week-… ” She couldn ’t even finish her words that the two women ’s reactions were the worst possible.

Bruna ’s eyes darkened, and she froze.

Eve was shocked for a few minutes, then after, she went to a corner of the room and kept repeating those words.

Remembering what happened, Kaguya couldn ’t help but facepalm, as she clearly remembered the situation that Victor found the two women in.

In a simple way to understand, Victor was the ’pillar ’ for the two women, and upon receiving the news that he left suddenly, the two seemed to think that they were abandoned.

’How could I not think of that? ’ Kaguya felt a little regretful now because she hadn ’t thought of that possibility when she went to interact with the Maids.

’As expected, I haven ’t worked hard enough yet to become a perfect Maid. ’ If she were a perfect Maid, she would consider everything and everyone.

”Hmm, this is an unexpected development. ” Natalia appeared with Roberta and Luna.

”… ” Looking at the women, Kaguya showed a strange face, ’what is this strange group? ’

”Why are they reacting like this? ” Roberta asked curiously.

”My Master left. ” Kaguya spoke in a simple and easy to understand tone.

”Oh… ” Roberta and Natalia reacted at the same time.

”That explains a lot of things. ” Luna said. She had just received the news that Ruby had left, but as the woman who broke the news was so excited, she couldn ’t get the information about who Ruby left with.

… just out of curiosity, the woman was ’Pepper ’.

”Then what will you do? ” Natalia asked curiously.

”I do not know. ” Kaguya was honest since she wasn ’t very good at consoling people.

”… Hmm… ” Roberta touched her cheek with her finger and seemed to be thinking about something, then she said:

”I can try something, but I need your permission. ”

Kaguya looked at the woman with long black hair and violet eyes with a neutral gaze, ”What are you going to do? ” Though spoken neutrally, it was pretty clear that she wasn ’t going to let any harm be done to the girls.

”You don ’t have to look at me like that, I won ’t do anything, I can ’t use my powers either. ”

”… ” Kaguya knew that, so she was silent and looked at the woman in a way that said: ’continue. ’

”I learned about Bruna ’s past when I talked to her. I assume from Eve ’s reaction, she must have been through something similar. ”

”A ’tragic ’ situation. ”

”I ’ll just motivate them myself a little bit. ”

”… ” Kaguya didn ’t feel any bad intentions coming from Roberta, and she knew that, unlike Eve, who was suspicious of everyone, Bruna was very chatty.

”What are you going to do specifically? ” Natalia asked in a neutral tone.

She spoke in a gentle tone, ”I will be a motivation coach, Yay~. ” She did the simple ’Y ’ with two fingers.

”… ” For some reason, Natalia and Luna felt a slight urge to hit this woman on the head.

Natalia looked at Kaguya and said, ”The decision is yours, Kaguya. ”

”… ” Kaguya looked at her Maids for a few seconds and then looked at Roberta, as she seemed to make a decision:

”Fine, just do it, I ’ll be watching. ” Kaguya spoke.

”Yes~. ” Roberta laughed rather suspiciously.

”… ” Somehow, all the women felt a bad feeling about this.

She entered the room, and suddenly her kind face became like a cold and serious general:

”WOMEN! ” Her scream was wild and cruel, and she looked like a warrior who had fought a thousand wars.

”!!! ” Roberta had gained Eve and Bruna ’s attention.


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